Under balo nap time, the teacher with the nurse sat in the kitchen and chatted. All the children were asleep. Not only slept Valery.
Nearby stood Irki bed, judging by the breath she did not sleep. Valery drew me Irkin blanket.
- Give. Without much anger hissed Ira, the room was warm.
Valery released the blanket and turned his back to Irke. Under the blanket he lowered his shorts and put on display Irke ass. He turned and looked at Irkin reaction. Girl without much embarrassment looked at Valerkiny pale (in comparison with the rest of the tanned body) buttocks.
- Show your ass.
Ira turned to the side and put on the screening of his ass. Irkin ass was as tanned as the whole body.
- Are you on the beach was without panties?
- Yes.
- Is it possible?
- Mom says little as possible. Even Kolya, my brother was without panties, and he was in the second class of walks, in the south, all children
no panties tan.
- And no one is shy?
- Nope.
- A pussy you can show?
Ira lifted the blanket and saw Valery compressed between the legs girl narrow slit of her five-year recording.
- Let me touch it.
- And you let her.
Valery willingly lifted the blanket and pulled her panties almost to her knees. Ira reached out and touched his index finger to his five-year struchk. Valery, in turn, studied the finger pussy girls. At the touch Irkin pisya was warm and soft.
He tried to poke a finger in the hole. Ira little spread her legs, and the boy's finger found the tiny folds of labia minora and thick pea her clitoris children. Ira sharply squeezed legs and slightly twitched.
- That tickles.
Valery removed his finger from the hole and began to feel the soft labia majora. Touch Valerkinyh fingers awakened bottom Irkin tummy pleasant, kake often arise kagda mom to wash her.
Ira gently with two fingers took the head Valerkinogo member and lightly squeezed. In response to this Valerkin pisyun quickly began to harden. Ira looked down and saw that pisyun become longer and thicker.
- And what happened to your pussy?
- It always happens when touched. My mother says that I should not touch, so not nice and even pisyun may break off.
Ira in fright dismissed member.
- Do not be afraid, do not break off. I have many times touched nothing.
- Why are you touching?
- What do you mean why. From this tickles done and so horosh that appear on the skin pimples.
- And I, too, when no one sees sometimes pussy finger and rub too tickled done, and so horosh that even on the feet not resist.
- How do you do that?
Ira launched her finger in the pussy and fingering a treasured place, began to drive a finger up and down at the same time it is drawn into a tanned tummy and relaxed, Dahane was stray and participation.
- Let's touch it tidy. Ira whispered. Valery moved closer and Ira continuing with one hand to finger pussy took in the palm of his little scrotum. From this pisyun it became even harder.
- Show and you how you do it. Sparkling eyes Ira said.
Valery took two fingers pisyun the tip and slightly pulled back the skin, show the tip of a dark red head.
Gradually teaching the rhythm Valery started to drive on pisyun fingers back and forth. From this it became like a stone dart.
- Let's you and me I tell you. He suggested Valery.
- Come on.
Valery stuck his finger in Irkin crack and felt that there was slippery. Finger quickly found the seal in the top of the slits and the boy boldly pressed with a finger. Ira adapts to the penis a little longer, she could not so ably led by Valery like pisyun.
Finally she took pisbn in kulachk and become open and close it by calling in Valery's muraschki throughout the body. First he finished Ira. She twitched all over and squeezed his hand Valerkinu legs, as well as at least squeezed in a cam member of the boy, forced to finish his. Valery twitched and snorted, his penis several times greatly reduced, and even in the ass something sank.
After that, the children quickly fell asleep. Nanny had to wake them up separately, so soundly they slept.