All characters are fictitious, any coincidence - random.
Today, I do not recall in the haze, the event lost their contrast - but remain as vivid and bright. I remember the smell of the sea tanned skin, remember breath mint Man breathe me that night in the back of the head. And the second I do not remember at all - even though they spent with me for about an hour, both:
Autumn was waiting for us in front, in Siberia, and while we were lying in the hot sun on the shore of the Black Sea. The car and the tent stood in the shade, a few hundred meters down the beach from us behind the fence stood Kazantip, quiet at this time of day. We lay naked, I, Vadim and Maxim. I always sunbathe naked in Siberia and in the Crimea - do not be "striped"My boy does not like it - and I have nothing to be ashamed of. Not very tall, but the proportions of the model is 100%. Hair long - just to take out the coccyx - the envy of many of my girlfriends!
When the sun had set, the three of us went on the dance floor - it was 7 sites with the most varied music this year. I drank "Pinakolada"Guys drinking tequila and absinthe Energy, came off until enough forces. It was still dark, but the forces have not been dancing, I called the boys to bed. Maxim said that he had delayed for an hour, and Vadim agreed to accompany me to the tent. I fell to sleep without feeling legs - although a number of rumbling sound kilowatts and flashes of light sweeping across the sky.
I woke up from that Vadim lying behind me, gently tugging at my nipples. His cock rested in my ass quite clearly: "Vadim!" sleepy I said - let's go to sleep! Maxim can go back, I would be embarrassed.
The palm covered my mouth and I could see the silhouette of a second person in the tent - it I did not know: Why Vadim plug my mouth? All of this flew in the head for a moment, the heart beat to catch the bird - who they are and what they want? The answer was there - he rested on my crotch very clearly.
One of the guys said: - We are still on the beach you have chosen - you really liked us! Guys your walk yet, but we'll have fun in moderation forces. And it forces us - nemeryannom! The last phrase they uttered somehow unison and laughed.
At this point, I decided to break out and cry - but my mouth and was caught, and attempts to escape resulted in the fact that the guy behind just lay on top of me and pressed his body against the mattress.
- Well, what do you sleep naked - do not have to spoil your clothes hurl! Cox, look around until the tent, and here for three closely - and how are you sleeping way, I'll never know! The second man crawled out of the tent, and I was left alone with "mint". A member of his throbbing between my buttocks tightly pressed me to the bedspread.
- Maybe you will not hang back, you still have to please us - why complicate your life? Come on good, eh? I immediately tried to wriggle out from under him, but nothing happened - only that my feet have grown further apart under his feet and cock began to balk exactly ring anus. "Mint" I threw on my head knocked down during this time the blanket so that I could not hear the outside - although the roar of the dance floor would still have drowned my cries. My hands he was holding my head with one hand, and the other guided his cock into my pussy from behind - my attempts to twist his booty apparently only whet.
Still, a member came easily enough - can the recent excitement of dancing and alcohol is not passed, can I fired this situation - his movements were not disgust me. He moved heavily, confident, will drive his cock into me until the end. His head was spinning from everything and I found myself on the fact that a hoarse moan, and he adjusts the rhythm of their movements under the groans. My hands suddenly freed, but the strength to fight was gone - just wanted to continue, I wanted to wish me this guy imposed resulted orgasm. Movement thighs Man hoists sharper too hot wave rolled on me, I arched back - my little ass lifted, at every jolt of his scrotum touched my clitoris, and every blow knocked out of me moan-polukrik animal! I wanted to open up as much as possible, to penetrate deeper into me, I wanted to dotrahali me until the very end! The rhythm of our movements reached the highest mark and the exchange faced a wave of orgasm. After half a minute he groaned and finished with me - a member throbbing inside me, filling me with warmth. The guy fell on me, and once again pinned to the mattress tent - but this time, I had no strength to resist. I lifted the blanket from his head and saw the dark silhouette "coke" - He looked at me with interest. In this moment "mint" I stood up, and I was lying on his stomach with divorced feet, panting heavily.
I rolled over and tried to escape. - Do not do it, baby !, - said "coke" pulling off his T-shirt and shorts - We're not done yet!
His hard dick fascinated by its thickness, I have not met such in my life - and to be honest - do not want to!
No need, guys! - I blurted out, and I looked pleadingly at "mint". His head exploded like a bomb, sparks swirled tent, and stung his left cheek. - Lie down, I said to someone! - said "coke" taking his hand for a second slap. I leaned back, his legs cramped knees in fear. "Coke" advanced on me, his knee spread my legs apart.
- So at once behaved - we would not be angry, she would have been more whole! With these words, he began to insert his penis into me. Although I was already covered in grease, the large size caused me big problems, I felt that I was pushed onto the handle of a shovel, a bottle of what you want - what you can not rape but sex! "Coke" meanwhile, I picked up my legs under the knees started to lift them up - pulling my knees up to my shoulders - so his cock even tighter wraps me and the pain of a dull start to become unbearable.
- Wait, wait! Come on, I'm on top, - I moaned. "Coke" He grinned and one jerk rolled onto his back so that I was on top. With a sigh, I began to move her hips up and down, trying to move so that somehow endure the torment, but "coke" He pulled me to him and I felt a breath behind "mint". Heart skipped a beat at the moment when the two wet fingers began to massage my anus. For the second time that night, I tried to escape from the hands of these guys, but mounted on the shaft member, I only longer inflame them. For the second finger followed by the third, they penetrated deeper into me, pushing frantically contracting ring my priests. Two fingers began to diverge, and I felt like a member of the "mint" a couple of centimeters entered into me, and then he removed his fingers and I instinctively pressed her ass.
"Coke" I kept hugging her, and the second took me by the hips pulled my ass on the dick. Thin howling, I again tried to turn backwards, but received a slap in the face just fell on his chest "coke". He took my hands and put them on my ass, pressed them, and said, - help, until broken in half! Helping them strength was gone, two members stretched me that there are forces in the pope was burning with fire. Going into me until the mid term (although it seemed to me that at least a meter) "mint" I began to remove the member. I managed to make a sigh of relief, but a member of a new force began to enter into me! Then again, and again and again! I writhed on both members how much my howling began to break up into some rhythm. "Coke" He lifted me up with his chest, "mint" let go of my hips, one hand clutched at his chest, his other hand began to pull at my clit. Pain from a member of the vagina seemed a shadow of pain in the anus. Teasing Hand ... my bud did not understand how I can overcome all these torments. Throwing her, I began to furiously rub and pull at her clitoris, he had not asked for affection, he demanded to his ill-treatment to numb the pain! Almost without giving me the move, two members of the auger me at the same pace, knocking me out of a desire to cry, shiver throughout the body passed a major orgasm shook me all by foot to the nipples! I huddled in the hands of guys like a wild and they left me one after the other! Members they spewed seed in me, and I reclined between guys with pounding heart and desire as much as possible to release the ass faster wear out and flushed.
When the hour and a half, Vadim came with Max, I have to swim in the sea, I lay under a blanket, and I think - and can not leave tomorrow at Yalta? It can stay here another night?