Strict father

We had a girl in the class Katya. Such people "gray mouse".
It Was Katie girlfriend Masha.
Katya had karichnevye shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and thin lips. More it was almost like a board. I say almost, because the absolute boards to the ninth grade do not happen. And she, Katya, was a good student. Five-four. Three she received seldom and if received, then paled as if to get all of two in the quarter. no one knew why.
In Katka had a brother, his name was Vadim, whether Vadik. He was a tall, handsome boy, with long eyelashes and mischievous character.
Small dirty tricks were in his repertoire. From him all the girls went mad since the fifth grade, finishing eleventh. But it is not with anyone until he met. Sister he adored ... It could be seen. Wag her head, she smiled at recess was always with her.
If she plakala- said something in your ear, and she stopped. She loved him, too. Throws her arms around him ... He, in turn, she carried her bag.
And on Tuesday, it received three. She went home Bratz. I and my friend Mary decided to peek behind them, because they lived on the ground floor, in a studio apartment. And that's what we'll see. Vadik put things and left, he was engaged in English and went to the courses. And the three of them lived, they and the father. Mother they drank, and drank themselves immediately after birth Katki.Eschё with their grandmother lived, that more thing, as it turned out! Well, Katka and said something grandmother, and then showed a blog, and stared at the floor. Grandma stood up and started yelling, and then came up and all the fluff gave Katya's face. Katya said nothing, she did not cry. Grandma gave more and more. And then on the hands, so much so that Katka zazhmurivalas pain with each blow. Then the grandmother start screaming, and we understand only with Masha
"Just wait, creature, father will come!" Katka and then roared and threw herself at the feet of his grandmother and we understand only "babulechka, please, do not tell my father, for God's sake!" A grandmother succumbed to her hand on the pope and told to sit on the bench. After five minutes or so he came to his father. Babka, like a dog, ran to him and started to report about the top three. Kate sat in silence. His father looked sternly at her and said:"Vyderu you like cider goat! And I will tear up as long as the hand gets tired, and that no squeak was no creature!"
Grandma brought him a belt, Katka, head down, went to his father. The father brought the bench, and Katya started to take off her skirt. Then, having remained in shorts, he looked at his father, but did not find support. She pulled down her panties, and her cheek tear rolled down.
"Come on! Right now Vadim come!" - Screamed Granny. Katya lay on the bench and slightly lifted her blouse up. Babak smiled mischievously looked at her father, and he nodded to her. She took two ropes, and tightly tied Katkiny hands and feet, and his father nodded again. He took the belt from the hands of the old hag, and swung a wild force hit Katya. Her ass twitched, and his fingers dug into samyu. On the red stripe ass was formed by officers of the belt. Belt hit more, and buttocks twitched again. And again, and again, and again ... Ass covered with red stripes. He beat and beat her, maybe ten minutes. Then he decided to rest and babka- shakaliha, a rag soaked in salt and put some water in the ass girl with lamentations "suffer, suffer!" Katya started to squirm, scream and be seen, because the father came and slapped her posschёchin. Then he continued to beat her. He beat her even twenty minutes, and then untied and ordered to dress and go umvtsya that brother did not see it that way. "Today you have no dinner, just go right now, go to sleep. And try not to fall asleep. After five minutes, I'll check and tell my father, if you do not sleep, merzavka, and again he came down from the skin you!"- Zlorastvovala grandmother. Father told her to go and look at Katya. She kissed her father's hand and said, "Thank you, Dad, for the lesson!" and something else, I do not understand. Then she went to bed, and it was probably five or six hours.
We Masha walked home in silence. At school the next day Katya looked as usual, and just a little squinting when sat at the desk. We firmly Masha decided each time it receives three or two to watch over it, because we have this oh so exciting.