A few days Vadim Petrovich. Chapter 5

Vadim morning, went to work, leaving in bed sleeping sweetly Natasha.
At the door of the office I met Lena, yesterday bought, sexy tights that looked quite decently, as their juicy part was covered quite a long dress.
- Like yesterday in the tavern I had fun?
- Cool.
- These tights were?
-Well yes! I would have there and raped. In black, of course.
- And today, these high school students wearing pervert?
-They are already all concerned. Well, you're like, yesterday gave his girlfriend a gift? Or are they now under your pants?
- Gave.
- She liked?
- She does not know. And I liked about-baldenno. All night her legs in these pantyhose fondled.
- Well, you're a foodie!
- There is some.
So they were talking half-joking around, interested in both topics tights until the bell rang.
Having all the lessons and after returning home, Vadim found a note from Natalie that she excused myself on business and will come too late. In the bathroom hung just laundered her tights. Petrovich sadly realized that sex in pantyhose today will not be, unless the run to the store for a new pair. But Natasha would think, then, that he did "sick". Therefore, Vadim decided to limit this evening usual sex.
The next day, Natalya in the morning went to school, and Vadim had only the fifth lesson. Good night's sleep, he finally got up, went to the bath, brushed his teeth, shaved and washed. When it was wiped hands on a towel, his eyes fell on the tights. Reflex movement touched and determined that dried up. I went to the kitchen, drank coffee. There were still three hours to work, and there was absolutely nothing else to do. A thought persistently swirled around Natashkiny tights. Painfully I wanted to try them.
About half an hour Petrovich courageously resisted their perverted desires, and then undressed and taking tights with a condom, climbed onto the bed.
He decided to reliably protect net tights from any discharge of its "groomsman" and do not leave any traces of pantyhose on his body. From the anticipation of something pleasant nalilsya his penis with blood and he was immediately packed in the gum.
Then Vadim began to pull on these cool tights, which recently put on Natasha. Having finished this exciting ritual Petrovich critically examined himself and was pleased. Was unhappy with his phallus was not only condoms, but also in nylon, and continues to be stubborn hill in heavy "panties" tights.
Size was a little too big for Vadim, therefore, to provide a good obleganie leg elastic cloth, had to pull the elastic stockings higher, almost to the chest.
He walked over to the mirror. Yes, these pantyhose legs it looked quite spicy, if not more.
As usual, when equipped women's tights, it has rolled a wave of excitement and arousal. He liked to look at himself. He could slide a long time with his hands on the smooth, the rough, depending on the model, but always pleasant nylon on their feet. And the magic music sounded quiet rustling produced by the friction of the hands of the wonderful fabric.
Petrovich tried to pick up the fingertips and pull from the hip invisible fabric. It did not succeed. Nylon was very tightly stretched and completely encircle the legs Vadim, he was madly in love.
Then someone rang the doorbell, spoiling the thrill really nice place. Vadim quickly put on his sweat pants over tights, socks and t-shirt. I went to open, with the firm intention to quickly show the door, and a visitor to continue their pastime.
But it was Natasha.
- You've come back? So fast?
- Yes, everything is canceled, the class sent to the dental. I am for a moment. Today girlfriend's birthday. I came for tights. The girls will see - will burst with envy.
Petrovich realized that he was. And he pulled open the door to hell, without removing from themselves, these tights! The situation was stressful!
- Come, though, have a drink tea, - Vadim tried to buy time until his brain frantically looking for a way out of this idiotic situation.
Natalia took off his coat, went into the kitchen. Petrovich, thinking that have time, rushed into the bedroom. But it was not his day. He only had time to throw off his pants with socks and tights took the gum to pull them, when the door opened and Natasha looked with a sandwich in his hand:
- Vadik, and tomorrow:
The painting, which she saw must have shocked her very much! Vadim had his back to her, holding the elastic stretched over his tights! She beheld Petrovich on his stockings, which he gave to her! She had seen draped in nylon, narrow ass and shapely legs Petrovic, which streamed sexy seam! It was enought to confusion.
What could I do to Vadim? He pulled off the subject of women's toilets and put on his pants. We had to somehow explain to his wild behavior, but he himself did not understand what force is inexorably attracted him to tights. Finally, he said:
- Sorry, Natasha. Something suddenly wanted to put them on and see how it will look cool.
- Wow!
Know thus tea, Natalya put her stockings in her purse and left. Vadim depressed went to school. It was still early, but he decided to take a walk to unwind and gather your thoughts.
He knew that after today Natalia is unlikely to want to continue the relationship. And he was already accustomed to the girl. In bed, they have reached a certain harmony. And what is especially valuable, Natasha did not refuse to wear tights for lovemaking.
Giving lesson Vadim mentally all the time back to the morning of the incident and wondered how now behaves Natalia. Then he waited for the rest of the day from it what some signals. Staying in the dark was unbearable.
In the evening she did not come and did not call, and Vadim decided that it was all over. But in the morning in the school, she greeted him, as if nothing had happened, and said that it would be after five him.
Like, everything was back on track. Natasha came to him in the evening, they made love in the morning went to school together. But something has changed subtly. Gone is the old trust and openness. Petrovich, first to feel the community Natalia is easy and free, was now tense and afraid to do anything wrong. A pantyhose topic was closed at all since Vadim feared finally scare the girl his fetish aspirations and brutally suppressed in all the non-standard desires.
As a result, all he wanted to do with Natasha in their nylon dreams remained only in his warped mind, and life is traditional sex that gave Vadim too little satisfaction and, because pretty soon turned into a monotonous, though quite a pleasant job.
It took two months until the practice is over ... Natasha, and she went home to Vorkuta. Back to going session in June.
Separated ordinary. Vadim put the girl on the train, kissed goodbye, waved handle. Back home, even I experienced some relief. No special feelings for Natasha, he felt, and began to tire of because this communication. And that had to constantly hide from her own interest in tights, led him in communicating with her discomfort.
Now, he untied his hands for other contacts, which he meditated for four days.
Four days ago, I called Tanya and among the usual chatter about current news, suddenly asked:
- Have you ever World call? She was tired of waiting. Have you gone somewhere with that day. Girlfriend or something started the?
- World waits for my call?
- Well yes. What are you, a girl turned the head and threw?
- I turned the ?! I do not remember. So she is there someone. Hefty this guy I saw.
- Pavlik? This is her neighbor. Just a good friend. In addition, he is married.
- Duck, what are you silent all this time? I want the Light. Let's phone.
Before Vadim suddenly opened up new prospects. Of course, he remembered the light, but, seeing his rival Pavlik, thought he had no chance. In addition, he believed that the girl that day was too drunk, and because it did not take seriously the invitation.
After seeing Natasha Petrovic that evening called Svetlana. They have nice chat, and agreed that tomorrow at six in the evening he will be with her.
He is the first time in more than two months fell to be alone in his apartment, and accumulated during this time, neutolёnnaya passion for pantyhose required output.
Vadim dumped on the bed with all his upakovochki tights. Such a wide choice would please any woman, well, or such a fanatic as Vadim.
FILODORO, SANPELLEGRINO, ELEDUE, GOLDEN LADY, Omsa, GLEYMOUR, LEVANTE. Different densities: from fifteen to seventy-DEN. Black and brown, and tan skin color of various shades. All this splendor is pleasing to the eye and beckoned to him inexorably.
Putting on a different model, Petrovich always wondered how different sensations he was getting. Some tights are soft and warm, while others - silky to the touch, and others have created a little rough surface, and on the fourth hand slid both lubrication.
The only thing that was not in his collection and that he would like to have - is the white tights. Somehow, they've never been seen in the market. Vadim thought that, perhaps, they are not in demand, because it is easy to get dirty, and because they are not merchants brought.
Petrovich undressed and, having opened one of the bags, with pleasure pulled the FILODORO CLASSIC skin color density twenty-DEN. At this point, he compared himself to a heavy smoker, who tried to quit smoking, bravely kept twenty days, and then spat at all and lying on a bed happy, making deep and sweet puff.
Vadim lay in the middle of the pile of bags filled with elastic fabric, feeling in his body nice pantyhose on FILODORO.
He admired his cock, dilatory thin, almost invisible nylon from the stomach, and imagined how light bends and wraps his lips warm through the fabric of this wonderful red, engorged head of his phallus. From such fantasies member of his gaining even more power and tried to break free from the captivity of nylon but strong thread tenaciously kept him in his bonds.
In an effort to have a good time, Petrovich turned on the video. He had two cassettes in a series "Leg show"I found it on the Internet and purchased by cash on delivery. It was the German survey, and, like every German porn production, filmed was pretty boring, monotonous, in general, bad. The girls all as the selection ugly and all strove for some reason put on top of tights is not the band, not even some extra piece of lingerie, thus closing the most pleasant areas of nylon on the body. But it was the only available video, where the emphasis was placed on tights, and Vadim enjoyed.
He lay there, staring at the screen, where the girl in some pantyhose, sitting in a chair, one pulled into a nylon foot massages dick man lying on the floor and the other leg pushes him on the lips, which are gratefully sucking her fingers through the transparent fabric.
After some time, Petrovich took off his tights to wear the following model. Thus, in the pleasant disguise, I passed the evening. Closer to the night Vadim put his hands under the elastic stockings of corporal LEVANTE, worn by him at the time, and subjected to the charms of his penis masturbation. He fought long and poured on his stomach abundant portion of sperm.
Removing, previously prepared cloth, all highlight his phallus, Petrovic turned off the television, took off from the bed to the floor with bags stockings, climbed into bed, put out the light and fell asleep in tights, feeling pleasantly elastic nylon fits his body: