Strange people

Before his eyes, all somewhere to swim away. For cloudy eyes ran endless film into trees, houses, passers-by, surprise looking at a young man, rushing headlong, blindly. His crazy eyes cleared the way to the body, which, as it seemed from the outside, completely lost reason. However, if he himself saw, you probably joined the majority. His view was worth it. Muddy, his favorite shoes completely lost imposed their luster and have found their own color, just choose from a crocodile swamp. Earphone from cell drag on the ground as the leash, giving its owner a view to disrupt the dog chain. The tie hung like a white flag thrown out. His eyes did not look anywhere specifically, but seemed to revolve around its own axis, as if trying to jump out, the body is clearly not keep pace with them. Heart blood is pushed to the beat of a voice came to mind: "What to do, what to do ..." It is only these two words swirled in his head like a broken record, all the past hours. Their meaning he had long ceased to understand, but still clutching at them as a last hope. Finally, he was exhausted. Baffled, I sat on the dirty pavement, clutching his fingers, as if afraid that he will disappear. And suddenly froze, as if for the first time aware of it. What used to be just one of many words, it is now quite different - a huge, intractable perception of the mind of a stranger being. And in my head rushed scattered thoughts, people, events, causing an overwhelming desire to turn off the lights ...

"So, then I - dead, the walking dead"- Thrown sentence in a state of prostration, but at the same time, more out of habit, he joked. The doctor carefully, professionally put eyes looked at him, then looked silently at the wall, like a birch uveshenny coconuts Agitplakat about the correct sexual life. He pulled a face as if he saw something extraordinarily interesting, finally, looked back, and with measured calm undertaker, said: "Well, why the f dead, why so harsh, you are a healthy, um, almost healthy young man, and HIV - AIDS have not yet, so sleep is calm"- He smiled the doctor. "Usually painful symptoms in healthy people are coming after several years". His head flashed the idea to strangle this chiropractor, but most unfortunately could not find the response from the hands that, like the rest of the body fell into a stupor. Enveloping mist grew heavier and more impenetrable. Now it was divided into what was before that day, and after. Everything takes on a new hue: and careers, and friends, and purpose, and sex. Even more. Everything that was previously disappeared, and instead of the former has come to replace the ghostly caricature reflection. It does not stand, as it seemed to him now, and minute attention ....

Pain in the fingers curled a sharp stone, returned it on bare asphalt. And pick up a cold coming autumn evening cooled the body and soul. He saw a man sitting on the opposite side of the street homeless, which is very bad looking in his direction. On the dirty face showed signs of not hefty efforts to create a mental activity whose purpose apparently was an attempt to define it benefactor, the victim or a competitor, and, accordingly, taken further action. Without waiting for the opening of these same actions, the young man stood up slowly, brushed clothes and, once again wearing the first time in many years, lost confidence, went to the side of the road and began to catch a private trader - his car at the time he left the haze around the clinic. Vile wind howling, raising a whirlwind of dead leaves, and he responded in echoes carrion. But in this barren emptiness of infancy it has a new feeling. Now he knew what to do. "AT "helicoprion", - He said to the driver administrator familiar voice.

"helicoprion" I met, as usual, in the blinding flashes of dim halls. Representing "Club for all"He it was, and de facto, bringing in its bowels as young people, thanks to the free passage, and the more solid people, thanks to the availability of the young people themselves. There is nothing especially not happy, so everything was based solely on improvisation and inspiration have come to relax and have fun. And it is here it is again, once again went into the water so familiar. Flickering before the eyes of female body has already begun to take half-naked appearance. In oral Hall on a pedestal two young lesbian housewife played something similar to wrestling, screwy guy trying to get in "a sandwich"It was ruthlessly to throw out a general approval. The crowd is already split into pairs, triplets, and other types of temporary communities, but the meal time is not yet come. The average blood alcohol level of the audience relentlessly rushed to the top, stuffy air heated bodies prevented even breathe. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he began to consider carefully the girls around him. Blood began to run stronger instinctive inner tremors preceding pleasure reminded of the past, but now in his temples pounded new, not yet seen before, hammers. "Bitches". In his pupils flashed blondes, brunettes, unbuttoned dress, smeared lips licked. "Suki, who is one of you infected me. Probably, there is the red. Well sure, last week held up his ass without even wiping it after some kid. Or she was a blonde. Hell I do not remember. No, just different. That we fucked a couple over there in that corner. She has even been torn pantyhose. FEMALES. Damn. Because of them, I must die. NO. You may get." He walked slowly, like a smoke, went from room to room, is constantly faced with merry body weight. Around rack around his neck hung a girl with red lipstick circled eyes and swollen lips, instantly slipped into his mouth and tongue became violently hands thumb member, leaning on his chest, like a sailor Zhelezniak an enemy pillbox. He roughly pushed her, spat, and already wanted to kick rasprostavsheesya, with divorced feet body, but it already came down several people of different sexes, and he hurried out of the way of moaning tangle of live meat. Tired of mindless walking, he sat down with a bottle of beer to his table in the smoky hall. There was more relaxed, at least not the air shudders cries, plunged in an orgasm, and no one climbed on the table in an attempt to show the self-made strip, begins right at least to remove her bra. Only in the far corner of a quite mature couple indulged in a warming caress. And then he saw her. He immediately realized that this was the one that he wanted. It was the burning brunette with short hair, dressed in an expensive evening dress, which made her the mistress rather more naked than dressed. The contours of the face dark cosmetics emphasized. She stared at him, unblinking, seductive eyes, running a fingertip along the edge of the glass with a cocktail. Obviously, it does not belong to the Youth Orava, which is entered in the club only desire - to discharge in any way. It was clear that she was used to the expensive and elected sensations, and perhaps today she wanted a macho street, able to take the bull pressure of his prey, bringing it with pleasure and pain realization of complete dependence. He smiled his charming smile, each time bringing him always grand prix. "Here you bitch, I Poimena. For you I'm just playing, well, you get him, and along with my personal present for". He went to her table, while his eloquence favorites Pearl has sent from his brain to the larynx.

He quietly closed the door behind him and looked around slowly. But the apartment was dark, and all items have spread out their forms, leaving only a vague spot ... for the eyes. Fumbling on the walls, and in the end, almost tripping over a low table, he left all attempts to find the switch and tried to use the seventh sense, but also to no avail. Attracted his attention round object hanging on the wall, appeared to touch some mask with protruding fangs. "Africa must"- Flashed through my mind.
"Where are you? Come here ... macho"- He heard her laughter, there was another room.
"Well"- With pleasure, he thought. "It's time to pay". And firm step he went caught fire light.
He was amazed. Bedroom, small itself, produced a great effect thanks to almost completely fill its giant seksodromu. The very centrally located, it was a center of the solar system, the walls of which were located various satellites and planets in the form of various relevant attributes from the stand with record specimens of dildos and ending S&M stand as a wall reared with a set of tools for punishment. "Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the erotic" - Flashed through his mind. On the appointment of the majority of these items, he could only guess. These guesses are not forced to wait. Generally it is not just with his friends after work went to sex shops, but there was not like this. Apparently, this collection is going all over the world, and it was evident that it is exposed is not just for viewing. He turned his startled gaze to the one that brought him here. Carelessly dropped on the floor dress finally completely opened what it all night unsuccessfully trying to hide. Beautiful, highly placed breasts, a medium-sized manila dense and dark, is already beginning to swell nipples. White skin contrasted vividly with the dark hair and a neatly trimmed even darker fuzz under the belly. Punctured stomach demanded immediate weasels. Putting one foot on the edge of the bed, she smiled slyly, slowly beckoned him with a finger. "Well, you stopped? Come here". And he has not yet emerged from the state of stagnation, as in a dream began to tear off his clothes, barely wondering how somnambulist walking on her seductive voice. His head flashed the thought "Heck, maybe you should not". But then, he abruptly checked himself: "Bitch it, if he came to the club. Got its". Finally, undressed, he jumped at it over the bed .. and missed.

Only now he began to realize how much he missed. At the head of something hollow booze, making it difficult to focus, eyelids were heavy and did not want to get up ... He groaned and opened his eyes. Dark high ceiling, the dim light coming from somewhere to the left, the quiet rustling. And that was all that could be seen from here. Deciding to look around, he tried to get up. "Heck!" Then he swore roughly, but then stopped, trying not to lose his composure. Probably, already a couple of hours, at least, he thought, looking at her hands. They are already quite stiff, while in metal handcuffs with a dull yellow tint. "I never thought that I would play the role of King of the Jews". It was quite uncomfortable to lie on a wooden cross, and even crucified by all the rules. "Good thing this homebrew Pilate was napryazhenka with nails"- He tried to cheer yourself up. But the joke that is not inspired. And there was no audience. Twitched a couple of times, he left this occupation, decided not to represent a rabbit caught in a snare. Value think. But there was no time to think. he noticed some movement the corner of his eye. Someone was approaching. Someone very quietly approached. Closing his eyes, he pretended to be asleep, but his ears were open.

"Listen, we are still the same to prepare for Matan"- Nervously shifting from foot to foot, whispered in his ear Olga Marina. "Shh - start now, you will not regret"- Interrupted by her best friend, she was completely absorbed by the fact that someone was looking out into the darkness. Olga shivered in the room was quite cold, and some have been around strangers. You should not have to go all the same. Turning to her friend, she saw with horror that she was gone. Panic was growing slowly inside. "ONLY without hysteria, without hysterics"- Closing his eyes, as the spell began to repeat it. All the hysteria were in Nizhny Pohrebysche in sickly yellow one-storey school with sick pointers, in a wooden house with peeling paint and a mother cries, on a narrow bridge, from which the first love was drowned. Who started all first. All is forgotten. Moscow, Institute, new people, new, you have to be fashionable, you have to be in the jet. "walking together", Her friend was one of the activists, and that now she dragged her along as said at the meeting. People around really were, but not together, and the queue moving slowly forward. Around listened to whisper a few words could make out, but what was said Olga could not grasp. In the far corner of all slipping into a tight group. Suddenly, there was some kind of a hand and grabbed her by the arm, dragged him into the darkness: "Come on, I arranged for us to jump the queue". A sigh of relief, Olga trotted her friend. "Here's what is written in the members of the movement? Yes?" "Well, to some extent"- In response to that hemmed. Making his way through the ranks of the discordant, Olya something else to ask, but more than anything in the response is not received. Pushing her way through the elbows people, Marina finally climbed into the front ranks, and pushed for a girlfriend. The young man is crucified also lay on his back, just out of the mouth stuck a gag made from scraps of party flags and pants were undone on plowing. Above it hung some sort of a girl, and slowly but rhythmically fell to a member, at the bottom tied with a green string. The guy obviously did not get the pleasure, he does seem to have been felt nothing, just stared numbly dilated pupils jumping on his chest in front of him. "Well, enough already"- I heard a man's voice. A young man in a suit came up and removed the girl. "This is our ideologist"- Right in the ear whispered Marina. "Help the-ka"- He called his assistants. The other two guys have put aside their diplomats, slowly approached, and poddernuv pants, squatted and began to untie the legs crucified. Then, seizing him by the ankle, they put his feet up. "Wonderful"- Said ideology and unbuttoned his pants.