Its the first time I remember very well. This happened at a party on campus, where I invited my friend. Almost everyone here was older than me. I sat on the couch away from drinking vodka and smoking marijuana. It was dark and smoky. Music blared in his ears.
Suddenly, blocking all sounds a loud argument broke out, then slammed the door at the other end of the room. Then someone sat on the other end of the sofa. I looked - it was a girl named Jeanne. Joan - one of those hard not to notice. It was large enough (but not colon) and weighed probably as much as I do, however, looked anything - quite pleasant in appearance girl.
She quietly darts and did everything possible to avoid being noticed. I knew her little brother Nicholas in my group of karate, so I thought that I have every reason to talk to her. In addition, Jeanne cried, and I would like to know why. So sitting down to a girl, I quietly asked what was wrong. She looked up, surprised by my attention to himself, and sobbed a couple more times, explained that a fight with her boyfriend, who was drunk, and now also more and ran away from her with a party. To get to the house of one now it was almost impossible. And if so, then it means that it will get cool, if it is late.
I gallantly offered to take her home. At the same time, of course, played a role and the fact that I was at this party, without much pleasure, because one came, and there is almost not a single girl without a guy. In addition, all around were making love like crazy. Andrew climbed both hands under her blouse Marine and Tamara launched her hand in jeans Sergei. In general, not the best place to sit alone.
I got up and took Joan's hand. She got up from the couch and walked beside me in this vicinity, I felt a warm body and a sweet breath at a time when she whispered: "Are you sure you want to do this for me? I, frankly, think that I could get on the taxi. " Jeanne huge breasts touched my chest. I'm still holding her hand, pulled the door.
When got to the car and I started to open the door for her, she suddenly launched me to him and kissed him, plunging his pink tongue in my mouth and simultaneously pressing me to the door. It seems that this kiss lasts for ages. I felt the soft breasts pressed against me. Jeanne put her thigh between my legs and started to rub against my hardening manhood. Finally, she stopped to explore my mouth and took a step back. I asked: "Why did you do it?" - "So you can be a gentleman, that's what !!!" Complete embarrassment, I helped her into the passenger compartment. I climbed into the car and asked how to get to her house. She once looked strangely and said, "Go, I'll show you the way." Her eyes reflected moonlight, and blouse, it seemed, was discovered more than before. The car moved off. Jeanne turned around so that her back was turned to the door and crossed his feet were on the seat. I did not present any difficulty to consider a black nylon strip material closely adjacent the crotch. Even in low light I could discern the groove that covered the entrance to the cave, which could guess a tight, few shine cloth. She sat quietly for a while, apparently waiting for, I think, do I have any movement in its direction or not. As for me, I can be, and have started to do something, but he was simply paralyzed happening.
Finally, Joan moved to me and she asked if anything had happened, with a hand pressed to my thigh a few inches from my excited friend. Stammering, I told him that everything is fine, and asked which way to go next. My right hand quite naturally fell on Jeanne's shoulder and began to play with the earlobe. She gestured in the direction you need to turn, and holding his hand over mine, pulled her to his chest and hardening nipples, which immediately came under my hand. I knew that something was going on, but was not yet sure what exactly! While riding, he continued to play with a curled small nipples while as Joan's hand entered between my legs and not have left any doubt as to what exactly is it intended to do next. She stroked and gripped member. I felt like my shorts wet spot was spreading.
Jeanne removed my hand from his chest and said, "Maybe there's something else, what would you like to touch? If you ask me, well, I will make it, but then you have to say what you want to do. I want you to describe what we do, and that at the same time feel. Agreed? "I gasped. Before that, I played the fool, and now, as it turns out, she would still talk about it. Then I asked: "Are you saying that if ask, you can play even with your hole?" Joan looked me in amazement and suddenly understood everything: "Are you a virgin? Yes? Oh-oh-oh-oh! In this case, I will do for you something special! "She took my hand and pulling her to her skirt, put back to where it was warm and humid.
"Look what you do to me", - said Jeanne and pulled my hand up, and then down to where was the heat and sticky humidity. I found the groove under the cloth and my fingers just would not have failed there. Then he stuck his finger under the gum and was in the bush of hair, right where the girls legs converge. She leaned back and spread her thighs even more, moaning slightly. I started rubbing elastic sexual sponges, and Jeanne, taking my hand, shoved it deeper. And then I found clitoris. I stroked it, and she moaned, and then even more sat back and was completely open to my view. My spear was already ready, and she, in turn, was opened fully to take it.
Taking off her panties, she asked me to pat "there, right there ... and do not stop ..." Jeanne rose and fell under my hand, while I caress clitoris. And soon she began to stop, compressing her thighs my hand, as if her every muscle was struck spasm. It seemed to me that the girl did hurt. "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ..." - leaning back, she curled into a ball, but this time I kept fingering her clit.
Finally we made it to her house. On the road, next to him was not a single car. She asked to stop, which I did, a parked car in the shadows near the house. Jeanne came, as far as possible, in itself, and thanking for the trip began buttoning her blouse. Suddenly she turned to me and asked if she could ask me a question.
"Sure, what?" - As if from far away I heard her voice. I was somewhat disappointed, and it was apparently seen by me. She was going to leave, and I was excited and satisfied. Well, it, as it turned out, wanted to know if she was pretty, in my opinion, or not. Stumbling and stammering, I still forced himself that it was good. Then Jeanne again start sniffling. And then I asked him what happened. In response, I heard: "Of course, you're the same as everyone else ... do you think that fat and ugly ... But this is not so, and I'll show you!"
Hands Jeanne began to unbutton her blouse again ... button for a button, exposing a white, almost glowing in the moonlight flesh. She took off her blouse, and a massive breasts jumped out. Hemisphere were magnificent, larger and more resilient than I thought, with huge dark spots in the middle and tiny, but hard nipples.
I was speechless. Jeanne pulled me to his chest and pushed straight to my mouth. I grabbed her and pressed his lips to the nipple. From it came an unusual smell, and I began to stroke and squeeze the other nipple. Meanwhile, the girl's hand again sought solidified lump between my legs and began stroking it up and down the entire length. I suddenly felt dizzy and I was back on the seat, and Jeanne hand is tracked and undid my zipper. Then crawled inside my pants and grabbed hard virgin cock. I immediately finished. Right on his hand and his pants. Just one movement - and the end. Jeanne smiled and asked why this happened, maybe because I liked it. At these words, the girl began to lick your fingers. It seemed to me that I was in a dream. Chest Jeanne in my hands and mouth. My best friend is rocking in the air and she is smiling ... Jeanne took two fingers relaxed my trunk and began to masturbate him, rubbing on it all spilled out of me. Leaning back, I enjoyed, feeling the gentle hand squeezes my process. Then the cock began to harden again. My eyes were closed, I was moaning and saw Jeanne took off her panties, but suddenly felt like she was on my knees and a pair of tender, moist lips furry animal clung to my flagpole. Then, as if he had a mind of its own, he found a hole in its hollow and dived into the warm flesh. Jeanne clung to me and began to move up and down in my trunk. I held his hands down in surprise and found the place where we were connected. In my hair was a lot of juice. Jeanne, too, held out her hand and began stroking cock. In fact, she caressed the clitoris, but I thought she was stroking my shaft, which grew with every second harder and harder. I felt that for the second time finish is not as fast, and immediately realized that he is no longer a virgin, and my sword is immersed to the hilt into the wet, squelching pussy.
Everything happened so naturally, spontaneously. Time spent with me Jeanne, to please her. And I was able to play with any part of this magnificent body, which I liked. The car rocked and creaked in time with our movements.
Suddenly Jeanne stopped and put his finger to his lips, let me know, so I hid. Her brother drove to the street behind us. He could not help but notice the frenzied activity in our car, and probably knew my car when I saw him in the headlights. What will happen now? I was making love with his older sister, and ... what could I say to him? !!
Jeanne saved me. When the brother went to the window, she said, "If you utter a single word, I will tell his father that all the time you dilute it with water whiskey. So a word, brother. " Saying this, she has not stopped rocking on my cock, which was like a steel bar in the molten furnace of her flesh. Huge hemisphere swayed and shook, and she continued to move up and down, up and down. Pressure inside me was growing rapidly, and Jeanne realized that I was close to getting to finish. She began to moan softly: "Come on !. Come with me-I-I ... I ... I want you to be entered deeper ... "I realized that she was about to finish, too.
Although the presence of Nicholas bothered me, I nevertheless four or five times abruptly entered her, then completely dead in the depths of caves. Jeanne cried out when she felt tears, and trembling all over, joining my joy.
Nicholas looked down into the darkness and said: "Well, you give a guy! Who would have thought! "This is the story of my first coming into close contact with the opposite sex ...