Sister classmates

That May evening it was quite hot. I then studied at 11
class, dressed not great, but not too bad: in jeans with a low waist and a white T-shirt, tight to my body, exposing the inflated
Strong arms. Long brown hair, I trimmed and now my face
It looks more manly, and brown eyes, and even boldly
defiantly. Nearby sat a small company interested me
only the fact that my older sister was with them I odnoklassnitsy.Videl
vpervye.Eto was 19 years old girl with straight hair and golden eyes, her gray tsveta.V there was something special: quite pale
skin, thin lips, denim jacket hid grud.No here's what I would be interested and legs.
She wore a black mini skirt that showed
how they izyaschny.Ee legs were very shapely, and black shoes on
high heels emphasized that her skirt was seksualnost.Razrez
so deep that was visible delicate edge of her began kolgotok.Ya
think not masturbate to thoughts of her wonderful legs. But to
to my surprise, she got up and went to larku.Kogda she disappeared from view
those with whom sat, I decided to take a chance and hurried after her.
When I caught up with my sister my friend, I am at a loss not knowing what to say and cast that came to mind.
-The girl and I want to guess the name of your sister?
-I myself is znayu.Ya-she said-What are you bothering?
-Maybe I want to meet a beautiful woman? I Maksim.A you like to call?
She said nothing, I continued:
-You want to drink? -I Even surprised myself the question
She laughed: -I would neotkazalas vody.Zaydem from school?
She pointed to where I was, I was not a pause vozrazhal.Posle
she asked:
-You have decided to do this with me at the school?
This turn I liked (not have to spend time on the persuasion), but
not to be rude even so I said:
-Why did you decide that I want than what you do?
-Well, firstly you do not want to know my name when I neskazala.I
staliby you keep the girl in school if only want romance?
-True-confirmed I-Why do you need to agree to have sex with a stranger when
you have those whom you trust?
-I think I should not otchityvatsya.Ya often see you and it gives me
chance to find vas.Vy poshliby not go where I suggested, if only wanted to do something bad, but we have already come to shkole.Zaydya there quietly passed the door leading to the basement, and she said:
-Right here? So uncomfortable.
- Do not worry, follow me.
Bring her into the hallway the emergency exit I checked whether the closed doors leading to all floors shkoly.Zdes was less chisto.Eto place was a platform with 3 floors.
-Come here-said she- only faster but then I
a short time left.
Then she wrapped the sleeves dzhinsovki and bent arms pressed her wrists to stene.Vygnula back and rounding charming ass gave it to me. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out chlen.On was such a large and excited.
All covered with veins and peaked razmerov.Alaya, wet head become bare and swollen tight eggs from sperm accumulated there. I put his hands on her hips and strongly held by them in the legs, pulled to the middle of tights and felt naked kozhu.Eto has brought me, and I lifted up her skirt and pulled the thin black panties.
-Come on - she hurried
It happened. My cock sharply and strongly intruded between its relaxed
yagodits.Ya powerfully planted her ass on the dick up the middle.
-Do not stop - she said with a sigh of pleasure
With even greater power, I drove a member for the rest of dlinu.Ona obediently helped me nasazhivayas ass. I pulled it back a little bit and went back into the nee.Ya became rigidly fuck her tender ass, almost bringing member. Because it is easy to walk on it, it was clear anal-ass this girl had a lot of time. I quickly excited by this friction and pulling member laid flat between her buttocks and started not very quickly to rub it between them.
-You're going to make it so? I would not want you to come to me directly at spinu.- she said, barely able to contain deep moans in time with my movements.
Then again I grabbed her hips and forcefully vogngnal member on all dlinu.Ona thinly cried out in surprise, choked cry of pleasure.
-Do this - she asked pleadingly
-I'm ...
She nedogovorit succumbing udovolstviyu.Ya more tightly squeezed her thigh and
He became strongly stick on strong as a bone member, and pulling out completely
introducing ego.Ot my powerful shocks she almost shrank into the wall: its thin
wrist become completely white from the lime, the back with every movement
sagged more and more, rounding out the ass and let me fuck her, she
almost touching the face of the wall.
-Esche.Silney.A ... Ay..A-a.Da! Only Denmark and I heard
Soon I realized that after a couple of seconds we konchim.Moy member entered her almost completely, I held her hand back, and fingers of the other hand
podrachival member at osnovaniya.Eto closer orgazm.S new speed I
I began to tear it popku.Tut she particularly tense strongly curved
back and moans shedding from her lips was not possible to sderzhat.Vsem your body is fed on volume chlen.V totzhe moment on it flowed elastic jet.
The first part of the powerful, piping gushed between her
relaxed yagodits.Ya thrust member deeper. Shake it with sperm
It is moving easily and bystro.Vtoraya portion vyprysnulas when I took out
ego.Sperma bubbling in her anus and the remains were wiped on yagoditsy.Ya
a member of her ass and put a couple of seconds obratno.Ona come in
sebya.Natyanula pantyhose and panties. After recovering her skirt and she said:
-I like it. It is a pity that the time is short.