Young child

This story recently when I had to go on business in a small town (200 km from the house).
Together with his bookkeeper we quickly drove a foreign car to the place, and she went on business, and I drove the car in the shade and fell asleep. Honestly, I spent a sleepless night (the latter threw a stick somewhere at 3 am).
And when I was about to sleep, I heard someone knocking on the window.
I opened my eyes I saw a little girl of 13 years. Despite her young age, she looked very sexy. Short top to the skin (nipples clearly stood out) and a mini-skirt. By the way I was very excited just such lolitki, but I have never been able to hook up (I just did not dare, because it is matter for the courts).
Well, I'm a little distracted this yunnaya girl persistently knocked my car window. I opened the door and asked what she needed. What I heard put me in a light shock. "Uncle, do you want -otsosu?".
At first I thought that misheard. What, what do you want? , I asked. For poltishok -otsosu as it should, without a shadow of smusheniya she said. And where ?
In the next five-storey building, there is a loft-there I will.
I visited a little thought, instead of whether it is a setup? Suddenly, at the crucial moment, I'll get kicked in the fat. But lust picked up and I quickly closed the car went over the girl. When we pdnyalis on top of my friend I did not steaming with excitement.
What's your name I asked. Light, and you? Dima -svistnul me.
On the move in his pants unbuttoned and vyvoliv economy I said shortly -COC. Money up front 'said Light. It was evident how eagerly her little eyes sparkled when she received a crumpled fifty dollars. It is well-I thought for the money will do anything.
What can I say, it is perfectly sucked, smacking and licking the entire trunk, eggs, and tongue Parkhaev like a butterfly. Within three minutes, I was ready to explode and therefore firmly grabbing her hair finished shines directly into the mouth. She choked, but honestly vysossala every last drop. A bit rested, I asked if she had the Light of these meters is engaged in what she said -Year half. A trahaeshsya as cool as a suck? I do not know she replied.
Let me check -predlozhil me. No, you are too big for me. I'll be gentle and also pay steward. Light doubted 20 seconds, and then began to take off her skirt and panties.
I put her cancer and mauled two drove by a dick on his hearth lips. As a real bitch she ran down and she has asked to insert it on the eggs. The idea that the first time I fuck very young Cossack's crazy and I'm stuck his rod.
Young pussy Porozov me its narrowness. It was a real thrill. Dick went a blur piston, and the light began to actively podmahivat me. One minute before the eruption, I strongly vytoshil your cock and expanding the bitch stuffed in her mouth.
She dutifully grabbed a member of his plump lips, and hast taken the entire charge of sperm have no problems.
Such bliss I had not experienced for a long time. Paying World steward I
Quickly I went downstairs to the car near where I was waiting for my accountant. Without a word, I got into the car and we rushed home.
It took two months, but almost every night my sexual imagination awakens this incident. I want to get up in the morning and to take off in the town ......
To be continued.