Freshman Day

I'll start from the beginning. My name is Julia, I am 32 years old, brown-haired woman of average height, with green eyes and a good breast 4 - th size, and shape after the birth of her daughter was saved. True birth to a daughter early, at 21, and married to the child's father did not come out.
He just vanished after learning about my "Vagrants"Even though we had lived for 1, 5 years in "unmarried". He married, when my daughter was 7 years old. My husband loves me, and by and large I could not work only at home, too, do not want to turn sour. Just I want to tell you about my adventures when, living in a hostel while studying at the institute, and had to work in parallel, since my daughter was my mother, and money for training had to get the most. But on the other hand I was a student complete freedom and I'm actively used.
The institute has been a tradition to celebrate "time freshmen" disco and other attributes of the holiday. Even at the entrance exams for female, which quickly found a common language. We were the same age and lived in the same room, so we were lucky. Her name was Lisa. Besides us, there were three chetverokursnitsy Light, Angela and Kate with them, we first very big quarrel, they gave us a small room where the two were placed with difficulty 1, 5 beds. Hostel we had a flat type, and we lived in a 2 - eyelet. But after relations were adjusted, and even had something - something like a friendship.
In the morning, after washing, Liza went to the store she was on duty and preparing for the two of us. And I have been cleaning, to its arrival it was all over. From the shop Lisa brought a bottle of red fortified wine, go on holiday without preheating was like - it is not comfortable. Having persuaded the bottle, we started to get dressed and painted in general to direct beauty. And as luck would have I made puff on his ceremonial black tights and wore them when others I did not.
- Take mine, they are new, I still have. - Lisa said.
- It's stockings.
- So what?
- Eraser will be seen.
- Come on, just cant smaller, and so can not be seen!
Wearing a skirt and stockings, she looked at herself in the mirror if you do not bend it and do not see. Just had to change panties with beige lace on black. Bras Lizka we decided not to wear both were standing firm breasts only Lizka just did not reach the 2nd and I have to size 3. And so it is not too conspicuous, I had well-dressed white blouse from the dense material and the top wearing leather zhiletochku which was set with a skirt. Wearing shoes with a low heel, I was ready. Liza still digging choosing a sweater to wear in the end decided that the light - blue, fitting with the cut is more suitable to a short denim skirt.
- Come on, I'm ready, and even so the freight.
Going down to the first floor we have come to the assembly hall, out of it brought out all the chairs and turned the dance floor, we found her almost immediately. In one of the corners to form a circle.
- Why you were not on the official part? - He attacked us headman Nastya.
- Late. - I said.
She wanted something else - something to say but our guys came up and she moved on to trying to chastise them for their neprisutstvii and thereby strengthen its credibility freshly elected mayor.
- The girls go to us! - We hail the guys from our stream.
The three we know, and the rest only on the face, did not have time to get acquainted. Vadim guy who called us, introduced us to the boys and to girls themselves, we got acquainted.
- Nate glotnite. - He said, holding out a bottle of "estragon".
Having good mouthful I realized that it was not "estragon" My eyes began to see big, people laughed.
- This alcohol lemonade, that would not be conspicuous. - Vadim said.
Lizka easier had she was already prepared and only winced when swallowed this "estragon". In my head buzzing briefly then I felt some ease and pulled Lisa dance. Later others were tightened.
Disco has only just begun and dance is not very long, I decided to have a rest. Out on the fire escape stairs, I met Vadim there and two more guys Kostya and Igor. They smoked and drank "estragon". After giving me a light, Vadim handed me the bottle.
- Would you?
- Come on.
Here enters flushed Lizka. Taking a sip, and a couple of puffs cigarette she dashed off with the words:
- Send Julia, there is now competition begin!
- Be right back.
And finished his finishing his "estragon" I went with the guys in the room. The competition we were late but began a slow dance.
- Shall we dance? - Vadim said.
Having started dancing, we snuggled closer. I was already in the stage of intoxication, when any woman wakes up slut. And Vadim stroking my ass trying to take for granted. After dancing a couple slow dancing with Vadim, we went to smoke. The people in the smoking room was much the same was and Liza have also quite drunk with some guy.
- Come on, go down a little lower. - Vadim whispered.
After another floor - the floor and came up to the fire shield at the entrance to the basement, I took out of it a little flat bottle of vodka.
- So just in case it is hidden. - He explained.
Taking a sip, and took my bottle. He was pulling me to him without warning stared at my lips. With one hand he held me by the waist and the other crushed my chest right through the blouse. I'm a little oshalev and did not think to resist. Yes, and I did not want to. After his kiss I wanted, what he would fuck me, right here. He unbuttoned his shirt tugged my nipples which were hard and so.
- And we at the bottom? - He put his hand under my skirt and between her legs.
- I love when the stockings. Messing less! - Vadim exhaled.
My panties were wet with excitement. Pushing them aside, he stuck his finger in my hot hole and got wet and began to move it. I'm so excited that she unzipped his fly on his trousers and pulled out his erection. And the beat of his movements start his podrachivat. A few minutes later, he pulled from his finger from my current full-holes, and just clicking on my shoulders forced to sit down in front of him. He did not take up his cock to put in my mouth as I progressed he grabbed his head and began to lick without ceasing to masturbate him. I sat in front of him on his haunches legs wide apart so that could be seen half-shifted my panties wet and swollen lips sex. He leaned his hand on the wall the other took my head and began planting deeper down my throat his cock. I was beginning not much to choke when he fired a jet of sperm directly into my throat. And I had no choice but to swallow it. Pulling out of my mouth a semi-soft member Vadim began to drive head on my lips as I tried to catch it and lick. Taking out a bottle and took a sip, Vadim residue was poured into my mouth. Here on the stairs I heard footsteps.
- Here it is ... where already some - that bitch fucked! - It was the Kostya and Igor.
- I think not share? Sucks cool! - Vadim said.
- So check!
I was a little scared is one thing, when one and three at a time, I still have debts. Coming up to me and rose from the squatting Kostya began to touch my breasts and Igor crawled under her skirt.
- So you did not fuck her Th? - Igor asked.
- Not only in the mouth piled.
All this talk I perceived as if from outside, and it seemed to me that all this is not happening to me - acted drunk alcohol. Igor turned me over backwards for farming took off my panties and unbuttoned his pants began aggressively peck my burning hole. Now I had to rest on his hands against the wall. My breasts fell out of his unbuttoned blouses, they immediately took possession of Kostya and Vadim. With one hand, they squeezed my tits and another wanker its members. Head Igor was so powerful and exciting that I came, and before the eyes floated iridescent circles. Now I like a doll legs I did not hold, and if not for the guys who kept me, I would have fallen. Follow me and Igor had finished, I felt his semen fills me. Pulling out his penis, he wiped it off my panties.
- Yes - well - well, a cool bitch. - Igor said.
- Now it's my turn. - Kostya began to attach his penis in my vagina current.
Member Kostik was thicker and longer than I even had to spread her legs wider so that it will fit there. Beginning with unhurried movements, it is increasingly accelerates its pace. As long as he accelerated again I could finish but not as rapidly as the Igor. In the end he took me by the hips with the frantic pace skewer me on his dick, and finished it long and hard. Pulling his Kostya turned me around with his dick and my mouth so I licked it. Then I stood up and we all four smoked. Igor pulled out his flat, gave a bottle to do a sip each and the remainder given to me and followed me to drink.
- Well, okay, we went. - Kostya said.
- See you. - Vadim and Igor.
Patted me on the bare chest, the guys are gone. I found her panties hanging on a nail with a fire bucket to put them out of my vagina is not gouging flowed sperm two guys who fucked me as the latest slut. Citing as possible myself up, I went to my room. Entering the room on the bed, I saw a drunk sleeping Lizka naked to the waist sweater lying around, skirt was Zadran and it was evident that over its hole, too, worked it was broken-down, as well as mine, if not stronger. And because it is still oozing sperm. The holiday was a success, I thought, and collapsed, fully dressed in his bed.