My sms correspondence

My correspondence with the 17 year old girl via sms

You like to suck cock?
- No, even if I'm very excited ... yes.

You love to swallow semen?
- I'll have to do it for you.

You're the most like?
- It's all because of my plump lips. Everyone wants me to kiss their penis. Do you want me you sucked?

Do you like the taste of semen?
- No

How do you then sucked?
- I did this to my best friend!

How are you going to have to swallow me?
- How else.

How many times have you in my life sucked? How old were they?
- I sucked two men four times. One was 32 and the other 25. And, no, I remembered ... I sucked more in one 38 year old male.

And how did you meet him?
- We met at my neighbor, at a party. I do not really remember how I sucked at it, but in your mouth it I just do not finished.

Do you like it when the lick and suck your clitoris?
- No, I do not enjoy. Much nicer when there pat hand. I'll go crazy with a long and passionate kisses and hugs. Now I myself caress her hand. I'm so pleased, my pussy is so wet, I sighed heavily.

Do you like to wear a little white panties?
- Yes! I have! I myself recently bought a white G-string panties, they are usually in the front and rear lace! You will like it!

You're in no panties?
- In black.

You gave me your panties as a souvenir?
- Yes, if you want - all for you!

What do you feel when you suck in adult men?
- The same as the young!

And they were big cocks?
- More medium size.

How many times have they left you in the mouth?
- All four times they had finished!

You sucked on her knees?
- No, I sucked lying.

And they left off?
no answer
What were the jet?
no answer
You have beautiful lips and clitoris? They are large in size?
- Conventional. There is not big. My pussy is now very wet.

Do you like it when you fuck in the ass?
- And I should be nice?

You know that when a girl fuck in the ass, they get an orgasm?
- So I check for one. I will completely belong to you, and you will tell me what to do. You're going to own me!

You love when you ordered?
- If you like, I am ready to fulfill all your desires, my baby. You will do what you want. I will seduce you.

I tell you to suck my dick on her knees
- Yes, you can do it. When I get him gently lick his tongue, and then greedily take it into his mouth at the same time, holding you by the balls, it will become even thicker, my baby! Imagine me now, my pussy, my mouth, I suck your dick, you cum in my mouth ...

What posture do you like?
- So far, no, I'm still a virgin.