Alex wandered as usual on a dating site searching for a young and cute partner for sex. Fictitious name, not correctly specified city, not a photograph. On the other hand, he was able to pursue her. If a girl he liked, she could not resist the powerful pressure of his courtship. And there was not a hindrance nor his appearance, nor age, nor his difficult character. Figure he swam for a long time and nothing like that athlete, he was a very long time after the army. And age has crept to forty years. But he was blond - that many women liked.
Hard character peremptory tone in the conversation, as well as with employees, and with all the other developed in the course of his struggle for a place under the sun. Life turned to it the white side, then black, and sometimes there were undertones. Often he had not sweet. Life was like there was. Normal childhood, not how outstanding youth in the remote Siberian village, then the army, the war in Afghanistan, and finally, life brought him in distant America. That period, when Alex lost his wife, like many men from the former Soviet countries, he did not remember.
And all these damn money, unusual temptations and a completely different way of life, so attractive, as the fire butterfly. They fly to the light to burn. And people are only mirages, worse than perish in this ruinous and attractive flame. It then comes an overwhelming disappointment, because the ending is always cruel awakening.
At some point, his wife began to earn more and at a suitable occasion to remind about it, and then he began to open to change, with more fortunate men. And then he lost his wife and daughter. He struggled, but it was a foregone conclusion. And then he hung up on making money, it's everything in life. Would they perhaps would have left wife suing his child, and making it so despicable, through the court, that Alex had no right to approach her at all ever. It never meant - until it reaches the age of majority. But it is important in the life of a child growing up time will be filled with his wife obviously negative information about him.
The degree of freedom was estimated for it money. For the money you can buy everything. And love and happiness. All. He worked literally day and night, weekends and holidays, staying focused only on the most necessary things. He slept on the couch right in the office, have a bite at some dubious diner, found on dating sites for a couple of nights a virgin. They are all the same, in fact, these women, they also need money, or sex, and plus the money, too. No one has yet refused any gifts, either from the green. He was generous and a good customer, but the money have remained the deciding factor for him.
it is three times created a construction company, then burns, then rose again in ten years.
As always, he looked at those profiles that had pictures. Usually he briefly ran the general data, married or not (with married - it is easier, then, that they do not Doda husbands could get at it, have sex with Alexei had no problems). And then this profile.
My interests - BDSM.
For those who do not know, but I wonder:
B - band (limited mobility, I am taking this only handcuffs and it symbolically) D - dominance (this is my favorite :) is a voluntary transfer of power) C - sadism (I is present in the form of unexpressed more psychological than physical ) M-masochism.
I want to find a partner for a BDSM relationship. Positions itself as a top.
Then it went on a description of what she wanted and loved. The girl's name was Victoria. From Read profiles Alexis gasped. And his secret, carefully hidden, especially from himself, desires become manifest in him as, like mushrooms after rain. He, without hesitation, she wrote. "It is true that you write in your profile? Such women are? Is that a joke?" Yet doubts tormented him. The answer he was looking forward to, and even shouted at the secretary, who brought it to him documents that he himself commanded to bring. Then he went to the reception and apologized.
Subordinates are very respected him, and were afraid, but they knew him - like a stone wall, like a king in his bosom.
Victoria answered him as if reluctantly. He saw it all the time on the site, and he responds in detail, but not as often as he would like. And he just came from impatience, it just shaking. Tolley excitement, or omitted from anything else. It was not quite sexual arousal, and something else, but not least, a strong sense. Finally, apparently his pressure and passion, he attracted the attention of a beautiful woman. Yes, she was very beautiful. On the dating site had several of her photographs. Slavic face plus athletic body, moderately rounded. He did not like to complete as skinny.
Green eyes, sensual lips. Externally, it suits him. But whether it will suit her. In this situation, it was first. He then agree on everything, but that's what will tell the stranger?
In order not to lose face, he decided to learn more about female domination. He plied the ocean of the Internet in search of anything that concerned the BDSM. This abbreviation, it turns out, harbored all what he subconsciously needed for years to come. Suddenly he wanted to surrender to the will and desires of another person - a woman. There certainly was hidden threat for him. He firmly learned - women could not be trusted. But how I would like to feel a sense of belonging, to know how it is - to be a thing.
Throughout his life, he made decisions, implement them, commanded, controlled, commanded, but in those rare moments when he was alone with them, suddenly pops up out of nowhere holding, inexplicable desire to obey the beautiful, arrogant woman. He wound up alone the idea that he is a strong full-grown man, is kneeling and with reverence and awe waiting for orders from a small, fragile girl.
Alex had the courage and straightened a letter in which he asked Victoria to take the child's upbringing, as a slave. A little later he received a reply from her.
" Well, I talked to you. You wrote that many read about domination and sadomasochism. Theory and practice - two different things. Be ready for it. So I take you into slaves, with a trial period of one month. Describe me as you understand what female domination is felt that you are a slave. The more you remember, the more I find it easier to communicate with you. My e-mail - [email protected]"
Write great emails it was not possible. Usually, all made secretary. Now, Alex came into a quiet rage when his huge fingers, a large man, instead of the necessary buttons fell on neighboring. He wrote a confession Victoria came to his liking, and she promised to call him. He was as excited as a child before Christmas in anticipation of a gift. His phone, he wrote to her immediately, acting by inertia, as always, when he went as a tank towards the goal. In addition, the telephone number was to convince Victoria to believe it is serious.
But she followed some of his line of conduct, without haste and without explaining anything to him. And finally, this moment arrived.
All the time Alex spent on objects or in his office. When she called him, Alex went to the car for the next object. He said "Hello, I'm listening" in his rough manner, rather it is just the thought that this is a normal tone. And then he was taken to task for this error:
- Do not you have to scream, you're almost deafened me!
- But I did not know + I did not expect that you +. - He lowered his tone and said these words softly, almost plaintively. He looked at who was sitting next to the superintendent, who pretended that nothing unusual happens. Although such a strange confused Alexei none of his subordinates had not seen yet.
- Now, when you're taking up, at first you will recognize my voice, and only then move on to your horrible ... boorish tone, if it would be a different person. But for that I will punish you.
- It's you, you + I did not expect, I began to lose hope.
- I have a task for you slave. I want you to be established as soon as possible on your computer web camera and a program that will allow you to run it. Because of your work, we will not soon be able to meet again, and I do not want to lose this opportunity - to use his slave. You understood me?
- Yes +, - he hesitated, was about remembering sitting next superintendent, and added a word which, in his view, reflected his respect for the mistress, and not so attracted outside attention. - Ma'am.
- You think I have not noticed that you are purposely substituted one word for another? - Asked a mocking voice on the phone, and he was relieved at heart, she was not angry for it. - You probably is not one?
- Well, in general, yes.
She paused.
- There must be a slave collar, I really like it when my slaves are in front of me in it. Buy one of these days, I do not hurry you, but as soon as you will acquire it, write to me about it and I'll go out to the network, including the camera, and you will see me.
When they arrived on the scene, Alexis simply shaking with an excess of emotion. This unexpected telephone call brought him out of balance. Alex immediately sent the superintendent, giving him a hundred different directions, just to get rid of out of sight. Having found several flaws in the facility, he did not even bother to make dressing. All his thoughts were on how to comply with the order. The phone rang, he picked it up with awe, although it was possible to see who is calling. Pleasant surprise today was enough - it is called the system administrator. "At catcher and the animal runs" Alex thought, and gave instructions to buy a camera and set today on his laptop.
- My God, he whispered in horror, - awkward kneeling in front of the camera, which looked ONA.- God, how it has managed me. It is a shame it is!
As a dating site he had not given his data and photos of course, too, was not it, he imagined that his mistress may have placed other people's photos. By the time he would have been glad that it turned out to be another. Not so beautiful and young.
- What are you whispering, slave? I hear it all! - Victoria laughed, and like so many bells fell upon komnate.- Now take off your clothes!
He went up to carry out the order.
- Hey, slave, are you stunned! Who allowed you to get up? - Her melodious voice was suddenly cold.
- But Madam, I'm on my knees! How can I take off my clothes in that position ?!
- And what is the tone for the slave? Come on, two shades below! That's what you're subordinates so to speak! Back on your knees! Take off your clothes, so I ordered.
I had to obey. From inconvenience for some reason it was even more ashamed. It also humiliates him, he realized. This realization is almost reconciled him. After all the humiliation he was looking for. And pain. But about this, he still did not dare tell her. Only pain can atone for his guilt for everything that had happened in his life. Removing all, he suddenly realized that now he is still ashamed of her body. It was ugly. And now she saw it. He will laugh, he thought, and made a mistake.
- Are you never undressed in front of a woman? - Said Victoria, and added. - I like the way you looked at the collar. But it seems that it is small.
- Yes, ma'am, but the other was not. I did not shoot him for several hours.
- Why?
- I put it in the store and could not be removed. It's such a strong feeling! I rode so in the car through the city, and I went there in the office.
- Are you crazy? You can see all the staff!
- No, no one has seen. I still went, called to all go home. I let go of all, Ms.
- Oh well. Once you no one saw. How I behaved salesman in a sex shop, when you paid for the purchase of standing in the collar?
They continued to talk about something. Alex was distracted, the situation seemed to him some unreal. Here he is on his knees, naked, in his office, which recently held a meeting, and he scolded his subordinates. Before him tremble, afraid of his anger, and now he is afraid.
That something does not please the mistress Victoria, her mood suddenly for no reason at all will change. + And then he had no idea what might happen then. Then he heard that she told him through his mind, and did not want to believe it. While there is nothing she does not want the beyond.
- I want to see how my slave Jerking. And I'll let you finish.
"Oh my God!", Flashed through my head. "Like this?"
From the very beginning it had a feeling of shame. When a woman undress this is one thing, but to masturbate in front of her - it's a bit more humiliation, more acute. Masturbation many men - it had always a feeling of guilt, because to admit someone, even to yourself, that you are engaged in masturbation disgrace and shame. Although, in all his teenage years, this was done secretly, including Alexei, but somehow secretly and alone.
- Yes, my lady, how do you want - a language somehow stir until he answered.
- Be comfortable that I could see. - She commanded. - Sideways! Now otodvinsya little back! Well, the faster!
Oh, how he was ashamed. However, he said:
- I'm a slave to my Mistress, and if anything, I'll be the dirtiest slave.
So, it turns out, it is one thing when you masturbate alone, both when near someone, especially a woman. This feeling arises that the woman you are not good for nothing, except to masturbate in front of her. Women always appreciate men. Especially for what concerns manhood. Therefore, in the first minutes Alexey experienced incredible fear - that a woman would despise this man, then came the humiliation and the feeling that he is not subject itself, and it is only a continuation of the will of Mrs.
When in the course of masturbation came a pleasant moment, that is, he already excited and his cock stood like a stake, reached a point where there were mixed feelings - a sense of sensuality, desire to sexual pleasure, humiliation and a desire to please Madame. At this point, the consciousness automatically released him, and he felt that he already is a pleasure not to himself, and she, her humiliation and unusual events. Alex heard, and then saw her (he kept forgetting that the camera is turned on in both directions), signs of excitation, rapid breathing, intermittent speech. And he felt it necessary to Ms.
It was something that he could and would give a woman. Her excitement and possible discharge, all right within it. Later, thinking, he realized that Mrs. enough opportunities to get all of this without him, and sexual arousal and satisfaction. And it was nice to feel wanted and at the same time it's strange for him the desire to become better, just like that, without any conditions. And maybe it is ever appreciate. May be...
But the interesting thing started when he remembered that she told him to lick sperm. Here there was a strong opposition to it. Before that, he naively thought that happy slizhet his sperm, but when finished - the idea "No way I will not!". Rab gradually moved away from the drug voluptuous orgasm. And if before his situation seemed unreal, but now his mind was beginning to be aware of what is going on - "You - on his knees, naked, in front of the woman you jerk off, she could see it and now you finished and must now lick and swallow the sperm". Make it turned out to be incredibly difficult.
- Well, what are you standing like a statue, a slave?
Alex would like to say that it can not, it's too much for him.
He wanted to say "Madam, if I refuse to do something pleasing to you, hang back, do not pay attention - I want it! Stand your ground! Order! And I will obey!"But he did not do so and continued to stand in silence. Of course, she could not read his thoughts ... but something apparently caught Victoria:
- I want you, slave licked his sperm! I want it! And you do it!
Victoria hypnotized him his unyielding desire to achieve submission. Now he is not even a thought, what would happen if he refused. The path is only one - to execute the order. His head slowly, reluctantly bowed to the floor, and he began to lick sperm. The importance of the moment replaced disgust, he was filled with his new humiliation.
Long after the evening wonderful sense of unusual freedom never left him. It seemed he shrugged off his incredibly heavy burden.
The next time he prudently undressed. Then I turn on the camera. And whom he wanted so to deceive, one wonders?
-As a slave, you'll dress now and then on his knees, undress, as it should be a slave, my servant, and me as it should be - Victoria added, seeing that he wants to object.
He began to climb, looking around in search of clothes. Somehow, he at once forgot where to put it. Again, it was waiting for Lady discontent.
- You got why?
- Because you told me to!
- And to ask permission to do so? Remember servant! You have to at all, I repeat everything, asking my permission! Especially at the beginning of a relationship, when you still do not understand and do not feel the mistress. Someday we will go on this level. But this takes time, and most importantly experience. Do you understand me, boy?
Groaning at the thought that in the words of the girls (so easily call him a boy) is not only the desire to humiliate him and to remind once again, that it forced people, and on their own, but also a fair amount of common sense. Alexei resigned and tried to answer as much as possible polite.
- Yes, ma'am, I think I understand.
- I want you to masturbate, as well as the last time.
Alex, still confused, he began to stroke himself. After a while, when his dick was already quite excited, servant heard a strange question. As if it is not watched it so intimate process.
- What are you doing now a slave?
- Ma'am, I rukobludnichayu.
- What is the reason?
- I'm a slave, and if you like my mistress.
- You do not understand me, I asked, how do you even occurred to me to engage in this?
- But, madam, you told me to!
- I could not order this.
Now, too, though Alex was confused, but he realized that Madame wanted, so in this example of an innocent female inconstancy, to show their power over him.
- Oh yes, Your Excellency, of course not, I beg you, forgive his slave.
- You are completely dissolved!
- I am your servant, and only yours, I dreamed about it and that I begged you to allow.
- Alex Relax, I'm kidding. And how do you your madcap mistress? - Victoria had fun with all the heart, watching the servant tries to adapt to its whims. His face was streaming sweat, which he could not even wipe, he was already scared to ask about Mrs.
- You beauty! You just naughty! I'm happy!
When the meeting was over, he felt an extraordinary comfort and peace of mind. It was an unusual feeling. In his submission, he no longer saw the humiliation, on the contrary, it was lifted. He wanted to do something, to write poetry, sing, perform feats. For her sake! Just for the sake of her haughty glance. Only to again and again to see her eyes, hear her commanding voice. Who does not make sense to him. No money, to which he aspired, nor work, nor his loneliness.
Only she! His Mistress! His Goddess! Why so? Surely, it is not normal? If it is not normal, why? And what can be considered normal? Or Normality is what you wanted so much all these years, and you do not even know about it. Maybe it is the normality, something that brings joy, that brings you to a state of floating. When all the problems solve themselves when all questions find their answer, and when she is, that won him that commands them as a boy. How many years for that to learn this? Entire life! Now everything will be different. Now everything will be as she wants! This was his newfound freedom.
Before meeting with Victoria Alex decided to test themselves and flying to Florida on business, he visited the cabin, where he chose himself "Ms.". In similar places he often looked for available sex, before they realized that the same can be found online on the dating sites. Under the guise of massage parlors operated brothels, where customers satisfied in full. That's just before it somehow did not come up with the idea to buy Madame services. He chose a dark-haired girl in the catalog, because she looked at a photo of strict. He explained what it expects action.
Him "forced to" absolutely naked in only one tiny bathroom apron wash cloth. "Punish" behind "bad" diligence kick ass sharp heel, and "make" check the cleanliness of the bath, washed licking surface. Everything went according to plan, but Megan was the name of a Woman, a few embarrassed and kick turned uncertain and therefore not brought this humiliation. Alex always remember that this is just a game that will stop immediately if he wants to. And this girl just a doll, and the doll in his hand. Alex if experienced humiliation, then because he seems to have made a mistake, and money can not buy those feelings. Then came the turn of the strap.
Penetration was rude and inept, despite the abundant lubrication, and the main failure was purely mechanical action of her hips. Megan did not care. Of course, he tried to concentrate solely on their feelings, but they were not. It does not help even a verbal "insults"Who also negotiated in advance. All the time he expected, when it's a sense of subordination of euphoria and hope that comes from the thrill of humiliation, but the feeling that he was wrong, became stronger.
He paid a great tip, and the girl's eyes lit greedy flames, she quickly pacified, but he could see them. Otherwise it would have gone. Still, how helpful all the time aware of the money and their meaning. Megan became extremely affectionate, and if he did not see that it actually moves, you would have believed. Meditating in the right direction (if the client has shown such generosity, he really liked), Megan began to offer him a wonderful sex, such as he wants. Even to hint that they might live together, and she would do everything he loves.
The poor girl did not know what happened to him during the session and did not have and a little bit of feminine intuition. Generous remuneration was paid only because Alex, in fact, was a good man, and he knew that the girl did not bring him the expected sensation, her guilt was not.
Alex wanted to tell her mistress Victoria about the visit to a brothel, but does not dare. As far as he knew Madame, she was unpredictable, and could banish. Victoria, when she found out, very angry, and even hung up, but then, thinking forgiven servant. For this event - forgiveness - he should make shoes. She was recently looking through photos on the theme of bondage and saw such.
It was a strong test for Alexei. While serving in Afghanistan, he was captured and spent several months here in such stocks. It is only in the movies seems insignificant event, but it's different in life. The obstinacy of his character, fortitude, hope of salvation, a coincidence, all this together played a role. On that day, it would be transported to some remote village in the mountains, and the pads removed. They moved for some mountain road, was a fine drizzling rain. Spirits summed carelessness. Suddenly there were four Soviet helicopter and almost point-blank shot by their caravan.
Only he survived and his escort. The plaque turmoil, Alex was able to quietly pick up some killed Dushman ... gun. Without hesitation, he killed his guard and decided to go down the gorge, where the helicopters landed in the hope that comes to its own. Apparently there is a god, then thought Alex - five days later it completely exhausted our guys paratroopers who carried out exploration mountain trails.
He did not like to make mention of it. And now he had to make exactly the pads, which might put it, a slave of their own accord.
Late into the night he polished wood, and then infiltrated his stain, and then covered with three layers of varnish, he worked like a man possessed, because the sooner it is finished and will block mistress, the more likely it is swept away by anger at the mercy. Alex started working at a construction site, going through all the work from the bottom, and knew absolutely everything about the construction business, it is a great help to him in the creation of his own company, in the management of people, especially when it was necessary to check the work. All the workers know - fool his quality of work is not possible, and the dismissal of such a wise guy was guaranteed.
Then find somewhere permanent and well-paid job would be difficult. Alexei company was with the best reputation in the entire state of New Jersey.
Pads were obtained as in the picture, because he did it with love. They were in the picture - the slave did a photo to her mistress. Victoria was happy as a child. That evening, they even discussed the details of the meeting, as both feel - it's time to meet.
And the day when they will see each other personally, come. Victoria decided that he would come to New York for the day and spend it with him. The meeting was scheduled for an hour a day at the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Why there remained a mystery to him. Similarly, he did not understand what prevented him go. It seemed so far away. Beauty and the Beast, he thought. After a while she began to show signs of impatience, consider others, and call someone, it seems. From cowardice, he hung up and decided it was time to leave, has not yet caught her eye. Then I do not get out.
Alex dared to call her in three weeks. To say that he had come, but stood looking at a distance, not daring to approach. What he was not worthy. Oh, how Victoria was angry, he was hoping that the three weeks she go, calm down. Again, he got scared and hung up, realizing that perhaps this their relationship ended.
Then he lost all of her contacts, the phone did not answer, probably, is to change the number. Life back in the groove, he again began to meet girls for one night. Sometimes Alex caught myself thinking that the events that have occurred since it was only a dream.
January 2008
Lady Anna