Inventory (Part 2). What's in a name?

"Mama said to me
About love fraud!
Yes wasting words!
I stopped their ears,
I have not listened.
Oh, Mom, Mom!
How you were right!"

I have developed a theory that the carriers of the same name - are also some similarities. At least once a bummer suffering, and starting to analyze it, I suddenly begin to remember something like that in bygone, and, as a rule, is the old with the new stories linked by a common name of my partner.
Remember I wrote you about the Muscovite, who raped me two beers?
So, his name was Yegor. Yes, the old Russian name of good, nothing against him have. But the third time, so try to circumvent Yegor side. So, just in case.
I responded to my declare someone with login house. He wrote that the middle (and then write what?), But would like to try blowjob from a solid men (merci to him, it's me something solid?).
Well, I do not mind, I propose to meet, that I - sorry sperm? Then he disappears from the correspondence, warning that pulls back for a while. Then again, it appears and takes an interest in - I did not forget it. I begin to delve into the archive, find his letters and their responses. So, nothing special. No heart-rending confessions, no revelations, though, I pestered him Hausiku, and finally got him to confess that his name is Egor.
I so cheerfully, says he does not forget, they say, I'm Egor that can meet after work. Again, I for a few letters from him sought his distinguishing features, and received a comprehensive description "182 cm in height and blond hair" - Specifically, huh?
And in the evening I am standing by the fountain, clutching the package with the beauty and waiting for the blonde with blonde hair.
Smoke, went to bull to throw in the trash. Brought up, huh? In the urn is a man, well, certainly not blonde, with a newspaper in his hands. Muzzle red, well, you know, like someone. Such a typical guy with a paunch - the father of a large family, a positive in all respects heterosexual. Near the mouth-watering plied several pieces, but none of them by a meager signs did not come to give me.
Giving briefly look at this guy, and he moves his lips, I focus, and it is my name appears, he calls. And then it comes to me with the inevitability express that this is the very Egor.
I would roll up his head and quietly go home, "cursing their fate". But no! I nod his head and stretched out his hand. Meet.
Come towards the pub. I missed it a little forward, and he admire his figure. Hmm!
However, he did not and Apollo, which show off.
We sit down at a table. We order a beer.
Hmm! A conversation is not glued! And talk about something right!
I began to question him about work matters. Laconic. Somewhere it works in printing business. Not much. Blurts out that only from Moscow, that's where he was leaving. It turns out, lives there for two years, and is trying to organize on behalf of the branch management.
So-so. I would turn on my hard drive and make a database search, he would have quickly issued - "mosey on fast!"
And I'm sitting, grinding out a topic of conversation. Egor - completely non-contact, some even haunted, as if he is not happy to what got involved. I was thinking over the slow version rollback!
Suddenly I hear a proposal to continue the evening in the hut at the friend, who must leave his keys.
And, you never know!
Remove the car and go. Again, we go to the area where the hotel love translated from Greek. And nothing wins back again at me. Although something is pushing - sit on the bus and Cheshi - as he goes for the keys.
- I took the vodka for courage?
- So what?
- You do not think! I'm not drunk!
- For God's sake! You will be justified in front of me?
We sat, drank vodka, drinking it is not recommended, physicians phantom. He spoke long and tedious as the leads in this apartment woman. I'm starting to slowly enter that Hata something specific and quite simply, gives up for those who had no place for the night.
He became interested in his success homosexual. The most striking - their three guys fuck a lady, while stroking and patting each other on the outstanding parts.
What I pinned here!
- Oh, I'm tortured by talking! We did not come here for this!
Realizing at last! For an hour we sit and I listen to him talk.
Okay, let's go one by one spoofing.
- Well, let's have a drink? Well, let's have a smoke?
Clearly, it started jitters! And this guy at forty! Gee? Why then all this rigmarole plant.
- Well, let's have a drink, smoke!
And he quietly began his oglazhivaet potselovyvat yes, until he expose the window and smoking. I stroked his ass, and he grabs my cock. So we stand, smoke.
All right! Already okurochka left. And he is, staring eyes on the road below the house, what he looks at?
I'm starting to drag it away from the window - there is, but reluctantly. He began to kiss on the lips, at first turned away, I was the one who warned - just do not kiss, can and Yegor this? But no! Lips I caught her lips and began to suck. More does not give himself to try to become the language of my mouth to shove.
It sits on the bed. Yes: Roth at the navel, sitting as a yardstick swallowed. I began to put pressure on the shoulders - not be. Then I rise on tiptoe and spend member of his lips.
Finally! Took! I begin to push in deeper and put pressure on the shoulders - not long pimples on the stand. Sucks diligently, but the back does not bend.
Heck! We have to bury him, put to one side, her head on the pillow, he on his knees, and I continue in his mouth fuck .. As if by chance, before I touch his pepper. Iron and hot! And oozing - yeah, so enjoy! I began to be more active. It seems overdone and too deeply driven. I pulled my Yegorushka Igrunov and asked for a little rest, just lie down.
Good! We went! He immediately on the other flank, and that way ass pressed against my body. Well, I'm going up to the pope, then between his legs, put his last - he removes his hand and asked again to make a break, unbearable, want to smoke.
Okay. Again smokes.
- Maybe a drink?
- No, tomorrow at work!
- Then I'm the one!
Again, the song gets its indecision, that he is not a fagot, he just sometimes you want. And I understand that he needed not a weakling like me, a guy ... who twist the ram's horn, and finally realizes all his fantasies.
Okay, we collect the spirit and get up potryasyvaya its charm. He sits in a chair and looks at the fascination member.
I'm getting my knees on the arms, the benefit they are quite soft and bows his head. He resists, but not very much. After a short fight, my friend has found a warm bed in his mouth, and I'm starting to move.
I bear his hands on your hips, removing them from the penis, throws back his head back and clutching the wall with both hands, starting to fuck him.
I'm starting to wind up, he also mumbles something, but since his mouth is busy, a very slurred. The end is coming! Where to end? And it was - was not. Seizing with one hand on his head - dramatically presses it against his groin. He twitched, arched and I felt moisture on his back. Wow! It also ends! Resistance to his weakened, but he regularly ingested. I regret parted, leaning his body forward, with my member.
I milked the remnants of sperm on his belly and lay on him, hugging and caressing.
And then I wake up! I lay on my stomach, and below me really spreading puddle of sperm. Wow! Nocturnal emissions fifty! Ohrenet!
Live, then, when I went up to him and shook tensing member - he flatly refused. And I did not insist. Yegor began to apologize, to say something about his unwillingness, to ask that I did not take offense.
I'm not hurt! Just quickly pulled on his pants and shirt and went home. And only coming out of the door, I realized, how do I know the name, weight matches, to the extent that this is also a Muscovite, and also from non-indigenous, and also came here to organize a branch. And then we fucked him in the next street, and I came back unsatisfied and angry at yourself with the same stop. Marvelous are thy works, O Lord!
Of course, for the purity of the experiment you want to check again. So, Yegor, intending to open branches at us, write! And suddenly it was just a coincidence?