Careless dream

I loved him to distraction. He was a boy with a cover, a boy dreams. Stunning tanned body, long straight legs, hands like marble ancient god and a great member - straight, thick, long, smooth. The latter was so good that I wanted to eat it without reserve, to suck all that is in it.
I loved him. I loved the whole from the top and down to the toes. He was so great. The long neck protruding collarbone under the hollow at the base of the neck. The gentle curve of the back and wide sloping shoulders. Well-groomed, smooth, silk, as the hero of a commercial tanning. This gorgeous body there was no excess hair, no flaws. He had the body of 14-year-old boy. I do not know how someone could pass by this perfection !!!
I always knew that it lives gay. He liked to feel in my ass my fingers with long manicured nails. Often on my fingers I remained blood from his anus, but he never noticed, because he came loudly and violently beautiful. But gay lived deeply and woke up only when I turned to wake him: or just for fun. It happens to everyone. He believed that if they will have a homosexual experience, only in an active role. But I knew he was wrong. I saw how this perfect body writhing under the blows of a screaming orgasm when my fingers vigorously and lustfully worked in the wet heat of his anus. I always knew that sooner or later run out of jokes, and he wants to feel the power of the unknown and the warmth of the male body. Seeing it was my dream. See how your favorite lip lips merge with another man, the same stately and beautiful. See how smooth tanned hands pressed against his hips to his. How amazing it is bent back as Tilt head trembles helplessly in a fit of ecstasy approaching. What could be more beautiful !!!
But surely a wise said that dreaming is necessary to be careful, because dreams can come true. I know this phrase from his childhood and it had a habit of repeating itself. But during this time, something inside of me resisted this and overgrown bylem wise idea.
I saw it. This passionate kiss two temperamental men. I saw the joke ceased to be such, and how intertwined in the darkness of their hands, lusting body opposite. I saw two bodies supple obeyed each other and slowly dropped to the floor. I saw two pairs of greedy hands walking on the smooth skin, delivering both still is unknown pleasure. I never heard of such groans. Two men's voices sounded unusual, but they were like music. In the gray gloom sounded words that can not be repeated. I had never experienced such an incredible delight from the contemplation of something. At dusk, two sparkling tanned body silk, interwoven in the most unimaginable combinations, denying the laws of physiology. Many hours I was an observer of this stunning, unbelievable scene. That I will never forget!
Two voices blended into one deep groan, filled with passion, lust and tenderness. Two bodies frozen, and only a glistening in the dim moonlight issued tiny droplets of sweat in the crown of the two, so hard, satisfied breath.
He never recovered from this blow. It was traumatic for him. He said that he loves only me, but the fact that so suddenly and strangely happened was terrible mistake that cost him too much. I never saw him, my tanned boy, so like the boy on the cover, a dream boy. I still love him. Never forget that the dream should be more careful.