We celebrate his birthday

My name is Olga, I'm 21 and I want to tell you about one of our party in the hostel building Institute. Just I want to warn everyone that I and my friends do not hesitate strong language, so that all those jars, please do not read.
Prior to the party I've been having sex with two men, she was a lesbian experience, but I have not participated in such a cool group sex.
It all started with the fact that my best friend Natasha, who lives in a hostel, decided to celebrate his 21st birthday. Collection of the guests was appointed to 7 pm. By half past seven all the guests were in place. Also Natasha and I were still with her husband Ira Volodya, who studied with us, Marina and Andrew (brother and sister), Tanya, Sasha, Pasha and Serge.
At 10 pm all alcoholic drinks are over, and we sent Sasha Pasha to buy more. I must say that everyone was very "good"Especially the birthday girl who sang obscene limericks and laughed at the slightest pretext. Soon these two inseparable friends are back, but not in a hurry to get the vodka. Apparently they are about something agree on the road and now mysteriously smiled (I must say that threesome I was just with these two guys).
"Well, let's rather"- Nataha impatiently shouted, but the guys do not hurry.
"Natusik, let's agree, - said Sasha - you shows us one of his bare tits, and we'll pour a glass for it".
"Yes you ohueli - Natasha cried, - which I have a stripper or something? Let us not then all something to show, to be honest".
Apparently the guys were waiting for it and because immediately agreed. The others were already overheated and gladly accepted these rules: who wants to enjoy the rest of the show an intimate part of the body. Drink like everyone, and only look at the nudity and even more so. The first example shows all the same with Sasha Pasha, who as a team lowered his pants and turned to all backwards, baring their asses. All neighing, and the guys got the vodka and poured a drink for himself, drank with relish.
"Well, who's next?" - Said Paschke.
Apparently Natasha really wanted to drink and she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra and threw out for everyone to see her right boob. I must say that her breasts are not small.
"Well deserved"- Pasha laughed and poured her a glass. Nataha drank, but remove your boobs in no hurry. Instead she completely undid her bra, and all the congregation opened her big breasts with small dark nipples. Immediately it was poured a second glass.
Whether Natasha much to drink and did not think, that makes, whether in her heart she wanted all contrary to start, but either way, she did not dress well, including music, he jumped up and began to dance. Her huge tits dangling from side to side, and Sasha, unable to bear the sight, Natasha fell in behind and grabbed his arms around her chest and began to dance with her.
about "vodka" usually forgotten and become just pour. By burning eyes the audience could see that things are not off to make love, but as is often the case, each afraid to make the first move. I, too, have been wound up to the limit, I feel that the pants I had become wet and decided to take matters into their own hands. "Come what may"- I thought. First, I put a hand on Pashkin cock, which is already in full bulged out of his pants, and strongly pressed on him. Pasha startled, but quickly bearings, hugged me, threw on the bed and put his hand under my mini-skirt.
"Oh, Olga, you're already all wet"- He said, running his fingers through my panties strip. I undid his fly of his trousers and tucked under his arm cowards. It turned out to be a huge hot cock. No, not even a member, namely dick, huische that I knew so well, and I wanted to right now more than anything else. Alcohol has done his job. Spitting at all, and all I got from him his fly this huge instrument, and with great pleasure began to suck him. Pasha leaned back and closed his eyes in ecstasy.
There has not passed all. Tanya, Natasha neighbor in the dorm, which often took part in our games with nats lesbian, took off her shorts and tank top, left in the lace panties and bra. She stood in front of me on all fours, and lifted up my skirt, began to lick my pussy right through the pants. I twitched with pleasure, without ceasing to suck dick Pashkin and Tanya pulled striped pants and slipped his tongue right in my vagina, bringing me just to ecstasy. I felt that I will soon be over, and I always finish violently, spewing out a whole streams itself of its juices. At this time in my mouth spurted jet Pashka sperm and surprise, I nearly choked. But quickly to cope with it, I swallowed it all. I must say that I love the taste of male sperm. When we fucked threesome with Sasha and Pasha, sometimes I specifically asked them to masturbate and cum pour into a glass. Then, I, much to their delight drank every last drop. Paschke fell off to the side and in front of my eyes has stuck another dick. I looked at his master, and was surprised to see Volodya. I looked at Irku, but that is already being fucked Sergei, putting cancer in a corner and did not even took off her panties, he just pulled to the side. "Normal family"- I thought, as in a fog, and began to gently kiss Vovkinu red prick. At this time I had finished pouring out of himself on his attractive face UMF Hardy juices.
"I also want to"- Cried Andrei, and Tanya pushed, pressed his lips to my pussy, licking it all to the last drop.
At this time, in another corner of the room sounded frantic cries Natasha, which turns out to be full already had Sasha. Nataha lay on the table, arched at the back and sticking out her pussy, and Sashka's dick plunged rhythmically in and out rhythmically as well.
"Stronger, stronger, faster - screamed a distraught Nataha - Fuck me like a whore, as the last bitch! Fuck, fuck! Corral your huische deeper into my Mandu! Yes, yes, even more!"
Not only remained busy Marina, which is probably a little shy of his brother- twin. But under the influence of alcohol and the environment, it also finally decided to participate in the general games. At first timidly, then more and more boldly she began massaging fallen Pashkin body which gradually began to take an upright position. Finally, she clung to his lips.
At this time, Volodya jerked and began to finish, but apparently he was jerking very strongly, because his sperm hit me in the mouth, and poured on the face. I began to lick her tongue, but he galloped Ira has no panties and shouting: "Still, this is my husband" Vovkinu began to lick cum off my face. Instead, when it was lapped, she sat on my face by a pussy and offered her lick Seregin sperm, which was plentifully watered it manda. I gladly accepted to do it. Then I suddenly felt in someone's dick. It was Andrew who licked me all over, I have now decided to fuck me. On what were huge devices have Sasha with Pasha, I sometimes both all-still managed to cram into his little mouth, but such a cock, like Andrei, I have not seen. Not long, however, and perhaps more than 20 cm and a diameter of not less than 7 cm. I did not even think that it happens. When he entered me, I was even afraid that he told me something out there will break, despite the fact that I thought my pussy enough ... razebannoy. But Andryukha acted cautiously, and soon I felt fucking pleasure. However, I continued to lick the sperm from Seregin Irkin pussy.
"Do you want me Posse on you?" - Suddenly I asked Ira. I have never tried this, but always secretly wanted to try. Sasha Paschke and I had not dared to offer it, but they also did not show initiative. I was already all on a fig, even what Natashkiny bed gets wet.
"Go ahead"- I agreed. Immediately from Irkin pussy in my face splashed elastic yellowish jet. I blinked and tried to close his mouth, but did not have time, because Ira stuck my finger in there.
"Swallow, swallow, bitch, - she said, laughing - it's delicious". I swallowed a bit of her urine, and indeed it was not disgusting. Andreev dick continued to move in me, and I felt that I'll finish for the second time.
"Shit, conductive finish!"- I screamed, and Andryukha quickly pulling me into his eldu again fell to the language of my pussy. I twitched and began to pour out his tongue at her juices. There and then, unexpectedly, I started to piss, but Andryuha not only drew back from me your face, but on the contrary buried in my pussy and began to greedily devour my selection. It was an indescribable pleasure. Haggard, I lay back, and Andrei, who has not yet finished, lay down beside him and offered to try to fuck me in the ass. I was scared of his huge dick, but Andrew assured me that he has experience and he will act very carefully. After some hesitation, I agreed. All around, except Sasha and Natasha, who continued as violently fucked on the table, we are interested in the process, broke away from his comfort and surrounded us with Andryukha.
"There can not do without vaseline"- Said Tanya, after examining my anus and Andryukhin dick. She pulled out of cabinets and Vaseline liberally smeared my ass. Then he sat down in front of Andrew and sucked his little dick. Then, it is just as profusely smeared with petroleum jelly and.
Apparently Tanya decided to lead the process. She put me on the bed on all fours, Andrew took over the penis and held it to my ass. I froze in fear. Andryukha using Tanya began cautiously to press their by a dick, and gradually he began to penetrate into my hole. Suddenly he pushed me sharply, and at the same time a terrible pain shot through my ass. I screamed in pain, shouting Natasha, who continued to shout still on the table. Apparently Andrew was afraid and pulled his dick out of me. My ass just burned with fire, tears rolling down his face.
"No, Andrey, I'm sorry, but I can not - I said - it is very painful".
"Let me - suddenly offered Tanya Andrew - I normally point razebano".
Andryukha a long time did not have to persuade and, crooking Tanya on the bed, he quietly introduced her his eldischu. Tanya did not even make a sound, perhaps she really was a rich experience of fucked in the ass. Later she told me that often, even when I was in school, tuck yourself in the ass different subjects (ranging from candles and finishing a bottle), which gave her an indescribable pleasure. Andrew became uniformly led back and forth by a dick in his ass UMF Hardy, but as before he fucked me and did not finish, then soon he came into her point. When he took out his dick, I immediately began to lick off his sperm leftovers, and even the fact that he's a little smacks UMF Hardy by shit, I did not stop.
At this time, there was a loud knock on the door. Apparently we with Natasha screams attracted someone's attention. Everyone froze. Even Nataha which had finished probably already five times, paused. Sasha, who has also finished, now with lust licking her shaved pussy. Now he pulled away from her and looked with dismay at the door. Tanya quietly walked to the door and put her ear.
"Open now!"- I heard a stern voice behind the door komendantshi hostel Margarita Anatolevna. All in a panic began to hide behind than anyone.
"It is necessary to open, and then it will be worse"- Tanya whispered and, having covered with a towel, opened the door. Marguerite entered the room, looked around at all those present and understood.
"Well, you guys have got, - she said - for an orgy you face a minimum deduction. But you can avoid this, if you help a hostel small amount, say, two thousand dollars. Otherwise, I'll have to report all your deanery".
"Margarita A. Well, we do not have the same kind of money - Tanya wailed, well, pretty, well, excuse us, we will no longer, we just celebrated a birthday Volkova, well, drank too much".
Margarita always well treated by Natasha and slightly softened.
"I, of course, you all my heart I congratulate Natasha, but what to do now I'll never know, you woke hostel. All have heard the rumor, it still comes to the dean's office".
"Yes, to hell with the hearing it, the main thing that you were not informed, - said Sasha - Margaret A., drink with us for health Natashkiny".
"Well, I do not know"- Gradually began to give Margarita. Apparently the form of ten half-naked bodies of heated slightly aroused her. I must say that Margaret A. sorokapyatiletney was a prominent woman, with high elastic breasts and a round ass. In appearance she could give no more than thirty-five, but she always dressed strictly to match his age. Her husband left her for a young couple of years ago, and my daughter she was married and lived separately. Most likely, she was nobody with since her husband left.
"Well, let's wretch"- Finally she agreed, and Sasha immediately poured her a glass.
"Natasha, I congratulate you and wish you happiness, health and love"- On the last word Margarita A. broke off, but all laughed at ease and decided to drink one more to fix to improve the mood of Margarita. It seems that the two glasses was enough to Margaret A. completely relaxed.
"Well, what are you doing here, pranksters"- She asked playfully.
"Do you want to show, Margaret A."- All of a sudden said Tanya (she never distinguished modesty), and without waiting for an answer, tore a sheet from Serega standing next to her, which he hid behind, and kneeling took in his mouth already fallen a little dick. Margarita certainly felt that now, sooner or later it will have to witness anything like that, but such a hurried from the guys she had not expected. In the second time that night, I spat at all and decided to go for broke. I sat down next to Margot and began to gently stroke her knees, slowly thrusting her hand under her skirt. It seems that her excitement from all seen approaching the highest point, because she did not resist, and began quietly and timidly stroking the ass Sasha, who was lying on the bed with his back to her. Feeling a touch Sasha looked back, he saw Marguerite, and his eyes lit up. Even when I had sex with Pasha and Sasha, Sasha has repeatedly said that he dreams to try to fuck a mature woman. He moved to Margarita and slowly began to unbutton her jacket, under which all those present opened a beautiful view of its high chest in an expensive bra. I had already got his hand up her pussy. As I expected, everything was already wet. I began to knead and rub through the pants of her vagina, and she rolled her eyes and began to softly moan. I gently unzipped and pulled ... her skirt. View of a mature adult woman in beautiful lace lingerie, filed similar not only boys, but also girls.
"What you are beautiful, Margaret A."- Marinka whispered. Margaret smiled weakly in response and widely spread apart their slender legs. Sasha, meanwhile, was attached to her front, pulled a strip of her panties and entered his swollen member again in the magnificent hairy pussy women. Margot began to moan loudly, and after a few minutes she was moaning loudly, saying: "As well, dear boy, come quickly, more, more, pounding his instrument into me deeper. Yes, yes, just like that, even more, more, more-ee !, - her moan moved to cry, apparently, Sasha gave her an indescribable pleasure - fuck, fuck, fuck, get her by a dick to my uterus!"
Margarita had already lost all control over himself, no one expected that it is such a temperamental woman. There could not resist Volodya, and shoved his dick down her throat. Margarita furiously began to suck, continuing to hum.
"Sanya, lie down below, I will try to plant it in the ass"- Asked Pasha. Sasha lay on his back, pulled the Margot panties and put her over and began vigorously to fuck her in the pussy. Pasha fell in behind and gently put his dick in the ass komendantshi. Margaret screamed with pleasure, but then again Volodya raised his eldu to her lips, and she continued to suck greedily. The three young men had grown woman in all holes. Orgy has reached its highest point, no one was thinking nothing, all captured only lust.
"Marin - Andrew asked his sister, - you remember as a child we touch each other pipiski, you want to touch it right now?"
Oppression Marinka has long gone, and she, without hesitation, picked up a huge dick Andriukha and began to masturbate.
"A weak suck?"- Andryukha said.
"A not weak"- Marina laughed and began to greedily suck his brother.
Serge at this time fucked Tanya and I went to Ira in the position 69 and started to lick each other's vagina. Drunk in the ass Natasha stood over us and nadrachivaya her clitoris, began to piss Irke back.
Our orgy lasted until five o'clock in the morning until all fucking fuck up, do not sleep tumbled who where. Day all costs and agreed to meet again after a couple of weeks, including Margarita Anatolevna.

We have described this event together with Natasha at my house, because my parents went to the cottage. Our work was interrupted from time to time by mutual caresses. During the writing of the story we finished five times!