Valentine's Day

Ahead of the upcoming holiday of lovers and I began to prepare a "gift" for his beloved.
The day of St. Valentine, remembering his preparations I was trembling with excitement in anticipation of the forthcoming: Breakfast, add in the coffee his wife aphrodisiac, remembering the recommendations think drops slightly pausing add a dozen more - for better effect: She goes to work, I excitedly kiss her goodbye - separation will be short-lived: Sam begin to prepare the place of the forthcoming "torture" in secret from his wife purchased in a sex shop a whole arsenal of "toys" and accessories, at the thought of what awaits Lena excited in earnest, hands are shaking, already jealous of her - to have to experience what I want to give her: Well, sort of all over the place, but hidden - a surprise: One of the doubt when the same call? I would like to torment a little longer, but you can overdo it and - at work not only women work late with the bell, and my missus is already unbearable thirst after aphrodisiac passion with his hand tucked under the employee. Or maybe she has a lover and a constant? The thought than can deal with my Julia in this scenario, hit me in the head: introduced her luxurious body, tossing with passion, her gladkovybritoe vagina, wide apart, and plagued by huge cock imaginary lover, wet with sweat and sperm, her moans and rolling eyes. Why then flashed a picture, she enthusiastically sucks his cock and swallows sperm with relish: I was struck by engulfing feelings: on the one hand the terrible jealousy, but at the same time, the extraordinary excitement of how your woman quivers with passion in someone else's arms. I called Lena to work, her voice excited and confused - more like two hours passed and aphrodisiac takes effect in full, there can be no work. I say that I have a pressing matter to her and ask her to come home immediately, in response to employment references. I hear her confusion, but I can not understand why, or just can not understand what was happening to her and what she should do, and may have already made an appointment with this imaginary handsome man of my dreams and then I: Even more excitement and jealousy embrace me, I and insist it time off. I'm all impatient, it takes 40 minutes, and that's the doorbell, open - on the verge of Julia. Even in the twilight hall noticeably her excitement, do not understand how it has worked in such a state can be the first comer and rape. At the time I called: On the threshold asks, "What happened I have little time, I urgently need to meet the delegation at the airport?". At this point I'm pretty sure that Lena had solid plans for Valentine's Day and the work they have nothing to do. But the thrill of this idea has been disproportionately higher than jealousy. Well, it's time.
Without explaining anything to remove her coat and boots, jacket and ask to close their eyes - "I have a surprise for you." She asked what kind of a surprise, I answer that please her. She closes her eyes, and I put her blindfold, she was confused, but is silent. I'm keeping it in the room, we stop in the middle, I'm starting to take off her blouse, she asks, "What are you doing?". I say: "Shut up and obey!" Blouse removed, her body is red and sweaty with excitement. Bra removed and I can not take my eyes off her gorgeous breasts, nipples standing and glowing. Trying not to touch her body, take off her panties and watching shudder ran through her body, the skin is covered with small ants. Slowly I take off her skirt - I admire the bare white-skinned woman in black stockings and a black blindfold. I went and require stretch out his arms, fastens the handcuffs on his wrists covered with a soft cloth - can be pulled out without harm to the skin. Veda Lena's bedroom, bed her back across the bed, so that the buttocks are on the edge. I walk around the bed and pulls the chain to the handcuffs preformed on the other side of the ring of beds. Julia shakes, but is silent. Silently rented stockings, lightly touching the feet. I am wearing ankle bracelets and steel upholstered in a soft cloth on the bracelet chain with which I pick up and stretch her legs. Latrines and admire opened the picture: my wife lying across the bed, her hands stretched forward to the edge, and legs drawn to high headboard. I fixed on a waist belt, which by means of chains pulls her buttocks to the bed, making it impossible to move sideways or up. From the most beautiful picture of a helpless body, stretched and deprived of the ability to move and fight, I almost did not finish. Well, now you can proceed to the main.
Going in the face of Lena and whispered softly in her ear, "Open your mouth," I quickly shut it bought a ball, which with the help of leather straps firmly closed mouth - my wife is deprived of the last opportunities to resist. Now I wonder and wonder how meekly surrendered Julia fetters! I install a tripod and includes home video camera, so that could be seen all the charm. Excited I go between the legs of the Lena, in the hands of my suitcase with the "toys" for the ladies. Her long slender legs stretched wide apart and raised so that the buttocks are on weight and belt securely chained buttocks and hips to the bed. Her cave is wide open and all the burns. I got out a tube of cream, "reinforcing the excitement and blood flow, prolonging and exacerbating an orgasm." Well, it is necessary to suffer an orgasm even with this in mind I start to rub her treasure cream. I was beginning to torment pity - a blind man can see that his wife and so excited to the limit: bloodshot lips and parted to the side, challenging the clitoris sticks out between them. But remembering about their groundless doubts about the loyalty of my better half, I decide that pity is superfluous. From my touch Julia immediately began shaking his head and trying to squirm. I noted with satisfaction that its attempts to catch my hands vagina or clitoris to dodge from festering fingers in vain - the chains held her body, not allowing the move. She was completely in my power, doomed to enjoy bestowing caresses me and tormented look, when I stop their vindictive. Methane cushion head and moaning, muted ball, only spurred my passion. Plenty enough labia and clitoris, I enjoyed the views of the crimson treasures excited to have not seen the state of me. Again, I thought with jealousy: and with it she also is excited? It seems that I have convinced myself that my Julia is given to another man.
Convinced that it is time to strengthen the feeling I got a vibrator respectable size, smeared it all the same cream and began to slowly insert it into the anus of the victim: what Lena's buttocks almost hung raised legs, anus made as accessible. Surprisingly vibrator 4 centimeters thick has become quite easy to get, and yet we do not engage in anal sex ?! Well, now it is all became clear - the time I did not take it back, then it's a pleasure she experiences with her lover. Julia began to thrash about in bed, feeling felts from vibrating member drove her crazy, she was trying to imitate toli excruciating pain from the alleged undeveloped entrance. Slightly adding vibration, I again began to play the vagina with your fingers: stretch it, introduced inside, rubbed rough spot on the front wall, steep clitoris imitated finger intercourse, with only slightly allowing enjoy caresses - as soon as her moans and movements issued unbearable passion, I reduced contact and changed his caress. From this contrast Julia madly thrashing, unable to affect anything. Glancing at the clock, I noted that the first half hour were quite interesting, but it's time to move from "foreplay" to the master.
I gently licked her excited clitoris - she leaned toward me pubis. In response, I began to lick the clitoris teasing her lips, touching the clitoris only laterally, when his way language between him and the lips. Then he began to suck the clitoris, sometimes licking his lips and holding the head plunging lips while simulating sexual intercourse with one or two fingers. Then, pushing his left hand on the pubis, thus depriving her slightest mobility, I fingers parted lips and pulled the skin over it up now her clitoris was stripped from all sides, his head stretched and opened her most tender place - it looked like a small penis, in which slightly bared head. Licking the bare head of the clitoris, I caused tremors throughout the body, toes, bend and unbend. Licking it tenderly, then fiercely tender flesh, sucking his lips and rubbing the tongue, I brought to the brink of Lena. Then put the language on the entire width to the head of the clitoris and stopped for a few minutes, enjoying the moans escaping from under the gag, I began to crawl language without taking it from gentle place. After fifteen minutes of this game I was armed with a metal vibrator in the form of an electric toothbrush and began to massage them by fondling swollen clit. Lena seemed thrown by the current new sensations. Weak buzzing tool Stony sobbing "victim" on the brink of orgasm, the clitoris crimson almost 2 centimeter height almost bared head tormented strongly vibrating head instruments of torture (even my arm noticeably vibrate) - all this has brought me to the extreme excitement. Deciding a little 'rest, I got the device in the form of a butterfly vibrator, I'm using ropes hooked it on the clitoris and slightly turned on. With close to swollen and glowing breasts, I take them to massage and twirled sticking erect nipples, cooling the their language. Added speed in both vibrators. As soon as Julia came to a climax, I again removed the power, and began to lick and bite her nipples. I sense sucking and biting her lips sex, licking the tickling, then violently. Repeating this torture in different versions for half an hour, I decided that perhaps, or I'll give it to finish or it cripple their limbs trying to escape. The first two orgasms she has to experience from the metal of the vibrator, and to pause and allow to rest I was not going to. then I will satisfy her lips and tongue, and only then give enjoy it as a member. Actually my plan was to bring her to the mad excitement, then at least an hour not to give discharge teetering on the brink, and then forced to finish five times without the slightest interruption ignoring her desire to stop the unbearable pleasure.
Suddenly, the phone rang. Usually at this time there is no one at home, and I decided that it was my wife's lover was nervous and looking for her. Take the phone did not. A few minutes later the doorbell rang, after a pause, I still decided to go and look through the peephole on my "assistant". Once in the hallway, I do not understand anything having received a strong blow to the head. When he awoke, I found myself tied to a chair in front of his wife sprawled. In the room there were four men in masks and big bags. Apparently this burglar decided to rob our apartment, calling at the door and decided that no one is home. And here we are: Now obviously changed their plans. Leaving the mask on the face, they began to undress, arguing who would be the first to have fun with a lady. I was firmly bound and gagged his mouth closed in silence listening to the ridicule of men, that I now appreciate a new twist on the game.
When all the men section, I looked at their members: all four were more of my all cut, and the emphasis seemed to east. Two of the members were 19 centimeters in length and 5 in thickness, the third was a little longer, but the head is large and covered in ridges. In the area there, drive the balls into the head to increase it - I thought. A fourth general was a giant 25 by 6 cm at least. Burglars, rapists decided to start ascending members to his comrades not to start than with the stretched vagina. My wife heard everything and knew that it expects. Her tormented conflicting emotions: fear that is that it now will raping, burning desire to satisfy that it was in accordance with anyone as you like - just to get the long-awaited orgasm. An unforgettable experience gave the shackles, deprives it of the ability to change anything, but let's surrender to desire freedom without remorse. Her chest heaving often excited by the breath, the body was wet with sweat, in goose bumps and red with desire, Julia was shaking like a frost. From what I myself very much excited. I was naked and my legs were tied to a chair wide apart, my cock was free and got betrayed. He swung at every beat of my heart speeded up, become bare head and out of a chair excited dripping grease. One of the robbers saw it and ridicule by others, I moved closer to the bed, I sat next to his wife's feet and saw how close it disclosed the vagina, and her body, waiting for the future.
He went first, took off his tie with the clitoris and the half of the head put a member into the vagina lubricated head, he began to drive it up and down, pushing his lips and rubbing the clitoris - a long, Julia moaned and stirred. Torment her a couple of minutes, he slowly began to introduce a member - wife stretched muscles in the string, half way, he quickly took it out and began again to rub the outside. Julia began to howl in frustration and even lifted her head toward the departing member. Gradually members include further and lingered longer in all - Julia rose to the top of the madness.
A man with a knobbly head sat on the bed to the side of Julia and began to massage her body: he began with strokes under the breast, gradually moving up, lifting and shaking it up. Then he added, their language, which was circling around the nipple. Take the second hand to crush the other breast tongue, he began to lick the nipple rigidly. With his free hand he began to descend, he finally grabbed Julia for pubis and strongly pressed his continuing crush has the upper part of her sex lips and clitoris. At this time, a member of the first already being hosted in the vagina evenly ramming Julia. Julia completely lost control of herself, her movements and moans were given ecstasy. Finally, from fondling breasts and vagina, a member persistently owning it, Julia start to finish. I'm fascinated watching as she held her breath, arched and stopped moving towards the penis and then a prolonged howl. I saw someone else's term, which did not stop was part of her swollen vagina seen convulsions that shook the whole body, chest shot up up swollen nipples, looked at his hand, presses the pubis and deprives Julia slightest opportunity to dodge.
Convulsions have lasted two minutes, and the men continued to have the body of Julia's not paying attention to her orgasm. Rough circumcised penis looks like not going to finish quick, exciting wife also was such that she was ready to finish from the pencil. After five minutes of intense relations Julia was again to finish. This time her orgasm lasted for five minutes, after which the first of four roughly finished, with the ringing of slapping her pubis on the bosom of his wife. Discharge inside, he reluctantly left rastrahannoe vagina, but to replace it once did not come to the second stage, and the owner of "stuffed" member. A member with a large head with a force entered the already disclosed and rastrahannoe vagina, the benefit it was slippery with grease has dripped onto the floor, the sperm also simplify this task. Not having time to relax, Julia groaned and slowly took Spreading her womb wall member. I stared as a huge head parted crimson with excitement and a previous member of the lips, then began to stretch the entrance, while the lips were a member of the ring bow - sight was spectacular, I did not realize how malleable can be excited vagina. At this time, the owner of the largest member of a close-up shot conquest of the vagina, trembling and moaning Julia and finally me, with eyes bulging and with a standing member of the witness for all. member of the Movement directly led to the ecstasy of his wife. He was pushing it to the side wall of the vagina, as if the borer is another one, screwing inside, with tight lips trying to embrace himself a member. Using the fact that Julia just went crazy and started to finish ceded turn pulled the ball out of her mouth. Bedroom immediately filled with passionate breathing and moaning, followed by a particularly successful members beat turning into a scream. Taking Julia's hair, he turned her head and leaned his penis to her lips. Julia immediately opened her mouth and took the head already, when suddenly stopped and turned away - apparently coming to his senses, I see everything. The man made a sign to stop and Trahan said: "Ending a member of someone else when her husband is not a shame, and a blow job shy Then rest, think?". Sweet member left her vagina, hands no longer caressing her body and desire very nearly became another orgasm tormented her. Yielding to passion, she took the dick in your mouth. I was shocked: if before Julia, excited me to distraction was unable to contain the orgasm involuntarily seized her by fondling rapists, but now she asked to fuck her as a last whore, voluntarily gave his body in front of her husband, knowing that fuck her 4 men are long and hard. And for that, she carefully made a blowjob to one of them. As a reward, she again felt a ruthless, but a welcome piston body and breasts get their portion of pleasure. In addition, her clit was exposed with nothing comparable pleasure - metal vibrator added thrills, and left the other in the anus vibrator was turned on to maximum. Looking for a frantic convulsions orgazmiruet wife, I'm almost finished with excitement. Huge dick rubbed and stretched her konvulsiruyuschee vagina and cervix defenseless, hands and lips caressing her burning body, anus fluttered vibration dildo, and clitoris rolls wave after wave of intolerable pleasure. This went on for five minutes, after which one party has finished inside, and the other with a sense of Julia finished in her mouth, she eagerly swallowed semen, continuing to suck furiously. Next was the owner of the largest member. Despite extensive training, he was a member of the least easily abundant lubrication, but very much stretching Julia. As if there was no previous orgasms, Julia immediately began to be given to ecstasy: much moaning and panting. Introducing almost to the end member 25 centimeters long and thick stalk with shovels, giant stopped. The first party, restoring power for the second time decided to take Julia into her mouth. To diversify the situation, he took off the bandage from her eyes. Opening her eyes, she immediately turned away in shame for what he saw: his legs were spread wide, the vagina is filled with someone else's huge cock, chest upright, another member of the pulses in her face, and near one of her feet, I sat and saw it all. Although most shameless form in which it was, after so many orgasms shy was stupid. But here I was present, and our eyes met. The man turned her head, he wanted her to take in her mouth looking into my eyes. For the credibility of the giant began to move a little rubbing member of the cervix. With a sob of pleasure Nakata, Julia, looking at my standing member meekly accepted another man dick in her mouth. Looking me in the eye, she furiously sucked his. She enjoyed not only by the powerful member, rhythmically rubbed it in, but from a blow job. The passion with which she sucked dick quickly passed on to the holder thereof, within five minutes, he poured my wife's throat watching her clouded eyes in ecstasy mine. At this time in her vagina with a maximum amplitude slid huge cock like a battering ram tearing the wall and to enter the uterus. From his blows were heard squishing sounds from this vaginal juices and facing pubes. It was like hammer blows on the anvil while the piston entering into the cylinder. As the anvil, the vagina and pubic my wife were secured and fixed and dutifully took voluptuous blows. Breast swayed, and looking at the belly could be seen inside it moves something solid. Under these blows she dutifully finished twice shouting furiously. Her screams drowned shishkoobrazny member - its owner sat Julia on the breast and holding her head fucked her in the mouth. He fucked her for a long time, but this time the vibrator in the anus changed real terms, to the clitoris was again wearing a vibrating butterfly. To my surprise intercourse in the anus Julia took no less passion, apparently she had a wealth of experience in this, and not with me. On the eve of the next orgasm, in a free and developed vagina of my wife put in a special vibrator: with a thickness of 5 cm was covered with balls which were in constant motion, and the head of the unit was moving in different directions, except that the entire device is also vibrated. The culmination was incredible, one member moved in the anus, artificial monster tore the vagina, clitoris vibration trembled. Fearing for his penis, the mouth of Julia was released. Julia hoarsely plaintive and moaning, asking to stop admiring and having fun. Wear out my wife to unconsciousness, robbers untied her and left. It does not have anything but a videotape recording.
When he awoke, Julia looked at me and freed my mouth. I asked if she liked to finish helpless, she said, that I now know, and again shut my mouth. Then I leaned to my still standing member and has taken it into his mouth. Furiously sucking, she just made me cum twice. Then she whispered that I will have the opportunity to respond to this question. About how this happens, there is another story that I could tell.

A cruel story

Nastia very cute and lovely in every way a girl of 19 years. From the point of view of our company she had only one drawback - the childish innocence, she did not want to understand that if the guys invited to his home, they are on to something calculated. I must say that her uhlestyvat two-thirds of the guys in our district, but she was waiting for her boyfriend and part of our friend from the army and communicated mostly with us. We, in turn, respected her for it and competed with it at times unbearable character and unwillingness to take our crazy world as it is.
We all immediately blown toward the cottages, simultaneously making calls to the boys, everyone felt the back of the point that the good is not over. Finding out the details, we learned that the school noticed a five-year brother came running guy who saw her invited to sit in the arbor with their friends, Oleg, is well familiar to all the boy that we all went to the same school. Then, the present suddenly grabbed, pushed into a car and driven away in the direction of Oleg garden. It turned out that we found about a half hour after that. Finding desired cottages took another forty minutes, and then only because we found small and showed where we need to, saying that he found it thirty minutes ago, and I heard screams Nasty supposedly bullied her there. Do not say what thoughts swirled in my head, the faces of friends, I realized that in this sense, I am not alone. Approaching the house, the devil discussion it was decided to act immediately and firmly. Overcoming the fence and beating the cottage, we walked through the porch, the door was not locked. Entering the house in the first bedroom we saw that after two years, none of us can not recall without a shudder! On the edge of the bed lifeless body lying Nastia it all in Senik, abrasions and bruises fucked cocoa that fagot. A moment later, he was lying in the corner of the infinite consciousness. Approaching Nastya, we were horrified, she was lying on his back motionless, crotch was covered in blood, on his chest seemed one solid bruise, breathing was practically not noticeable, lifeless eyes staring at one point and what did not react, what she was alive we spoke only rolling down of these big tears. I will not tell you what happened in the next fifteen minutes, because I myself remember it vaguely like a bad movie - all the flashes and nothing is not clear. In myself, I came when six goats were writhing in the hallway in a pool of his own blood and urine.
In order not to give rise to gossip, we called the police and doctors from among our relatives or closest friends. These took six cops. Nastya was taken to hospital in a state of shock as we found it. At that moment I thought that perhaps never seen nothing worse. So I thought until the moment when Nick is one of the remaining cops did not call us to the room to witness found the camera and tape it. I do not know who had the idea to see what's on it. From the first seconds of recording, I realized that this is a record of what happened here, and what I do not want to watch it, but for some reason I remained still and silent, silent and others.
Meanwhile, the screen door opened and two big boys dragged him into the house Nastya. She kicked, trying to escape, throwing it on the floor in the hallway, one of them kicked her soccer scope in the kidney area. She writhed in pain can not even scream, only wheezing sound came from it. For her hair dragged into the bedroom, threw on the bed and began to tear off her clothes, only this time through, apparently, not the past the pain she was able to squeeze out a word: it is crying begged them not to do so, asked to let go of her, calling for help, and he asked again - do not, do not. They just laughed in her face saying - should have to bitch, still say thank you, I do not know how to contact you lucky. Tearing present all the clothes and undressed, they began to decide who is for whom. And the first came up and grabbed my legs pulled to his crust by bryknutsya she tried, but she received a strong slap in the face, two squeezed her hand, and her hair was tied to the headboard. The first drove his farm with Nastya and began to fuck her in a crazy pace, oh how she cried, her mouth gagged someone's underpants and hit several times in the chest and abdomen she calmed down, not stopped struggling it seemed she was trying to evade its members. The first shift of the second and then the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, and they continued to beat her. This life seemed out of Nastya, she faded in the eyes of her vagina was bleeding from the mouth in a place with rattling struggled foam, she could not help that, and just lay there staring blankly through them somewhere far away.
Then she turned on her stomach and began to fuck in the ass, again, one after another, swearing and striking blow after blow. In the third round they went rootstock, Nastya at that time was already quite sanity, and is similar to a rubber doll. It lasted about two hours, and then they decided that she had no place to worthless and ordered one to throw her into the basement, he wiped it with some of the blood and semen, and saying that he wanted her again carried to the bedroom in the veranda.
When the recording ended all sat motionless for about an hour. After placing all the protocols we have decided to no time and no place other than his circle do not remember what happened here.
These six freaks upekli in jail, they found in the car two spades and a bag of not slaked lime, everyone understood why. Before the trial, only four survived (that for which they were not like zeks) and those left on the twenty-two on the last pituh more about them, we have not heard nothing.
Nastya was discharged from the hospital only two months later, his first word she said after another month of work with psychologists. Six months later, when, in the words of the family, it is more or less came to visit, she called us, it was a difficult moment for her and for us, after a long conversation, it was decided that all this was not. Came from the army guy she told what happened to her, he understands it and surrounded with love and care.
And after two years for a glass of tea again surfaced those events. It is true in the light of the good news, Nastya guy to pick us up at home, thanking us for what we saved her life, said that Nastya finally thawed, they recently made love, and that a medical examination showed that all in her order.
After that, the memory would not let me rest until I moved them to the paper, the result of this you just saw.

Birthday Dima

I had a little girl-friends, mostly I talked with the boys. Very often, we hung out four: me, Dima, Alexander and Andrew.
Andrew lived (and still lives) on the floor below, and Dima and Sanya - in the neighboring houses. Dimka was the adult - then he would have turned 22. Andrew Sanya was 19 - they have learned once in the same class.
What is Dima's birthday - I remembered until the last moment, while the ancestors are not taken to the damn cottage. After weeding, I forgot about everything.
We returned on Sunday night then. While brought myself up until then, this and that ... and then I remembered. "Well" - I decided - "Dima will not forgive." I jerked straight to the floor below - I knew that Andrew will celebrate, because he always was nobody home.
Opened Dima - I threw myself into his arms:
- I forgot to roll up !!! A-ah !!!
- Come on - he said - I knew you'd come anyway.
We walked into the room.
On the balcony, smoking Andrei Sanya.
- Where is everyone? - I did not understand.
- Fugitives someone somewhere - Andrew Sanya entered the room.
We sat down, Andrew learned from some of my favorite bottle of white semi-dry. We sat, drank, chatted ... Time passed unnoticed: we knew each other for a long time and we always had something to talk about, or to keep silent. They are great guys. Dima all about something said, then they were arguing, drinking, arguing, joking ... In general, I do not have really remember how I got drunk and ended up in the lap of Dima.
I have always noticed that my friends looked at me, "not just", but never encouraged it. And what happened to me then - I still can not figure out - but when in the course of the conversation Dima put his hand on my ass and began to stroke her - I was blown away by pleasure. I slightly leaned back so that he could touch me everywhere, and stood up slightly. He understood me correctly: sliding my panties to the side he brought his hand to my face and said:
- Score saliva and spit on my fingers ... And otsyad even a little bit ago.
I do not want to know anything and to think about anything. Though in my mouth, and then it was dry, but gained enough saliva ... I have moved and felt Dima's fingers soaked me, touched my rear hole. At first, he just touched her, and then in a circular motion began to slide on it, easily pushing.
Sanya, slowly, pulled up my shirt and began to fondle my breasts.
Andrew has already unbuttoned my skirt ...
Dima continued to caress my back hole ...
I was in seventh heaven from pleasure.
- If you want, I will take in your mouth? - I whispered in his ear Dime.
- And not just me. Do you want to take by mouth in three? - he asked.
- Yes ... - I moaned.
He put me on my feet, - they are bad to listen to me. Andrew took off my T-shirt, skirt fell down myself, and my panties Sanya has pulled off. I was only 15, and I was naked, and three adult males did me great pleasure: Andrew caressed my chest, standing behind me, Sanya caressed my young elastic ass, sometimes penetrating finger to my still wet the back of the hole and Dima lightly started fondle my clean-shaven wet sponge, pushing them sometimes touching a finger to my already wet hole.
Then Dima put his hands on my shoulders and gently pressed. I understood everything and obediently dropped to her knees. Dima himself unbuttoned jeans, he took them off. Then he took off his pants, which are no longer restrained his impulse and held it to my face, his cock ... After that, I saw the body of my sweet shiver ran: it was 25 centimeters long, thick and hard. The scrotum was wrinkled and pressed against the member. I took his hand and began to masturbate slowly, opening and closing red, swollen head, while the other hand began to fondle his testicles.
At this time Andrew and Sanya already undressed and their members were right in front of my face they have been not much less Dima, but it only increased my determination.
- Sonia, open-mouth ka - asked Dima.
I listened, mouth open a little wider, and lightly poked her tongue. Dima took his penis in his hand and started to drive his hot head on my lips in a circular motion. Then he plunged head in my mouth and made a few movements. Then I began to move itself, then trying to swallow his cock deep, then pulling it out of his mouth and tongue playing with his head. I did it slowly, trying to give him as much pleasure.
After a few minutes of my oral sex, he took his dick out of my mouth, pressed it to his stomach and put one foot on the chair standing near. I did not have to explain twice what to do in a moment I caressed his scrotum tongue and lips. It was an elastic tongue and I felt his testicles.
Then he removed my head again and plunged into my mouth flushed with his huge cock.
Enough to enjoy my young mouth, he gave way to Andrew and Sana'a.
- What do you want me to do that? - I asked them.
Instead of answering, Andrew brought me his penis to her mouth and I took him as deep as she could.
- Come and play with it without taking the tongue out of her mouth, - Andrey asked, and I enjoyed it a great hot candy, holding his scrotum, and with his free hand, I caressed Sanin member.
- Now, there - he asked, and I pressed her tongue and lips to his scrotum.
Finished caressing the mouth and lips, a member of Andrei, I turned my head to Sanaa:
- Now my mouth at your disposal. Do it as you like.
He took my head in his hands, squeezed her sides and plunged his cock in my mouth. He chose to move into my own mouth, then injecting it deep, then sliding head near my lips. Then I caressed lips and tongue his balls and then sucked again ...
After a few minutes of my oral sex, he came out of my mouth and picked up my armpits, carried and laid on the couch, where already waiting for Dima and Andrew.
I lay on my back, and the guys started to fondle my breasts and elastic young petals of my sexual sponges. Andrei spread my legs and I felt like something big and hot comes slowly into my crack. Deeper, deeper ... I lost track of time - the body ran warm wave of pleasure, I moaned softly.
I opened my mouth and Sanya Dima used it, in turn, exposing me to the mouth of its members. I sucked them. Then I sat on top Dima so that his testicles were right over my face - he liked the way


Sometimes wandering the expanses of the Internet, I visited a lot of sites, including the erotic. So, just yesterday got on site of erotic stories. Having looked through various topics, I realized that there are stories, untrue, is simply sick imagination of individuals and have personal autobiographical narrative. After reading some of the stories I wanted to share what happened to me two years ago.
My name is Alla, I'm thirty-nine years old, has been married for fifteen years, which I think is not the worst in my life. Three children, average income, in general, like all other people. With her husband live normally in life and there are good relations and sharp angles, but in bed all issues fade into the background, and only the sex that we both like, and we give ourselves to him completely. I got married a virgin, her husband, I suspect, had some kind of experience, but still the joy of sex we learned together. Our closeness, I and my husband have been satisfied in full, and not about any entertainment on the side was not thinking. After living together for ten years, we began to notice a depletion of diversity in an intimate relationship, which, however, did not stop to enjoy sex. I do not consider myself disbanded or the emancipation of women, and I basically had enough of what is there, but the husband, such as lying in bed, shared his erotic fantasies to spend the night with two women, one of which must be me. I admit, I was at the beginning of shocked, but recovered from him, the husband imagination seemed to me even funny, in fact, I began myself to dream in this area and even offered to turn fantasy about sex with two men, one of which must to be my husband. Husband because of their natural jealousy, took this idea with hostility and even a little offended, and for a while we are about our erotic fantasies forgot. Later, during the regular intimate caresses my Acne again touched upon the presence in our bed of another woman. I myself have never believed and do not believe a supporter of lesbian love, but, not wanting to upset her husband, she asked to tell how he presents himself, and immediately felt his cock stiffened in my arms. His fantasy was a little selfish, but it emanated from the variety, the animal instinct of lust, even though its role in delivering he told me pleasure too colorful. During his narration, I did not notice that my hand ended up in the abdomen, and pussy was quite wet. It remains only to find a suitable candidate and realize your fantasy, in the half-joking tone, I said. My husband was over the moon with my reaction, gently kissed my breasts neck and face. Frankly, I, too, was at the peak and descend did what he loves. It is also a member of the originally responded to my words, and barely fits in my mouth. Vitaly moaned softly and somewhat tightened my chest. Hot jet of sperm was not long in coming, and filled my mouth. With a sense of accomplishment, I stretched out next to her husband, who gently caressed my breasts, do not forget about the clitoris and the cave. And now you tell me about your fantasy, the husband asked. At first I did not understand what is it, and even recalled his last response to my fantasies, but Vitaly was now a good mood, and as I understand, on oral sex today is not over, his flesh required to continue, and for that we need were experiencing.
His cock, too, froze in anticipation of a little sleep in size, but the rest was not going to. Without changing the subject, I began to dream on two male partners in sex. Telling your fantasies, I felt like my cave humidified to the limit and craved member who listened to my story, back to its original state of combat. Having listened my imagination, Vitalka silently turned me on my stomach and went into my sweaty pussy and rhythmically earned its piston, I felt the hot breath of his neck, but the whole body as it pierced the thin needles. The finish was rough, my back and buttocks was abundantly watered sperm and in the end we have merged in a long and tender kiss.
Once returning after work, my husband took out a videotape and offered to look together at bedtime. Close to midnight, we sat near the TV and ready for viewing. On the screen was a porno, mainly group sex, two women and one man, and vice versa. You do not like you can not relax their fantasies - I noticed on that Vitali said, noting that this is not the maniacal idea, but simply a desire to make some variety in our sex. I had no choice but to agree with him, and continue to watch the film. After a while, I noticed hump in the pants of her husband. Oh, wow, I thought, here is the power of art and slipped his hand into his pants. My little groomsmen invitingly buried his head in my hand, and on the TV screen two cute blondes turns doing blowjob, then one of them sat on top of the protruding member and the other beginning gently licking her breasts and hands to massage the scrotum man slowly sinking down, running his tongue all the bumps of her body and reached the bottom in the mouth itself took the vacant member. In this spirit, they continued to bring a friend - a friend of pleasure and at the final stage, they knelt down and substitute soy ass hungry for members who are not long in coming, and in turn, visited two caves, and women tenderly kissing on the lips, but not as a man with a woman, and somehow in a special sensory, then one of them turned and took in his mouth a member of the men, and the other plunged his tongue into her bosom. Eventually, both of which were watered with sperm they rubbed on the body with each other. Vitalka this scene very much, that acknowledgment was his very hard cock. I, too, what is happening on the screen was interesting, and as I said earlier funny, what I said to her husband, but then gave way to the scene on the screen and there were two men and a woman, my Vitalka tensed, but did not turn off the VCR. In the story it was true, that a man wishing to present a gift to his girlfriend, asked for sex a third man. Together they gallantly stripped the woman, and then put her on the bed, and one of them plunged his tongue into her pussy and the other she was doing blowjob. Four male hands caressed her body, anus and legs. Slightly warmed up, they changed their position, and turned into the vagina a member. The other man lay on his back, and a woman placed it on his erect penis, with one hand she stroked the nipples of their breasts, others stick member standing next to the man gently encircling his tongue. Later they changed places and eventually her face and chest were doused with sperm from both barrels.
Well, how do you this mess? , Broke the silence of her husband's voice. Not bad, I countered, but it's a movie and fantasy, but in real life is more complicated, but if I turned up the case, then once you can try flirty I said. A year has passed and we, leaving the children at my mother decided to spend a holiday in a holiday house, having escaped from the stuffiness of our small provincial town, we went to the shore of Lake Baikal. Staying in one of the holiday homes we have decided to have a nice time. One evening, sitting in the room, said Vitalka casual women's dignity our waitress from the dining room.
I suppose you do not mind them to try to touch, I said - but only in the presence of your smile, said he offered to translate their imagination into reality. And that, (surprised their courage) I said, let's dare, I agree, especially since we have no one here knows, and probably longer when you do not see, but all the organizational issues take over, I'm in this matter is not assistant. Okay, I'll try, said Vitalka and went to investigate. Left alone, I thought, but if we come this far? If it is now to agree with it, it turns out that I approve of treason uniform and also in my presence, and various diseases can be picked up, not too high a price realization of the fantasies. But at the same time I caught myself thinking that I'm not so against it, and the staff catering often checked by the doctors, so that the risk of catching what be contagion minimum, and sex without love is not treason, and just the physiology and the more with my direct participation ?!
Upon reflection, I felt a wave of excitement and began with some caution, but still - the wait for an outcome of our affair.
An hour later he returned Acne and solemnly announced that he has invited our new friend Zoe in the evening in a cafe, on the go making up a story about my birthday. At nine o'clock in the evening we met near the nearest cafe and took a free table. Snacks and alcoholic beverages we began to celebrate my birthday, Zoe was cheerful and sociable woman, complained of his unfortunate family life, told about her husband an alcoholic, a man who is no longer good for anything, but she was only thirty-two years. Then there was dancing, alcohol loosened tongues, we were laughing, talking and did not notice that it is time for the cafe was closed. I have a suggestion, said Vitaly, let's take a snack and everything you need and go to our room, where a banquet will continue - I need only a short time to run home and warn you that I linger, Zoe said. We agreed to meet in half an hour in a rest home and went.
How do you like Zoe? - Vitalka asked when we were alone, okay, I said, but it all looks like a ceremony, not the erotic adventures. Yet the evening, my husband said, and pulled me to him. Ignoring the rare passers-by, we kissed in the middle of the street, and I felt his hand penetrated into my panties and stroked my ass. The feeling of excitement washed over me again, I pulled her husband into the nearest doorway, away from prying eyes, where he undid his pants, lowered his pants and took his penis in her mouth. In my head buzzing from drinking alcohol and from that juicy - an extreme situation in which we are. I absolutely did not pay attention to what is happening around in my mouth was a native member of my husband's hand gently stroked my head and I did not want, what would it ended. But a trickle of sperm hit me in the face, brought me back to earth, I woke up, but left a feeling of dissatisfaction, wanted to be a member immediately climbed into my cave and continued the process initiated by me. Acne handkerchief wiped his semen from my face, took me in his arms and carried her to the rest home. You have that something happened? concerned asked Zoe, who have already waited near the body. No, we're just happy - I said for us. Well, let's go in the room, offered Acne and continue our holiday. I just now noticed Zoe very seductive dress, in which she had to change clothes, cutout on the chest successfully emphasized its shape. The room we quickly covered the table, who were seated. Memories of recent passion and poignancy of the situation has continued to bring me. We drank a few toasts and a pleasant wave, heat all over the body.
The evening moved into a new stage of development, everyone had fun, we played the fool, Zoya threw her leg over the other and a dress ridden than usual. You have nice legs, I noticed Zoe jumped up and not paying attention to my husband lifted her dress even higher, showing a strip of her panties - and so even more beautiful, she asked. Here the initiative taken Acne, wishing to fully appreciate the charm of Zoe hiding under her dress. Zoe looked at me, but I just smiled and nodded. Not in the least hesitate, Zoe took off her dress and bra and shorts walked around the room, like a model on the catwalk. And Alia will participate in the competition, I asked Vitaly. I, without hesitation, took off all his clothes, including shorts and appeared before the jury completely naked. It's not fair, replied Zoe, I also want to be without panties, and they quickly took off. Chairman of the jury, in the face of my husband - sat in his tracks, I even flashed the malevolent idea that something like that my dreamer could not bear the psychological burden. But Acne quickly coped with the shock, and he proposed to determine the form of clothing NUDE for him, so as not to embarrass the ladies, what, we readily agreed with Zoe, even offered to help him undress. Vitaly was on top of the world, which was seen by him as he stood up. Zoe unbuttoned his shirt and threw it very erotic ago, it was my turn about pants. Carefully unbuttoning his pants, I dropped her pants down, and Zoe, wanting to help me, as though accidentally pressed the flesh vzbuhshuyu Vitalik. Well, how do you our little groomsmen, I asked. Well, she said, the more I have for a long time this was not. Well, if you seem to be the right one, I solemnly announced. Zoe was not long to wait, sitting in front of Vitaliy she lowered his shorts and took the dick in your mouth almost to the base, clasping his buttocks, she began to suck. She did it with pleasure and skill. I sat down, picked up the banana and began to drive them in her clitoris. Zoya's third breast size swayed to the beat of her movements, and I'm very excited because in my presence extraneous woman does blowjob to my husband, and I sezhu together and masturbate. At the moment my husband looked up from a member Zoe looked at me, it seems that the situation is no less excited. Go to the sofa, she said Vitaly and become cancer, his brilliant from saliva member Zoya swung invitingly. Zoe came up to me, took my banana, took a bite of his and bent, instead of banana my pussy felt her hot tongue, which penetrated into all its slits. I pressed Zoyka head to his crotch and she began to penetrate even deeper into my pussy. Vital pleased podrachival his penis standing nearby. Zoe leaned even lower before it opened her swollen pussy, long he thought, put it, so that Zoe gasped. I spread her legs wider and Zoe, without losing the time, dug into my pussy, gently sucking on her clit. That was something, those few minutes seemed like an eternity of pleasure, I wanted more and more, stroked Zoya's chest hair, and she continued to travel between my legs. Vital continued to shove his piston Zoe and knead her magnificent ass. For a moment, stopping Vital stroked Zoya's anus and asked - can you? , Zoya only mumbled - PGAs and Vital wasted no time in vain, moistened with saliva cock slowly began to penetrate her anus. Zoe sat up, groaned loudly and saying, "How I feel good," she kissed me on the lips, she smelled my pussy, perfume and lipstick, it was an unusual kiss, it was the first and last of such a kiss in my life, but it was pleasant to me.
Meanwhile, Vitaly already full wielded in Zoyka ass, I must say that we had anal sex have never done since his baby was a little thicker than my anus, the only thing we currently allowed in the proximity of the period, so it is a finger, smeared with Vaseline and very nice if relax and not fight and painlessly. But Zoya, apparently, have a different opinion, so Vitalkin member bored her tiny hole without any obstruction. My thoughts were interrupted by a dull roar of my husband, and I guessed that Zoyka ass filled with his sperm. Acne, pulling his crimson red body exhausted collapsed on the nearest chair, next to his feet fell, groaning, Zoe, I went to Vitalka, sat on his lap and eagerly dug into his mouth, Zoe, hugging my legs, gently touching them his wet tongue, as it was nice, I must say. It took me thirty seconds, to my whole body shook strong orgasm, and I slipped exhausted at the feet of my husband. After resting for about fifteen minutes, we visited the shower turns and dressing sat at the table, to share experiences. After drinking for a drink of vodka, we learned that a sex in each of us the first time, but all were satisfied. After sitting for a while and gather strength, Acne suggested to play a game: we Zoya had to get under the table and do it one by one blow, and he had to guess, who does it, and if you do not guess right, the desire to perform. We Zoe took his place and began to test. First sucked Zoe Acne and unmistakably recognized her, given her particular I repeated her movements and my husband is pierced. It was my turn make a wish. I wished to Vital fuck me and Zoe at this time licking his balls and anus, which was performed with pleasure, I finally felt my husband's dick in her pussy, and Zoe fun pochmokivaya sucked his balls and licking his anus. Turning to her husband, I asked him to cum in her mouth Zoe, what Zoe immediately reacted by substituting its open mouth. Vital sticking your dick, my richly stained with grease and put in Zoya's mouth. She did not have to exert much effort, after a few seconds Vital finished right in Zoya's mouth and patting her on the head stepped aside. I went to Zoe and her recently, kissed her on the lips, the lips that sucked most recently a member of my husband. Exhausted, we drank a drink and went to bed, lay down three of Vital in the middle, and we are with Zoe at the edges, and sleep soundly. In the morning, waking up around noon, we drank a cup of coffee and ran to his affairs, Zoya ran home, and we went with Vitaly wander around the neighborhood.
Each of us would like to comment on the previous night, which we did, on the whole have come to the conclusion that it was very cool, but the continuation of further relations will not be, as they say, and tried enough. In this regard, we decided to change their place of residence, leaving a farewell note to Zoe small apology. Returning to the room, I began to gather, and Vitalka went into town to look for our new home.
Half an hour later he returned Vital and told me that he found a good hotel in the city center. Lovely double room available two days later, but for now you can shoot two single or wait for two days in a rest home. I said, what about a holiday home, the more things I've already met and Zoe, we decided not to meet anymore. So, the decision was straightforward, and we soon went to the hotel.
Documents in the hotel, we have issued without any problems, and settled in our rooms. I got a single room with a view worthy of the pen of the artist, and Vitaly settled in our future double room in which he lived, and another man who had to move out in two days. Leaving things in my room, we Vitalik down to the bar, where he ordered a glass of "Bloody Mary" and decided to spend the rest of time. At the table we relished discussing our night adventure with Zoe, and once again came to the conclusion that everything was great, but no repetitions. The evening came to a close, and we decided to go to sleep. Climbing the stairs, I jokingly remarked Vitale, which is not bad, I would spend the night in his room, in the arms of two men, to which he called me a depraved woman, and went to sleep in his room. In the morning, I slept well, I went to a cafe in front of the hotel, where we agreed to meet with Vitalik. After breakfast, we wandered around the city and did not find anything interesting back to the hotel. Vitalik went into a room where decided to drink a glass of beer and decide what we do next. Acne mysteriously smiled and pulled out of the cabinet box. This is for you Alia, a little surprise. I opened the box and found it gorgeous set of erotic lingerie red. It turns out my beloved, wandering yesterday in search of hotels in the city, I visited the local sex shop, where I bought a gift. I'm not forced to beg himself twice, and in a moment changed into new clothes. Awesome - and could only utter my husband. Wanting to show off, I made a few moves and erotic knew immediately I will fuck her own husband. Vital hugged me from behind and I felt his arms ready to fight and shamelessly rests against my ass. Slipping his hand into his pants, I grabbed his penis and held it on his ass dressed in red lace. Now I want to be on top - I said to my husband, and gently pushed down on the bed.
Vital lay on his back, and I carefully planted on his crimson member of that deep inside me. Fully controlling the situation, I squirmed on her husband's penis and soon felt a hot stream in itself. Having Vitalka final blow, I sucked the remnants of sperm and headed for the shower. When I went to my room to freshen up. Half an hour later came to Vitaly, he explained that he had come on his neighbor number that wants to celebrate a successful business trip and tomorrow's departure. You know Allah, I want you to also embody the erotic fantasies into reality, there is in my room sits a man and I am ready to make another mistake in my life, Vital said. God, it says my husband, I was shocked and at the same time a little confused. What happened to Zoe, I perceived as a game where I was just a party, and I did it in order to please her husband, and then I'll be the highlight of the program. In me mixed up, the fear of shame and lust.
I realized that it is I need to be resolved, but I was ready in my heart. You go - I have told my husband I was ready and I'll join you later if you do not mind. I very much against it, but I want to thank you for the night with Zoe, still we decided to try it once and for all forget. Vitalik I kissed on the lips, and he felt anxious.
Well if so, then I agree, but only on the condition that our third partner would be with a condom - I said. Acne, in turn, put forward proposals, if I had a friend who went to the light to the two men and a good unleash the group sex, there is nothing non-binding and without any sequels. Well, that - the Stay hotel whore, I thought. Moreover, the husband will be there and will stand. In fact, we decided to do. Vitaly went to his room, and I started preparing for the "orgy".
Taking a shower again, and wearing erotic lingerie gift from me, I am once again evaluating looked at herself in the mirror. The view was very seductive, I'm a little touch up, put on her most candid dress that I had with him, I went to visit. At the door, I paused for a moment, thinking back, and poured in one gulp drank fifty grams of vodka (for bravery). Feeling ready, I went to Vitalka in the room. A minute later, I timidly knocked on the door of their room. The door was opened by Acne and delighted at the door, he said - that Alia came to visit us. Towards the room we went to the man of thirty-seven - forty, of medium height, in the form of a conventional muzhichek, with normal appearance.
Andrei, - almost bowing his head, he introduced himself. Alla - I said, and held out her hand, which he kissed without delay, and invited me to the table. Vitali told me about you, it's great that you have met after so many years and it was here, remarked Andrew.
To avoid being uncover cheating husband, I just smiled and walked into the room. In the middle of the room was covered with a small table, I saw it on fruit, a bottle of brandy and something else. Sit down Alia invited Acne. We sat at a table and began to feast. The first five were toasting only for me, from drunk pleasantly dizzy, and I was waiting for that Vital will take on. The situation seemed to be two-fold, like a pretty woman, ready to give the two men at once, and on the other side of this Andrew could be some prude and I'm in a silly situation. But as the saying had nowhere to retreat, and I rely on his Majesty the case. The evening was in full swing, though Vital was somewhat constrained, but the situation is fully controlled, said toasts, telling stories, in general the atmosphere was relaxing. From drinking alcohol and prevailing atmosphere I suddenly wanted to dance, especially since there was a concert and musical accompaniment was provided to us on television. I whispered in his ear Vitalka his wish and came to the middle of the room, where the slow music began to dance. In the first seconds of our dance, I felt like my husband's hand, gently stroked my body, breaking the limits of decency. My nipples instantly swelled and ran over the body a pleasant languor. Go on, I whispered to him. After a moment, the top buttons of my dress were undone with my erotic bra.
I undid the top button of her husband's pants and began to massage his body rebelled. Hands Vitalik shamelessly pulled up the hem of my dress and squeezed my ass, which was five feet from our new friend. I caught the eye looked at Andrew and seeing as he nervously rubs, more recently, the bump on his pants, I realized that now I will have for the first time in my life to see, touch and feel a member of another man, as I used to and even could not imagine . Moving in dance, I approached Andrew and unbuttoned his trousers, took a button on the free arm of his cock. Here it happened, I was in the hands of two members, one so familiar and dear, another stranger, but they both radiated a natural instinct of copulation. Andrew stood up from the couch and approached me from behind, I turn down men down pants and squatted down next to my face sticking two members on the same kind, I even called them twins. Taking them into the hand I turn gently held them tongue, gradually swallowing one or the other. Men's four hands stroked my back, hair, chest, and I felt that my new panties completely soaked. Interrupted for a moment, I took off all my clothes, remaining only in red stockings and shoes. The men followed my example and helped me lie down on the sofa already straightened.
Vital came to my head and I took his cock in her mouth and began to lick Andrew leaned juices from my cave. My hands were out of work, as men with their hands never stopped stroking my legs and chest. Andrew worked brilliantly tongue, he penetrated inside my pussy, sucking the clitoris, then gently licking the anus. From such oral sex I was on the verge of orgasm, but in my head advancing eclipse moments. After some time, men swapped, Vital took two condoms, and they put them with Andrew. Now my mouth was a member of Andrew, it was a condom with strawberry aroma, which is very in tune with our situation. Vital easily entered my sweaty wet pussy and began to fuck me. Andrew was holding my breasts, which are gently crushed. I was thrilled, one member in my mouth, another in the vagina, the man knew his job. Feeling again approaching orgasm, I offered to change the position. Vital lay on his back, I sat down on his erect penis, Andrew gallantly offered anal sex, but after I refused it without thinking twice went to number two Vitalka in my vagina. It turned out something double-barreled shotgun, which is rhythmically moved me. The third time I stop orgasm failed and violent wave of passion swept over my body.
Men pulling their guns, they took condoms and being substituted at the finish line of my face. I sucked and massaging members of their scrotum helped finish. To thank me, they abundantly watered cum on my face, neck and chest. The smell of fresh sperm seemed to fill the room, I was in bliss rubbed it on his body, even though I was all wet and sticky, but it was class. In parting, I kiss each member of that tired, began to fall. Sucked the remnants of sperm, I said to myself that it tastes different from them, though, and maybe I thought. Exhausted, we lay down on the couch and just fifteen mine went mad on music from the TV. When I went into the shower, leaving the men alone. Refreshed, I returned to the room, where Vital Andrei finishing their brandy. Now it's your turn to visit the shower - Vital turned to Andrew, which he did. Come on, I'll take you in number, - said Andrei dressed and we went out. Praed to me from the doorway Vital literally tore my clothes and do not know where holding his forces attacked me. This sex with her husband at me for a long time was not going to sleep three hours, I thought that there is not something better sexual relations between a man and a woman, without any bells and whistles in the form of a third partner, probably because everything we've tried, and left it in our memories as an experiment in realizing our erotic fantasies.

Lisa Feelings (part 2)

I woke up from that-that I was pouring water ... I opened my eyes, I realized that Bob wrote to me! In his eyes, it was so much lust, and I was exhausted and could not do nothing.

- Well, beauty came to her senses? Now let's suck it!

He stood next to the bed, standing on all fours, I saw blood on the bed. Well, I am now a woman with pride I thought. From greed to swallow his head member, I felt the salty taste. How to me it aroused, the right hand, I began to fondle himself, at first I was stuck in the hole one finger, then two, my moisture is flowing through them. My tongue deftly playing with the head of his penis, which he is warm. Playfully leading tongue down the shaft, I wanted to take my lustful mouth his balls. When I did it, then I start with pleasure, smacking suck one thing after another egg. my mom's friend was seriously excited. He sat on the bed, I knew immediately what he wants. Start slowly sits down on his penis, he became more and more immersed in me, I could not help moaning with pleasure. Basil gently squeezed my breasts and licking my swollen nipples. I started to ride my sisichki moved with me to the beat. He bit my neck, it's very nice. My pussy felt every centimeter of his cock. I tilted my head back in pleasure ... and I saw my mother, she took off all mobile phone. At that moment I experienced the strongest orgasm in my life, my whole body shuddered in delight and languor in that moment I felt that my pussy filled with warm, we experienced an orgasm at the same time.

- Daughter, I won you a bath, I want you gone to bathe. I told my love, Mom.

Bob took me on my arms and carried her bath. He gently put me in the warm water and left. Mom sat down next to the bathroom, took a sponge and gently as a child I start to rub it. Her hand stroked my chest, then slowly fall below nizhe.Ya and unwittingly spread her legs, mummy second hand started to caress my pussy. I looked her mature body, surprisingly it has been toned and beautiful. She climbed up to me, we sat on against each other. I do not boldly reached out to her to kiss her, she closed her eyes and our lips have merged in a passionate kiss. My hands began to eagerly led by the very body of the mother, I roughly crumpling her breasts, and finally, my hand went to the promised place. Mom stood up abruptly and I dug my lips to her lips sex and began to play with her clit, my tongue slowly drove over her shaved pussy. Then I shoved it into her cunt and it seemed to me that it is not enough. I took from the shelf shaving foam, spat at him and slowly began to thrust into pussy. My favorite, groaned and began to move to the beat. Nearly the whole bottle began to sink into it. I clung to the clitoris and tongue began to lick it. Yes Yes Yes! Screaming mother and her moisture poured down on me. She smiled and said.

- Thank you. daughter. You know how to satisfy me.
- I will do everything to you was smiling. I said.

We got out of the bathroom, took a towel and began to wipe each other. We went into the room, Vasily changed linens and was already asleep, poor thing did not wait for us. I lay down on the middle of Mom and she hugged me close. Closing my eyes, I realized that this is just the beginning, I was very ashamed, but at the same time damn nice, and I fell asleep.

Katya: School lust

Buttocks Katie parted with the help of strong fingers in hand, asking for a cup anus slid his fingers. Mechanically ass sticking out towards the girl stroked her anus fingers. One of them fell through the relaxed, asking member sphincter muscles of the anus. Kate let out a light groan that completely clouded mind a few guys, and those who could still hold back, has long been sprayed inside pants. Katya twisted backwards bumping into long two fingers. Suddenly, a sharp jolt stretched fingers of backside girls. Kate continued to twist his back begging to get your fingers back in place. But instead of fingers in her ass poked something elastic, but soft and smooth walls prodavlivaya girlish ass, pushing aside sphincter muscles as Kate managed to guess member quickly but smoothly entered her ass. Easy groan of pleasure escaped and the girl's mouth, the last strength left still shy of boys and many of them poured out all the sperm in nespuschenye cowards, some grabbed his crotch, trying to keep the sperm explosion, the others lowered his pants and obstinacy zombies, yes indeed, and nothing not understanding, like a zombie, pushing all dragged to the raped girl.
Katya stood slightly hunched, her ass quickly flew member, has already begun to ripple and small portions shoots sperm portions. At the head of the girl swam - member brought her to orgasm, it is barely standing on his feet, but still it helps to keep the hundreds of hands stroking her body, but reduced in quantity before the start of sexual intercourse. Member gently slipped out of the ass Katya, but she in not had time to straighten up a girl's ass roughly flew the second term, there is the head of the girl, grabbed by the hair, dragged down and buried his eye, barely had time to close, in sticking, already wet from the lubricant, penis .
Katja quickly realized what was expected of her and want, mouth open, hands-member caught her lips and slowly plunged it into his throat. Small nimble tongue obbezhal head from all sides, and then shot the girl in the throat jet of sperm, could hardly constrains Man. Member since champ, striking the lips girl jumped out of her mouth, clinging translucent threads of sperm for her lips, but she in her mouth Katie entered, replacing the first, the second term. Again little tongue slid around the head of the penis.
At this point, the third member of the rode into the bulging ass girls. Kate felt as a member of a Man with a height of almost drives her back, and the guy almost gets it when fully immerses member in her ass. The breeze is constantly prevailing in the recreation, gently blew pubis girls standing with cancer, with a member in the mouth and in the ass. Suddenly, the wind blocked, and the clitoris Kathy buried her second head, slid on the tubercle of passion member slipped into the hot, the juices flowing out from constant orgasms, vagina. Katya does not restrain a groan, floating together in her mouth and sperm lubricated by the members, as it spat out a quiet gasp of pleasure.
All three of her holes were occupied by members, and Kate had to arch his back to each of the members could fully immersed in it. According to the girls body slid his hands and before the redness rubbed her protruding nipples in different directions.
Suddenly the bell rang. Tremors were accelerated, and in the mouth poured semen, back after a few seconds, too, was filled with a sticky, warm liquid. Vagina very first shot a portion of the seed, only when all released her holes.


On the morning I left the house, and mentally sent all the teachers dick, went to the cinema. At 9 am, I walked a good fantasy thriller, so a couple of hours, I quietly killed. Leaving the theater, I looked at the clock: 11. 32. Well, time to dick, you can deal with garbage with a clear conscience. Having nothing to do, I went to his friend, who is now ill and before he studied, by the way, in the same school with me. Then he was drawn to the college, and now he studied there with grief in half. I called at his door. After about a minute she opened.
- Lech You Th there? - He asked me with surprise.
- Oh, vyabyvayu school. Do nehuy. And you're here all day masturbate at home, eh?
- Fuck in pussy - with a grin said Pasha (the name of my friend).
I went to his apartment, we patted about anything, went out onto the balcony, smoked.
- How are you doing on the fucking front? - I asked with a hint of conspiratorial (Pasha was known for Walker and the girls he fucked already nemerenno; and this in the tenth grade - the horror!).
He wanted to punch me, but then changed his mind:
- Cocks.
- Wait - I was surprised - And Paula?
- All. Separated.
- Che did not give?
- And it is also - sadly said Pasha - And you?
I thought for a moment, because a clear answer to this question, I could not.
- So far, so mediocre. But I hope everything will soon improve.
- Katya?
- Good, rides, - Ekaterina Valeeva was in love with me since the fifth grade, but I did not fundamentally noticed, because before it was a typical gray mouse. However, recently I began to pay attention: the girl to my surprise showed breast development (ie somewhere in the second or third dimension) and cool, in my opinion, ass. And apparently it was nothing. Add to this the fact that it is almost idolized me, and it turns out the ideal female candidate in girlfriend.
I have a couple of times escorted her home, even had her at a party, we kissed, but beyond that it was not going to. Although it would seem, I could easily fuck her several times already, but I'm in no hurry. For me, a sexual relationship existed following rule: never nix and twitch, and trust in the natural course of events, that is, waiting for the moment when it will be clear: you can now safely fuck this girl, because she only wants this. And besides, Kate was a virgin, and I was too inhibited. Hymen, I vomited only once, and impressions from this were not so pleasant.
- And as you already otebal it? - Pasha's voice brought me back to reality.
- Not yet, but: all the time.
- Damn, as always. While she herself to you in the pants will not climb, you're not drneshsya.
- It's not the point.
- And what? - Pasha thought, then said hesitantly, - she - virgin?
I nodded.
- Yeah, fucking lucky you - Pasha said grimly, thinking about something his - Well, are you going to do something Che?
- I told you, damn: all the time. But without gonevo: Opportunities I appear constantly.
- You is not annoying, and come on, be a man.
I snickered:
- Yeah, there is no market.
- Hey, Che something cold here. Let's go to the kitchen, where I have a TV set.
- Lada.
We went away from the balcony. Kitchen Pasha was healthy and in the right corner of the wall was hung TV. We showed some comedy on TNT. Paha said:
- Sit down. Then there sandwiches, Hawa.
With these words he left the kitchen. However, I shouted after him: "Where are you", but received no response. However, wait for it for a long time did not have: a minute later he reappeared in the doorway, and not one, but with a bottle, "Hennessey". Fucking where he dug her?
- Well, Che, will thump? - With a grin he asked me one.
- No, damn: stupid questions ask a fuck? Where did you get it?
- Bata presented, it has long been. He then somehow get drunk, and Nitsche could not find in the morning. I nix under the bottle and nykanul. Let the better I'll drink it than he did.
- It makes sense - I smiled - glasses-naprstochki there?
- And then?
The bottle we persuaded for an hour, during which time spoke almost every possible topic. It turned out that Pauline, female, never fucked, and was not going to give Pasha, took care of themselves 18 years. Sheep. I said Paje, he threw it right. He smiled tightly. Clearly, she liked him. And dick with that? If a girl fucked on his head, then fuck it necessary? Then the conversation turned to school. I admitted that I pull the program just barely, a little bit more - and I knock out of school. And I'm just that and achieve. No arrangements, such as "you're so smart and capable" by the actions of teachers had no effect on me, and now everything was going on as usual.
Pasha was also the question of expulsion, but he did not want it. Worst of all he had was the case with biology. The teacher on the subject, the rat, called his parents, snitched to the Director, and now it is likely to be expelled. It all started with the fact that he once was not prepared, he was summoned to answer, the teacher beginning in every possible way to insult his words, such as "you - a moron, and the parents you are the same." Pasha could not stand it, and sent it into the pussy, where she, incidentally, is the place. Now he had to hand over her several offsets, laboratory and practical work, and before that a fig, because Pasha, clear horseradish, after the case of the biology scored.
- I do something to you than help? At the very troyban, fuck, damn all biologichku - sheep!
- Yes, I do. Just by the way. I do give a fuck: kicked, kicked so.
And then I remembered something.
- Although, wait, - I smiled - I have the same Katka something in biology class! And she was an excellent student. If I ask, then you will stopudovo. However, it may take from me anything in return. Pasha snickered.
- And you, it is always ready!
- Well. Che went to her?
- And you have the same lessons today?
- She - two pairs. Right now, in any house she sits, bored.
Paha, which has already made it awesome in the head, pulled out a pack of "Kent" from his pocket and lit it:

- Fuck, let's go. Right now, this canoe finished smoking.
I laughingly looked at him:
- You do not smoke ebanulsya home, eh?
Further Pasha face expressed the most genuine insight:
- Damn, fuck! - He began feverishly to put out a cigarette in a glass with cognac unfinished - Fucking!
I was also struck by the rzhachku I frantically laughing and could not stop:
- Alan holey! Asshole, fuck!
Returning control of himself, I said:
- Wow! You Th lost spatial orientation?
- Che? - I asked the Pasha; on his face it was that his brain is busy seething activity. Only here in what direction?
- I said, lost orientation? - I shouted with laughter.
- Che talking about? - Pasha said and tried to hit me; I turned away from flying in my fist and prepared to fight back if the buhoy deer gather to carry out disassembly. Realizing that he had absolutely no control over himself, Pasha said:
- Sorry, Che something I did. I smoked Fuck?
For obvious reasons, I do not know the answer to this important question.
- You're going?
- Yeah.
Met my eyes, he said only:
- No dick then you are giving.
I wanted to stand up and bnut him, but Kate suddenly said:
- Did you find what you need?
Do not know if this was said with some special intonation, and perhaps a special kind was Katie: naked with semen on the breast, legs apart, she lay on the bloodstained sheet.
Pasha said:
- Yes.
After that, he began to undress, and I understand that he wants to do. Well, if you do not mind Katka, then: In every woman, girl, girl, slut lives, it just need to wake up. For group sex I treated properly, even tried to somehow participate, it is true then my mates were two girls, and in this situation we have stared girl who a few minutes ago was Tselkov. Once completely naked, Pasha came to us.
I said with a laugh:
- Now, Kate, you know what a group sex.
- Maybe I do, and want - the girl replied, and sat on the bed, cross-legged - Immediately stop a virgin. By all measures, - she paused - By the way, anyone of you had anal sex? What? I thought I had misheard.
Pasha immediately found a:
- I.
- Well, I do. I mean, I fucked, not me - I said with a grin.
Kate looked with interest to us:
- And with me weak?
Damn, it's ass. Rather, it is in fact an ass. But I did not want to give his girl to poebanie anyone else, even to his friend. However, she wanted it, and I obviously have to become a pioneer in her virgin ass. Perspektivka certainly tempting, but I still strained by the fact that Kate we fuck together with Pasha: My cock was again in readiness, Pashin was in this state for several minutes.
- Cach, once so it turns out, we will find ourselves Pasha service.
The girl did not have to persuade, she moved to the edge of the bed, Pasha approached her. Katya took his cock in hand and with a strange greed began to suck him. I like rezanulo, although I understand that sense jealous girl did not have any, because I am, he brought all this up. And then, nothing really extraordinary in it was not happening. Kate continued to swallow a member of the Pasha, then pulled it out of his mouth, he began to lick the tongue, conducted by a dick on his face.
- Boys, are you ready? - Her voice was felt lecherous tone. Here you have an excellent pupil.
Stupid question, stupid situation.
- Cach, yet let dick, still have time. And then inadvertently bite it - I smiled - Stay in this position.
As soon as I enter - take Pashin member in your mouth, it will distract you a little. But before that, girl, do something for me. Kate turned to me and with a smile on his face. I pounce on my dick standing. The way she sucked, it is simply impossible to pass. The impression was that she was a professional minetchitsey. Cum on her chest did not disturbed girl.
A few minutes later, I took a dick out of her mouth, Kate turned to her backside, put the cancer.
- Take hold of the sheet.
- Good.
I spat on his hand, rubbed the saliva on his penis with veins reared. I put my finger in the anus Katin. The girl moaned. Yes, you narrowish hole, madam. Well, Nitsche. Sama wanted to.
I took a finger back and forth on each administration responsible girl rough sigh. Pasha stood in front of her face and jerked off naturally, unable to control himself. Suddenly, I pulled my finger and without giving Kate knew it, thrust his penis into her anus. She cried, she cried out in pain. Pasha preparedness offered her his dick, Kate immediately took it into his mouth. I moved into her anus, the friction was fucking awesome. Damn, I would have thought an hour ago that we will soon Napara Pasha will fuck my girl together, and in such a harsh manner? Feeling that is about to finish, I quickened the pace, grabbed hold of the girl's buttocks and soon poured out into Katie. Conchal long time I even surprised myself: how much sperm in me? When he finished, I pulled out the dick from the anus of the girl and leaned back. Damn, how cool all the same!
Katya also during my fucking her in the ass is already finished, but continued to work Pasha tool. He was quite persistent, but soon could not stand, pulled out a member of the girl's mouth and watered her whole face. Then he looked at me apologetically. I nodded my head, saying, forget it, all right. Exhausted, we lay down in an embrace on the couch. Everyone was wet with sweat, and Katya and from something else. However, she wiped off the face of the Flank sperm, as if trying to show me their loyalty. Or maybe it was just disgusting. I do not know. I speak not like, and what can I say?
However, our Pasha soon members began to show signs of life again, and trahodrom reopened. To begin with Kate took turns our members in the mouth, and then I lay down on his back, stroked his dick and shoved it into the vagina Catino, pulled the girl to himself. The second time, the penetration of the girl did not bring such pain, it is only a leering smile. I started to fuck her rhythmically and Pasha wasted no time threw his friend in the ass Katya. This, though it was also the second time, it took quite painful for Katya, she moaned, began to look for my lips to kiss alleviate pain. So I both kissed and fuck his girlfriend. Pasha in this situation lasted little, and pulled out his dick from anus Katya, finished noisy, dangling on her ass. Kate looked at him reproachfully.
I is not going to end, and I wanted to make something sort of. I took out a member of Katina pussy and put it in his mouth. Where, in fact, and I poured out a few minutes later. Sperm in the mouth did not have to taste the girl, she wanted to spit it, but I said:
- Swallow.
Unquestioningly obeyed, she completed my order. However, little is left of semen on her chin.
I pulled her to him and began to kiss, absolutely not disdaining the fact that on her lips left my seed.
- Katka, you - gold. I love you.
Then, finally vydohnuvshis, we again lay on the bed, and fell asleep. Waking up, I saw the front of the chest and Katya realized. That all happened really it was. The girl slept, was an angelic expression on her face. Pasha did not. I got out of bed and saw that the computer was included Katie. I sat down, moved his arm. Screensaver gone, "Ward" screen appeared in front of me. In large letters, it was written:
"Kate, thanks for the advice on classroom biology.
Lech, still need to discuss what happened. If that - that I can bnut.
Pasha. "
I smiled sadly, looked at the girl. Katya woke up and now it is somehow strange looked at me.
- Lesch, I am now for you - a whore?
I was silent, and then said:
- No. Cach, I love you, I realized it only now. And I know that if I had the opportunity to go back, I would have behaved differently. You must be mine alone. You - the only one I love.
She looked at me with tears:
- I - damn, cheap slut. To itself repugnant.
- Kate, do not say so. Love and sex - different things. Sexually, you need variety, otherwise life would be uninteresting.
After that I went to Kate, we kissed, and I again took possession of her. I went home in the evening. The next day I left home for almost a week and was in the den in one of the areas of the city. Kuriles weed, booze, fucking with everyone. I realized that I love Kate, but could not get out of my head what happened. I have found back home. After two weeks of despair and guilt before the girl I cut his wrists in the bathtub. Miraculously, he came to the rescue dad called the ambulance, I was still alive. I was in another world, and I realized that I have no right to withdraw from life, no matter what happens. After that, I changed my attitude to what happened between me, Katya and Pasha. I called and the girl was reunited with her. We are waiting for a new adventure, which I suppose could not.
But that is another story.

The story of Marat.

They drank, ate, and went into the taste - a few hoots of visitors they made a strip on the table with a lesbian show, at the same time collecting a decent tip from drunk men and women. Then they are still some time remained there. One guy from their company decided it had too much and retired to his room. As always, the remaining broken by a couple and started kissing crimping ..... someone suggested to go to the room. When they came to my room it turned out that their friend was closed from the inside, apparently drunk and fell asleep and did not react to insistent knocking. My Ira decided to invite them to our room.
Our room was a two-room and at night I was awakened by what he heard the scrape of a bed and groaning men and women. Slowly coming to the door, I crack the door naked watched as the bed full swing already underway group sex on the 2x2. The orgy lasted all night, they regularly changed positions and partners - and I masturbate two or three times, but did not stop them became. Culminating in simultaneous sex with two men Ira. But her friend was not very strong in group sex. By morning they were, tired, lay down to sleep on the couch, sofa benefit amount allowed. But adventure - lesbian shows and striptease in a bar were not in vain: for lunch, when I briefly left Iru one at the table, her two men sat down and offered to share with them and with their friends after dinner, a company in the sauna. But my IRA decided to give pleasure to me and suggested that the peasants would come to me. In their bewilderment she said, I'm not jealous, and even I can help her, if she would be tight :))) Bestia, she knows that I love to watch and participate.
After dinner, I, unsuspectingly, with great pleasure accepted the offer to go to the sauna, while more poudivlyavshis her quickness. She said she took care of everything and everything organized. Arriving at the sauna, I was quite taken aback - it was in the lobby of the five men are old enough, the abdominal ... We undressed in the locker room, and turning sheets, entered the room. There was a table covered with snacks and drinks. Acquainted, drunk, went to bathe - at first I with two men. In the steam room one of them said that I was not offended, and said - I really do not mind that my Ira was with others? I said - of course not - it is allowed to all.
And in the pool in the meantime already being played out of passion. Two caressing il directly in the water. It was between them and one fell in behind her, caressed her second, and the third sitting on the ledge gave his penis to her mouth. Everyone in the pool at once raped her, but it was only a warm-up. They came to the steam room to warm up. The way how flushed her face and how were vyvorocheny swollen lips of her pussy, I realized that it already had. In addition to the breasts were clearly visible fresh aspirated.
I sat on the second shelf. She came up to me and kissed me on the lips. I felt on her lips the taste and smell of a man's seed. At this time, one of those who were with me in the steam room, told me: "You do not want her to lick it for us in the already finished, clean it, we want it too!" I squatted down in front of her, she put one foot on the shelf, and I began to lick her. From her shaved pussy was flowing treacle semen and her juice. In the steam room the second series began - one fell in behind and entered her pussy, the other sat on my place gave his cock at the disposal of her mouth. I stayed at the bottom and the testes of men who alternated behind, fought on my face, and when a member jumped out of a wet vagina, it rested in my mouth and continued his movements inside me. It was a perfect orgy, Ira cum like crazy, and when her legs had ceased to hold, it raised the arms and carried on the lounger to massage. I wanted to go too, but I was stopped by one of them and persistent motion put on the second shelf on the back. Zadran my legs on his shoulders, pre-moistened with saliva member, he went into my anus. He was a member of medium size, and he was stringing me to it. At this time, Ira four caressed on a massage table. Her moans and cries mingled with men's voices and my moans. Door steam room was open, and I saw it at the same time had a three and one stood by and watched. At the same time his cock was visible as he wants. Apparently not stand anymore, he joined us.
Approaching me, he stared at my nipple with his mouth, and with such force that I was probably a month bruise. I am a person full and fat in the chest allow it to compare with the size of the female first. He squeezed my breasts, led by a member of my lips. I could not resist and finished right on his chest. Then my rapist shot me and the one who tore my chest, took his place.
The orgy lasted several hours. Finally they spread out on the table and Ira, shifting the entire snack on it, ate it with a live table. And I went to help their members get the lips, in order that they could re-enter the Ira. When it was over, they were going, and going, Ira gave a beautiful ring and gave me 200 bucks. That such a fun sauna with my Ira we had to try. But we do not regret, we even liked. Footprints in the chest and neck had to hide even a month, well, in a room, we were like two duck after so many partners ... We got a very strong and unforgettable experience.

Yulkiny holidays

- Up-to-s-s-ca - almost reached it - you will be obedient boy - all will be well. You just do not worry, we'll just play. Games will be erotic, as you would willfully - untie. However, Julia?
Julia sat on the couch, throwing open its huge gray eyes unspoiled youth. The spirit inside her throat in anticipation of how far will Katka. The show was arranged for her.


They met on the beach. First we played volleyball with the guys, and then found themselves together in a disco. The bar finally became friends. Two lonely resting girl - despite the age difference. Julia - after 1 degree lived in a three-star hotel is not the first line. Being in the room was quite depressing. With this season, long brown hair, Julia herself liked. It is the nature of dark skin is easily accepted tan, wasp waist girly cute harmony with 3 breasts. Boys of all ages stare. Blonde Katherine, being a mature lady, rented apartments in anticipation of her husband's release. She was almost 30, but the figure remained almost boyish, hairstyle short, elastic ass, small breasts invitingly protruding nipples. They agreed they are being opposites in behavior. Katka pressed masculine environment pressure, sparked laughter regularly "clicked on the nose," quipped a la "all men goats." Since it was easy and fun. At the same Yulka was complex "spinster", caused by prolonged, in her opinion, her virginity. Guys she shunned, posing as hard to get as a result of a busy "posture" was angry with myself, sadly expecting pleasant summer dating is not going to happen. After 3 cocktail Julia split and wept on the shoulder of a new friend.
- Do not get me with them Nothing Everything seems fine at first: and kissing, and hugging, and rented as cowards, their erection is lost somewhere, and in any. For two of these were male, and both times bummer
- Well, it largely depends on the situation A Blowjob tried? - Suddenly I asked Katya.
Julia blushed.
- Oh-oh-oh, - Katya laughed
- No, never, I am not able - to cover up the embarrassment Julia, she blurted out: - teach?
Katka beginning of excuses:
- Oh, the words or what? It's necessary to show. And then, if you're afraid, then we must first overcome the very self to dare to try
But soon it introduced a suitable case. The next morning, the girls like old friends sunbathing together. Not far from them is located a young man, his name was Max, he looked good in the water and on the volleyball court.
- But - brake - as Katya said.
On the girls he openly staring, drooling at a distance, but did not dare to approach meets. The girls giggled over his jammed neck, he blushed and puffed. When Katya before dinner decided to sunbathe top loess, he could not resist, tried to roll over on his stomach, could not, quite embarrassed and run away from the beach, turning the towel. In the evening he was back beside girls and generously invited him to play cards. The weather turned bad. That night was rain, storm, and friend, going down to the water to find out whether it is possible to swim, Max caught in the same place wet and shivering. As it turned out, he slept on the beach. final year student, he came to the resort to settle animator, with the work of flying, found at this point how much money some how to eat, and now the absolute rest "savage", without a roof over your head. With the weather it is not guessed, and was frankly confused. Generous Katherine called him warm up to his house.
- You like him? - Until Max was in the shower, Kate asked the friend.
- Cute.
- Playing with him?
Julia shrugged.
- Ok, I do everything myself, you watch and learn.
Max, washed, fed, entertained the girls tried to play the fool, but lost outright, because I stare at both. The man was obviously hungry. Katka, of course, he teased. She sat in a robe over his naked body, regular bullying tanned legs and showing off white silk panties.
- Maybe move on to the more erotic games? - Katya's proposal was clearly unambiguous.
But Max did not think for a second:
- I am for!
- Now we check - will play or not, - Katya bringing her face to face Max paused for a moment, invitingly opened her mouth and licked her lips with the tip of their tongue.
Max fell down at her with a kiss. Timid and gentle. Katya looked up:
- A little more passionate you?
They repeated the kiss as she wanted.
- Nothing - tender, - she said to Julia.
- Now listen! Ready?
- Yes!
Katka Man seated on a chair, blindfolded - Max complied with blagoveniem. After a few moments of waiting, until Catherine climbed into a suitcase, she has got his hands behind his back and fixed with handcuffs.


- You - production! - Katya said these words directly to Max's ear a little threat, but through the notes of her voice could be heard the usual smeshinka.
Katherine stood over him, putting his foot on a chair, bare foot touching his thigh.
- Up-of-the-bycha - almost reached it - you will be obedient boy - all will be well. You just do not worry, we'll just play. Games will be erotic, as you would willfully - untie. However, Julia?
- I got it ?!
- Yes.
Katka painfully pinched him above the knee:
- Yes Milady!?
- Yes, Madam, - Max corrected.
Another toy turned collar with whip in a leash.
- Thus, we will guide you - she removed the bandage from his eyes - Arise.
Max stood up from his chair.
- Julia, come closer, better look at who we got.
Catherine fell to Max to his knees and pulled off his swimming trunks. His cock stirred slightly, glad release, and stared at the preponderance of right Kate's face. Max blushed like Julia and exchanged glances with her.
- And you stallion!
Kate looked into his eyes and brought his lips to the head of the penis. He staggered to the meeting in anticipation. Member stiffened slightly, exposing the head.
- The eyes look! - Max willpower drove the sweet fog and obediently looked at the shameless eyes of her mistress.
Julia sat on the floor in the meter from Catherine, when she took the head Maksovo member in her mouth and began to gently suck. Julia did not blink, erection grew before her eyes. But take by mouth deeper Katja was in no hurry. Her robe fell open, excited nipples sticking more appealingly, and Julia could see how on silk panties girlfriend appeared wet spot. Then she felt that she had long wet and panties to get better. Katka start to drive on the very tip of the head most tip of the tongue. From lust Max started podkashivatsya feet.
- Please- plaintively he drawled.
Kate pulled back and stood up.
- First, I want you to me used to - she pulled the leash down, Max stood in front of her. Then she sat down in the couch, spread her legs.
- We are not in a hurry - and Max pulled her head to his pubis, still tightened in panties. Max buried his nose in her panties, and Katerina carefully covered his head with his robe floors.
- Julia, still play cards? - That at close range considered Maksovo buttocks.
- Not.
- You can touch it, do not be shy.
Julia touched the testicles - Max, feeling the trembling fingers of an innocent girl, moved, pushing the hips wider. Julia put her hand from the bottom, grabbed a strong member and squeezed it into the palm of your hand. And then something frightened, shrank back, because Max began to make her not prominent head movement. And she wanted to see. Katya pushed him away - Max stood on his knees - waved her legs up and pulled off her panties became quite wet, showing Max and Julia and his close-cropped pussy. She had quite a large labia, they are not disposed of and shone Katya juice. She opened her thighs again already at the maximum possible width that Julia had seen better. For Max's whip to pull does not have to. Guessing the desire mistress, he fell back on all fours and began to carefully lick her. Julia, his mouth open, not fours stood nearby. And he looked into my eyes. As Max immediately penetrated his tongue right in the vaginal opening, a few movements of the tongue straightened Katya's lips, licked them outside, then inside, and wide movements began to caress the clitoris language. Katka such exhibitionism did not hesitate, she closed her eyes and completely relax, have fun. Julia was hard to see, it is still approached and touched the bare thigh Max his thigh. Max just stood aside and began to caress Katka tip of the tongue so that Julia had seen all the details. But then Katka passionately moaned, clearly lost control of himself, and setting the stage for this, and Max and Julia even more. Max leaned toward her and gave Cunnilingus with passion. Julia pulled away in the far corner of the room, took off her panties and began to fondle her own cherished mound Katka finished first, suddenly she arched toward Maksovo mouth, grabbed his head and thighs screamed with pleasure.
- Jess! - She jumped up, knocking Max on the couch on her back, and she rushed to the suitcase, - continue.
- Maxik, I have you now undo - Establishments hand up the back of the bed. To be continued.
He obeyed, and Katya again snapped handcuffs, recording of Max in a new position.
- And now we'll iznasiluem - Katya said.
Her fingers deftly pulled to a member of Max Durex, followed on the very foundation of a strong head she pulled the rubber ring.
- Now he will not be able to finish ahead of time, and the erection persists iron, - she explained she interrupted Julia.
A moment later she was standing on the bed of Max, legs apart, and showing him the kind of pussy-bottom. He waited. Kate sat down, turned around, making sure that Julia looks, and that can be clearly seen, and while holding member of the hand, sat him in one smooth unhurried deep jerk. Julia saw katkiny stretched labia, clasping member, - it breathed in the heat of excitement, and a hand reached out again to the clitoris. Max saddled muffled moaning, trying to grab his lips Katkiny papillae flitting before his eyes, but Katya did not pay any attention to these attempts. Closing her eyes, she jumped on Max, trying to get more and more varied in depth and angle of penetration pleasure. Julia almost satisfied herself, but Katka again it is clearly ahead, suddenly stopped moving, she fell like an autumn leaf on the chest and Max paused. Member of nearly fell out of her, but remained nervous. Angle was so exciting that Julia moaned.
- Want!
Katya did not pay any attention to her words. She stood up again over Max, took away his pillow so that his head snapped back, and sat gaping vagina directly on Maksov sharp chin.
- Cute bristle! - His third orgasm, she received almost immediately, moving the clitoris chin up and down.
Julia looked at her almost with hatred of envy. Max just panting. It seems that he wanted only one thing - remove the ring from the penis and finish.
- Ready for the first lesson? - Brazenly asked a friend in Julia, pulling off Max condom.
- Look carefully - and knelt in front of Max, Katya has started to present cocksucking.
It is not teasing - exciting and passionately satisfying. Julia, came and tried to remember all the movements Katkinogo mouth, lips, tongue - Max nearly wept with pleasure.
- So I carried away that I almost forgot the lesson - Katya broke away from the penis - taste it!
And lost to Julia Maksovo space between the knees. Julia hesitantly sat down right in front of a member. it was not a thought. She timidly repeated first movement Catherine, taking in the mouth penis. Max groaned again, leaning on her appointment. Julia got on all fours to his penis is not strong and is folded down, not looking up, he began to suck as told her instinct. Katya was sitting nearby, hugging her knees, and watched.
- No, not so, try this way - she repeatedly pushes her friend and began to suck itself, featuring a variety of caresses Julia.
From this alternation lip different girls Max was close to unconsciousness. Catherine noticed it.
- Now feel how it would end. OK? In this sense!
- Yes.
Katka intercepted member tenacious fingers below the rings, the second hand pulled ring.
- Take it!
Julia picked up again in the mouth, and Katka opened her fingers. Member of the Max Julia exploded right in the mouth. He finished so strong, so abundant, so passionately that Julia suddenly felt that finished with him. The feeling of being a stranger's mouth filled with orgasm, which becomes his I almost choked, she released a member of his mouth, not knowing whether or not to swallow, and the last drop of sperm Maksovo fell on his stomach. Katka immediately began to greedily lick the droplets, and Julia swallowed.
Some time girlfriend rested, having placed on either side of Max. Maybe even dozing.
- You do not untie?
- Not yet, will still continue. How are you, Julia? To offset ready?
- And what should you do?
- Suck it again - and out. Itself, without prompting. Then I'll still learn something.
Max obediently silent. Katka has changed his position, seated with his back to the bed, again switching handcuffs.
- So you will see better - she giggled - Well you take the credit of our students.
Julia lay down on his stomach in front of Max and confidently took in the mouth of his limp dick. Member of the fit in the mouth as a whole. Julia took a deep juicy saliva and began to suck, trying to be gentle and affectionate. She liked what it vulnerable and defenseless. After a while it felt like a member responded to caress and started to get up, she looked up, she saw that Max, not looking up, looking at her lips, and again closed her eyes dreamily. It all failed. Member of the almost unfamiliar guy she was fully obedient, and she thought of the power that had just gained over all the stronger sex. She felt that pulse in the penis beats in unison with her pulse, and in that moment, Max again finished.
- Maxik, you see, the girl tried, do ku her. You work more tongue.
Katka has put Max to his knees before standing naked Julia. He kissed her nipple, then the other. Between the legs Yulka came out something hot.
- Go ahead, Julia, lie down.
And now to the Max fell Yulkinomu clit, which she recently hard caressed. She has never since left alone, Julia felt his stubble, tongue parted lips, licked off all moisture, which fell out of the vaginal opening to the hips. And licking without stopping.
- You are lighter, easier, the pace of succession, carefully - she is a girl yet.
Katka interfered with tips, but soon he felt the Max, what language movement Julia responds best. Orgasm hit Julia unexpectedly. The first oral orgasm. That was then, she simply could not remember sweetly oblivious to languor.
- Well, Max, you're still not able to do that? What do you think? - Katkinom in question was malice.
- No, it's a break, please. I can not anymore.
- Yes? Strange. You do not know, what you stallion. - Katka again packed Max back, buttoning his hands above his head - so rest for half an hour.
Her friends ran to dine, fed Max brought food and Katka again got into the coveted bag. From there, she learned some jar and a small artificial phallus with bulges in the middle and at the bottom. Max Yulka suddenly realized what it was, and began to fight. But not for long. Katka repeatedly slapped him, he humbled himself and allowed her to lift up his legs. Katka is widely spread her knees to him, and having called Julia began thickly spread anus lubricated Max. Julia is a spectacle inside the Max penetrating Katya's fingers aroused, she curiously approached.
- You know how homosexuals get pleasure? From prostate massage. Another means guaranteed to excite the man.
Katherine shoved Max into the anus finger, made a few moves back and forth.
- Do not strain yourself - it will hurt - put two fingers. Max groaned.
- Try - Julia, too, slipped a finger in the ass to Max, but did not feel anything.
Katka smeared grease expander and put it in Max. He gasped at the first one blob-thickening, then the other. The way in which the edge of the anus disclosed, skipping balls, Julia liked. Katya shook expander the edge of the anus in different directions, pulled it out and put again, but faster. So she made several times, gradually increasing the tempo. Julia saw that Maksovo priest stopped struggling, the anus to relax. Member of the Max stirred. The two friends saw it, Katka was replaced by a dildo on her fingers and took in his mouth. Julia sat and watched as the girlfriend fucked Man fingers and sucked his cock at the same time. And Max loved it, he was lying on his back relaxed, appealingly feminine hairy legs apart, and was given this unusual affection. So he came. Katya licked her lips, undid Max and said:
- Sleep, dear, tomorrow will be your day.
Supper and a disco in the evening they went to three of the old bosom friend, a mystery uniting them, lewd, wet, passionate mystery. Max was transfigured, his eyes just sparkled with pleasure. Sleeps Julia went to his room, and in the morning found that Katya did not come to the beach. When the sun was unbearably bright, it first rushed to visit a girlfriend. Who knows what these games may come to an end. Max opened the door, being wrapped in a towel after a shower. He was cheerful and happy. In the bedroom lay completely exhaust Katka, she slept, oblivious to the light, her legs were spread apart, the sheets covered with spots between the legs of male and female secretions, dried and small, red lips stuck to.
- Erotic festival going on?
Katya woke up.
- Yes, he fucks me all morning, without changing his position, Dorval, legs move does not permit. His day, as promised.
- I went? - Julia suddenly concerned for her virginity.
- Come the evening, - he gives out.
Max held Julia output:
- Sit down on the chair, - Julia village. He opened the towel and master's gesture sent a member of Julia in her mouth - suck a bit.
Julia dutifully sucked. Instituted to the desired state, he stroked her head gratefully and rushed off to the bedroom. Through the closed door, not Julia heard the squishing sounds - Katka fucked again. On the evening of curiosity from Yulka ache in the groin. I wanted to continue. With Katka she faced the door of the cottage, she went shopping for dinner. When he saw Julia, she screamed somewhere inside the house:
- Maxik! You have for dinner today a virgin! - And he laughed and walked away.
Julia here in the hallway pulled off her panties and went to look for Max, feeling weightless lung tissue dress teases ass. Max in languor was sitting at the table and drank a glass of something holodnenkoe. Emboldened, Julia unceremoniously squeezed between him and the table without saying a word, sat booty on the table and lifted her skirt. Max stared at the girl's crotch, turned out to be a few inches from his face. He tried to look into her face, but the proximity of the coveted object has done its job, and he saw Yulia's charm, not looking like enchanted. Julia was delighted to such sorcery and slightly spread her legs, showing her hot lips to Max. And Max began. Cocktails, which he had just drank was on the rocks, and Julia stunned by the cold burning his lips. Icicle tongue he licked shrunken clitoris, opened his mouth wide and strong breath warmed Julia. His breathing seems Yulka penetrated into the hole through a virgin, and she lit up in response to the heat of lust. Julia moaned, leaned back and put his feet on Max's shoulders, catching his head in captivity hips. That is not pulled out. Calm, measured, he brought her to orgasm, and Julia had time to think that already accustomed to caress it still so unfamiliar person. "It just so unfamiliar But in your mouth in the morning took on demand?" And asked:
- Max! Please fuck me really!
He rested, not taking his mouth from Yulka so that only the eyes were visible above the pubis. "Interestingly the more smeared his lips with saliva or me?"
- Nope, Kate has banned - the girlfriend's name sounded respectful, - said you can only be in the mouth and in the ass.
- In the ass? - Julia repeated anxiously.
- Yeah, anal sex - and Max licked anus Yulkin tip of his tongue, drench it.
The pleasure of this kindness was unexpected, and Julia jumped.
- I was so shy, I have to go, - Max kissing in a wet chin, "it's me!" - Rasprobovali secretions on his face, and ran for dinner to his hotel.
- Thank you! Maxik! - She shouted, imitating the intonation of Katya's voice.
The third day was a day of rest, and friends have dedicated his trip to tour. Sightseeing bus was delayed. Katya issued:
- Julia! Towards a new phase of training ready?
- And what to do!
In the eyes of Catherine caught fire imps:
- Yes nonsense. Oral sex without using their hands. The lips and tongue. That's all. Not always because the hands are free during sex.
"It's interesting in what cases?" - Julia thought. Max was leaning against the door jamb when Katka abruptly pulled off his shorts and pants.
- Come here.
Julia got up to Max to his knees.
- Hands hug his ass - as soon as Julia obeyed, Kate pulled her by the wrist and snapped handcuffs.
- Time seems to have, had we not stopped the first bus, then take away the latter. Suck! - She ordered.
But it was hard to suck in this position Julia stood, read huddled nose to curly pubes silent Max. She inhaled his scent the morning, sleep aroma, and she wanted to caress this sezhivschiysya from the morning chill sprout, caught in their own hair. She scored in the saliva of the mouth more and took a member of the whole. Julia felt that Max took her head in his hands. His large hands wrapped around her neck almost completely, his fingers began to caress her neck, she suddenly felt herself in some extremely safe haven and moaned with excitement. As soon as Maksovo nature wakes up, she straightened her tongue all the hairs that ran from the pubis to the head member, exposing the head of the foreskin and found that the term braced her palate and is not placed in the mouth.
- That's right - Katka climbed with the comment - sucking is necessary so as not to suffocate.
From these words, Max began podmahivat and Julia choked. She tried to pull away, to leave only the head in his mouth, but the man's hands would not let her do it. Then she strained her cheeks, lips, tongue, mouth even tighter clasping member. Max liked it Yulkina initiative is fully drained. He just fucked her mouth, using his power over her, and cramped. But I could not finish. From the outside, the sound of footsteps, Katya ran to friends to unbutton the cuffs. "Bummer!" Until unlocked door knocking, Max managed to pull the shorts. When the guide came, osolovevshaya excitement Julia with smeared lipstick on her lips still kneeling in front of Max (she no longer wanted any kind of excursion). Max, red as a lobster with embarrassment, tried to cover sticking out from under a short penis. And the guide and Kate - both too red from a situation of transparency and stammered awkwardly between them in English. Like, oh-oh-oh - sorry - it's OK - yes you - with all happens - it is young - there are no problems, etc. But Julia did not hesitate, not even blushed, her mind was cloudy so much that she did not understand English words.
And the whole excursion she was waiting for the evening, look at each other with Max, and even sorry for him. Evening promenade on the waterfront haunts of vice resort had to be canceled, and rested Katka (her legs already shifted) Julia suggested:
- Do you want one more thing to learn? "Flute witch" is called. Maxik you do not mind experimenting?
Maxim broken off in the morning did not mind. Katerina smartly ordered:
- At first, all in the shower. The three of them fit in the cramped cockpit, touching each other's bodies.
- Max, wash us.
Max dutifully lathered his hands and began to stroke the body of the girls one by one. At first Katya, shoulders, chest, stomach, shoulder blade. Julia stared at the soap nipples girlfriend and watched as excited by their own. Max noticed this and began to lather his chest Julia, teasing her nipples with your fingers. She reached for him to cuddle bodies, but he dropped to his knees between them, and began to wash Julia the most interesting. By the end of the washing Julia already rocked, watching Katya, legs wide apart, masturbating. Julia knelt down next to Max, so it was easier to bear the excitement. And while Max soaps charms Katya, Julia gentle fingers caressed shampooed and cock and ass Max. From time to time she raised her eyes when steamed and wide-open with excitement pussy Katie became visible from under Maksovo hands closeup. The quality of washing is not worried about anyone, and Katka explicitly regretted that the promised partner "flute witches". Max was lying on his back, strapped to the headboard hands girlfriend were placed on either side of it, approaching persons to its members. Erections when the soul is not held.
- How to play the flute, can you imagine? To her lips are applied, fingering the trunk. Look.
Kate gathered lips into a tube, and touched a kiss to the base of the glans penis - Max trembled. Tongue hanging out, Kate ran them across the member with small steps, from top to bottom, at the very base of the penis she opened her mouth and around his lips as dogs grab the stick. And squeezed. Hair Max glistened with saliva Katina, and she, not letting a member of the mouth, lips, made the reverse movement to the head. Her lips were not closed, and Julia well saw her lips slide on the thick member along the bore. But Kate did not take into the mouth head! She began to lick her tongue, taking care only that the head does not remain dry. Member of it at the same time held the hand, turning it in with your fingertips. "Interestingly, the musicians when playing, think about it?" - Julia thought. Max whined, he wanted to penetrate, but the ruthless Katka jumped to his feet and began to lick the member strong vigorous sweeping strokes from the base up to the head. But the head of it in his mouth did not take! Max began to twitch, trying to get her mouth on their own, but Katya was given, and gave way to a girlfriend.
- Try.
Julia was the side to repeat all the movements that are seen.
- Oral sex - is power! Do you feel? - Conspiratorially, lowering his voice, said Katya, watching the efforts of friends. - During orgasm, he is now all ready to give up.
Julia became interested, but Katya kept her from sucking:
- Do not spoil the game, try - Katya joined Julia.
They licked and kissed a member of a different party, lightly touching each other fingers, hair and hands. Max muffled moaning, arching, twisted - aspired to their mouths meet. But he could not. The game seemed endless, sometimes he seemed to lose interest, lapsing into indifference, but in those moments Katherine froze kiss at the base of the head, passed his tongue through her lips, gently caressing the most important Maksovo flyspecked, and covered it again lust. Finally, Kate took pity.
- It is possible, he told me to finish in your mouth? - Max almost did not finish this one question posed to Julia.
She nodded and backed away. Lasky stopped, bent over Katherine member, "as a vampire leans over the neck of the victim" and solemnly took the head in her mouth Max member. He finished. Julia saw a pulsing vein on his penis, filling slightly open mouth Katie sperm. During Maksovo orgasm, her lips twitched slightly, and Julia saw sperm poured out Katkinogo mouth dripping on Max stomach. Katya pulled away, licking his lips, savoring the drops remaining on her lips and chin, Julia could no longer look at it, she grabbed his mouth obmyagshy not yet a member of Max, trying to suck at least a little. "Let it fall in your mouth, let the very end, if only just a little pleasure to join him."
- Yes, you're quite a maniac - Kate was happy with mentoring - as I am.
- Come tomorrow, do not be offended, Maksikom need to rest - and she was unceremoniously pushed the student into the hallway.
- Tomorrow's change the subject, and we will soon because of its Member Perederiy, - she said apologetically, kissing girlfriend on the cheek.
Thus ended the third day. It was magical, but the finish Julia never came. she could not sleep, everything inside is requested pleasure, she pyalila eyes in the darkness, and reasoned that could mean Katya's words?
On the morning of Day 4, Julia caught Kate have breakfast alone.
- Max And where?
- Sleeps even your Max, I'll put on a separate couch. I'm a married woman, and with the porn, and not to get pregnant for a long time. Come on, we is not going to touch it, let the forces recruited, and that very few sperm, wear work. You doterpit before dinner at least?
Julia compatible with fair words to friends, and they went to the beach. Lust gradually fall. "Come on the second day without an orgasm," after such a thought, she decided to take myself in hand and began to displace libido physical activity. Swim, I play ball with the boys. Her dark skin easily catch fire, Julia is not afraid to burn and to substitute the sun willingly shoulders. Its partners are in no way resembled lovers, well, just good friends, good friends. Here, in bright sunlight, yesterday's oral orgy seemed something unreal. After dinner, they lay down to Katya, the room was cooled by air conditioning is so strong that, vymyvshis in the shower, they were hiding under the silk quilt on the bed Katkinoy. First Kate, then washed Max, Julia came out of the last soul. Katya's eyes gleamed familiar:
- Come up to us quickly!
Julia dropped the towel and got between them. Max covered her shoulder with his hand on his crotch. Kate was not jealous. Under the blanket she held an opaque package.
- We have a surprise for you! Anal party! - Julia jumped up, she did not want the new experiments - keep it, Max!
Max pressed her body to the bed.
- Fool, subjects will be grateful, we will do everything in its class. I Max Viagra fed. Defloration - as a holiday! Max, on her stomach flip.
Yulkiny eyes filled with tears. "It's painful to be!" - She recalled Maksovo member thickness in his mouth. But she rolled onto his stomach without resistance, and gave hands chained to the bed obediently lattice. Started pause. Helpless Julia lying on her stomach, and Katka Max gathered around the house bags, which are wrapped in silk blanket. The resulting assembly Max Julia slipped under the belly, so that the priest pricked protruded upward. Kate pulled out of the promised package already familiar toys. By the artificial phallus added combination of two pretty big balls. Katka significantly rattled them from Yulka under his nose. She stiffened in fright and tried to pick up his feet under him, vypihivaya node.
- Max! Hold it stronger - the Julia jumped on his back, legs spread wide.
Julia felt hairy testicles at between blades and giggled from tickling. Max strong hands restored "status quo" Yulkinoy ass on a makeshift dais silk and waited. Kate relished each movement. Julia felt a coolness between the buttocks of the gel and a little thin fingers of his girlfriend.
- Now, now, do not take your time, relax.
Katia Julia slapped his palm on the buttock, Julia tried to relax, but it is not successful.
- Look Maxik what her thin pink anus.
Julia felt in the narrow hole priests entered Katkin finger, just a little, apparently, only one phalanx, and began to move back and forth. Julia seized excitement she tried to relax the ass. Katya noticed this and began to sink deeper into the little finger.
- Look, Julia began to flow!
Max edge over Julia look into her vagina, and she felt that his cock is already standing. "Indeed it flowed." So long-delayed Yulkino lust Now juicy torn out. Kate began to expand the edge of the anus with your finger, and suddenly penetrated with two fingers. Julia moaned.
- Painfully?
Katka alarmed, broken, smeared anus Yulin new portion of the gel, but again put all the same two fingers instead of one, and is clearly no longer the little finger. Her movements Julia pour hot wave, and she moaned again, this time with pleasure. Max fidgeted with impatience. Yulkiny moans of his factory. Yes, Viagra has acted.
- Faster - he ordered Katka.
Julia felt her ass gets something cold and solid, after a moment she felt the edge of the anus tensed, letting the thick part of the toy phallus. Foreign object still was not a member, but he did his job. Yulkina priest did not resist any more, now she was enjoying, enjoying the movement inward. Julia moaned, she felt an unusual pleasure will soon be replaced by an orgasm. But Katya interrupted to introduce the ball in the ass. Julia gasped in pain, but once penetrated into the anus of the second ball. The pope was a nice hard, and Katka tried the tip of silicone thread, remaining outside. The ball pressed on the edge of the anus from the inside, but the priest was not released.
- Look how tight - Max just groaned in response.
Katya again introduced in the ass Julia two fingers, pushing both balls deep into the rectum, and then began to mimic the frictions, more and more exciting Julia. Julia was on the verge of orgasm, it is the beginning of the ass fingers clench girlfriend, and she is not pausing, pulled the ball out of Julia's priests. Julia finished. Her whole body quivered under Max, she almost threw him from the back, fun wave was so strong that she had not even felt the priest left the second ball. Max tears. Julia heard the smacking sounds and realized that Katya behind her sucks. See did not want to, she anxiously waited. Katka took place on Max Yulkinoy back, she felt, what she is wet. Katya widely spread Yulkina buttocks with his hands, exposing the anus with your fingers on the maximum width. Julia felt rested in the ass hard hot head of the penis. In spite of the warm-up, pop a thick cock is not easily allowed. Max leaned over and pressed, the pope was hurt, but penetrated into the head member is easily passed into the full length, Julia screamed in pain and clutched the anus Maksovo base member. Max lost his balance and fell on Julia whole body spihnuv Katka. And he began to move without stopping, ramming member Yulkinu ass. Catherine pulled out from under them with pillows node, and left the bedroom. The angle at which a member of the Max penetrated in the ass, change, Julia was even nicer.
- Yet! Even deeper!
Max growled with passion. He just comes in ecstasy, infecting them Julia. They do not realize and what did not pay attention. Max finished very fast in izvergnuvshis Yulkinu ass sperm avalanche. It was unusually hot and wet inside. Max went limp, he is almost merged with Yulkinoy back, covered her with all his body like a huge warm wave covers the beach. He kissed her in the head, neck, shoulders, in the ears. She enjoyed the simultaneous feelings of vulnerability and penetration of the security of such a posture. Anus Yulka gripped member Max, preventing fall out. He moved, and again began to fill with firmness. Julia again felt the movement of this powerful penis and finished.
- Max! Maxik! Please, enough! Enough! No more! I am no longer able to live without it! - Julia screamed.
Max was not listening. From the semen, lubricant, which was filled with Yulkina ass, his cock a little lost sensitivity during the second call, and Max I felt strong and relaxed. He ruthlessly improvising, moving it faster or slower, deep and sharply, then, almost taking out a member of the so fuck Julia one head, and that moaning anxiously, afraid to drop from itself is a miracle. Finally they finished synchronously. Merged in orgasm, they fell into a sweet sensation of weightlessness impossible. Julia woke up when Max fell off her back, and the priests of the gushing stream of sperm, spreading on Katkinoy bed.

Katerina, they found on the street. That glumly sat in a deck chair, his feet up on the table.
- Well, defloratora! Did you like it? - She turned to Max. At Julia she was not looking.
- Class!
- All kids. The holiday is over. The day after tomorrow husband arrives. I took you to the room in the hotel Yulkinoy quietly live out there before leaving. And I have to bring myself up, quite sunk with you in debauchery.
All were silent.
- Do you homework on the remaining holidays. To learn the position 69, you Julia, try to be on top. And you, Max, you need to train your hands, fingers. You despise the female breasts and nipples for the female lead can be anywhere you want. For example, during cunnilingus she will finish in half the time.
Julia sat on the towel next to the chaise longue and Katya confidentially that looked into the eyes:
- Thank you, Katya. It was super!
Katherine smiled from such praise and humbly said:
- But not for that! Only fuck with caution. At you still ahead - and added to the ear - at the Max world is large enough.
Girlfriend smiled conspiratorially friend to friend.
The remaining holiday Julia visited Max's room every day. She did not really like their relationship without sexual Katka growth they did not. They did not even kiss, because she took in her mouth still on the verge of numbers. Maksov language she also tried to use the full program. As a result, they did not talk much, because one mouth most of the time was occupied. Max was just sex toys, and it looks like it had the role of a fully arranged. On the evening discos, he calmly let her dance with other guys, smiling like a well-fed cat, and she so loved to go to the disco with good wet ottrahanoy booty!
she kept her virginity. Katka is still infected her optimism and confidence in the future and new partners.

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