In the beginning was the body. Really, at first I said only her body. Valentina was simply superb. I met her at a friend's birthday. Beautiful body, packed in tight-fitting sweater and jeans, immediately riveted my attention. The body moved gracefully and naturally. With an effort, I forced myself to tear your eyes away from the charms of women and focus on her face.
Valentina is necessary to describe in detail. Pretty pug-nosed face, clean and bright, was framed by curly red hair. Brown eyes languishing in the depths of glittering lights. Plump lips and slender neck that threw small gold chain. Breast immediately attracts attention because it is clearly dissonant with the slender body. They are, in my opinion, has long exceeded the size of the second and in all aspired to the third. The narrow waist contrasted with rounded hips. And all this splendor finished two pairs of elastic buttocks and slender legs.
Later I learned that Valentine professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics. But, unlike his fellow member in the shop, her figure did not look like a slender reed flexible. Everything about her breathed femininity and beauty. It was an exact miniature copy of the adult woman, even though she was just sixteen years old. I could not go ...
We met with her pretty quickly. It was an interesting conversationalist and we had fun. During the dance appreciated firmness of her breasts, as Valya was not wearing a bra. Naturally, I took her to the house and we have an hour kissing and entrance. I was puzzled at first, it is easy to go on Valentine convergence. I kissed it cool: with relish and passion. Then I inquired about it, but in a voice say that she a decent girl. Modesty, of course, I did not notice, but the information has been encouraging. She was walking with a guy, they were even lovers. Then they parted, so that the way for me has been opened.
We began to meet. Flowers, cinema, kissing in the park. All developed for everyday scenario. Valya has allowed me to fondle her buttocks and breasts, but not allowed to climb under clothing. Bras is fundamentally not wear and so when I gently squeezed her breast, elastic nipple rested my hand. I decided to speed things up a bit and Valya invited to a party at a friend's country house.
There were going to three couples and us. The house was out of town and upcoming overnight. Valentine immediately agreed and we arrived at the scene. I suspect that it is well understood that to happen at night, but not filed, and mind. We had a great time walking through the woods, grilled kebabs and drinking red wine on the veranda. Everything was just perfect.
When it's time to pack, then the hosts emerged embarrassing situation. They knew that we were not from the Valley has such a close relationship that we lay together. But Valya strongly headed for the room selected, taking my hand. The room we were given on the second floor. I honestly had no idea how I behave. On the one hand Valya did not give me no reason, on the other hand she pulled me to her room.
We visited a bit small room with a king-size bed. It was cozy and warm. Valya turned on a night light on the table and began to undress first. First, through the head he pulled off the sweater, exposing her breasts hills. They are appealingly alluring and swayed from side to side. Then she began to unbutton his jeans. I tried to keep up with her. On the shorts, I slowed down and looked at Valya. She is standing with his back to me, strongly pulled small panties, showing me the firm buttocks, and quickly ducked under the blanket. I strongly took the remaining piece toilet and turned to the bed.
Valentine interested looked at me, and in his eyes shone with devils. I was difficult to confuse, so I do not hurry, pulled back the covers and lay down on his side and smiled at her friend.
- Well, as we hold the remains of our evening? - I asked.
- What are the proposals - Valentine laughed, - offer, I'll look at everything and choose the most suitable.
- Well, given the situation, I propose to do the most ancient game - sex.
- And it's all the offers? - Valya surprised.
- Well, I can offer you a massage, or just go to bed - I pouted.
- No, the first proposal looks very tempting. But I suggest you first pomassiruesh my back, then I tell you, and then too sex turn.
- Just want to ask you. How to protect the account. Here in the bedside table there is a condom.
- No gum. I love all natural.
No sooner said than done. Valentine lay down on my stomach, I sat down on her buttocks and placing a member in the crease of the buttocks. My massage she liked. Valya softly purred, and when I went to the buttocks, began to buckle in the back. Ass she was dense and firm, like all athletes. When I was finished with my back, Valya quickly turned back and smiled at me playfully.
The first time I saw Valentin in all its natural beauty. Dense breasts slightly parted, without losing the shape. Light brown nipples with small halos clearly looked up. Fell into a tight tummy with a neat navel ended convex and perfectly smooth pubis. Plump lips sex could not hide protruding mound clitoris.
- And where hair on the forehead? - I was surprised.
- Are you from the moon fell? All athletes shave that did not jump out of a bathing suit.
- But not all the same!
- And I do not like how they look. They're in my red, almost red. Do not you like it?
- No love, just unusual.
We continued the massage. Breast feels were not worse than at a glance. The nipples immediately stiffened, and she breasts, it seemed to me, to pick up from my caresses and became even rounder. Tummy was hot and elastic, and crotch soft and gentle. A couple of times I even ran his fingers between sexual sponges, from which they are slightly parted. Val opened her legs a little wider, as if commanding me to continue a little more confident.
I did not wait. Cleft Wali already humidified and I have only to smear grease on the whole pussy. Finger on the lips slid, climbed a little deeper and a little rubbed her clit. Valentina closed her eyes and softly moaning. Then she suddenly opened her eyes and commanded me to change places.
Now warm and delicate hands massaging my back. Then they went below, and soon became a force to knead my ass. Playful finger penetrated between the buttocks, touching the opening of the anus. I immediately became uncomfortable to lie down, put his dick in bed. I immediately rolled onto his back and put his dick in the Valais stomach. She smiled, but first stroked my breasts with his hands.
Then resolutely he took up the penis. He immediately came to life and began to strain in her hands. Val smiled, bent down and immediately took the dick in your mouth. Barrel tensed immediately, taking the firing position. Valentine sucked efficiently and skillfully. He chasing the crown in the mouth, licking the barrel. Finally, satisfied with his condition, she stood up and carefully sat down on a member.
Barrel confidently and easily entered in a wet vagina, immediately penetrating to the full depth. Bringing a little sat without moving, leaving the cock deep inside, and then slowly began to move. Inside was a narrow and soft, and only the presence of an abundant lubrication allowed him to slide easily in the hole.
That intercourse increased slightly. Valentine then moved along the barrel, then twirling hips, then rocked from side to side. It has become harder to rub on my pubis pubis. To help her, I slipped a finger between our pubic hair and rubbed her clit. Valya immediately zaohala loudly and began moving his hips faster. A little more, and she had finished, clutching my trunk muscles of the vagina. But that did not stop intercourse. After taking a rest on my chest, Valya began to move again.
She is the type of women who are willing to tell the whole world that they feel good and they end up again .... Val moaned and screamed loudly and juicy. From her throat escaped a variety of sounds and moans roulades. When he had finished the second time, crying out loud, she threw herself at me and demanded to continue in a different pose.
We turned over and now I was on top. Valya threw her legs on my lower back and help my movements, pushing the hips forward and striking heels on my ass. The third orgasm was no less intense than the previous ones. Only now I force girlish body was left at all. She stretched out on the bed like a rag doll. I had to put it in a knee-elbow position and peck on.
Now the cries were drowned out by a little bed, which buried my mistress. I gripped her hips and strongly pushed onto the trunk. Approach and my orgasm and I wanted to finish with the Valley. But she had turned out badly. Numerous orgasms quite dulled her sensitivity and, therefore, it had to stimulate stronger.
I became severely crush the clitoris between your fingers, almost pulling for him. Second hand I pulled and squeezed her nipples breasts. Valya is simply grunted and finally finished in fourth. When the vagina began to fall, I allowed myself to relax and finish. Half a minute I poured hot body in his seed, and it seemed that it would never end. Finally, I sat on the bed, and Valya remained standing cancer, some more moaning.
We somehow brought myself up and relaxed on the bed spread. Lazily talking, we fell asleep. It woke me the feeling that my penis someone pulls. Valentine is turned on his heels and sucks the trunk, from which he had already made a fighting stance.
- Are you a little - I was surprised.
- I would like, - said Valya, letting head out of his mouth.
We went in a pose "Diamonds" and I began to lick the hole girlfriend. Soft and warm sponge easily parted to the side, letting my cock in the hot hole. Valya softly moaned as his mouth was busy with my cock. Along the way, I began to massage the girl's anus with his finger. Due to lubrication it became easy to penetrate. Then I began to lick anus and tongue Val immediately moaned louder. Then she looked up from her nipples and said:
- I want to ass. Brush the whole there and inserts.
- And you dealt with this before.
- Do not talk, - Valya sighed, rolling over onto his stomach, - Act!
I widely spread buttocks with his hands and stared into the mouth brown hole. I moistened with saliva, trying to push them deeper. Member of the long-standing stake and I decided to send it into the prepared hole. Valya hands spread her arms ass and I began to penetrate.
The head slowly and at the same time easily penetrated inside. I stopped and gave the girl a little getting used to. Then he pulled out a member, spat on to reveal the hole and abruptly put back member. Val screamed, but the hands are not removed from the priests. Member immediately flew at half, and the rest I centimeters, confident movement, introduced cautiously. Then I leaned over the body sweating girl and began to move.
Valya immediately began to respond to me, making it clear that he wanted more. I began to move more strongly, with a large amplitude. Member almost out of the gut, then completely submerged. Valya immediately began to moan loudly, and sometimes shout. I began to move faster, trying to find a point of pleasure in the girl's body. She was somewhere in two-thirds of the member length. I strongly pressed on her head, not forgetting to move the barrel. It is surprisingly easy to slide, visible hole has developed.
I wanted to do something a little more unusual. I picked up on my knees and Valya zadolbil its point forcefully. Valya cried in a voice and whirled booty. They were not cries of pain, and pleasure mad. The body of the girl shone with sweat, curly hair stuck together and become one Koltun.
I shoved his hand into the crotch and introduced two fingers into the vagina. I felt through the wall of the vagina, as the intestine moves into the penis. I tried to enter a fingers deeper inside the vagina ter, glided over the clitoris. Valya wheezed and finished. Her ass so squeezed my cock that he immediately stuck inside. We had to wait out her orgasm, and then move on. Val slumped his head on the pillow, and no signs of life. I finished in the completely unconscious body.
When I pulled out a member, I opened completely mangled the anus. I even managed to look inside and see the red intestine, all covered with white semen stains. The edges of the hole gradually shrinks, so I took hold of the region and much of their spread. It is not strange the edge of the hole and the hole opened succumbed in all its splendor. I could easily put in the four fingers. Satisfied with the inspection, I left the girl alone. Stacked Bring down on the pillow, I covered us with a blanket, turned off the bedside lamp and put his arms around a hot body.
We woke up only at noon. Valya was as if nothing had happened. We even fucked again. Sin was not to use the morning risers. All day the rest were released to us jokes as wild cries Valya did not let them sleep. As it turned out her cries of animals, and forced the rest to make love to the point of exhaustion.
Thus began our intimate communion with the Valley. Yet it turned out that after orgasm, and she received them at least three, she untied language. She told me how her former partner deprived of innocence as he taught her sex. He deprived her innocence in the ass and mouth. She told how he persistently stretched her anus, trying to achieve a certain elasticity parameters.
They parted rather trivial. She was just tired of it, when mastered the basics of sex and virginity lost aura. So I was her second. But there was something in it alarmed me. That activity, which she brushed his ability to have sex, suggestive.
Examples are many. One day she wanted to get fucked on the window sill that we had seen. A couple of times we had sex on the beach and we even saw some vacationers. She would be frightened, and she just more excited. Then she wanted to play in the rape and I turned into a strict master. I then tied her to the bed, then to a table and raped. Of course, it was no harm and I liked it even a little. I especially remember a time when I drove into the vagina Valentine bottle of beer and fixed it. At the same time, I fucked her in the ass a little spray of hairspray.
She liked the experiment and we bought a dildo four centimeters in diameter. Now both of her holes have been engaged in business. Valya with cum like crazy. It looks like it is inspired in the following experiment. Once, after such a dual relations, she offered me:
- What if we try a threesome? I think you will like.
- And the way you look, that you will fuck a stranger.
- Well, if you, of course, will not be jealous of me - playfully smirked Valentine - In fact, we are already doing this for a long time, instead of just an artificial member will be natural.
- And how do you propose to look for a partner?
- Take care of this myself. Who bringest order and loans. I'm all yours without reserve and obey your will.
After this conversation, I realized that everything goes to the fact that we part. Her desire to experience new sex was beyond my acceptance. I knew that if I did not, then she will find her two boys and still carry out his plan. And so I decided: I will fulfill all her desires, but on a serious relationship will have to forget.
A few days spent on the search for the other partner. And I found it. Sergei was my new friend. He almost did not know anything about us, so I invited him to participate in a session of group sex. It is, of course, agreed, and we came to the meeting with Valka by the end of her training in the section. Classes are held in a small room and we had seen plenty of other gymnasts. Valentine ... we saw and immediately understood. By the way, and the other girls saw us and all the gymnastic exercises quietly moved in our direction.
When the class ended, Valentine did so that she was closing the hall. We were left alone and locked inside. We met and mastered quickly. Valentine immediately began flirting with Sergei, and he reciprocated her. It was time to take the bull by the horns, I suggested Vale undress and jump in front of us in the nude. The notion that she arranged for us, would be forced to stand up and dead. Only the strings and stand what cost.
We quickly built a bed of mats and began to undress. This Valentine started doing stretching against a wall. We barely stripped shorts with rebellious members. Val, looking at us, just smiled and continued to excite us. We put her on an improvised bed and do business.
We first four hands and two mouths excites her. I licked Valkinu pussy and Sergei gave her mouth. Frankly, I liked the process. Then we swapped and put Valentin cancer. Serge first licked her fingers and inserted in the pussy, then tucked a member in the interior. Valya sighed and began briskly to sit down on our trunks. Each hit Sergei's mouth made her sit down on my cock.
We once again swapped places and I started to prepare Valentina's ass. Although the whole preparation was reduced to pushing in the lubrication hole in the elastic. When the anus well lubricated, I sent a member in the bowel. He naturally penetrated deep right. Serge only smiled delightedly and continued to ram the throat of our mistress.
Properly developing the ass, I offered Sergei try it. Naturally, he did not give up, and I made Valka to lick his penis. She eagerly joined in the process, but only that the member was deep into her ass. Naturally, we decided to make the penetration of the two bow.
I lay down on the mat, planted Wali pussy on his cock and pulled his arms around her buttocks. Serge was attached to the girl anus and slowly began to penetrate. I felt his cock as it millimeter by millimeter bore penetrates the intestine Valentina. Of course, living member of the couple is not artificial. Dildo can be positioned as you want, but a living man can enter only at a certain angle.
Val frowned, and even a bit of moaning in pain. Finally penetration happened and in my neighborhood got another member. Val panted, resting his hands on the mat. We gave her time to adjust and Serge began to move. At first I just lay there, feeling my cock massaging head Seryoga barrel. Then I, in the capacity measure, he began to move.
At first we did not work to move synchronously, but then we got used. We moved alternately, constantly encountering voice. Then they began to move synchronously, trying Push the members as far as possible. Valya became loud scream and twist booty, trying to restrict us. But we have already entered into the excitement and did not pay attention to her lamentations.
The first finished Sergei, drove a member so deep that I came into contact with the scrotum. While he is jerking his cock and I finished. Valentina refuel body with his seed, we cautiously got out of it and laid on mats. Val lay for a long time, trying to recover. We even had time to wash and dress. Then we helped her to tidy himself up and carried home.
Two weeks and Valentine did not think about group sex, and then again to the old. In total we have six months to fuck her together every week. Then Val wanted to introduce our company and we are the third boy to fulfill her wish. Now we're fucked insatiable once in three holes, zatrahivaya her to death. Valya liked the whole process to a disgrace. Once we earrings, quite by accident, raped her two terms in the vagina. Serge was labeled in the ass, and fell into the pussy. All are near and so well lubricated. We realized their mistake only when they began to finish, and Valka, it seems, this has not noticed.
The next item on her program became involved in an orgy. I had to look for such companies, and my quest to succeed. Two months we attended such gatherings where lustful Valentin had time to fuck up to ten lustful males. Every time I had to literally drag her home, because she did not have the strength.
The climax of her depraved desires was intercourse with a dog. You can not imagine how difficult it is to find a dog suitable for this. Found only shepherd that is so stretched her vagina node Valentina that we master dog entertained all evening, thrusting his hands into the wet hole girls. Thank God, she did not want anal sex with a dog, or feces did not stay longer in her gut.
I knew it was time to tie with Valentina. She became more and more to resemble the enraged nymphomaniac. And because I could infect anything. The reason for the break was my long trip to another city on business. Arriving there, I learned that Valentine went several times for group gatherings. I rolled her to the scandal and said that without me is treason. We're a little quarreling, and I left her.
Several years passed, and I learn from a mutual friend, that he was married to Valentina. He did not know about the past of the girls, and previous participants of orgies did not know him. He was just in awe of his wife. For glass, he said that it is an excellent housekeeper, caring mother (by the way, two children) and they have all great in bed. Suggestive careful questions I learned a lot.
Valentina fine having sex and he knows a lot of postures (well still!). It does not shy away from anal sex and even the ends of it (well, this thing she loved). I am pleased to be removed for a home porn (and this is something new!). In general, he became an exemplary wife. However, I crept into the suspicions that her husband grow great horns on his head, but ... Inside Man. I wished him a happy family, wishing to himself that he never knew of past adventures of the couple.