Holiday fun

In that year, Olga and her parents, as always, lived in the summer in the country, more specifically, the parents all the days of the week except Saturday and Sunday, was carried out in Moscow and Olga lived permanently only deaf and indifferent to everything except newspapers and dominoes grandfather. Cottage was big winter, with a large plot, where the trees grew in the forest, and most of the space occupied huge neglected garden. It was a paradise for games, running around, pryatalok and less innocent fun. Olga's parents rented part of cottages and an outbuilding with three rooms educated family, also to Muscovites, consisting of father, mother and daughter. Dad and Mom were absorbed in each other, often leaving, leaving the daughter in the care of the owners, and pinned special hopes on the older and more responsible, Olga; They were very happy that the girls become friends.
Olga really looked at two or three years older than her thirteen years. She already perfectly formed bust, proudly lifts the fabric of her yellow T-shirt, elastic hips and decent ass, tempting covered with denim shorts. Olga had long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail elastic, and slightly slanted from the impurities of the Korean blood brown eyes.
About to seduce her neighbor to testify - blue-eyed fair-haired shy Ale - Olga began to dream ever since spied the girl when she wrote in the raspberry patch. At pissing Eli was creamy, not tanned ass, but between the legs in the crotch already could see the golden curls of hair. This curl of hair especially stirred the imagination of Olga ... she imagined him every time lying in a hammock, or alone in the bedroom in the afternoon, she reaches into her panties, and finally squeezed his fingers languishing clitoris. This was fun to open it for a long time, four years ago, and growing and growing, maturing body of this beautiful maiden imperiously demanded new sensations. She liked it when walking tight jeans or shorts rubbed the crotch, and sometimes she loved to masturbate almost publicly, with friends, riding a log or tree trunk. While friends hunted stories or telling jokes, she quietly rubbing clitoris on his perch, and could in two hours to reach multiple orgasms delicious. More Olga liked the excitement when the bladder is full, then she rubbed her crotch by hand, and only when she felt that the already unbearably want to use the toilet, and was in a hurry to retire in a few seconds to bring themselves up to strong orgasm. However, a couple of times after that she did not have time to remove the pants, but also to write in her panties too liked. The same can not be said about Ele ... Once Olga was able to see, as a girl, before reaching the toilet, lifted her skirt, sat down and described ... right on the garden path. And then, crimson with shame and relief, quickly ran to change clothes and wash.
...So, Olga dreamed of El passionately virgin, but corrupt aspiring whores. They were friends, Olga and succeeded several times under the guise cuddle only the beginning denoted girls chest to hold her hand between her legs, untwist the hair, but El yet never undressed when Olga and took off with her panties. Although she clearly liked it when Olga in their frank games took on the role of an adventurous prince or a boy, hugged and kissed her, pressed to the wall or to the couch; El felt a strange heaviness in the stomach, sweet aching pain between the legs when walking Olga's hands over her body.
Once Olga waited until her and Elina's parents leave for Moscow, and grandpa go on a visit to the wartime friend and invited to play in El rape.
- and what is rape? - Naively asked this innocent child, in his eleven and a half years only to read fairy tales and Russian classics, and TV Viewers only cartoons and all those same children's stories.
- And where are the children, too, do not you know? - Olga decided to go for broke.
- From the stomach, - Elia said, but not very confident.
- And in the stomach where?
- Well ... where?
Olga smiled with a superior ...
- In general, so ... first guy sticks his pipisku in the female, and then from that a child is born. Understood?
- e da ... Hey, why do men do this?
- Well, as you say ... The thing is that it's very nice ...
- Nicely? - Elia made a face. - Pipisku poke in pipisku? What do you mean! It's disgusting!
- And here and there, - said Olga mysterious ... she had these conversations already solidified clitoris, and began to wet the entire crotch. But she held back, knowing that if the scare Ale - a girl never give her the complete disposal of their naked body, and even more so - her own pussy with virgin lips and golden curl in the lower abdomen.
- It's so nice, especially at the end, that men sometimes rape women, to feel it. They want to, they can not help it. But for women it is also very nice. Especially (here Olga breath), if you start to do it first with a woman and a man - only when you grow up.
Then Olga realized that beat Eli ... mouth with full red lips were moist eyes were curious and at the same time languid ... She understood where tends girlfriend and was obviously not averse to try rape.
Moreover, that the country they were alone, and the hot and humid weather its disposal to ensure that the strip. The game's plot was this girl ... (Ale) goes to the store, the guy (Olga), watching her with a well-defined intentions.
She leaves without buying anything, but remember that I forgot the bag, and wants to return. It was then she falls into the hands of a guy who gives her the bag, and then dragging the garden and rapes heartily ... visited very quickly, and within five minutes of breathless excitement Olga received into the arms of a broken and submissive Elvira.
Olga had put the girl in the thick moss grown on abundant site among the pines, he lifted the hem of her pink sundress and lay on top of her, so that her mound of Venus joined with in all respects virgin mound Ele. Going into the image, Olga unzipped n shorts, and pretending that takes the member, vigorously pushes her ass, making men frictions. She was beside herself with delight, her clit rubbed against the rough denim shorts, but shorts and Olga felt by touching the clitoris Eli, who was also excited and tense, and now Eli crotch was burning with desire as much as Olga. Elya, wildly excited, but get less satisfaction than an experienced friend, began to move toward her, and she liked it a lot more. One can safely say that this pleasure from the game she never experienced. Orgasm Olga approached, growing in it with irresistible force, but vdurg she realized that as soon as the finish, immediately described.
-Al, I have to stop ...- embarrassed she admitted, but Elya grabbed her shoulders and hugged her stronger ...
- Oh no! Not now! Do not stop me now ... oooo !!!!! OOOOOOoooooo !!!! AAAAAA !!!
El huddled in the throes of the first orgasm of her life, and she immediately Olga roughly finished, and, of course, immediately described.
-Al, I'm sorry, I so wanted to stay ... I have this happen after orgasm.
... But Elya was not offended and frightened. Sly looked at Olga, she suggested ...
-Come-in shower. Together!
Since then they have played the game almost every day, until the end of summer. Two years later they were joined by the boys, but that's another story ...