Irina and Andrei lived together for eight years. At first they were ordinary family, no different from their neighbors and friends. Socializing after work came down to dinner together and maybe watching TV. Sexual life has been brought to automatism - once or twice a week they found themselves in bed, where after half an hour after the beginning of contact with his back, to each other, filled with indifference. So it was, and we can say it was a matter for parting. Children are still not there, and to keep the couple together was nothing.
All changed in case.
One day after a party with friends Irina and Andrei came home drunk. On the way to be extremely fun and something said. When he came home to see Andrei offered pornographic magazine, which recently took a look at friends. The inscription on the box was missing, and they did not know about the content of the film. The mood was both romantic and spill the wine by the glass in the house of the couple lit candles.
The film turned out to be unusual. It was a cutting from various perversions. Particular emphasis was placed on the subordination of women to men or women are different, quite brutal ways.
Irina first impulse was to turn off this abomination and not watch, but seeing that her husband was not interested in it so decided to take decisive action. Irina was afraid that by doing so she tear off those relations which were adjusted this evening. she did not dare leave.
Forty minutes later Irina drew attention to the fact that her husband was highly excited, and indeed she felt excitement. And it aroused contempt with which the screen belonged to the women. Irina felt that really wants to experience something like this. Drinking alcohol led to the fact that each sonorous slap in the face on the screen accompanied by copious moisture between the legs of women.
As a result, Irina no longer able to hold back turned to her husband with a proposal:
-My dear, you would like to do the same thing with me?
Andrew probably did not expect this from his wife "puritanki" and so I mumbled something unintelligible.
-I want you to call me dirty words, and at the same time forced to do you a blowjob, swallowing your cock deep in the throat. - Irina did not let up. - If you want, you can at the same time I spank.
It took a few moments to digest Andrew heard. He looked at his wife cloudy eyes. Then he reached out and took the hair with a force pulled her to him.
Their faces were close to each other. Irina even thought that now her husband a kiss. Instead, he gave her a hefty slap. The woman fell, widely spread legs. Andrew, not giving her time to recover jumped up and put his huge dick in her mouth.
-Suck, smelly creature, you're dreaming about it - he drove dick in her mouth for the most eggs. Woman choked, but strong arms to hold her neck did not give her a chance to pull out a member of his mouth. Andrew finished almost instantly, and then roughly pushed Irina and sat in a chair. Irina swallowed every last drop, her hand inadvertently touched the clitoris, which led to a strong orgasm.
-Help me. I really want to be a whore pissed! - Irina did not even believe that she asks for such.
Andrew could not believe that this is not a dream. He thought for a moment, then said:
-Well, we just go for it on the street. I do not want to piss, but it would go with the whores on the street at the time. - Andrew lit.
-What do you want me to put on her. - Irina entered into a rage, and she wanted to meet the secret desires awakened fully.
-Put on your white skirt, in which you went to when I was in school and white jacket.
-Dear me small skirt and a jacket need at least a bra. We go out into the street. - Irina already regretted his own sentence. She did not want to dress so openly.
-A whore should be dressed appropriately. And then do not want to have you, so I peed on your new clothes, or you've forgotten why we're going. - Andrew enjoyed the sight of the internal struggle of this woman. At the same time she was so attractive to him, for the first time in all the years of married life - come on bitch enough to break!
Irina obediently pulled the skirt out of the closet with the old, have not sorted out the laundry and with difficulty pulled it on his buttocks. Then she put on her jacket. View that it represented except for panels or low-grade porn is not pulled. Skirt covered virtually nothing. A heavily drawn from the frequent masturbation labia rather vulgar peeping out from under the hem. Jacket buttoned only one button, so the chest and abdomen were also visible.
-That ladnenko, bitch. This I really like you. - Andrew was obviously very pleased. He pushed his wife out the door.
Irina was ready to burn with shame, but felt that it was only the beginning, he is still waiting for her to come. She knew that once again allow themselves to be treated in this way and will never be able to change anything. The only thing that comforted her and to give strength, it is very excited that she, despite his shame felt.
Andrew did not mind when Irina came out of the door, he pulled down her skirt as low as possible.
-Come on, damn, cover your nakedness. Dressed like a slut, people would even ashamed! I was a disgrace! - He clearly enjoyed this humiliation of his wife.
-I beg you, stop it. We were so more attention will be paid. - Irina tried to comfort Andrew.
It was late in the evening. In spite of this, they constantly come across pedestrians. Many stared at Irina, and it was evident that they were laughing at her. Some looked a little different. Irina was the burn of these views. She was beginning to like her position. As a result, she could not resist asking:
-Honey, do you want to fuck me in the street?
-What slut, flowed? Fuck you I will not. I think you'll like it. - Andrew is clearly something conceived.
-What do you mean? - Woman felt a little anxiety. She did not like Andrew looked at her.
-Now you see, we have come - with these words he pushed Irina in the driveway.
They were in some sort of a dirty courtyard. Before them there were three garbage tank, and in the yard to play music, and the sound of drunken laughter.
-Move, bitch. Now I'll introduce you with your old friends.
Irina went into the courtyard and was at the table, behind which was a card game. Six guys were playing, and three more were near and just bawled.
-Look who came to us! Girl you whose my or - man uttered these words waved a hand at the table.
The joke caused a friendly laughter.
Andrew greeted the audience. then he presented:
-This dermovochka argued with me that will beat any cards, so I brought her here. If it loses, the winners can tear this damn all its stinking hole as long as the tear like a heating pad or while ... do not bother.
Such betrayal of Irina was not expecting. She could not believe her ears. But somewhere inside she began to flare flame.
She certainly played and of course lost himself to this drunken company. Irene was forced to climb on the table and dance. She pulled up her skirt and began to enter into the vagina bottle.
-What a juicy pussy. It really blyadyuga. Won all wet - the guys were laughing at a woman who, by the way, was older than any of them. Her husband, too, was a little younger than Irene.
After that, the woman bent cancer and began to fuck. Did it grossly. Irina had the impression that the guys absolutely do not care to be a woman in what condition after. Its fucked in every hole, especially rude flogged in his mouth. Irina forced to lick the eggs and swallow cock deep in the throat, so that she choked on it.
-And now we all lick ass, shit! - It was Andrew, who also did not stand aside and fucked his wife with them.
After that, the guys in turn began to take Irene's hair and pull their asses. Irina tried to please, so did everything savoring. Needless to say what is happening already led Irina to finish a couple of times, and the excitement only grew.
Finally, the boys began to discharge their trunks. They did it strictly in the face of a woman. And every juicy spat on Irene before you depart. When every single one, and not one time, finished on the head of a woman, it turned into a wet with sweat, semen and saliva bitch.
Irina was lying on the ground and tried to wipe the sperm from her eyes. She was not even paying attention to the cigarette butts that are flying into it, on the button of his jacket torn and dirty and wet skirt.
Her legs were in the dust, the vagina was crimson, and greatly swollen by such a powerful invasion. Irina had a feeling that he was smeared with black oil, but other than dirty hands, members and bottles before him, do not touch anything.
Suddenly, Irina felt her lifted and carried.
-Throw the bitch in the trash! - A moment Irina ended up in the trash hitting his knee in some moldy stuff.
A minute later, when Irina was able to roll over, hit her in the hot jets from all directions. Irina, I do not understand what it is doing, trying to catch their breath.
-Ssykuhu thirst torments! - It was Andrew.
Hearing this remark, Irina roughly finished.
Select it from the container with great difficulty. Between all sore feet, so Irina had leaned over the edge, just fall out of the tank. Foot lift she was unable to. When at last she is turned and the woman found herself on the ground, under the general laughter guys kicked kicked her from the yard.
My husband caught up with her on the floor of the road and the rest of the way was driving her, lashing legs and arms nettles. In the elevator forced to spread her legs and steganul the vagina several times.
-Needless to walk, whore! Houses need to be with her husband, rather than hang around doorways.
Irina was happy, that was all to it. She was grateful for herself and her husband for this view.

From that moment, Irina began to dress very plainly, how like her husband. It has become desirable and Irina felt that way. Andrew became rush home to take pleasure with his wife, and not on the side as often happened before.