I love you, kitten!

She was sitting in the cabin expensive cars and could not believe that after some time will cuddle with a guy of her dreams Anton. He was several years older than her but she was not discouraged. She loved it!
They sat on the couch and the light was dimmed slightly. He took her head and kissed her passionately on the lips
- Anton .... I have something to tell you ... I ... I ... virgin ...
- Sweetheart there is nothing to worry about. I will help you!
He picked her up and carefully placed it on the ol standing bed. She began unbuttoning her blouse but he leaned over and whispered to Nate's ear:
- I will do everything myself. Just close your eyes, relax and get ready mentally. I know that morally it is very painful! But I love you kitten !!!
But Olga had long been ready and it znad that it happened today! But it zakryda eyes and tried to relax. She felt as Anton slowly unbuttons her blouse and slowly pulls more clearly the mini skirt, leaving her in her underwear.
Olga opened her eyes and saw Anton, unbuttoning her bra. Unleashing her breasts to freedom, he slowly pulled off her panties. Finished undressing Woman, Anton and Olga bytro undressed unwittingly surprised his huge unit. She knew that he had a large but that to the extent ...
- I love you, kitten, 'repeated he gave her a passionate kiss.
Bytstro pulling a condom onnachal slowly kissing her neck, chest, belly and finally dug his lips in her moss. He Smal finger with saliva and slowly introduced a finger into her "a clean" hole. A few moments later he put his finger on something hard.
- Kitten and now will be a little painful. Are you ready?
Olga nodded and closed her eyes.
- I will try to do everything as gently as possible.
Rising, he introduced his handsome in its hole, podnapryagsya ... and felt that the dividing wall is torn.
- Ouch! ... -Only And Olga managed to scream and she appeared on the big pike clean tear.
- Come on, baby, everything is already all. All over. Do not Cry! All is well, everything is fine! I love you!
He bent down to her, patted on the head and gently kissed.
- I love you too, Anton!
- I know, I know, baby! ...
A few hours later, Olga and Anton were engaged in sex Soul Plane, bringing each other pleasure rabid. And they were married even after 2 months ...