On potato.

In the early '80s under Mozhaiskom worked on potato students as usual. But as the Faculty filfak a predominantly female, and the brigade was formed as follows: 9-10 girls and one guy - a basket where to drag bags proch.Tak and behold, there was a guy, I do not remember the name, but as the great prikolschik.I -That morning he Especially after a stormy night just fell near a field on the bags and slept, and the girls from the group, he pitied, baskets themselves dragged and not Man then became budili.No vozbuhat one aunt from sovhoznyh.- You started screaming aunt, then collapsed, shame on you, girl koryachatsya out, and you're here dryhnesh ... well, suffered shorter. And the guy she was so phlegmatic: - Fuck you dick on this point does aunt turned crimson, as much saliva splashing became: - So-and-so, go and Komsomolets! student fucking! But I'm your boss, your Commissioner, I will tell! How is your famili And the guy she calmly replied: -? PENIS. The penis, says my name, come on, tell me! What do you think? Woman simple poperlas headquarters MTR. There are Commissioner, and Intermedia them occurs the following dialogue: F (shouting): - You, Commissioner! You are sitting here, writing paper! but the penis is something you do not work !!! K (surprised): - Why is it my penis does not work F: - Yes so here! Girls and so, and syak koryachatsya, and your penis lying around, and though he K: - How do you know M: - Yes, I see with my own eyes can see! Yes, it is necessary to exclude from the Komsomol for this !! I will write in your deanery K: No, I did with the penis razberus.Zh: - Understand, understand! At the meeting, disassemble, or there in the wall newspaper, draw! And I otorvu.Zanaves his head.