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I'm in the ninth grade, I'm Kostya. One happened to me an extraordinary event that changed my life. One day I decided to go with the lessons, I had a stomach ache and I would like to take a crap. Coming out of our class, I went to the toilet. Cabins with toilets have no doors, I chose the one that is farthest from the entrance. The bell rang, and I have decided that you are ready. After removing the pants and underpants, I got kicked in the jolt and began to write. Suddenly, in the hallway footsteps and I joined my classmates Yasha. At first he did not see me, but when he saw my knees sticking out, walked over and peered into my booth. I even flinched in surprise. "Yeah, hi, Kostin! Why are you like a woman UTB ssysh"- Yasha laughed. I wanted to protest, but from his comments I have started to rise unexpectedly member. "Even dick sticking out!"- He continued. I decided not to pay attention to him and began to defecate. "Well, come on!" Because I climbed a thick, long turd and noise flopped in tolchek. "I'll have the rest of it is all about to tell!"- Yasha chuckled."Piss off a pervert!"- I shouted. "Who's still a pervert!". Yasha suddenly grabbed my pants and panties and ran, pushing me. It all happened suddenly, and I almost burst into tears, realizing that, left to sit on the toilet without clothes. I sat there for half an hour with not daring to go out into the corridor. Soon the class had ended, and I was very afraid of being caught. Then went to the toilet some seventh graders. I glanced into the booth and pretended to be someone wrote. He poured and left. It seemed to me that he went out, he saw that I was naked, which made my dick immediately jumped. Before calling the toilet he ran Yasha and said that or I would not do as he says or he will not give up the clothes and talk about all classmates. I looked with suspicion on his bulging trousers, but there was nothing. With hatred, looking at him, I said I agree. He immediately took off his pants and told me to suck his dick. I clumsily grabbed his hard sausage and became sosat.Yashe it immediately did not like. "Ouch! Do not bite you! Do not twitch - it hurts!" I grinned vindictively. I, too, found the fagot-fluke! "Oh, you like that ?! Then I love you in the ass, as in the movie!" He turned and started to shove me in the ass. Suddenly, the head came easily, the pope was not wiped out a lot of feces and friction were not strong. Yasha zaohala satisfaction. I was not particularly painful, and I was resigned to his fate. Yasha fucked me in the ass, pulling member completely and then pasting. I calmly waited for the end. Yasha zaohala stronger and began to lower me in the ass. Satisfied, he decided to bring friends. A few minutes later he brought three children from a parallel class. "Here she is, the whore"- Yasha said, pointing at me. "A Th ass in shit?" I asked one. "From the joy of crap." others giggled. As if to confirm their words, I began to write on the floor, and from the priests climbed another turd and fell on my foot."This is a perversion! Let it obosrem". I lay down on me and started to shit, and then piss. One shit on my head, and I smeared shit on the hair and scalp. One piece of shit I swallowed as decided hungry. I began to drink their urine. Then he began to fuck me, and after an hour of continuous fucked left alone. Yash and his friends are gone, and not giving clothes. I decided to stay in the toilet and hid in a stall at. Because of the stench it had few visitors, but in the middle of the day came pokakat a boy from elementary school. He left a pile of delicious, fragrant shit. Sink did not work, and she was left lying in the toilet. I took it and began to eat. After eating, I decided to go to the ladies' room. Waiting the start of the lesson, I slipped into the next door. I had to wait. Twice I went to write, but I was hiding. Soon came a strange girl and became kakat.Ya popped out of hiding and rushed to her. She jerked in surprise and fell with a jolt. It seems that she lost consciousness. I took her kakashechku and began to shove it into her pussy. She rolled over, but not awake. I licked her pussy all in the feces and urine. Then, taking a handful of feces I smeared it on her. By inserting a member into her mouth, I peed, and to top it fuck her ass. First dick bad passed, but then she began to defecate and everything will work out. Having washed with water from the toilet, I began to dress in clothes of the girl. He pulled her pantyhose, blouse. The skirt was very short and thong panties from permanently jumped protruding member. In a pocket I found her ticket for the locker room. Now, being fully prepared, I went to the locker room for clothes. It was the end of the day, and in the corridors was pusto.Podslepovataya old cleaner-looking cloakroom not given me clothes and the girl began to grumble about the stench that is in the school after a sewer. Wearing a short fur jacket I got out of school to avoid prying eyes. Suddenly a gust of wind lifted her skirt and dick slipped out of pants. There was cheeks and under the porch sounded Yashino exclamation: "Cool shot!" I decided to take off her skirt and threw it in the Yasha. The house I ran into some pantyhose and panties. My dick dangled from side to side, and Yasha overtook me near the house began to take it on the photo. At the entrance Yasha decided to fuck me once and breaking the pope tights, I began to fuck, sperm I already had a complete ass. I also completed the damage obkonchlsya and tights. The whole area was in Koncha part of my ass, and part of our Yasha. It passed by a neighbor and juvenile ebuschihsya staring at us, but it drove Yasha. Finally she cried that all tell our parents. At home, I washed and went to eat feces.