Captured little family

Bruner family was returning home from vacation. They are all very tired. Rock Bruner was happy with what went with his family in the long-promised trip that was not possible until last year. They traveled for two weeks and were sent home from California, from which they are separated by only a few hundred miles. His wife Linda was sleeping in the front seat, and two children, 17-year-old Mark and 16-year-old Becky sat back and enjoyed the surroundings.
Suddenly, the storm broke. Rock fought in order to keep the car on the road, the sky darkened and a solid wall of rain came. Thunder, and the lightning flashed, the whole family was terrified.
- Rock, we have to find a place to wait out this terrible storm. We can not continue to move, not even seen the road. - He said Linda voice trembling with fear.
- You're right, Linda. But there is not a town for a few miles, and I do not see a house or any shelter. There is no place where we could stay.
- Look, Dad! - Becky exclaimed. - There. There's a big house. - Lightning lit up the dark sky and a house near the road. - We can stop there and wait.
- Please, Rock. - Linda looked at the pleading eyes of her husband.
- Let there. We certainly will be safe, there are good men.
- Good. - Said Rock. - We will stop. You are right, there will be a lot safer.
The family got out of the car and rushed to the porch, where it was dry. Look Rock stopped for a moment on adhering to the body of his daughter shirt.
"Damn. Such as breast and her mother in this age"- He thought.
Hardly look away, he reached for the bell. There was no answer. He pulled open the door, and it opened easily.
- There is open. - He said. - Let's go and wait out the damn weather.
Becky found on the desk found an oil lamp.
- Father. Light it.
Rock did. The room was huge and looked spartan. Of furniture there was only bed and something else which utensils.
Family sat on the sofa and began to dry off. There was a noise, and Rock, look around, got hit on the head when he saw three bearded men entered the room.
- What are you doing here at this hour? - Asked the eldest of them.
One of them came up to the rock and put a gun to his head.
Grinning, the other two came to his wife Linda and Rock began to paw her breasts in front of the children.
- Do not move. - Said the man holding a gun to his temple Rock. - You're going to sit and watch the fun with your wife, or I'll blow your head off. Better to just sit and watch.
One of the men tore the blouse Linda opened her big meaty breasts. It was really big breasts, even gigantic, elastic with a little upturned nipples. Right on loads in children, one of the men took one in his hand, squeezed and pulled the nipple with a sadistic grin on his face. Linda gasped in pain.
- Stay! - Yelled 16-year-old Becky. - Leave my mother alone.
- I can not deal with this beauty. - Said one of the men, paw Linda when his eyes fell on Becky.
- Oh no. You are welcome. - Said Linda voice asking. - Do not touch her.
The men looked at each other, grinning.
- That's what I say. - Said a senior. - If you will be kind to us, maybe we will not cause damage to your husband and the little daughter to iznasiluem
- I realized. - Linda said hesitantly.
- Linda ... - Began Rock
- Rock is the only way out. - Linda turned to the children. - Kids, your mom will do anything.
- Shut up, bitch. - Shouted one of the men. - Do not say anything until you are asked. Now get to work.
Linda breathed heavily. She knew that these people want, and began to unbutton their jeans locks. By doing this, she sighed and sent arms to their members. There she was in for a surprise. They were very large. When she took first one, then the second, then I did not know what to do. Even in a relaxed state they are long and thick as a wrist Rock.
- Oh my God. - She said, and all three men laughed.
- We, brothers, all the big cocks. - Said one of them. - I would argue that they are the biggest in the world. And now to work on my brothers, until I tell you to take them out of your little mouth.
- Good. - Said Linda hesitated.
She took the two at the bottom, pulled them, feeling the weight of these large chunks of flesh. Two bulging veins in her arms twitching with every movement to the beat of the heart. Linda turned to the man standing on the left and sent his cock into her mouth.
- Oh my God. Mama. - Linda heard her daughter's voice, full of disgust, when her own lips wrapped around a huge chunk of flesh.
She was terribly humiliated by doing it in full view of her husband and children, but knew it was the only way to escape death and cater to these men. She knew she had to do everything in its power. And she sucked him, really suck this huge cock, swallowing it in the throat, as did her husband. She moved her head pressed up until her lips did not reach the stomach, and did not feel the smell of his pubic hair. Her tongue slid over the eggs, then slowly, slowly dick out of her.
- Oh my God. - Said the man Rock. - Your wife is so beautiful it makes so much fun sucking a big dick.
- Ooh - Linda moaned, her head looked up from the protruding member.
Not a word, Linda turned and swallowed the second member of the tormentor, making it carefully. Her lips were wet, obscene sounds coming from her mouth, heard by others. The men laughed, while Linda worked on them, stroking their huge cocks.
- I think your wife is like. She likes to suck two huge members immediately.
Rock looked at his beautiful wife. Her head went from one member to another, her lips slid one barrel, then the second, gently clasping them. He saw her throat swells up taking a huge chunk of male flesh.
- Linda. - His voice was full of pain and sorrow.
Little Becky was surprised eyes looked at his mother, caressing these huge spikes. She saw the big thick members disappear completely in her throat, his incredibly expanding. She was too young to understand why her mother is so easy to agree to do such terrible things. She knew only that her mother had allowed this man to stuff in her mouth their toys and caressed them.
Her older brother was no less frightened her, but could not bear to look at the big breasts of his mother. He had never, except for journals not seen such big boobs in ... While the two men groped them, squeezed and delayed nipples. Mark realized that before him a slut with big tits. No, he does not think so. It's his mother. But at this moment he could do nothing. His cock rose in his pants, and he nearly died of shame when it said one of the brothers.
- Look. - He said. - The boy is already excited by what he sees as his mother does blowjob. No. I am wrong. He likes to look at the big tits of his mother. Why not show him a little more.
Linda stopped.
- Now the man said.
Linda nodded. Her face turned red with shame. She stood up, put her hands under her skirt, took her panties and pulled them down, pulling up his knees, leaned forward and lowered her down to the ankles. Discarding them, she spreads her legs to the side, presenting his treasure on display 3 men and two children.
- Look at this. It is completely shaved. - Said one of the men.
It was so. She always left her crotch shaved because Roku liked to lick her. Now it made it even more like a whore in the eyes looking at her people. Her face flushed even more when one of the men dropped his hands on her breasts, in the second launched a finger into her vagina.
- Look at the mother's pussy boy. She knows why she's so neat. It's because she loves to show it off. Yes, she loves to show it off everywhere, Mrs. true?
Linda continued to suck a member of one of the men. At that moment, out of her mouth with the typical sucking sound seemed crimson head, and she turned to her children. She knew what was expected of her reply, and decided to play it on the proposed rules.
- Yes, - she said confidently, so that the children believe it. - I like to show my pussy.
- Where a whore. Tell me, where do you most like to do it?
Brain Linda worked with terrible speed. She had to think of something, anything, that would love to hear from her.
- I am a teacher. - Linda said. And it was true, she taught 10 classics in the local school. - I'm never wearing pants when going to class. I love to sit in the middle of the room with divorced feet, so that all the boys can see my pussy.
Mark, listening to his mother was shocked. He looked at her, sitting with undisguised pubis, while the two men groped her breast milk. She was not scared and know what to do. God, she was so beautiful, like all the girls in its lustful dreams. She introduced her in the classroom, sitting with legs wide apart, podnimayuschty skirt to show off their most intimate places, and his dick got even harder.
- Yes. You was delightful at this time. That's all you do then?
Linda looked at the man. Oh, Becky, Mark. Excuse me.
- No. - She said, pulling his dick out of his mouth. - Sometimes I leave a lot after school. I liked to sit on her knees and suck their members, everything. Suck them members of one another. And, sometimes, I allowed them to lick my pussy.
- A. If she was so like it when her licking the boys, why this kid does not it? - Said one of the brothers, Mark looked at seventeen.
- Yes, make him do it. - Picked up another.
Exploring the vagina pulled his fingers.
- Yes, that's a good idea. Hey, boy, come over here and lick my mother. Mark did not move. Then one of the men brought him to his mother and knelt between her thighs divorced. - Come on, lick my mom.
- No. - Said Mark frightened.
At that time, one of the brothers engaged in a breast Linda, the second took her head by the hair and turned to Mark, said:
Make him do it. Make, or your husband's head smashed to pieces.
Linda knew he was not joking. If he said that he would kill, then so be it.
- Show us all what you slut. - Said a man with a gun.
Linda knew what it meant. They wanted to humiliate her, to get to play the whore in the sight of the whole family. Good. This is the only chance to stay alive, and she would do it. Linda decided it would be a whore for these people thinking about what will happen when they will be safe. She looked at his tormentors.
- Lick me. - Linda said, pulling the boy's head to his crotch. - Lick it. Lick my beauty
Realizing in what position they were, Mark started to do what he was asked.
- Oooo. - Linda grunted when his son tongue passed across the crotch and affecting the clitoris, deepened in her pussy. "How well"- Linda thought. "How well he does it. Surely, he did it before".
While Mark mother caressed the vagina, a man with a gun and the other reversed. He went to Linda. He removes his penis and said:
- The time has come, and the third member to visit your tender mouth.
Linda opened her mouth and, without stopping, sent to a member of the third brother. The second brother went to her left, and Linda's head again began to move up and down. Only this time it was her son, Mark, caressing her vagina as an experienced lover between her legs. "How well"- She thought. "Oh my God. Mark, stop caressing my clitoris"- She thought.
- Oooo ... - broke away from her, and thick cock slipped out of her mouth. She blushed when the man laughed.
At that time, Mark, pulled her tongue out of her pussy and began to lick the juices flowing from there. Then his hands were pulled up her body, wrapped around his chest and squeezed hard swollen nipples. Part of him told him that he had gone too far. Another part was excited, admiring her magnificent breasts, arousing her wet, hot treasure.
"Oh, Mark. What are you doing"- Linda thought. She tried to fight a growing sense, but could not. She bent her legs, pulling them towards the shoulders, even more revealing him my vagina. Burning with shame, Linda looked at her son.
- Ooh ... - she cried, when cramps began between her legs, and began to throw her vagina juice portions directly to the face and tongue Brand.
She heard laughter brothers, and it has strengthened its pleasure. They saw her son, licking her vagina. She thought about this, and shudder passed through her body. Linda stood on his feet, raising his ass from the floor, and began to rub his crotch juice flowing on his son's face. When it was over, one of the men pushed the brand. Linda saw traces of their juices on his face and lips. Men stood and jerked off his limbs.
- He takes out his cock - ordered the boy to one of them.
Another grabbed Linda by the hair, pulling the chair, completely separated and pushed to his knees in front of the boy.
- Do not worry about his mother, the boy ... - Said the man. - We will not do anything to her, what would she did not want. You heard her talking about sucking school members. This is a real slut. You want to make it and sucked your cock?
...Coming in Linde, he picked up her full breasts. They were so large that it is not placed in its even larger hands. He squeezed them painfully, and her nipples, hard and extremely swollen looked straight up.
- Look at these huge boobs, boy. I know that you like them. Touch them.
Mark sighed and hesitantly touched the breast of his mother.
- Yes, boy. Having passed the melon. - The man showed him how to do it and viciously smiled when he saw the excitement and his eyes. - Suck it, suck tits this whore.
Mark leaned over and took one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck and nibble on it, thinking about students who may have been doing well.
Linda moaned helplessly, teen breathing quickened. She liked it. A minute later, he got up and began to unzip his pants.
- Yes. You're right. It should caress your cock, then you fuck her.
Mark pulled out his dick and leaned forward.
- Oh, Mark. No. - Behind came a strangled whisper father.
- Suck my dick, - said Mark and sent his penis in the mother's mouth.
- Ooh. - Linda cried, and Mark started fucking her in the mouth.
It was disgusting, even obscene. Linda did not know what drives her son. But she had no choice, and she sucked, sucking dick of her son since, as it did with the three men a little earlier.
- As a member of his taste, Mrs. He is good?
- Rotate it. The boy has to fuck his mother.
Little Becky sat on the couch and watching the scene, his eyes wide open. The man turned his mother, leaving her legs divorced. Becky was only 16 years old, and no man has not touched her. For her, it was just a scene out of a nightmare. She heard one of the men said to her brother: "Go Fuck this whore".
Becky did not see eye brother when he stood between the mother hips. He picked up his penis and sent it inside Linda bent down, and he gradually slipped into a well-oiled, hot channel.
- Ltd. - Linda moaned, felt his penis.
Mark did not do it ever, but it was much better than he expected. Men again reversed. With a gun was another, while his brothers stood in the face of Linda, thrusting their cocks deep into her throat, while the son was fucking her.
Rock stood by his helplessness, he could not stop the men who raped his wife, but he had to look at his son fucks her, moving the member again and again, to hear the groans of shame and Linda fun sucking cock brothers and feel a member of a son deep in themselves.
- Ahh - Linda cried, dropping from his lips a member. - Fuck, fuck me, baby. - After some time, her vagina just exploded. - Uuuuaaaauuuu - she cried, frantically moving under the son. Her vagina twitched convulsively, squeezing the child's penis.
- Stop me, my boy, stop. Vyplesni everything in my hot pussy.
However, the man wanted it to be over anyway. One they grabbed the boy by the arm and literally tore him from the vagina.
- Cum in her mouth. - He said, and pushed forward. - You know how she likes it. Her mouth is full of your sperm. Come on, come on.
The boy looked at the man and nodded. He went to his mother and put his penis in her mouth. Vagina Linda still convulsed in a fit of orgasm, when the boy tipped it and put a member. She wanted to suck it, wanted him to cum. Rock and Becky is now meant nothing to her, she had to keep safe their. This went on for an eternity, she wanted to. her son filled her with warm, sticky liquid over her mouth and throat. She knew it was bad, it was incest, but his son was forced, forced to do so. She knew that Mark along with it enjoy it. She looked up into the eyes of the boy, while her coarse dense ring slipped on his penis.
Rock and Becky watched as Linda grabbed the boy's ass, pulling him into her, plunging his cock fully in her throat as her lips buried in his stomach, while his sperm erupted somewhere deep.
- Ooooh - Mark cried, and sticky when warm liquid flowed in the mother's mouth. He gave a portion of a portion of sperm, which was only capable of the young organism. Long, thick stream flowed.
- Ooh - Linda heard a gurgling sound. She swallowed the sperm, some of which flowed through the corners of her mouth.
Roku was painful to see his son fucks mother in the mouth. And he saw Linda happy to swallow it liquid again and again.
Mark took out his dick start to fall off and walked away.
- The three of you, fuck me. - Said Linda, lying on the floor with your feet wide apart, while her hand masturbator vagina, while the other is strongly squeezed his chest.
- You fuck me? - Sperm of her son running down her chin.
- No, I do not think - said the man who held the gun. - There are some people and younger.
After his words, the two turned to Becky.
- Wait. - Becky said, unsuccessfully struggling with approaching to the people there.
Linda tried to get up, but the man with the gun stopped her, telling lie on the floor with her son.
- Lie down in 69th position, dear. - Pick it up member may be he will still have sex.
Linda sat on his haunches in the face of his son, took his penis in her mouth, arousing him and watching men fighting with her daughter.
- God, she was so small. - Said one of them.
- I am 16 years old. - Becky said, but they just laughed.
- Her boobs are the same as that of the mother. - Said the man, lifting up her shirt, from under which showed excellent elastic, even small children's breasts.
Becky started to cry when she turned and made to kneel on the couch. Her body went too, and her beautiful little ass steamed in the air. One held her arms while the other buttons in its unbuckled pants. Then, with both hands, he grabbed her pants and panties pulled along with them to the knees, buttocks beautiful maiden appeared from the views. Not a word, he lowered his fat 17-inch cock between the halves of her backside to the hole and gently pressed.
- Hold it stronger. I'll try to get her point.
- Oh, my God hissed Rock. They were going to sodomize her. This great man was going to sodomize her little daughter. - Please do not touch it.
Linda began to cry, go suck dick son. Becky looked back, and a cry burst from her lips.
- Father. - She cried. At this point, the head of a large member beginning to penetrate her virgin narrow anus.
- AAAA. - Screamed the little girl, her face twisted in pain ... incredible.
The man hesitated for some time before this little nice ass schoolgirl. His cock looked like a giant baseball bat in front of this child, narrow, wrinkled ringlet, barely noticeable. It is even harder pressed club, tearing small sphincter, barely half penetrated inside the girl. He turned his head to the Rock, and he laughed, pulling her hips and looking straight into his eyes, while his penis came out of the hole. Becky's eyes were wide open, his lips enough air, it was very painful. The man did not hesitate to immediately drove his cock into her quivering ass for the most eggs.
- Aaaaaa. - Becky screamed when half, and maybe more members began ramming her insides. - I hurt so much, everything burns in me. I feel bad.
- Repeat, Buck. - I told to keep it.
Buck pulled his penis out of the narrow hole, picked up her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Hot holes and winces continually clenched and unclenched.
- Look at it. We will fuck is a small, narrow point.
Again he plunged his cock until the very end in the ass girls and began to shake her ass, pulling and planting his cock almost to the end. Meanwhile, his brother picked up his penis and held it to his face, Becky, trying to push into her mouth.
- Suck it, little bitch. Suck it, as did your mother.
Becky screaming in pain, tearing her insides, asked to stop. She began to lick and suck cock dangling in front of her face, because it was the only way to escape from this suffering.
- Lord, I can not push it into his mouth. - Said the man. - But I want to see those cheeks swollen from the member has penetrated for them.
- I have an idea. Let it do its father, he certainly smaller economy. - I suggested another.
Everyone agreed, and the Rock was forced to submit. He took off his pants, pulled out his penis. At this time, the two brothers continued to rape his daughter.
- Next to his little slut said fucking ass girls.
- Suck him, baby.
The man with the gun took Roca behind her ear and bent. He did not move. He could not do anything, he looked like a man raped a huge cock in the ass of his young daughter as much as he could. He also was ordered to paste it into the mouth member.
- Father. - Becky said as her fingers wrapped around his penis and sent it into a wide-open mouth.
- How nice. - Said one of violence. - Suck a member of his father, while I fuck your little point.
Linda felt that Mark turned his head between her legs to see how his sister raped. She felt his penis increases in size while the man introduces his penis again and again in the anus girls. "Oh my God. He likes it"- Linda thought. A moment later, she felt a finger son, caressing her own anus confused penetrate.
- No, Mark. No. - She said, and immediately regretted it.
The man raped Becky turned her strontium and laughed.
- The youth want to fuck mom in the ass. Not bad idea.
Another came up and grabbed Linda by the hair.
- Turn around, bitch.
She had no choice but to obey. She lay down on his stomach on the floor. Mark did not need another invitation. He stood behind his mother and sent his cock into her anus. He did not do it gently and carefully, and dramatically, as did the man raped his sister.
- Aaa - Linda screamed when Mark began to fuck her in the anus. At this time, Becky continued to fondle a member of his father, and the man stretched otvestvie her anus.
- It's time to change, - said the man, who helped Mark.
- Oh, my God, - Becky screamed when she felt that her anus with great difficulty and pain of another member went to her. - Father, help me. - She said, breathless with pain.
Slowly stretched minutes. A man standing with a gun is also set to Becky. The girl was humiliated, moaning in pain in the anus, crying and sucking dick of his father. Linda calmed down a bit. Rock was disgusted when after a few minutes looking at the way it meanders like a snake throws her ass in the air in time with the movements of her son so that he could enter more deeply into it.
- Well, as a boy? - I asked one of the men.
- It is narrow, - said Mark through his teeth.
Rock heard the moans of his wife, when she knelt down, grabbed the hands of Marcus and dropped them on his huge chest.
- Remember them a little while fucking me. - Rock was surprised by her words. - Hurt me, boy. Harder, harder. - Mark started fucking mother with a wild fury. Then Linda said words that Rock could never forget.
- We can fuck me here whenever you this zahochetsyas this point. You need only say the word and I immediately stoop down. I'll do it with your friends too. Do you like it, my boy? Would you like me to do it with your friends?
Three brothers choked with laughter. It took 10 minutes and 20 to take me again and again, each has already made 5 or 6 visits to a narrow anus girls. Rock said that the girl gradually began podmahivat back to their abusers and moan. But it was not a groan of pain and moans of pleasure. At the same time her lips moved frantically over his cock, it was impossible not to notice. Rock felt his cock getting harder and harder in the small mouth girl.
- How I feel good now - Becky said. - I want you, too, was good.
She began greedily sucking dick of his father, while the men around her laughed loudly. Mark all the while watching her sister. Word sisters made their case, and she began to finish right in the ass mother. Linda gasped with delight and squeezed halves of his backside as hard as she could.
- Oh my God. Yes, I squeeze them. - Mark said, like a jackhammer borer her anus.
The man raped Becky, took out his penis and sat down with Mark on the floor.
- Rest a bit. - He said to Mark. - Let her mouth lick your cock.
When Mark took out his penis from the anus mother, Becky turned toward his brother, her mouth was open in anticipation.
- I've always dreamed about this. - Mark said, when his dirty dick slipped into the mouth sister. He took both breasts sister's hand and squeezed it, giving it free rein. Becky moaned with pleasure and discomfort, licking dick brother covered with sperm and mother's contents back passage. To my great surprise and delight of the brothers, Mark's idea. He pulled Becky's hair to the rump, which had just fucked, expiring sperm.
- Lick it. - He said, shoving Becky between large backside cheeks mother. - Brushed her anus his tongue.
Little Becky obeyed, ... with a characteristic sound licking dirty ass mother, using language to get deep inside.
Chuckling, Mark was standing nearby, she kneaded her breasts and looked at her very much enhanced hole
- Oh, Becky. I want to fuck you in your little ass. - He said, and his protruding member began to make its expensive sister inside.
- Ltd. - Becky said, tearing the face covered with feces from the backside mother. She had no choice, she was so excited. - Fuck me, Mark. Fuck my ass to the end. Ahh ..
Men standing around, cheering him and laughed when his egg plopped on her ass. Very quickly nearing the first in the life of Becky orgasm.
- Oh, Mark. Do not stop, please.
Little sister brand no longer control himself in the flow of orgasm, while he literally skewer her ass on his cock.
But she was not allowed to stop. One man walked up, he pushed Mark and forcefully drove his huge dick in her anus.
- Ahh - Becky screamed even louder when her anus was again packed full of meat.
- Ooooh, - said the man, releasing a flow of sperm directly into the anus girls. He turned his head to the Rock.
- My turn said the second brother. - He stood behind Becky and put his penis in her anus. Almost immediately, Becky began to help him, and began to shake her next orgasm.
- Your little girl like a sex - he said Rock.
At that time, his brother offered her his dirty dick and she started with great zeal to suck and lick it. Barely a minute later, the man threw in the gut Becky large portion of sperm.
- Oh, this hole became so moist and full, - he said, taking out a member of the anus Becky.
There was a third place. He also, like the previous hard and fast fucked a few minutes, and then filled it inside your cream for the third time. When he finished, they dropped back Becky in the face of her mother, ordering her to lick all the juices dripping from the anus daughter. The little girl sat on mother's face, leaning on his hands. Every time her tongue touched the burning ring, she shuddered. She felt a large amount of sperm is still flowing from her sperm three men. Relax muscles, she sank into the language, spreading apart her ass cheeks. Sperm flowed from her, slowly at first, and then a small brook right in front of her open mouth.
- Ooh aa - Becky cried, shaking with searing orgasm.
The men were not satisfied with the contemplation of the two women, mother and daughter, are in position 69, of the vagina caressing each other. Moreover, his mother was from the bottom, in the top there was a girl teenager with wide open anus. The man with the gun turned in Rock.
- Fuck her in the ass. - He said. - Look at this hole, so that is waiting for you.
Rock knelt in front of Becky, a member was in his hand. He had no way out. She put the head of the penis opposite the entrance and pushed. Member easily entered in a well-designed hole. Becky looked up. Her face was covered with juice mother and looked at her father.
- Do not worry, Father. Now I like it.
Rock closed his eyes and began to move slowly at first a member, then at faster and faster, as demanded by the brothers. Soon, I fucked her as hard as he could. Becky moaned and tosses his head, enjoying the scene.
- Oh, father! I feel so good. I will make sure that all the boys at school, and then all the teachers will be so fun to me. Everyone will do it.
Listening to her babble girls Rock felt like even more swelled his penis in the anus daughter as enjoyment rises. He bent her head to crotch mother grabbed her child has chest and squeezed them, fucking her ass like an angry wolf.
- You'll do it, Becky. I will ask all the boys at school to put their members in your little ass.
- Yes, father. I swear.
- You little whore, Becky. Slut, in the narrow, wet, dirty ass. - Said a member of the Rock and it threw out the first jet of sperm in the anus Becky. He quickly pulled his dick out of her anus and sent her eagerly directly open into the mouth.
- I have some of my sperm, baby. You drink all the sperm in boys in school.
Becky moaned and swallowed the sperm of the father. When it was over, the three men got dressed and went out, slamming the door. Members of the family for a while looking at each other, then dressed and went to the car.
They walked a mile or more, getting to her, the trees surrounded by a dense ring road. Rock and Linda walked behind the children. Eye Rock looked at the spot formed on the shorts Becky sperm flowed out of her anus. He looked to his right, Linda, too, looked at it with a kind of lust in his eyes.
- Do you think the same thing as me? - She asked.
- Maybe. - Said Rock took Becky's hand and pulled him into the woods.
- Fun. - Said Linda submitting your hand son. - Your mommy wants to be fucked in the ass ...