My grandfather

I want to tell you about my grandfather. My grandfather, a former sailor, sailed around the white light and has seen in his life a lot of interesting, after retirement he lived in is not a big village. His wife, his, my grandmother died long ago, and he is no longer, and never married. I was small and often spent his summers, where he taught me the tricks of our life is not easy. My grandfather was a strict, but fair. Years when he was 54, and I, respectively, 12. He had a beautiful house, with large, bright rooms, which was played in the morning sun, and the walls are covered with various strange things.
All the time he spent in caring for his farm and beautiful garden, which is laid by his grandfather. And I liked to help him, mimicking and copying everything he did and how. But once I was guilty, shooting a slingshot on the wheel, I broke the glass of the neighbors, and they complained to me. Santa promised them punish me, but he was too busy and punishment suffered on Saturday. And then came that Sabbath.
He called me in one of his huge rooms, where there was a wooden bench with a hole in the middle. He ordered me to take off my clothes. I knew what was coming, before me, have never flogged with rods, but I read about it in textbooks. I was terrified, but I knew that I deserve it. Pulling off his pants and shirt, I was completely naked and covered his hands testicles. Standing and shifting from foot to foot, looking at his grandfather, he can cancel his decision. But he, choosing a rod, he looked at me and ordered:
- Get down! And go to bed so that your pipiska hung in a hole in the shop!
I obediently lay down and fell into my pipiska hole swung freely under the bench. I stared at his grandfather, and he with me. In his hand he held the rod, then waved to her, and through the air rod struck the first blow.
- A! - I cried.
- You're lying, do not hurt, and so painful - and hit so swollen immediately suffused with blood first band.
- Look at me - his grandfather said. He rastyagnul pants and pulled out of there like a great thing for my pipisku only this size, I could not take my eyes off the subject.
- Take it into the hands of his penis and do like this - he ordered me. I watched as he squeezes her hand and caressed his subject. I could not take my eyes off of the subject, which was swelling and erectile poured force. I liked to look at him. I dutifully reached under the bench until his pipiski, and began looking at his grandfather to do the same movement. And he finally took off his pants in one motion pulled off his shirt and was like me completely naked. It was beautiful, my grandfather, his body hardened on seven winds in their years retained its strength. His black hair, touched with gray light sparkled in the light, and gray eyes sparkled. Lips, opening, pronouncing some words, but I have not heard them.
He was tall, dense, not much outstanding in front of belly, gave him the charm. Hairy his chest was broad and strong with sharp pink nipples. On the right breast near the nipple was not a large mole, another was at below the solar plexus. Exactly the same birthmarks were with me. And in the lower abdomen, he reared the huge size thing, twined with curly hairs, with a pink head, which glistened and so attracted the eye. I looked at my grandfather, and he allowed himself to consider, not at all embarrassed. He was standing next to me, waving his hand, causing me blows, and his cock tremble in front of my face. I masturbate with one hand the strained his already pisyun. And I cried with each stroke, but it has been more game than spanking. Whip beat me, but to me they have not brought more pain and pleasure. I closed my eyes. For the time has come that I have not never had, my cock stiffened to such a value that now seemed to burst, I became faster and faster to bother him at that moment, something exploded inside me and I felt such a pleasure which can be compared only with death. On my fingers I splashed some sticky liquid. I thought I spotted my grandfather to death, but next came the laughter, opened my eyes, I saw my grandfather. He stood beside me and stroked just whipped the ass and back. I suddenly wanted to touch the grandfathers of moles. I looked into his grandfather's eyes, and then rushed into his arms. I was crying, and he gently kissed me on the lips, dipping, kiss kiss for lower and lower. Just touching his lips to my nipples, and then greedily sucking them. Touching lips alternately to one or the other moles. Once again, I felt my cock stiffen. A grandfather caressed me with his rough hands, with blue anchor on his left hand.
Tears ended, I began to kiss, his grandfather, his strong arms, his hairy chest and the same mole as I have. He looked at me, and quietly repeated - Well, well, boy.
His cock stiffened again, and the head, again shone.
- Reach for it, do not be afraid.
I picked up his penis, and he gasped in bliss.
- Do as I tell you. He took my penis in his hand and began to masturbate while kissing me in one direction or the other breast, gently biting my nipples. Then he pulled away from me and given to do the same with him. I just went crazy with pleasure. I liked to keep his dick in his hand, feeling my every move brings him great pleasure. I kissed his nipples, which shrank from touching my lips, caressing them with his tongue, and he choked with tenderness. Then grandfather turned me over backwards, put on all fours and said:
- Do not be afraid. He kissed me back from what I relaxed, then I smeared saliva the anus, and two fingers of his. And then gently entered me fingers. I was hurt, but I fondled his penis, and suddenly the pain was replaced by a new pleasure. Grandfather slowly, and then all became faster and faster to move the fingers, my butt became one big paradise, and then my grandfather took his fingers and I felt like he drives in my ass with his cock. I wanted that to this whopper came into me now, and I caught his grandfather's penis and began to insert it into itself. Grandfather groaned. Millimeter by millimeter, he got into me, but I was already on top of the world and I wanted to absorb it all a whole. I'll sit down on his cock, trying to eat his entire booty. We are moving in the same frantic pace, which could not last for long. Santa is not moaning, just screaming, and getting stronger and stronger spitted me your hot cock. Then, abruptly entered into me all the way, and his cock had finished my flog back. Father rubbed his hands on me that spilled from it. And he said, so my back will heal faster. Then he turned me over looked in her eyes, and kissed her. More he did not when it is not punished, no matter what I was not doing. I visited him every summer and we had slept in the same bed clinging to each other, but that's another story.