This is our day, girls

Julia Alanine
From the cycle "Holiday stories"
This is our day, girls
* * *
It happened last summer. My friend Katka invited me to his dacha for the weekend. The ancestors left it somewhere to rest and return were only at the end of next week. And the husband all weekend getting ready to spend with spinning, vodka and friends. Without Katka, of course. It just so happened that my Serge is this weekend left for another trip on the company's affairs. When he heard that we are going to the cottage Katka, he laughed and said: "It is clear - sex, boys. Condoms do not forget!" This is because he was joking. Humor at it like that.
I quickly gathered - took her cool swimsuit from the cycle "and I'm a girl with a player", Thin towel, laying on the safe side and money five hundred rubles. Once we Katka together, so be sure to get drunk and all his adventures over the past fifteen years the new recall. But as women we are decent, too, have something to drink something decent.
They met near the railway ticket offices. Katya says:
- Hello! And I bought a pineapple. The drink will be?
- Good - govoryu.- wine, what else.
We took three bottles of wine. Red, by itself. Moldovan. And for all the little things: cheese, sausage, two packs of dumplings, candy box (this is Katka, sweet tooth), dried squid, pears with plums and grapes (which I wanted), honey (Katka bath smear) and a bottle of mineral water. The rest, according to Katka, all the country is. In the refrigerator, and the beds. In short, loaded with bags in the car and drove off.
Katya was sitting with his legs crossed, and nodding in time to knock wagon wheels red shoe. Skirt she wore that even - short and tight tight. I sat down opposite him and involuntarily, no, no yes and looked into her most intimate place. They could see the white lace panties, through which here and there made their way single black hairs. I must say that we were both in the figures do not complain. As, however, and everything else. Husbands appreciate our treasures inherited them, but together tightly and do not communicate. However, the occasional family gatherings with a hard-concealed delight looking at the acquisition of each other. My me even once admitted that with a girl Katka how he'd love to do something "more interesting". Not forgetting, of course, to add - if you would not know me. Because I - the best girl in the world. I know. And I believe, of course.
Later I noticed that the guy sitting next to me periodically "dives" Katya's skirt. Pupils are already on the ruble. I take from Katka handle (it solves crossword) and write in the newspaper: "My neighbor wants you". I am sitting laugh. Katka realized what was happening. Foot down, sat a little way, and then just sat back and knees to the side as if by accident spread. The spectacle was piquant yet! Hips Katka in juicy, flavorful, tight, as if suffused with juice. As my Serge says - "just want to one`s teeth". Between them - a white stripe with lace. The guy already "I traveled"! At first I did not know what to do with his eyes. Then I found. He took the paper and the type of reading. And the only Katka and admires.
In short, after a few minutes he "got up". It is this business newspaper covers, flushed. Whether from lack of air in the car, whether from excitement. But I somehow all the side clearly visible. Again, I am writing Katya: "It is now over, and the whole car splattered!" Katka read, sitting, barely restrained so as not to burst out laughing. And so it went. Next to his friend Katya sat, my shapely legs admired. Cute. But I will skirt Genuine Katkinoy. not to repeat the trick at all desire. But I'm in the top to the skin and the incision on the side of the hip. Here he is at odds glance, I utknetsya in the chest - from the whole picture, I, too, suddenly excited. Already it became wet. Probably also acted Katkina game.
Came the two of us on the same station. Before Katkinoy garden walk thirty or forty minutes. We bought tomato juice "lump", Otpili polpaketa, laughed and stomped. The kids with us on the way it turned out. Let them get acquainted. Cheerful were, jokers. Packages of food and shmutkami we gave them almost immediately, without breaking a long time. Heat this, the sun beats down - by carrying a little pleasant. Come on, talk. My neighbor to Katka and this way and that - climbs out of the skin to please. Katka laughs, flirts. In short, I went liking.
The second guy, Slavik, flirts with me. Cute, muscular, taut - pleyboychik shorter. Eyes are brown, languishing, black hair, short hair. In jeans, slinky, through the shirt body is very delicious, the entire relief in sight. Dream lovers of acute sexual feelings, in short. For some reason I immediately thought that it must be very pleasant in bed.
Gradually we came to our street. Guys say:
- Oh, no, now we have to carry out of the house. It is necessary to know where these beautiful girls live!
- And the girls live with their husbands, - Katya said - so Arivederchi, boys!
They first bit embarrassed, then Slavik asks:
- And what about the husband you have not met? Maybe there are no husbands?
- Maybe not - is responsible Katka - but that's where the children then?
- Whose children? - Slavik asks.
- Our Ksyushka with - says Katya.
- And many of them do you have? - Slavik asks.
- Enough - parries Katka.
- And they are all here, in the country? - Slavik smiling.
- And here, in the city and in the nearby village, - says Katya.
Then Dennis interjected:
- Okay, thank, go - you can not see, they have children already ...
- Okay, but in the evening we all still come to you. With husbands drink cognac - laughing Slavik. At the parted.
We reached the house, dressed, drank juice and the river. Sunbathe. The time was four hours, and summer residents on Friday before seven in the evening do not appear. So you can not hide from prying eyes. Spread a blanket on the sand, we removed the top and in some batches tumbled sunbathing. Katka Soon the sun softened, and even seems to have dozed off. I rubbed her back and squinting cream with pleasure. This is our vacation, girls!
...We scared mushroom, returning from the river. I gasped and covered herself with a towel. The bearded uncle sidled slipped past and vanished into coastal bushes. The sun was sinking, people came vacationers. When on the beach with a joyful bark jumped big shaggy black dog with a boy on a leash - we began to gather.
Katya went to flood the bath, I nastrogat salad. The sun had almost disappeared behind the tops of the pine trees, giving way to a pleasant cool of the evening. No breeze. Somewhere in the distance was music, some fried skewers. It smelled very appetizing. We Katka alternately licking, envying those who will soon be eating it and discussing their current boyfriends. Drunk on the wine glass and the two soon became intoxicated.
- Handsome - a dreamy, sighing for cine said Katka.- and sex as you want ...
I just laughed.
- You Ksyushka simply impossible to smell like sex - it cost us a little soak up the sun. And ... I just smell like sex. My Vadim constantly talking about it: "In summer, you smell like sex insane and ruthless".
I laughed again:
- And my talking about the same ...
- And these boys are funny, nothing we immediately rebuffed them ... we would take a steam bath, a massage done, laid to sleep ...
- Yeah, they tell a story, - I. And then she laughed and made another massage ...
- ...To non-stop until the morning - Katka closed her eyes in pleasure.
- Enough already, masseuse, the bath's time.
I must say that the window in Katkinoy bath - television. At this point, everything was drowned in the twilight. While I went to an old wooden toilet, Katya undressed and climbed on the shelves. On the way out of the closet, I involuntarily stopped in front of the bath window to admire Katka. Slim, sleek, large breasts, toned. Though already given birth, as I do. Hairs pubic curly hairstyle makes. Ass appetizing. Guys from Katkinoy ass just groan. She knows it and loves povertetsya once again.
Napar us in full. Honey smeared each other, Katka was like honey - naked in the house of the wine ran. We drank another glass. Very drunk. Lying on his back on the shelf, honey drips out, hard. Then Katya let him in here to get me to smear, massage. I already moaned with pleasure. Honey washed, let each other to lather. Katkino body feels even nicer than on the form. In short, the two lesbians. We laugh, Katka pleasure blinks, the breast of my ass rubbing. Palchikov stomach runs, squeezes the chest, nipples prihvatyvaet. I really suddenly very excited. Katka stroke back, and she fingers her no-no and I will spend between her legs. She shudders as much. Though all this as a joke, seemingly as an afterthought (really wash each other), but both excited in earnest. And the wine does the trick. We drank a bottle in the dressing room and suddenly the light went out. In the bath lights, and in the dressing room - not.
To be honest, fantasies about sex with a girl I had. But no more. And then suddenly gushed something dark, the excitement does not pass, Katka next breath, wet hair shoulder Shchekotov. I do not know what it was - whether head turned in the darkness at the same time, or something more. But his lips touched. Gently, so gently, gently. I Feel - Katkiny fingers gently touch my thigh on the inside, index finger stroking the hairs on the pubes. I opened my mouth, tongue Katkiny lips parted and his hand to touch the chest found. Katka already spasm pierced. Her lips are soft, plump, supple. A nimble tongue, sweet as. I do not know, I used to never kissed girl. And I could not even imagine that it could so excite. My head is spinning. Katka grew bolder, her fingers groped my clit, spread her lips around it and start to caress.
Then I remember the bad - with excitement almost lost consciousness. And maybe I lost, so I can not say for sure, so we're out of the changing room could not leave. I remember Katkinu head between her legs, her persistent, restless and so hot tongue, a wave of unearthly bliss, surge of boat bottom, so that lights up his face. And his occasional groans when to hold back had no strength. And orgasms, from which through the waiting room ceiling was visible stars ...
In the house came a little to himself. Whether the wine is again done its job (as logged in - opened another bottle), but there was no shame for what happened. Quite the contrary - I even somehow uncomfortable was because Katya was left without an orgasm. The lights went out, turned on the TV. Katya lay on the bed in a thin robe, legs slightly parted and closed her eyes. Below I have a fire broke out. His stomach suddenly became hot, as much as the audience. I knelt beside the bed, spread to the sides and floors Katkinogo dressing gown clung to the wet cunt lips framed even slightly wet hairs. Katya moaned. Slightly salty taste, delicate, smelling of sex trick leaned forward to my face. From every touch of the tongue she shuddered, opening wider and wider weight. I caressed her, biting her swollen lips, tongue penetrated deeper. And enjoy the amazing, subtle smell of hot Katkinoy flesh. Now I understand men. That love prodelyvat such tricks.
Katka Cum suddenly. Rapidly, in spasm, arching his body. I'll be honest - very nice. I am also under the finish earrings, sometimes just vylamyvaya his penis. Hold me in such a moment is impossible. We lay there a little bit around, then got up, drank wine brotherhood and lingeringly kissed again. And at that moment a knock on the window. I was without any personal and Katka - in an open robe over his naked body.
- Who's there? - Katya screamed in terror.
- Girls, open - we brought you the shish kebab. And pineapples in champagne!
I immediately recognized the voice Slavik.
- This still from! - Katya exclaimed, quickly as allowed hops, pulling heat.
The boys were already drunk. And indeed brought skewers. Aromatic, freshly prepared. With onion rings, baked in leaves of currants. I had to admit. I had to drink cold champagne. And even turn the tape recorder.
We talk about anything. Laughed without stopping. Then somehow spontaneously began dancing. Quick and easy. It turns out they have tracked down immediately. Nowhere did not go, and just went after him. And that there are no men - also understood immediately. First, on the beach, then - through the bath window. From such impudence even dumbfounded Katka and Denis twice (the joke - a real shot Katka much stronger) got in the face. But Slavik was impossibly gallant. And whip it to me, to be honest, did not want to.
With a new glass of champagne I suddenly keenly felt need in a man. That's at least what you do with me, but - I want sex and all. No, not with Slavik, of course. I do not change her. Maybe with Katka? But it does not have what brings a girl with a mind, penetrating deep between her legs. Again we danced. Slavik gently, barely touching kissing me on the neck. It was very nice. Even the fact that no one other than her husband before anything like it did with me. I could not have imagined in his place another man. Although when caressed herself - I fantasize a lot. But this is a fantasy.
Denis with Katka went outside and we were left alone with Slavik. He pulled my face and began to shower him with kisses. I literally melted from the gentle touch of the lips, smelling of wine and currants. Strange, but I did not resist. What is it with me ?! And whether it's me ?! Although, after what we did with Katya - why be surprised? Underbelly, I suddenly felt something hard, clung to me. I think it is clear what it is. I madly wanted sex! Unbearable to toothache and aches as menstruation. And that cute guy next - with strong hands, broad shoulders, big brown eyes sly and extended from my body close pupils, shining in the darkness. And with such a delicate, but always perceptible women men smell. Men who wants to. Who yearns to give pleasure and take him as much as he wishes.
The head of methane or may not be ?! How could I, a decent married woman, never cheated on her husband, and all of a sudden ... This is wrong, this can not be! But ... as you want! And why not change? There were also a fantasy, of which breathing becomes more frequent when the fingers dived into his own pants .... So now let these panties dive his fingers. Now let it concerns what lies beneath! From these thoughts swirl swirled in my head, all the bottom was wet. Me possessed such an unfamiliar, vsesokruschayuschee excitement that Hamlet's question was clearly resolved. In favor "be". Confusion and throwing somewhere disappeared again. "Be!" Flesh like flesh. Once. Only once, then to forget and never remember. Once, again, to feel like a second-year student of the faculty of law. One-time - to fantasy at least for a moment, became a reality. One time - because we live one time. And I at this moment as if born anew.
And I found my lips Slavik lips, parted them, penetrating tongue deeper and feeling the resistance of his tongue. He ran his hands under the T-shirt, hot hands caressing my back. Then he began pulling off the T-shirt. I began to miss his hands, trying to stop:
- Not here ... Stay away! On the second floor ... They're back!
Slavik took me in his arms and carried her upstairs. Put it gently, slowly he took off his T-shirt and pressed his lips to the nipple on her left breast. Then gently kissed the right, left again, parallel freeing my feet from sports tights. I helped him a little, allowed to drop leotards aside and gently lay himself on the fluffy carpet on the floor. Slavik began belly. Gently, but purposefully he showered him with kisses, rising higher and higher. Once again I took up my chest. Slavik I clutched his head in his arms, and he enjoyed my hardened nipples and kneaded with delight oglazhivaet chest, squeezing his hands hips, shoulders and waist. Showered kisses on her neck, her eyes, remembering ostanavlivatsya on the lips with a gentle persistence pushing them with his strong language.
Then I arched, as if trying to lift Slavik on themselves. Orgasm. Slavik appreciated the depth and most importantly - force me convulsing orgasm. He moved lower, spread my legs apart and began to kiss my crotch through the moist, whitening in the dark panties. The flow of his kisses were swollen and a sponge cloth, and barely noticeable bump clitoris, and hips. Slavik again brought my legs together, one smooth motion pulled her panties down, raised his foot and threw the last barrier to turn white in a dark corner. At some point I have been trying to stop it all. But strong hands Slavik again lit my legs apart, lifted slightly bent at the knees, and I felt a little damp from the excitement of his inner thighs hot dahynie. Already in the next second his lips with my tongue possessed a priceless treasure. My pussy. My Lye, who knows how to be obscene and depraved insatiable when I myself want it. Slavik did not know that was the first second. His lips biting my clit, sucking lips. It remained only to relax, to immediately start to rush on the carpet from such familiar, maddening pleasure.
Men never know and feel what it is - given. What is it, legs apart, take a hot, excited BODY Spreading inside you, you start at, pounded breathing during the forced pauses, strained before orgasm, and finally fires a jet of hot dense. But the jet - this is only for the man she loved. For other cases - no jets. But to say good about it when you're sober and calmly assess the situation.
Slavik licked everything that was possible. And yet, it is impossible - too. I mean the other hole. That backside. I'm not a prude, I even love anal sex (probably ... in any case, if done properly and, most importantly, slowly - very nice to me). Powerful and hard cock Slavik penetrated me in one motion. Inflamed affection and expectation of the vagina at first tried to keep the head, but then succumbed to immediately surrender under the pressure of a stranger. I have such a powerful member of the felt between her legs once. Although, frankly, I do no other members, except Seregina never felt. And I say that Seregin member - a dream housewives. But Slavik ...
It moved and moved. But I finished and ends. My moans and cries, probably had to wake up the whole neighborhood. So it seemed to me. I was biting his lips, his shoulders. I gritted his teeth. It even seems scratched his back and buttocks tight. I resisted and I wanted it. I wanted him to not stop that I had for a long time and ruthlessly. I whispered to him between moans and convulsions: "Fuck me, dear! .. More! Yet! More! .. I want you! Do not stop!" And he did not even think to stop. Slavik was on top. Slavik was on the side and rear. Slavik was underneath. I jumped on it (or rather, he held me by the waist and strung on his penis). I was on all fours and struggled rotated booty, wriggling, leaning forward and backward, up and down. I spun on a limb Slavik, licking his inflamed his insatiable hole, hugging her arms around his strong neck and throwing his legs hips. I was trying to make him cum in my request, but it was the other way around. He came when he wanted to, after having finished my orgasms before fainting. And what is most interesting - not finished there, which included like for this purpose.
At some point, I suddenly felt a wet finger Slavik confidently walked into my other hole invaluable. The one that really backside. But the pleasure of its member movements at that time was so great that the strength to resist or oppose such a solution was not simple. In parallel with the vagina, it is a time not less active kneaded my ass periodically lubricating finger in falling on my thighs juice. So when Slava suddenly came out and gently but firmly squeezed between my buttocks - I came almost instantly. And he started to leisurely move, accelerating the pace and driving me crazy. It was not hurt. It was terribly nice! Madly! I was afraid to lose consciousness from a hitherto unknown sensations. Afraid to burst, explode with pleasure! When he had finished a couple more times, I finally felt the mist as Slavik twitched a few times, and finally, the entire strained, exploded. His head seemed to fill everything inside me, then fired several times powerful jet. These shots I felt rather stomach - that's where it tight jet sperm met the resistance of my body ...
Slavik walked leisurely smooth movements caused by another storm of orgasm. He waited until I stop beating, approached and kissed me a long, gentle, soothing kiss. We lay side by side for a long time, he stroked my buttocks, back, hair. I Kissed, almost touching my shoulders. I started to shut down, falling to some otherness. Then he quietly got up, put on swimming trunks and went down. All. The screen went dark. Together with candles. And the stars.
...The morning began with the rumpled, pale, slightly gray face Katka. My head ached. Yesterday I remember with difficulty, as if through a smoke screen. But most interesting is that Katka at all did not remember the incident in the bath. Remembering the bath at all given to her with difficulty. About the fact that it was after a bath - do not say anything. Here at Katka has complete amnesia. She was sitting on the veranda with a bandaged around the head with a wet towel and small puffs of cigarette smoke. I'm not eager to delve into the memories now. Somehow later. After a couple of months. However Katkiny panties examined carefully. Two opinions in such cases do not happen: less abundant spontaneous nocturnal secretions do not just happen in girls. Soothes one - Katka long and firmly hooked on the spiral.
In the evening, all had to tell her. No, about the room, and our affection with Katka I maintained silence. Until then. You look, and she remembers. And if not - will not be big trouble. And that's about it ... the boys still were ... And about the fact that we do not simply handle Used with them ... probably Katka simply evil. Not that she had a condition to savor the details of what happened. Anyway, after a couple of months, at some bachelorette party, she said that anal sex - it's finish. But apart we have no secrets. And I know perfectly well that on this side of Vadim ingenuity never suffered. Not that he has the temperament.
In short, the tests on Monday handed over together. For the results went Katka (me on Tuesday with the work was not released). Everything was clean. Lucky shorter. In every way. You'll laugh, but since four years have passed, and in addition Serega I have no one. Apart from the condom in her purse.