Spring Fever

Despite the apparent warming of spring this year, and really it was not. Until mid-April was snow that suddenly melted in a mere 10 days, and there was in truth the summer heat. Needless to say that the study was the last of what we thought at the time. When Masha tried to Lenka still attend lectures and workshops, the rest gave up and hoped that the great Russian "maybe" somehow, and we will draw on the session. Most often, all our fun campaign could catch on the fountain in a state of ecstasy beer and sunshine, our faces back and tanned hands, and we stand out from the pale fellow students, do not allow yourself to take time off from school.
Actually that memorable May Thursday (or is it still was Friday?) Did not differ from the previous three weeks spent at the walls of his native faculty. We sat on the fountain, standing beside an opened box of beer, the sun beat down mercilessly on our Bent cards back.
Played in borax. Sergei, Dima, and I Tanyuha, Katka spied on all cards and pretended that no one tells, and we, in turn, pretended not to notice her desperate winks. I shamelessly won that infuriated our queen.
- Well, no, obviously cheating! I just still can not figure out what, but it's obvious! It can not do you so frankly Fort all the time! - Indignantly exclaimed Tanya.
- It's because no one gives Toshka, - said Dima, intently looking at his cards.
At this point I was indignant:
- Oh wow?! And then how do you know? Are you holding a candle to me?
- So for you to be seen. You have written on my forehead "no one gives me".
- If I have it written on my forehead, it is interesting what you have written? Give me someone I'm still a virgin?
- Nope - Dima smiled dreamily - I have written "Yesterday I spent an unforgettable night in the company of two sisters.
- What-oh-oh-oh? - We responded in unison.
- Come on let's Don Juan, tell me - Tanya demanded.
- Yes, what is there to talk. Well, yesterday I met at a club one, she says, come to my house I Rodak not. Well, I'm human, and I went. Rodak's home really was not, but it was her sister. In general, word for word, glass after glass and turned.
-Yeah ... - but I still could have the answer? I did not have sex for three weeks already, since I totally screwed it fell to obschazhnym girls.
For five minutes we paddled cards in silence. It was noticeable that all of us were impressed Dimkina confession. I do not know what to think our ladies, but personally I envied him.
The silence as always broke Tanya. Efficiently adjusting bra (and undress to the waist and a public sunbathing already included in our habit), it is peremptory voice demanded:
- So, everything is clear with Dima, now let you kolites when where with whom the last time you fucked!
Serge puzzled looked at her:
- Straight and to report what?
- Well, what we girls here or what? Come on tell me very interesting! - Yeah convince our star was able to.
- Well, let's say the day before yesterday, one girl from the hostel.
- I know her?
- Hardly. She Biology Department.
- Clearly, now you Tosh.
- Not well, but what I have at once? Let out Katya says, and you, too, do not be silent, - cleverly and naturally I got out.
- I do not remember when was the last time - at least what I deftly parried Katka.
- Yeah, so I believed.
- Fair! I do not know, or was not, and if it was, it certainly can not remember from whom. We were so drunk.
- Well, you give a mother. That there should be the same way.
- It happens. Hunger was not calculated the force. Well, you Tanyuha that silent?
- I had on Monday with one of my friend with an Internet subculture. All. Or do you want the details?
- No thank you my dear, we Dimkinyh details enough - well, I could not say that I dream to hear how it happened? Of course he could not. They in fact only show that you're interested - just sit down on the neck.
Tanya barely noticeably swelled, it was obvious that she was expecting a different reaction:
- Well, - she said - now you kolis.
- Nuuuu .. let's say it was a week ago.
- A week? Strangely, a week ago we were celebrating a birthday in a hostel and went to sleep all together in Lehi in the room, something I do not remember that someone "stir". - Tanya frowned and squinted mischievously.
- So the day before or the next day. Damn what do you care!
- Hehe Dimon, and you seem to was right - she smiled - well it does not matter, do not be offended Tosh, I'm not out of malice, so keep the conversation going.
- What do I find the topic - I muttered.
The topic has been closed, but the bad feeling remained. I could repeat a million times that they invented, and that nothing they did not have, but it's comforting weak. I - a handsome man, in the prime of precisely those same forces, the very charm and glamor and so on and so forth. And what? Nothing. I was so upset that completely ceased to follow the game and soon it was lost in the dust. Beer also come to an end and people began to gradually falls off. First was carried away on the wings do not know what Tanya as if casually mentioned that her Internet boyfriend already exhausted all without contemplating its ethereal beauty. Then he went with Sergey Dima, well that is not mocked simply said that it was time and that's it. As a result, we are left alone with Katya.
- You, too, somewhere in a hurry? - I asked a little edgy tone.
- By the way there, and there is nothing on me vent their dissatisfaction libido!
- Sorry, Th-I took too close to the heart of these our sexual revelations.
- Nothing wrong. Better to say, you have any money? And then I just poltash, and the beer is over, if we're going to sit here also it is necessary to go for more.
I rummaged in his pockets and pulled out a crumpled pack of a dozen:
- I think you and I have enough for a beer.
- Hey, well, it can beer? And that will not run from it. Come buy vodka.
I admit I was taken aback. Katka, of course, saw God forbid, but one thing in the noisy company, and another thing when it comes almost alone. I expressed the same negative attitude to its proposal:
- Come on!
Quickly run for vodka and a bell, we have set up our asses back to the fountain. Since not particularly want to talk, we do not come up with anything more interesting than to start playing the fool on the strip, but that the game is not over too quickly, we decided that the winning bidder has the right to put one thing back. So we stretched the game as much as two-thirds of the bottle ... and then somehow imperceptibly almost naked Katya found herself in my lap, and her lips were dangerously close to mine. I can not say that I remember all the details of future idyll, as well as the great Odyssey called "I loved returning home" I know only that he woke up with a rather sore head, but the happy realization that my abstinence ended.
After entering the classroom, the first thing I found his eyes Katya and her confused look realized that not only I can remember what happened yesterday. Unfortunately our exchange of glances was intercepted Mrs. omnipresent.
- Taaaak. That's what I'm thinking? - Tone offended her mother, she said.
- What did you swallow? - How can I casually asked.
- All clear. There were two loneliness. No, well, I understand, but wear a neon icons, on which is written in huge letters "Yesterday we slept" what for?
I involuntarily looked at his sweater. As you would expect any badge I have not noticed:
- Tanya, this is none of your business. Go forest!
- So I was right! - She smiled happily, and show everyone your view that sees us through departed on a smoke break.
I exhaled with relief. All the same, it can reach anyone and my happiness that I so lightly. Going to Kate and a little trample on the spot, I still asked:
- I hope you do not regret?
- No and you?
- Me neither. I like it.
- Me too.
- Then it may happen again? - And where I got the nerve to come from I do not know.
- I am for. But I think I'll have to tell Tanya, she does not peel me alive until he knew all the details.
- Oh, and figs with it, tell me, I do not care - that I am such a good-natured man.
- Oh well - Kate smiled and gently kissed me on the lips.
And we repeat, this time sober, and then repeated again and again. When the session, we moved in with Katie in the apartment, which is free from the older generation due to the start of the summer season.
I can not say that I had a crush, no, I was just very good. I was comfortable, and the comfort was very important to me. In such a gracious frame of mind thanks to the insistence of Katkinym I surprisingly well passed the session and with quiet showers plunged into joy permanent relationship. In this pleasant semi-oblivion, I spent the whole summer and only woke up on the eve of the new academic year.