Me and my little friend

In general, I was very excited, and it did not stop for a minute. I rang Anna and Jan wanted to come to one of them and have sex, but girls, like me, were the parents at home. Unable to carve out even a minute, so at least masturbate. Thus passed the whole day. In the morning I seemed to calm down, but came to the school and to sytenkuyu Having seen Jan and slender Anju again wanted sex. For some reason, I decided that the school is better not to try to dissolve the girls where they have here? Although much can go any teacher, and what will happen then it is better not to think. But a member itched and itched when someone from the girls (though Anne and Ian were the most beautiful in the classroom to see it was still on whom, alone is worth Dasha: tightened ass, pretty face, it is a pity small breasts, but for some reason I liked it very much such, they had some kind of innocence that excites me) inadvertently took some sexual pose, for example, bending the handle of the fallen, I wanted to spit on all to come up and plant it. Absolutely everything was fucked after the lesson nat-ry: on it, as always, the girls were in some kind of shorts and T-shirts. I had to correct the whole lesson sweatpants so that would not be seen standing dick. The lesson ended, all dumped out of the gym. I quickly changed as I could and not quite wondering what I'm doing, briskly walked into the women's locker room. There was laughter and conversation. I quietly opened the door and saw a girl dress up. Closest to the door was Dasha, she took fotbolku and stayed in one in one bra, began to take off his pants. My hand went to the groin area, where exhausted from desire standing member, and began to masturbate him. Dasha meanwhile pulled panties, showing me her wonderful ass tightened. At that moment I heard "Well, we'll meet in the classroom" and barely had time to hide behind a corner. A crowd of girls came out of the locker room and walked down the corridor. He waited until they were gone, I ran to the door. Dasha remained in the locker room, one (!). She wore a short skirt and reached for her jacket. I pulled the door and went into the locker room, closing it behind him. Dasha turned and cried, covering her breasts with both hands:
-You what! ... Get out of here!
I went to her and hugged clung to his lips. She began to struggle, and did not open his mouth, tightly clenched pretty full lips. But I stepped up the pressure and soon my tongue into her mouth. Resistance weakened. I kissed her, and at the same time trying to undo the clasp of her bra. Realizing what I'm doing, she again began to twitch and mumble angrily. I tack on her lips and heavily covering them with his hand, he said:
-Dash, do not twitch. I'll take his hand, you just do not scream, okay? - I removed and then she screamed. I had to hold her mouth again- well, bitch! You are the one to blame!
Jerk right hand I tore off her bra. Breasts seemed to light.
-I did not know that you have such great tits!
Without releasing his hand from her mouth, I squeezed Dasha into a corner and began kissing every millimeter of her body to sink to his chest. My tongue slid over her neck, shoulders of and, finally, reached his chest. I licked the nipple, sometimes biting them. It seemed to me or her resistance weakened? Papillae began to solidify, and a light moan showed me that Dasha likes it.
-You also pleased confess! Now I try again to remove his hand, behave yourself!
I removed his hand and instead cry from her lips cracked whisper:
-That's better! You will like it, enjoy! - I said.
I continued to play with her nipples, and Dasha's hand patted me on the head. Since the growth is small, I almost sat on my knees. I was uncomfortable, and I pulled Dasha to the bench. She obediently lay down on it, and I got on top. I kissed her, this time she answered me, and we long to break away from each other. I looked into her eyes and heard:
-What stopped? More ...
I walked up to her ear and licked his earlobe bitten. Dasha closed her eyes. Once again, dropping to her breasts, I'm now using the hands, playing with papillae: gently biting them, delayed, licking. Dasha moaned:
-Mmmm ... yeah ... .. oooo ....
I sank even lower, licking her flat tummy, and slowly unbuttoned her skirt. Finally I did it and now stood stockings and lace panties on my way. Pulling and tights, I licked through the thin fabric of Dasha's crack. Then I pulled them and pussy this little girl appeared in front of me. I licked her cunt, my tongue first slid over the surface, then began to penetrate inside. Dasha began to flow, trickle slid down to the bench. I gently parted lips sex classmates and began to play with her clit. Dasha moaned already loud enough for us to be able to hear, but I was not really care, my head spun thought only in one direction: "I lick pussy this little girl, she moans, she wants me." I thought that the prelude is over and it's time to go to the main action. Pulling out of his pants sticking a stake member, I brought it to Dasha's face:
-I lick you, and now you're all right to work!
She started to turn away, but I forced introduced dick in her mouth and made potrahivat movement. Dasha has ceased to turn, perhaps it came to taste my cock. She, too, had sucked him, defiantly staring up at me. I liked the look, and I'm even more excited. Dasha with one hand gently crumpling testicles and another wanker dick gently, gradually increasing the tempo. I closed my eyes and said:
-Yeah baby! Suck it!
Ponaslazhdavschis, I pulled the cock from her mouth and pulling Dasha to the edge of the bench, put it in her virginal vagina. The shop was very low and I had to lie down on the Dasha.
-Who will be slightly painful.
I jerked, tearing the hymen. Dasha briefly cried, and tears slid down her face. But I stepped up the pace and already at a crazy speed lane Dasha pussy. She moaned, eating sponges, embraced me with both hands behind his back, her sharp claws scratched me. Dasha threw her slender legs around my waist:
-More please! Daaaaa ... oh ... - her breathing became heavier, she grabbed the air mouth erotic sobbing. Dasha pushes her hips, trying to help me get into it as deeply as possible. Its narrow hole tightly stretched across my dick, and it gave me great pleasure. I still had time to whisper in her ear all sorts of vulgarity, licking and biting his earlobe. I whispered to her:
-Do you like it, huh? Do you like what I have you in the locker room? At any moment we can caught! You want me, huh?
-Yeah ... yeah ... oh yeah ... I want tebyayaaaaa ... 'replied she did.
Dasha began to moan particularly strong, she writhed beneath me, arched like cat, arc. Orgasm overtook her, and the first, I think, in her life, it is very much like her. She started screaming and twitching. I thought that she had to close her mouth, because we can hear, but his hand did not obey me, my whole being is now focused only on what I need to finish this lovely girl, so that meanders beneath me. I growled, feeling that now it is going to happen, and urging all his willpower, pulled out a member of the lukewarm Dasha pussy. I began to masturbate him, his other hand pulling Dasha's head to my dick. She understood me and began to suck him, one hand playing with the testicles. I groaned and poured semen on her pretty face, hitting her in the mouth. She still continued to lick my dick, and I with pleasure threw his head back, eyes closed.
-You do like it? - I asked.
-Yes, I never in my life was not so nice!
-Get dressed, now the lesson begin! We were lucky that it was a big change, and the other class would long ago have gone here.
Obediently, she began to dress, with a smile, looking at me. I noticed that her leg flowing drop of blood, it was still a bit on my cock. I asked Dasha any napkin, and, having received it, wiped his dick first, then Dasha's leg. After waiting for when she would dress together, we came out of the locker room.