Babushkino window

When I was in college, I had to spend part of the summer in an apartment of my grandmother, because she had to go to hospital for a few weeks. Part of the time I spent in the hospital, visiting her, the rest of the time I stayed in her apartment, taking care of the cat, watering flowers, etc.
My grandmother lived on the first floor of an apartment house. The windows of her bedroom out into the yard, where they were strung clothesline for those residents who prefer to dry clothes in the open air, not in the room dryer.
In the same house we lived two teenage girls. They were nice girls, and from overheard conversations, they were sitting on the steps under my window open, I knew they were interested in boys, and all things sexual. Sometimes I saw them sitting on the stairs, when he returned from the hospital. Although we did not know, we are always greeted. They were not much younger than me, so I thought they were old enough to pay attention to them. I think it was the common interest, because in passing them, I always felt their appraising look. A couple of times I heard them giggling, when he went into the house, indicating that they found me attractive, not to mention the fact that I heard from my grandmother's window, they openly discussed the different parts of me and my body.
One morning I was able to see one of the girls in the yard, hang the clothes on the ropes. I furtively began to peep, thinking that because of the bright sunshine batter into her eyes she could not see me, even if I come to the edge of the box.
Later in the afternoon, after I took a shower, the one girl and one of her friends were sitting and talking under the window. Suddenly, from the top floor window, I heard the voice of her mother, asking to bring clothes that are still hanging on the rope. The girl invited a girlfriend to go along. She agreed, and they went for a basket of clothes.
This was my chance. The sun was going to set, but there was enough light in the yard, and even if I turned on all the lights in my grandmother's bedroom, they still would not have seen me. I quickly undressed and wrapped a towel around his waist. Going into the grandmother's room, I half opened the curtains and stood in the shade, check that the windows were open, so I could hear them, but they have not.
I waited. I sat on the edge of the bed and jerked off his flaccid cock, waiting for their appearance in the yard. After a minute or so, I heard footsteps approaching. They talked among themselves, and I looked out to see if they can see my window. Yes! They stood in front of the window! Then I got up, turned on the light and pretended that I had just come out of the shower. As soon as I turned on the light - they stopped talking and I heard one of the girls said, "Look! "
I walked around the room with a towel around his hips, my semi erection bulged slightly under the towel, and I knew it would get their attention. I did not dare to look at the window, but I could feel their presence. I took a deodorant, refreshing, then came the decisive moment. I pulled off the towel and began to wipe their hair. I heard them whispering, but could not make out a word. I walked around the room a little, so they could see better me. I tried to stand up so that my cock all the time was turned toward the window. I deliberately touched it with a towel to keep the term in the excited state as long as possible.
Prior to this case, every time, seeing the girl, I never allowed myself to something more than just show off his penis. But since I had an interested audience, I decided to use this fact to something more. I have always enjoyed showing his dick to girls who are not familiar with the male body. From their conversations I overheard, it became clear that these girls were either virgins or very inexperienced sexually. I decided it was time to fill the gaps in their sex education and give them what they never taught in school.
I threw a towel on the floor and lay down on the bed and began to masturbate for girls. I slowly began to masturbate his penis, almost lazily. When I started to masturbate, whispering stopped, and I heard a faint sound of approaching steps to the window. I was hoping that they were the only ones I've seen. I heard the rustle of grass under the window, and was sure that they were close enough to the window. I increased the pace, and straightened my dick appeared before them in all its glory. Later, I learned to stretch the pleasure and delay the moment of orgasm, but today, for the first time I masturbated for the audience, I was a little nervous and therefore in a hurry. I jerked off my cock a little faster, pulling it up and at an angle to the girls as best you can be seen. After several minutes of intensive masturbation, I came specially loud groan shoots cum on his chest and stomach. I lay there with my eyes closed, until he heard the quiet sound of retreating footsteps.
A minute later, I got up and turned off the light. Looking out of the window so that the girls did not notice me, I saw that they were hastily removed from ropes remaining clothes and headed to the house. I hurried into the living room to the other window, to listen to what they say. When they got closer, I heard their excited voices.
"Did you see? "I asked the first.
"Yes, I saw. Could you used to think about how much of it could lead? I did not know what translates so much! "
"I can not believe what we just saw him playing with his cock. Did not he know that the curtains were open? "
"He must have really been much excited! "
Then one of them began to show his hand as I jerked and moaned as I groaned. Both girls laughed.
Entering the house, one of them said, " We need to tell Anne. Maybe he will do it again tomorrow night. If we give it, it is possible that she, too, will see it ".
Yes, Anne came the next day. As they sat in front of the window, I could hear snatches of their conversation, standing near the living room window. Two girls yesterday described in great detail everything that they saw last night. Peering from behind the curtain, I could see them. Anne asked them how great I was (referring to my penis), and one of the girls as boastful fisherman, widely spread hands apart. (I was flattered, but my penis sizes were much closer to seven than inches to two feet.)
Anne wanted to know if they saw as my sperm ejaculated.
" Oh my God, " said one of the girls " we were practically in front of the window. We have seen the head of his cock increased, while he jerked off and then ... "
" ... Jet of sperm flew out of his penis like a gun " He said another girl, finishing her friend's response.
Then one of the girls suggested that " Let's see if he had a light burning. " They decided to go on the other side, and leaving, I heard their names. The girls waited for the fourth girl. When she ran to him, the four of them went to the back of the house.
Four girls! Being a compulsive exhibitionist, it was too good to be true. I never showed a member of so many girls at once! Now there were four girls who want to look at my dick and see how I'm going to masturbate in front of them. I used an old trick with a towel, and has turned on the light, when they heard that they came to the window.
When I felt that they came close, I walked around the room, so they saw me in full growth. They understood that I was not even aware of their presence. I tried to act naturally as if nobody but me there was no room. I went to the closet, opened the door with a mirror and began to brush the hair slowly. In the mirror, I saw the window and girls face. Falling out of the room light illuminated their faces well enough. I tried not to look at them in the mirror too long, but their faces expressed such excitement and looking forward to an early onset of the moment when I will pour down your towel. I saw Anne, whispering something in the ear of the girl yesterday. They whispered, and I was sure that my cock was the topic of their conversation.
The idea that girls eagerly awaited follow-up, made my cock stiffen. At this point I was still standing with his back to him. I thought about that a little tease them tonight. I continued to comb his hair, but stopped for a moment to remove the towel, showing them his ass. I looked at them in the mirror and saw their faces lit with wide open gases considered my bare ass. I saw one of the girls pointed her elbow into the side of another, looking me up and down. My cock continued to grow from the excitement that I felt, and I thought of what to do.
I finished combing, and turned around, showing the front part of my body. I wanted them to see more than the previous night. For this, I sat down on the floor to do a little exercise. I lay on my back with a protruding member and eggs closer to the window and began to "rock press ". By that I forced them to come closer to the window to see all the best. Oh, what was the view! Now they have a clear and very close to the floor I could see my erection and my balls as I practiced in front of them, panting and nostrils, believing that it will be erotic. By the sounds of their footsteps on the dry grass, I realized that they came closer to the window. I could swear that I heard their heavy breathing from the window. The idea that they might be excited by watching my exercises, greatly excited me. I wonder if they noticed that my cock, which was initially sluggish, began to grow and stiffen as my excitement continued to grow.
I thought it was time to change position. I finished my sit-ups, and turned over, sat down for a push. Now, they see my ass close-up, and I began to make a series of aftershocks. I clenched my ass muscles and made a push forward, then, without a break, lifted butt. So several times. I wanted them to be looking down at me, realized on my movements, I showed them that I fucking invisible girl in her vagina: up and down, up and down. I decided to help them a little. Every time when I did push down, I groaned. Up and down, "Uh-x ". Up and down, "Uh-x ". Now I was a member in full growth. I changed the position again so that they may see me on the side. I continued to fuck alleged vagina, still groaning, just a little bit louder and more expressive than ever before. My hands were a little tired, but I executed the plan. I knew that riveted their attention.
Now it is time for the grand finale. I got up and went to bed. Unlike last night, I lay across the bed head toward the window. Going as close as possible to the window, I thought they were bolder and stand just in front of the window, knowing that I can not see them. Now they see standing in front of them the head of my penis, and when I finish, they will see how the sperm will depart from my cock ... right in their direction. Representing all of this, I took hold of his erect penis.
Outside, I heard a whisper: "Look! He's going to do it again ". Following heard: "Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh. "...
Everything was ready to start. I began to masturbate his penis very, very slowly. I wanted to show it lasted much longer than last night. My right hand moved slowly up and down the entire length of the member, and when my fingers reached the head, I squeezed them a bit. I pretended to casually raise the hips to move up a member of a couple of inches closer to them.
Then I began to masturbate a little faster to get in rhythm with my breathing and maintain an erection at the proper level. I knew that the girls were so close as if were in the next room, because from time to time, I heard the sound of a light tap on the window glass - probably, it noses they fought, trying to see everything better.
Then I lowered my left hand down to play with my balls. I gently rubbed the scrotum and began to masturbate a member at a higher rate. I decided that if the girls came to see - they see all that I am capable of. I began to show them all that I had in my arsenal. I parted the hips, alternating with podmahivat movements and jerky - I was doing with his cock all that he was capable. To them could be heard, I began to groan and moan loudly, muttering "Oh my God! Yes!" and "Oh, it's damn nice ". I masturbate like crazy, and I very clearly heard their breath through the window. My excitement leads them even more, and returned to me no way out. I know that I can not stand so long.
I wanted to let them know that the approaching climax. I lifted my hips off the bed and began to drive his hand over the entire length of the member, at a breakneck pace. My left hand was still on the eggs, and my cries grew louder. "Oh my God. Oh yeah. God, I'm going to cum. Oh, God, yes. I'm cumming !!! "
Cum by firing from a member, it made me gasp out loud. At the same moment, I heard a few loud sighs of surprise outside. My hot white cum poured me all over my chest and stomach, turning into a thick sticky layer. The last few drops of my first orgasm soared high into the air and fell on my face. I continued to masturbate member, groaning, losing control of himself until a few servings of semen is not shot out of my cock like the ship's gun. I never ceased to masturbate before, until, finally, the final drop of sperm is not resulted from the opening of my penis through his fingers on his stomach.
I was exhausted. What began as just a small demonstration of male masturbation for girls, it turned out, one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever experienced. My hips fell on the bed, arms stretched to the side, eyes closed. I translated the spirit after giving pleasure for me and my small company outside.
I knew that the girls were still there. I could hear their breathing and unintelligible whispering outside. They must have looked at me naked and numerous small puddles of sperm on my chest and stomach. The realization that they stood there and watched me masturbate and how rapidly I had finished, very exciting for me. I do not know how long I could continue to lie under the gaze of the four pretty teens, but I enjoyed their attention while he could.
A few minutes later, I heard their footsteps. They moved away from the window, and as they walked slowly, I heard that they began to discuss something among themselves, until they turned the corner to go to the entrance.
Now is the time to step up to the window, the living room, to hear "critical analysis ".
That night, I slept with a smile on his face. I just finished masturbation show for four girls who were watching me through my grandmother's bedroom window, and then listened to their comments, as they sat by the window living room.
"I can not believe this, " said one of the girls " He jerked off dick in front of us ... at a distance of four feet ".
"It was even better than last night " He said another. "Even more sperm at this time! "
"How about those shocks, which he did? It looked as if he fucks with the Invisible Woman! " He said another. The rest of the girls laughed.
One of the girls who was there the night before, was perplexed. "I still do not understand why he is not aware that he is playing with his cock in front of a window with open curtains. Anybody could walk and see it. Do you think he knows what we saw him? "
Other girls do not pay attention to the issue. "If you were a guy " I suggested one girl "you would masturbate right in front of an open window, knowing that somebody sees you? Would you not ashamed? "
The other two girls agreed that he did not think relative to the window or the ability to be seen, otherwise he would have been wearing.
One of the girls said, "We can say that he must have been really excited. Did you hear his groans? And the sighs that he uttered when finished? Uh-xx-x! " All giggled when she portrayed the sound of my last gasp of relief that I did when finished.
However, first the girl did not leave doubts. "Yes. If I were a guy, I would be very embarrassed, onaniruya right in front of another person. But I - not the guy. And you know what guys are. Remember Billy Holton, who lived across the street from us? Remember how he was always trying to drag us down to the laundry room to show his penis? I remember that we are all ashamed to see it, and feared that he might have done, which is why we never went there with him. But some guys like to show their members. There can not be such that he showed us a member of purpose? "
"Maybe" others said in unison.
Anne, the only one whose name I knew, whistled. "This is a different situation. Billy just wanted to show us his penis. The same guy actually masturbate. He finished! No guy would not do that if he knew that he was watching a group of girls, right? "
The first girl replied, "As you know, Billy never masturbated in front of us? We have never suggested that he show us this. Perhaps if we had asked, he would also masturbate ".
She was interrupted by another girl. "Listen, what's the difference if he knew that we would have seen it or not. I thought it would be a disgusting spectacle. He has a very nice body! Have you seen his penis when he did these jerks? God, these up-and-down look so exciting ".
"Yes, " Anne said, "and I think that his penis looked good too. I always thought that all the members are like cock, but I had never before seen one excited member. God, it's so big! How does he fit inside of us? "
The rest of the girls laughed and said with one voice, "This size will fill all! " And the hysterical laughter continued.
Sitting in the room, I listened to their views. If we talk about all, it was obvious that they enjoyed what they saw. It was really new to them, and I was not at all offended. I saw it as a mutual public service. They extended their sexual knowledge, and I met, their exhibitionistic needs. I thought it was a great deal.
But I was interested in a girl who seemed to suspect that I did all this deliberately, knowing that the girl behind the window and look. Of course I knew. But her skepticism bothered me a little. It seems that it is not worried that she spied freely as I masturbate, but she was delighted because I could do it all on purpose. I could not understand why it is so interesting: on purpose, I showed them how I masturbate or not.
But I was very excited, listening to the rest of their conversation as they are listed in great detail all the things that they saw and heard, as were close to the window. Even though they were teenagers, I still find them very attractive, and especially I was attracted to their inexperience. Aware that now I know these girls, I would like to be able to introduce each of them with a delightful world of sex. Each of them has its own way very beautiful. Skeptic was well-built brunette, very beautiful, with long legs and sexy smile. Her friend, who was with her on the first night, was a blonde, a little skinny, but with a stunning tan, which seemed to cover every portion of her unprotected body. Anne was the prettiest of them all. She was very bright, almost strawberry blonde hair, which was long enough, and almost fetched up her little ass. She was petite, with delicate little fingers. She had a flawless face with clean skin, unlike other girls who have had varying degrees of pigmentation youth. A fourth girl, the one who joined the rest of the final was hard describable. She had a black eye with a dirty blonde, very quiet and shy, which did not seem to fit into their company.
No matter how much I did not enjoy fantasies about sex with these young creatures, I knew that now, when I was a little more than twenty, these girls were excellent jail bait. None of them did not look more than 16, and I was not going to risk my future only to satisfy their sexual desires. Also, I would not stay here for long. My grandmother will be home in a few days, I will linger for a week or more, while I am not sure that it will be able to maintain itself. Then I leave.
It was getting dark and the girls started to go home. Still excited by a mixture of conversations and my fantasies, I stood up again a member. I sat on the couch, I hastily went to masturbate. I did not have time to finish, and I fell asleep.
The next day, I got up around 10am, washed, and went to the store to shop for groceries and cleaning products. I almost ate all the grandmother's food supplies, and wanted to fill its pantry before she gets home. I also like to surprise her and clean the apartment from top to bottom, so that it is not worried about housekeeping when she recovers and returns home.
After a couple of hours, I returned home. The trunk of my car was filled with bags of groceries and cleaning products. I knew that I would make a few walker from the car to the apartment to transfer all purchases. I drove up to the entrance of the house, where the girls were sitting. The four of them sat and chatted as usual. When I stopped the car and turned off the engine, they fell silent and began to whisper to each other. Apparently, I was the subject of their conversations secret. I got out of the car, not paying attention to them, and began to open the trunk to grab a couple bags to the first salable. As soon as I walked up to the house - they were silent, pretending not to notice me right away. I behaved as usual.
"Hi girls, " I was greeted, as usual, cheerfully.
"Oh, hi!"They replied.
"Nice day, is not it? " I added.
"Hugo ".
It was a short conversation, as I walked past them, opening the door and stepping inside. When the door closed behind me almost, I heard them snicker and giggle.
I threw the first bags that brought and went back to the car for the next batch. As soon as I left the house, one girl - the skeptic - said "Many also have bags in the trunk of ".
"Yeah". I replied.
"Let us help you take them into the house? "I asked Anne.
I glanced at them. All but turned shy. It seemed that all of them are burned from the help of impatience. I thought that now that they "learned" I was a little better than a few days ago, they felt a little freer, is not limited to "Hello how are you?".
"Of course. Thank you". I said, "it is much easier my job ".
With these words, the girls followed me to the car. I grabbed a few bags, and each of the girls took the remaining bags. Closing the trunk, I went ahead, and the girls behind me. Upon entering the apartment, I told the girls to put the bags on the kitchen table and chairs.
"Thanks, girls". I said, when they put the bags "By the way, my name is Mike ".
"Hello, Mike! " said a skeptic. "I - Kate ".
"Hi Kate ".
"I - Jane " said flexible blonde.
"How are you, Jane? "
Anne held out her hand. "You can call me Anne. "
"Well, Anne " I replied.
Shy murmured, "My name is Olga".
I repeated their names. "Well, it's - Kate, Jane, Ann and Olga. Easy to remember. Thanks for the help".
"No problems, " Kate said. "We wanted to meet as soon as you arrived, but did not have an opportunity ".
I corrected her. "Kate, you are greeted in the past ".
"Well, I mean, we wanted to introduce ourselves to you. How did I and Jane. Ann and Olga have not seen you before ... "She hesitated, about to say "until last night " and he ended by saying "... Until recently ".
For a moment, tensions arose when Kate hardly made a mistake in the room. The girls looked at each other and breathed with relief when Kate found a way out of a sticky situation.
Jane asked. "When you arrived, Mike? We have not seen any trucks. There lived an old woman, but we did not see that she was leaving. We hope it is not dead ".
I laughed. "No. She was still alive. This is my grandmother. She lay not a couple of weeks in the hospital. I live here as long as it does not exist. You do not think I would have lived in the apartment with all these little trinkets, is not it? "
The girls laughed, looking around, as it was obvious that the situation is more suitable for apartments and sixty-five year old widow, twenty year old guy.
We talked a little bit. The girls questioned me. I told them about life in college, and they - of school life. When we talked, Jane, Ann and Olga sat close to me. I wore my tight shorts, and during the conversation I noticed their eyes at my crotch. Their views were not long, but it was fun to watch the movements are often running around the eyes, on behalf of the shorts. They seemed to be waiting for that break out my dick and I finished right in front of them.
Meanwhile, Kate went around the apartment, looking at the situation. If I did not know her well, I would have thought that she navodchitsa. She went into the hallway and looked into her grandmother's bedroom. When she returned to the living room, she said, "You sleep in your grandmother's bed, is not? I noticed only one bedroom ".
"No, " I told her "I sleep here on the couch ".
She raised her head, looked curiously at me and grinned. I continued to talk with other girls. Kate pulled Jane aside and whispered something in her ear. They whispered Jane is looking at Kate nor asked "True?"
I was curious to know what they talked about, and I soon learned all.
"Mike?" I called Kate.
"Your grandmother knows you masturbate in her bed?
Time stopped. The rest of the girls stood, open-mouthed, staring at Kate. They were in complete shock, disbelief. I looked at Kate, but she just stood there, looking me straight in the eye. Next to her stood grinning Jane.
"Kate!", Anne snapped.
Olga was red as a beet.
I tried to find the words, but it's not really worked. "Kate, I do not know what ... ".
She interrupted me. "Mike, a couple of days ago, Jane and I were hanging laundry to dry in front of your window. We have seen how you jerked off in the bedroom of your grandmother. We have seen it all. I mean ALL ".
Jane adds "Yes, we have seen how you finished ".
Kate continued. "Then last night, all four of us have come again and again, you wanker. However, guys? " Jane nodded, and the others stood in silence.
" We have heard, and all Mark, Mike " Jane boasted. "We have seen how you masturbate, and finished again ".
"Later, " Kate said, returning to the interrupted conversation "we have to discuss it, and I said that I think that you did it all on purpose. I told them that you know that we were there all the time. You masturbated for us. You want us to see you, is not it? "
I lied. "I did not do anything. How dare you look through the windows of other people! "I said with mock disdain.
"Most people would close the curtains, perhaps even turned off the lights when they are doing something private: for example ... or fuck masturbate " Kate added. "Admit it, you did it on purpose. "
I again rejected her accusations, although I'm not sure that was very convincing.
Kate smiled sardonically. "I wonder what your grandmother said if we told about what they saw, what are you doing in her bedroom ".
"You do not do ". It was all I could say as I realized that she wanted to blackmail me. I thought that it would offer in return - money I did not have, and all valuables were left at home.
"Tell the truth, Mike. You do it all arranged specially for us? "
All four were standing, waiting for my answer. Even if I were innocent, they picked up me. They wanted to tell my grandmother that they saw as I masturbate. I would be very embarrassed if she knew about it. Maybe she would not have believed them, but they saw the room, knew the location of furniture, know where it is, and if they told all the details, the grandmother would believe them. Under no circumstances I did not want my grandmother found out that I masturbate in front of these girls. I was ready to pay any price for their silence.
I shyly lowered his head down and said quietly, "Oh well. You're right. I knew that you were there all the time ".
"I told you! " Kate said others.
"Now you do not tell my grandmother, is not it? ", I asked them.
"No, there is nothing we will not tell your grandmother, Mike. We will not say a word, right? ", Kate said, looking at her friends. "If...".
Well, it began ... I realized that they put forward conditions for their silence.
"One minute, Mike. We must discuss it between us ".
Then, with a grin, Kate gathered the girls around him. Very quietly, Kate whispered something in his little conspirator. The girls listened attentively, eyes wide and smiled slyly. I really wanted to hear what Kate said, but her whisper was indistinguishable. Other girls obviously enjoyed plan that it offered. They began to giggle as she explained to them that she had in mind. Only once Jane looked at Kate and asked, "You will?!"And Kate nodded and grinned an evil grin.
"Do you agree? " Kate asked others.
"Agree " they confirmed, chuckling.
Kate led, all back to me and said for all. "We discussed the issue very carefully, " she said, amusing his friends businesslike. "We are ready to make the following proposal. We promise not to tell your grandmother, if you ... "She paused for effect, "... Once again show us all from start to finish ".
I immediately calmed down. Give them another view? That is all that they require? Do they not understand that I love to masturbate in the presence of the girls?
"Do not you all saw last night? This is not enough? Do you want to see again? And it's what you want? " I asked, not believing that so lightly. Nebylo is nothing better for me than to do it all again in front of them - show them how I masturbate. It was too small a price for their silence. "What's your trick? "
"The fact that this time we will be in the room with you, and this time everyone to get a chance to see everything from start to finish, " Kate explained.
"Yes, and more. If we want to touch your penis, you allow us to do this, okay? " If this were their conditions, how could I not take them?
"You want to start right now? " I asked the girls.
Kate shook her head. "How about tomorrow afternoon? "
"I'll wait".
It was 11:45 am. I just got out of the shower, waiting for the meeting. I obviously blackmailed, but I'm not particularly worried about it. Four pretty teenage blackmailed me to see again as I masturbate ... Two nights in a row, I masturbated for them, masturbate my dick, and ending just before their gaze. I knew that they were enjoying the spectacle enormously. I had hoped that they would think that by chance have seen me when I masturbate so openly, but Kate turned, saw through me. She forced me to admit that it was prepared specifically for their entertainment and that, if I did not fulfill their conditions, they would have told my grandmother that I used her bedroom as a place to meet my exhibitionistic tendencies.
And what were their demands? At first, I thought it was going to cost me money. But what a relief and delight I felt when it turned out that all they want ... a new view! They wanted to see how I'm going back to masturbate in front of them, with them in the same room. I could not think of a more exciting penalties for exhibitionist. I loved to show his masculine charms cute teenagers, and these girls are no exception.
And not only do they want to watch, they want to participate. It was one of their condition: they had to be with me in the room, and I had to let them touch his penis, if they wanted it. Although they seemed to still be virgins, they are very interested in everything that was associated with sex, and I seem to have raised their level of interest is even higher.
What I'd really like to see is their faces, carefully looked at my cock, hard and tough, standing in front of them, to see their reaction to how I masturbate, or perhaps even see how they masturbate me until I finish to everyone's satisfaction. Leggy Kate seemed to be the oldest. Her desire was so great that I bet she would have figured out what to do with the male member. Jane caught fire, short-cropped blonde, most charmed my sperm - it is only about this and said. I bet she'd like to be the first to touch my hard dick. It was still shy Olga. She was so shy that other girls may have to persuade her to take my cock in hand. Finally, Ann. Anne intrigued me. On the one hand, she was the one who was most shocked Kate skirmish with me about what I was showing them on purpose member or not. She was also bothered that Kate uses blackmail to achieve today's show.
At the same time, it was the sympathetic ones. Her deep blue eyes could look right into you. She was so clean and fresh face, she looked younger than his years. Her tall, about 5 feet, legs and slender hands ... I thought that would feel her tiny fingers, when the girth of my hard dick, masturbating, probably male member for the first time in my life. If I had to pick a favorite of, it would be she. She looked young, bursting with ripeness, which may have excited me doubly possibility that could happen in such a short time until they will have me.
Time passed quickly by noon. Girls could be here at any time. I refreshed the room deodorant and refreshing cologne. I decided to just be with a towel around his waist: in the end, is that I was on these two evenings when I walked naked in the bedroom grandmother when they spied out. I just finished drying her hair, when I heard a knock at the door. It is they, I thought. I went to the door and looked through the peephole and saw that it was them, and opened the door. Behind the door were Kate and Olga. When they saw that I did not nebylo nothing but a towel, Kate smiled and Olga blushed.
"Come on, where's Anne and Jane? "I asked.
"Oh, they will be in a couple of minutes, they have to do something. We arrived early to prepare you " Kate said.
Prepare me? I noticed that Kate brought a package. "What is it? " I asked, looking questioningly at the package in her hand.
"Small surprise " Kate replied, "you'll see. And so now you're ready for your big show, Mike? "
"Yes, i am ready, " I said, "immediately, as soon as all gather ".
"Oh, do not worry, Mike " Kate said with a sly grin, "everyone will be here ".
"Yes, " added Olga "everyone will be here ". Kate and Olga exchanged glances and giggled. It was something that I did not know. I felt that they had something to hide from me, but now I can not wait to start.
"Guys, maybe drink something while waiting for the others? ", I asked the girls.
"Okay, " said Kate "Why do not we go to the bedroom and prepare you ".
"Prepare? "
"Yes, we discussed it and decided to give you extra fun because you agreed to ".
Hmm, surprise? What could it be. "Well, let's go to the bedroom ".
When they came, I asked if I remove the towel.
"Oh no, " Olga said, " let's wait until all gather ".
"But you can do one thing, while we wait, Mike " Kate said. "Lie down on the bed ".
I climbed onto the bed. "What now?"
Kate leaned over to me and asked, "You trust us, Mike? "
"I trust you as much as I would have believed any other blackmailer " I said with a smile.
"Mike! Blackmail wrong word. In addition, you like to show your dick in front of us, girls, do not you? So it's almost blackmail, right? "
"It's true, " I said, "so I trust you ".
"Okay, now close your eyes ".
"What for?"
"Believe me, Mike. I think you will like it ".
I closed my eyes. I heard that Kate, something gets out of the bag, which she had brought, and he heard the whispers, between Kate and Olga. In their footsteps, I realized that the girls stood on either side of the bed. They both sat down and I felt that they grabbed me by the leg. Suddenly, I felt something around my ankles. Rope! I opened my eyes and looked at the two girls, tying each ankle to the front of the bed. At first, I resisted. Their action was something frightening. Kate turned and jumped on my chest. God, I could not believe how strong she was for a teenager. The strength of her body threw me back - back.
"Mike?! I thought that you said that you trust us? " Kate said, with a twinkle in his eye.
"Yes, but ... ".
"Then let us finish the tie you. Remember, I said that you will love it ".
Hell! Girls must have been reading something about the bindings, and perhaps they thought that I could get extra fun because helpless and vulnerable? But they appeared to others and did so without malice.
"Okay, go ahead. Do not bind them too tight ".
Olga and Kate smiled with satisfaction when finished tied my legs to the bed. Then Kate reached out of the package two more ropes.
"For the hands, huh? "
"Yes Yes, " Both girls said, grinning.
Well, I'm going to play their game. Maybe they just wanted to simulate the game with the binding. Or maybe they do not fully trusted me and feared that I might try to rape them if I was not involved. The present position I could only shoot sperm into the air. In addition, with his hands tied to the bed, I could not masturbate. If they wanted to see how I'm coming, they would have themselves to masturbate me. In the end, not really a bad prospect.
Finally, they ended up with ropes. "What if we touch it until you come to rest, Mike? " Kate was a born leader of the group, I thought.
"Do what you want, " I replied.
"What we want?"I asked Kate, and both girls began to giggle and smile.
I expected that Kate will remove the towel and touches member. Instead, the two girls - each with its own side - began to fondle my breasts. They are small, soft handle running up and down my chest, very easy, and I lay there, enjoying their touch. They were very gentle, and all my fears, I was bound to have disappeared. They began to make a circular motion with your fingertips, and when they touched my nipples shiver ran up and down across the back. I had never experienced such touches. Now I found that my nipples are so sensitive to caresses. I felt the first stirring of my penis under the towel. While Olga continued to fondle my breasts, Kate reached down and began to lightly touch the tips of the fingers of my feet, first one foot and then the other. She started from the knee, up to half of the hip, and back to the tribe. She repeated this with the other leg, went back to my first leg, but this time her fingers went up on my thigh, and then she moved to the other leg. My cock really beginning to respond to her teasing movement, rising under the towel, the higher she continued to caress me with his fingers. Now, she picked up a towel, lightly scratching the surface of the nail inside my thighs, just avoiding my scrotum during each stroking. My cock almost completely straightened, and turned out something like a tent of towels.
"Look, Olga. His cock gets! "
"Ooooo, we can now remove the towel? "I asked Olga usually quiet.
"No, let's wait for the others, " Kate replied, "they go crazy if we start without ".
I was a little disappointed that they have not removed the towel. I wanted them to see the fruits of their labors, I picked up my cock and began to masturbate. But I knew that the best thing is not to stop, but I could not tolerate for long. Strictly speaking, I should not even have to wait for anything. Suddenly a knock at the door.
"Open?"Olga asked.
"Yes, it should be the other, " Kate said, "let them in ".
While Olga opened Anne and Jane, Kate continued to caress my thigh under the towel, all the time, looking me in the face, with a devilish look on his face.
"And here's a surprise, Mike " Kate said.
Meanwhile, Olga opened the door and let Ann and Jane. I could hear the excitement in their voices.
"He is ready, " He said Olga rest. "His cock was already up! "
I could not wait for the appearance of Ann and Jane in the room. Because he knew that then begin our fun.
First entered the room Olga. "They are here".
Behind her came a delightful Anne. She immediately appreciated my hard dick, lifting the towel. "You're not joking, Olga. He really READY! "
Finally came Jane, with a single question. "You guys have not forced him to come, huh? "
I thought that everything had already gathered. Jane stood and looked down the hall, beckoning someone. What the hell, I thought. For Jane slowly climbed another girl. Tall, dark-haired, which I had never seen before.
"Mike?"Said Jane "It - Laura ".
Laura, I did not expect, but it was a great surprise. When she turned her head and looked at me, I saw her green eyes widened. "O-oh-oh-oh my God! ", she said, "It's true!" Her eyes looked directly at my crotch, seeing the huge bulge under the towel.
"You did not say that someone else will come " I said to Kate, whose hand was resting on my thigh under the towel.
"Surprised? "Kate asked.
I'm going to answer it, but I heard heavy breathing in the bedroom doorway. I looked to the right, and Laura saw another girl. There was a cute little dark-skinned girl, staring at me with wide open eyes and mouth.
"And this - Susan " said Jane, pointing to the baby.
Susan and Laura both stood in the doorway, staring at my crotch.
"I remember you said that it was a great member of " said Susan "But this ... oh my God! "
"When we can remove the towel? " I asked Laura. "I want to see him".
"Soon, " Kate said, "Why do not you all come closer and did not check how he is ready? "
I could not believe it. I was almost naked, with six girls, staring at my body. The girls gathered around the bed, watching Kate caressed my leg under the towel.
Kate said, "What are you waiting for? Feel his body! "
One by one, the girls stretched out his arms and began to feel me at all locations. Ann drove her hands across my chest, sometimes rising up to touch my face, and I smiled angelically. Olga drove her hands over my chest and stomach, sometimes slipping his hands under the towel, to walk in my stomach. Kate still teasing me, running her hand in my right hip, but now she had a helper. Jane did the same thing, but on the left side, almost touching the fingertips of my eggs.
At this time, two brand new girls began to stroke my knees, right, Laura, and Susan left. I thought I had died and was in heaven. Twelve hands caressed my body, other than the main part of which required special attention. My cock was twitching like crazy with every touch of the girls, forcing my body to shudder. This has not gone unnoticed.
"Look at his dick ".
"He jumps up under the towel ".
"This is his dance for us ". From this observation the girls laughed.
"Now we can remove the towel? " I asked Laura.
"Deactivate. Soon. Very soon, " Kate replied.
"This - not fair, Susan said, "You have already seen four of his, and we are not. We also want to see it ".
"Be patient, "Kate said, " we have enough time. What's up, guys? You came to sexual dating or what? "
The girls continued their study of my body is still not coming into contact with a member of my unbending under the towel. Now it was easier to touch me. Their arms are longer caressed those parts of the body, which they have chosen for themselves. Ann and Olga caressed the upper part of the body, special attention, with my nipples. Laura and Susan drove her hands along my legs and inner thighs. Kate and Jane began to caress her soft fingers teasing just right below my crotch, touching everywhere except my dick and my balls. I was dizzy from feeling their delicate fingers ubiquitous.
Incidentally, Jane fingers lightly touched my scrotum. I gasped at this first contact with my genitals. Jane leaned toward Kate and whispered something in her ear. After a moment, Kate fingers again touched my scrotum and I gasped again. Both girls giggled as they found another erogenous zone. And so, twelve girls' hands caressed and teased me, making me shudder all. Four hands on my chest and nipples, four hands on my inner thighs sides, and four hands, teasing my balls. I was powerless, firmly tied to the bed. The girls then looked at me, then at each other, all the time talking about me as if I was not there. They used my body as a toy.
Again, knock on the door. "Who could it be?"Kate asked. Everyone looked at each other and shrugged.
Ann said. "It must be twins ". And she went to let them in.
Twins? So, there will be more?
"Twins?", Jane was surprised. "Did we not agree that girls are just out of high school? "
Anne came with two girls, who must have been 12 years, a maximum of 13. They were twins. Both were with freckles, like little tramps, but very small and very young.
"Mike?"Said Anne. "These are my sisters, Sarah and Nina ".
Now I've seen "copy ". Both of them have the same strawberry blond hair. Both girls did not speak. They stood in awe looking at the scene, to which they were: me, surrounded by all these girls who I have always been touched. And the towel that was on me with a sticky spot in the middle. It seemed to me that this is what interested them the most.
Kate asked. "Anne, do we not agree that gather only a high school girl? Why did you invite the twins? They only have high growth ".
Ann apologized. "I'm sorry. They overheard our yesterday's telephone conversation, and threatened to tell my mother, if I do not let them come too ".
"Oh well"Kate said. "Well, they can stay. They will only look, not touching anything. They have no place if we all stand around six. Clear?"
The twins nodded their heads in silence. They stood as if hypnotized, seeing the older guy, who caressed their sister and her friends. They were obviously delighted with the form of my cock, twitching under the towel when the girl caress me everywhere.
"Do not you? It's time "Olga asked.
"Well, we get down to the grand opening. Jane? you want to honor? I know that you will not let me finish, even if I do not let you take it off the towel ".
Jane did not need telling twice.
She bent down and reached for a towel. Towel she slowly began to take off, and suddenly - like a magician, he pulled sharply.
Eight girls gasped in unison! Eight pairs of eyes stared at my cock. He proudly stood before them. He was so straight and firm as ever. He stood almost vertically. Their eyes fixed on lilac head of my cock throbbing in front of the girls. They were apparently paralyzed view of my busy massive member. I'm mad.
"We can touch it? "I asked Ann Kate, not paying any attention to me.
"First, you need to do one more thing " she said. "Give me my package, there, on the floor ". Laura leaned forward, picked up the package and handed it to Kate. Kate took an electric razor. Oh my God. Kate was going to shave me. My guess confirmed. She turned on the razor and began to shave my pubic hair. To shave off all his hair, she gently took my penis between thumb and forefinger. I was excited and offended at the same time. She was going to shave my entire crotch!
"We should definitely do that? "I asked. "It was not part of our persuasion ".
"We never said that this will not happen, is not it? "She replied. Then she told Susan "Bring me a warm, wet towel from the bathroom ".
While Susan went for a towel, Kate finished shaving all the hair surrounding my cock and balls even shaved. Vibration razor tickled me when she took it on my scrotum.
Susan returned with a wet towel and cleaned all around my cock. I thought it was the end, but she reached out package cream shaving razor. Oh my God. She was going to make me completely smooth and bald. Now I'm really nervous.
"I need two free hands to do it. Jane, keep his cock straight up while I shave it ". Jane immediately grabbed my cock, holding it vertically, while Kate smeared shaving cream around my penis. I was afraid that something had happened. Teens going to shave my genitals. One wrong move with a razor, especially around my eggs, and I would be very angry. I was sure that the erection will weaken member, but Jane made sure that did not happen. She squeezed my cock, while Kate finished shaving.
Kate looked at me and said, "Do not worry. I shave my bikini line all the time. I know what I do". She was right. One minute, she shaved all the bristles in the groin area. Very carefully, she shaved the remaining hair on my balls. The rest of the girls looked at how I shave to bald, then into the hands of Jane, firmly squeezing my cock, then I have to see my reaction. It must have been pretty important evidence of my courage with which I was standing shaving his penis.
When she was finished, Kate asked other girls "Well? What do you think?"
The rest just groaned and gasped, looking at my clean shaven crotch.
"He is so cute, " Laura said, "like my little brother ". There was laughter in the whole room.
The twins were still staring, open-mouthed.
"Well, let's look " Kate said, "Who wants to start? "
Girls murmur, who first started. Kate looked around the room quizzical look. "Maybe it will start the eldest? "
The girls protested. "It's not fair. You're the eldest! "
"Well, well, well, " Kate laughed. "Then let's go in alphabetical order ".
Again, the girls did not agree, knowing that Kate will again first.
"Good! Let's be honest ". Kate looked around the room, then said firmly. "Olga, you go first! "
Olga did not agree. "No I can not. I do not know what to do".
"Come on, Olga " Jane said. "You saw him last night. You know how to masturbate his penis ".
Other girls pushed her. Finally, Olga agreed to be the first ...
Kate led her to my cock. "But first, " she said, "establish rules. At the disposal of each girl will have five minutes to play with a member of Mike, no more and no less. Then the next, and so on ".
God, I thought. I can not help on first girl. All I wanted now, so finish it. I was so excited, I felt like my balls boil. Now they were filled with sperm, waiting for the right moment to throw everything out sweeping away everything in its path. But I was determined to hold on as long as possible. I knew how to delay orgasm, and the longer, the better would be to stop. But I also wanted to wait until Ann did not take up my cock. I wanted to see how they will look like tiny fingers, clenched around my penis, which will begin to masturbate until I finish. She must have been a year for four or five younger than me, but I thought I grew up a little before her, and I wanted to keep all my sperm only at her. "Good Olga " Kate said, "start! "
Olga, shy as always studied, reached for my cock. Her timid fingers eagerly but gently grabbed my body. I can not say that she is more afraid of: to hurt me or look like a fool, not doing what is necessary. The first touch of her hand was so nice that my cock twitched in her hand. She had not expected such a reaction and instinctively pulled her hand away from my cock.
"All - well, Olga " I told her ", it is very nice".
At first, she moved her fingers very gently up and down the entire length of the member, barely touching it. Her hands fell down, lightly touching my balls. While the thrill of her touch was not quite so, as we would like. I would like to make it squeezed my penis and began to masturbate him, sure that she had seen, as I did two nights ago. But she wanker somehow awkward time it was over, and Kate said "time!"I could not wait for the next girl.
"Who is next?"Kate asked.
"Give me!", I asked Susan.
Susan's approach differed dramatically from Olga's. Susan did not see alien evening as I masturbate and finished, so I think the other girls told her that I "I played " with his cock, and she must have understood these words literally, because what she did - it was playing with my member.
First, she took my swollen cock in her hand and squeezed it a little bit. "God, it's so hard! " She squeezed a little harder, making my penis in her hand like a mushroom. "Look! He becomes more ".
Then she reached down and took my balls in his hands, squeezing them a little stronger. I shuddered.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that there, the guys most sensitive spot, " she said. "I will be more careful ".
Instead, it would jerk my cock, she started fooling around with him. At first, she raised him right, then let go. Naturally, the member has strayed away and came back, I jumped on a diving board when she released him. All the girls giggled as they looked at what was doing, it seemed really surprised Susan. She did it again, and began to laugh uncontrollably when the cock began to bounce. Again and again, she did it, and each time went on "boo "As if scaring and pushing him. Then she began to swing his fingers to the right and left, laughing as he oscillates from side to side. She laughed, playing with my hard dick, and although the other girls, too, entertained her game, it was obvious that it was starting to bother them, and they are eagerly waiting for their turn.
"Time!" Kate said. "Following?"
At first, no one volunteered. Then Laura said. "Let me try to ". She took my cock in his hand. Laura was much better developed natural instincts than previous girls. She held in her hand a member of his fingertips and began stroking my hard cock with pressure and speed, which I particularly liked. Her fingers jerked off my cock, working up and down its length. It was the first girl who has found the right technique. I was sure that she wanted me to come. I felt like my penis is straightened as she wanker me at a constant speed. She even made embossing movement of the head of the penis to the end of the movement. But, just as Susan, she did not see me last night as I jerked off, and so she had to find a way to itself to make me come. When she felt that I was close to orgasm, she made a mistake, she took the term in his fist and began to jerk up and down more. I never liked to masturbate in his hand - I preferred to masturbate only with your fingertips to finish - and therefore its equipment did not meet its expectations. She was the closest to what I came to, if not over the time available.
Kate asked Jane, she would not want to be next. "Betting, " Jane said, "encircling all look. Get ready. I'm going to get him to finish ".
Jane set to work with enthusiasm, even too much. She wanted me to come, that it has reached the extreme. She gripped my cock and immediately began to masturbate him, moving his hand up and down at breakneck speed. She masturbate and masturbate, masturbate and masturbate, faster and faster. But she wanker not as it should. It hurted me. She did not know that hurts me, and looking in my face, I thought that I was close to orgasm. And the truth is, she rubbed my hot skin. I have not had the courage to tell her that she does not, and she began to masturbate faster. "See all. He'll finish. Sorry, Kate. Sorry, Ann. It seems that you do not get after I finish ".
But she was wrong. Despite all her efforts, I have not finished. I was glad when Kate finally said. "Time!". Jane was clearly disappointed that she had not brought me to orgasm, and I was happy that my skin was still on my cock.
Kate turned to Anne and asked her, she would not want to be next. Anne shook her head and said, "It's okay, I'll be the last ". Kate gave his watch and told to watch the time. Rather than immediately take my cock in hand and began to masturbate, she took her baby cream package. Smeared one hand, she vigorously rubbed her on the other, warming cream. Then she took my penis and began to masturbate his right hand, confidently and rhythmically.
Wow, I thought. It's really nice. Kate knew what she was doing. She was about to reach the ultimate goal - to masturbate my cock until finally, today I did not finish. She was obviously watching me very closely, as I jerked off last night, and she knew that I love. Her pressure was too strong, and the pace was moderate. She must have watched the other girls masturbate and learned from their mistakes. She was quite sure that it will be the one that would bring me to orgasm. Her warm hand cream wanker oiled my cock up and down, up and down. While her left hand landed on my balls. Through my whole body shiver like from electric shock, when she gently skated my balls in her hand. Very gently, she caressed my scrotum most tips of his fingers, and then strengthened my pleasure, spent fingertips on the scrotum. I felt that my scrotum starts to shrink when she made several circular movements caressing fingers of his left hand, increasing the pace of his right hand, drochaschey my cock.
I felt that I will soon be over. Hands Kate drove me crazy. I looked at the reactions of the other girls. Jane was still a bit disappointed by the failure of their own, but her eyes bored into my penis, going to see the sperm, which I have kept for so long in my eggs flew out of the hole in the head of the penis.
Susan and Laura, has never seen the man ends and their eyes were fixed on my cock.
The Twins moved closer to better see everything. Perhaps they did not know the expected signs of my orgasm, but they felt that something should happen, when other girls were silenced.
I saw that Anne was sitting on the edge of the bed next to my shoulders. It is closely watched as Kate Jerking my cock and playing with my eggs. In the eyes of Anne was read indescribable thirst. When I looked down at the hands of Anne, her right hand on her leg, imitating hand movements drochaschim Kate, who enthusiastically masturbate my cock. I looked into her eyes, and she looked back at me. When our eyes met, I read in them a desire to wait for their turn, before I finish. She wanted to jerk my cock. Anne's eyes said that she would like to feel my hardness, led by the hand up and down the penis, squeeze the penis, caressing my balls. When she looked into my eyes, I was very close to the eruption of my sperm from drochaschey enough skilled hands of Kate. I took a deep breath, my breathing calmed down, and I realized that I wanted to Anne was the only one to make my cock vomit its sticky contents. Anne looked at her watch. Her eyes lit up, and I realized that the time Kate was almost at the end. Anne was sitting in front of Kate, and after a few seconds, Ann said, "Time!".
As I held back, despite the virtuosity with which Kate me wanker, I will never know. I knew just what Ann and I, we both wanted the same. We wanted her young pen, wrapped around my bloated member. And it gave me a chance to rest.
"Now that you've tried everything, whether you mind if I divide my time with the twins? "I asked Anne. Sarah and Nina already jumped when he heard his sister's request.
"Can we? "They asked. "Oh please?"
Other girls objected. "Remember? We agreed only about girls from the high school. We allowed them to stay here, just to see. What more do you want, Anne? "
Anne was determined. "What is the problem? You do not give them every five minutes. But each of them can use my time. Is it fair? " Then she looked at me. "What do you think, Mike? "
I thought for a moment, assessing the situation. On the one hand, I was afraid that I was so close to orgasm, I could finish with one of the twins, but I wanted it to Anne brought the matter to an end. But on the other hand, Anne was very important to allow their sisters to masturbate my cock.
"I agree, " I said, "In addition, remember what we agreed yesterday? You said that I must let "any" of you to touch my dick if they want to. And ... I think the twins, want it ".
Other girls are thinking. Finally, Kate said. "Good good. Mike rights. We agreed "any ", is not it? But let's put everything in its place. You have only three to five minutes! It's all".
Listening to all this, Anne took, sisters by the hand and led them to me. "Look, do not look ugly naked guy? And Mike's great, is not it? " girls nodded in unison, saying "Yes Yes". I was so excited compliment Anne, I could finish now.
Anne turned to the sisters. "Nina, first you masturbate a member of Mike, and you, Sara fondle his balls. Then, a minute later reversed. Then both try to do both, and I'll finish. Good?"
Gemini correctly understood the task. Nina began to masturbate my cock, very slowly, and Sarah caressed my balls. Both girls did everything very gently, but look in their eyes, they followed their own hands, drochaschimi my cock and caressing my balls, it was incredibly sexy. Anne watched them as carefully as the others. Time passed quickly, and it was time to change places. Nina drove her fingers around my scrotum, while Sarah start stroking my dick. Sarah wanker, much faster than their sisters, and now I was just as excited as me wanker Keith.
Finally, two minutes have passed, Ann lay down beside me, resting her head on my chest, and began to masturbate me. All she did when I was a wanker perfection: the pace, the softness of her fingers, the compressive force. She masturbate my cock with his thumb and the rest. My cock swelled, my scrotum tightened, and my balls tightened to the penis. Ann masturbate my cock lovingly. My hips began to move from side to side. She began stroking my dick faster. I began to mutter, "Oh God, Anne, It's so nice. Do not stop. I will soon be over. Go on, just do not stop ".
My legs began to twitch, with the approach of orgasm. Ann said twins "Girls caress his balls! " Sarah and Nina began to gently caress them, and Anne began to masturbate my cock even faster, because I'm still not finished, and her time was running out. Anne's face was so close to my dick, I could feel her heavy breathing on the head of his penis.
"Yes, Anne! Do not stop! I ... I ... YES! ... I'm coming