First time with a guy

Hello to all readers, whom I myself was. Well it's time, and I decided to write a story, so I hope you appreciate it, because this is my first experience in writing stories.

And so this story took place in 2003. I then studied in 10 class A, but the story is not about me. I think we all know what class of 10, when no examinations, and you can score on all the lessons, as well as young people all thoughts are directed in one direction, especially in the spring. And since this story happened to a girl named Oksana.
Olga was very attractive 173 cm in height usual figure with the second breast size, long dark hair and a very pretty face. By nature she was not humble and know how to stand up for themselves, that's why she was the head of the class. But molesting boys, it is not particularly responsive. She herself was a virgin. And of course, she wanted to lose her virginity. Masturbation is not involved, and for this reason in her life there were days when she was engaged in all sorts of nonsense only in order to throw off the sexual tension.
One day, she and her friends decided to go to the disco. For that, she dressed up for 1 hour, choosing what she wear. As a result, she dressed in a tight, light blouse and white skinny jeans, because she did not wear skirts in principle. Because the underwear she wore a bright bra and thong. She did not use makeup, because she and without it was very attractive.
Having come to the disco, Oksana was just the beginning and communicate with friends on different topics
-And let's go buhnem - offered Il
-Girls, you go and I'll stay here - said Oksana
-Well, then, have fun, and we soon arrive, and do not be sad - said Ira wink
-Good deal - smiling, said Oksana
It took about five minutes, but no so Oksana skem and started dancing, and just looked for the dancing couples. And suddenly she saw the guy who approached her. She recognized him as the guy with Vadim 11 class, which she liked more than a year, but she did not dare speak to him
-Let's dance - she heard. Vadim was a tall 186 cm. Body is average. Broad shoulders, blonde, short hair, gray eyes, all that attracted her to him. This evening he was in the pants from a business suit, and shirt over his trousers.
At first, she thought to deny him, but when Oksana felt his touch, she said mechanically:
-Come on, I do not mind

He led her closer to the center, and they began to dance. Oksana was in the seventh heaven, and so keen on socializing with Vadim, she did not notice how was two hours. And included a slow dance, and they went to dance again. At this time their bodies touched much closer than in previous times, and Oksana felt his hand slowly down her buttocks and gently start stroking it. Her head began to confuse different thoughts, she did not know how to react to his actions. Allow whether to continue to fondle himself, but it is likely to entail the consequences, or slap and leave? While she was thinking, he plucked up the courage to become more active. Vadim put his hand just below and to become closer to her crotch. With the first touch of his hand to the crotch, Oksana felt familiar feeling- she began to be excited. And then they decided to surrender to the occasion and let it be like to be. After a couple of minutes caresses Oksana Vadim looked into his eyes and saw in them a desire, he said:

-Oksana can let's go?
Oksana immediately knew with what intention he wants to go to her and how it ended. And she decided that superintendents have to lose innocence and even in that case it would be the first guy he replied:
-I'm not against
And they came together, holding zaruchki. He walked slightly ahead as if asking direction, and she obediently followed him. Passing the office №18 they noticed that it was open, and as has already been about 00 then 23. Vadim thought that he simply forgot to close and he suggested:
-Let's go sit down

As soon as they entered, he turned to face her, and gently put his arm around her waist, pulled her to him and gently touched his lips to hers, feeling that her hand no resistance, he began to kiss her gently. Oksana was first stunned by the speed of his actions, because it is expected to start at least some conversation. But not much came a beginning to answer him at first afraid and uncertain, but gradually she began to more actively respond to it, and after a couple of minutes of their kiss she opened her mouth and let him into the language. His tongue began to explore her mouth and later began to play with her tongue, and she meanwhile sucking their language. While they performed these actions, Vadim hands stroking her body from the shoulders, back before reaching the ass and back. When they reached the bottom of her blouse, he pulled away from her and began to pull her blouse up. Realizing of intent she raised her hands up in thus helping him to take off a jacket, and a few seconds later, he threw his jacket on a nearby desk. Oksana, realizing that the door was still ajar, took the teacher's chair and offered it under the door handle so that she did not open in the most interesting moment.

They sat down with new lips to each other, while Oksana start button for a button to unbutton his shirt, and then threw it aside, and began to massage his torso, while continuing to kiss. After enjoying her lips Vadim tried to undo her bra, but he had a little experience in this, so she came to his aid, his hands behind his back she unfastened her bra that fell on the floor, and was thrown back foot. Vadim just walked away and began to admire her breasts, slightly strained nipples glancing at her flat tummy. Meanwhile, Oksana went to him and kissed on the lips and began to unbutton his pants, that could quite quickly, and pants flew towards her blouse. Here he stands in front of her in some boxers with already bulging member, but she decided to torture him a little more and not let his body out. Then he came up to her in a tight crushing to the desk, they again merged in a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Vadim spent gently fingers through her navel and down to her pants, put his hand under his pants, he began to stroke her pubis, sinking closer to her pussy. And when the hand almost found the beginning of her cunt, he realized that his pants on will not be allowed.

So he took out his hand began to unzip. And then, finally, he unzipped his trousers and button began to pull them down, leaving her panties on the spot. Pulling them, Vadim gently pushed her so that she sat on the desk. And again he began to kiss her on the mouth, meanwhile caressing arms around her chest, then left, then right, slowly going down. When he reached the bottom of her stomach, Vadim decided not preuskoryat events and began touching lightly stroking her inner thighs. The closer he approached her panties, the wider it spreads his legs, surrendering his caresses. Then he continued to kiss her touched her panties and felt that they were wet. Then he pushed them aside and began to gently stroke her crotch without touching the sponge. Realizing that it was her Turns her more, Vadim reluctantly pulled away from her lips and began to kiss her neck down to her chest. Reaching the chest at first he just kissed her, and then his mouth fell to the right nipple and began to lick. And then she let out a moan of pleasure first. Cheered her moans became Vadim circular motions to massage the nipples, feeling he stiffens and hardens. Then, having achieved the desired effect, Vadim moved to her left nipple, repeating tezhe manipulation that with the right he began his bite that made her a new one to moan. When the location of the nipple were ready he was all down below, kissing every millimeter of her body, and which lured him and forced himself even more excited. So he went down to the bottom of her stomach. Oksana wanting to help Vadim, leaned back, leaning on his elbows, thereby providing access to its language to its holy of holies.

Dropping to her already fully wet cowards Vadim, I pulled the nose of her scent that was so heady and enticing that he could not resist and touched his lips to the place where her excited clitoris. This touch made her cry and instinctively move his feet, clutching his head. Realizing that he was on the right track, but wanting to tease her, Vadim began to lick her pussy lips without touching the clitoris. He made the language of movement up and down. Her breathing became more frequent very quickly. Oksana began to catch for breath, as if she were suffocating, and no longer able to stay on his elbows just lay back on the desk, have fun, forgetting everything in the world, indulging only the feelings that came from the bottom of her stomach, slowly covering it with head. Having lost control of himself, Oksana began to beg Vadim enter into it because she wanted it with every cell of his body. But Vadim was in no hurry and began to suck her clit, taking it into his mouth, as though trying to suck it in. Oksana has already begun to feel like a huge wave beginning to accumulate in her vagina. Vadim realized that it may soon finish away from her and pulled the bottom of panties, tossed them aside.

-Damn, I did not take the condom - she heard
But she so wanted to feel his cock in itself, that said:
-Come on without him, but I can not stand more than
Then he pulled up for the convenience of another batch, thus making the likeness of the bed and climbed on top, sitting in the missionary position between her legs, and began to kiss her. Oksana felt his penis touching her thigh that has brought her even more, but in the meantime cause fear because she was afraid of the pain that occurs when the first penetration. Vadim saw that its holding something changed asked:
- What happened, you do not want?
- I want to, but I'm afraid because I have it in the first
Navolnuysya and relax, I will try to be careful: - Vadim said.
But not so easy to fulfill his request, but she tried to fulfill his request. Realizing this, Vadim began lying to her, kissing her neck, face, lips, helping her to relax. And when he found that it helps, he decided to act. Clung to her lips in a passionate kiss, he propped himself up on his hands and tried to enter it. But as he had a little experience, it is not the first time could not enter. After a couple of failed attempts Oksana took the initiative in their hands, by reaching his hand to his cock, it took it in his hand for the first time. She spent a couple of times awkwardly on his hand and felt how strong he is, he was about 16 cm. Long and quite thick. Then Oksana had an idea how he is in my will?

But the desire to exceed the fear and then she put her head on the entrance to the vagina. And when she felt the head touches her lips slightly parting them, she tried to push closer. Vadim realized that it was time, lightly pressed and fell slightly inward. Then Oksana felt like a member of her parted lips and got inside, dotorknuvshis to some obstacles. Vadim, realizing that this is the hymen for a moment lingered, began passionately kissing her on the lips, moved her hips forward. Oksana felt like broken her hymen, and a sharp but not severe pain, and that his penis penetrated ten centimeters inside it, as well as how, under pressure from members of her vaginal walls apart. The pain she tried to scream but he kissed her and took her to kak cry himself. After waiting a couple of seconds to past pain, Vadim began to move in it, and Oksana felt his cock start to come out and then again moved inside. About Mr. began to actively enter into it making the sharp smooth the bumps, feeling as it is a narrow, wet and very hot tube as if silk envelops his body, tearing groans.

Oksana felt like discomfort give way to pleasure, raised before facing divorced legs a little higher, and gave him a hug, and they began to move her hips to meet him. After 15 minutes, a jump Oksana has little if not screaming, so Vadim had to close her mouth, then kissing her hand then. And Vadim soon began to feel her body began to stiffen, and he realized that it might soon be over. Oksana noticed in her lower abdomen began to grow wave sensations hitherto unknown to her, as well as the fact that Vadim has accelerated the pace, and she felt like his cock was still hard. When Vadim realized that both of them will soon run out asked her if he could cum in her that she agreed without thinking about the consequences. A few minutes later reinforced racing Vadim felt as the body of Oksana shook, and how to start frantically to shrink her already narrow vagina. He froze for a second and of a member of his sperm began to erupt. Oksana understood that the finished felt her pussy lips tightened their throbbing cock. And suddenly she felt in her vagina fired the first jet of his sperm, they are bottled filling her narrow vagina. From such Oksana finished again. And Vadim all finished and finished looking into her eyes, and seeing in them the gratitude and satisfaction. Sperm were many. When Vadim began to take out his still standing member, he heard:
-Do not remove, let enjoy
So they lay a couple of minutes. Oksana felt like out of her pussy follows not put sperm. Oksanino caress the body a little more, he finally took out his already withered body.
After resting a lot, they are not dressed in agreeing together will call out from school. Kiss goodbye, they went home

Thank you all for your attention. If someone liked it, then I'll write a sequel. Given that this is my first story, I am interested in your opinion. Please send your comments and suggestions on the soap [email protected] I will be glad to your letters, especially letters from Kiev, Ukraine.