White moon

The camp is located at the beginning of the forest, near the lake. The sandy strip of beach shores well was visible from above. Nearby, two hundred meters, there was a large mushroom-shaped stone. Stone stuck out of the water, but it could easily go down the sandy spit. Why group located within walking distance of the stone, no one knew. Maybe a place just like it, and so decided to head. It was said that this is a holy stone, supposedly ancient shamans there brought a sacrifice to the gods. At the side, just to the left was a wooden room with no roof. Dining room - a large wooden covered pergola could simultaneously accommodate almost everyone. Along the walls of the dining room were equipped with benches.

In total, the team counted a little more than forty people. The camp was about equally and Russian-speaking foreigners. Basically, students and pupils from different schools, from different cities of Russia and foreign countries. Belgians, Dutch, Germans, French, Americans and others. Everyone called each other on you. Such was the demand for the older on the first day. Age differences do, it is as if it was a small democratic community. Groups were divided into two, twenty men. In each group, four senior, adult men and women. In such a multi-national team was supposed to be a translator. And he certainly was there. Korol'kov Igor, forty-two man, with strong muscles and athletic posture. Once in sports. The last seven years Igor lived in Germany. It is well mastered two languages, German and English, not counting the Russian course. Masha, immediately drew attention to it. It was the man of her secret fantasies. It was Paperback Hero.

Camp lived routine. At eight o'clock breakfast, and then the band went into the forest, collected garbage in white bags and put them beside the road. At two o'clock dinner, after dinner back cleaning, then dinner. Saturday, Sunday - closed. You can go to the bath or on the beach. Sometimes the head arranged excursions. After dinner, everyone gathered in the