Every day I wait for your call. When I'm angry at you, I disconnect the phone. My love is blind, why do I need it? The answer ... like air, like water, like a fire, to keep my life. You do not love me, I know it, I feel it. Why do you need me? Play, fun. And I want to be loved. But what my desires than with your capabilities? And again and again, I am waiting angry. At you? Out of themselves. I no longer can, and toss the phone in this flight, I can hear him straining the last time. And I as a victim nesus to the second phone. In vain! It's not you, and all conversation was short and useless. I go to the kitchen, drink valerian, for some reason, get drunk, laugh, after a couple of minutes, I already do not care whether or not you will call today. I go to the survivor phone call itself, I hear the voice of the other, the one you love, throw the phone. That failure broke the second phone. But I'm not angry, calmly get dressed and go to the store. Smiling salesman ... '' You already have a regular customer, the phone is already the fourth ASSUME that you do with them? '' The answer is languid and ingratiating ... '' I'm nervous work, I beat them, give just two, but that's these. '' In the wake hear the phrase ... '' What a woman! '' In my head flashed the thought 'it's a pity only that lesbian' 'I probably will never understand. Brad home, I do not have it, I was delirious, and I'm flying home to connect the new phones with answering machines. I am happy as a schoolgirl, valerian acts.
I'm home hungry and tired. Analyzing .... Day was held in the shuffle. Univer me in the liver, it is necessary to someone to smile, say hello, tell jokes and laugh at them, but at the very .... tears salty, lean, but still the tears flowing as the days without you. Pancake-ah-ah-ah again valerian, cat eyes I began to build, it is necessary to finish with this drug. Not too late? But oh well, who cares .... Twenty minutes later a call .... on the phone. Nah, I do not run, I'm so relaxed, in razvalochku go to the phone ... '' Alla! '' In the tube ... '' Hello, hello! Why the phone did not take so long? '' The answer is ... '' Busy-ah-ah-ah ... 'I should not have said that.
She apologizes and lays down the tube. I bet my head against the cupboard. Poor closet forever it gets. Reba, scream ... '' You fool! '' But later .... Yes, I hurried, because the call again. Grab the phone, and so quietly say ... '' You know, I really would be happy to talk with you, but I am now so bad, I apologize to you and forced by .... '' She ... ' 'Stop! Do not box up the phone and just say from what you so badly? '' I'm angry, but pleased with herself ... '' And who said that I feel bad? '' In the tube ... '' You! '' And her voice so kindly and gently. Oh, how I sorry, but I admit that I love and that beat her head on the cabinet. I'm not happy, or just a bad day. I know that she does not love me. Somebody help .... It is useless, my heart because no one can hear, but just not a good day. Life striped ...