A few years ago I was in the camp near Moscow "Lesnaya Skazka". I really had a good time there. I was 14 years old.
Before leaving, my brother stuck in the bag 5 condoms, and for good reason. I got into one party. There was a terrible little boys. 9 boys 31 girl. The first disco I began to stick to one girl her name was Lisa. Very beautiful. The next day, when all the boys had gone to bathe, I did not go, but with me it is my old friend Mishka. Lisa came to me and lay down next to me. I asked Meehan look behind the door, and he at that time began to suck Lisa. This went on for five minutes and then I asked her to go tomorrow at vozhatsky shower, and she agreed. At the evening disco all my Fingered her, and to me she was no longer secrets.
I'm waiting for the next day. And then we went into the shower, I picked up a couple of condoms. We entered, closed and began to suck, then quickly undressed. I helped her take off her sexy panties. She was a little fluff. I clung to her cave, and it quickly filled with moisture. Then she made me drop dead after a blow job that I almost did not finish in her mouth. She helped me put a condom, I spent a couple of times between its jaws, and I began to enter into it. I fucked her for about 30 minutes. And then we finished together. And continued to suck. Then we quickly showered and went together to party. She came to me at night. But at night to fuck her was extreme. But all ended well. In general, I fucked her 5 times.