It was not a dream

I woke up with an overwhelming desire to experience it again.
The thing is that a week ago, drinking with a new colleague at work, I found myself in the company where people were clearly netraditsionalnoy orientation. And since I was pretty drunk, I was just curious to see their party. Many of them seemed to be campy, effeminate, but there were obvious macho, which in appearance and it is impossible to name the blue. Usually people "straight"It gathered a lot less, and we got together in a corner of one of the rooms with our booze. Every now and then came up to us "Party People"But recognizing us sexy "minority" eliminated. Some of mannered mainly, on the contrary we have tried to hook up, which caused a storm of jokes on our side, and "poor" tenants quickly removed. We talked about that, about this, drinking beer. There was music, the house he lived his life - every room had fun on the. Formed couples, people coming and going here and there could be seen kissing and hugging just people. I did not see Frank debauchery, although I confess that represented the party on the other.
After drinking for another, we reached out to the dancing. Hamming under windup club music, drank again. Gradually, we all prefer traditional sex, somewhere from each other confused. I walked into one of the bedrooms, the edge of consciousness recognizing that kissing couples and even gruppochek became much more. Finding a free place, I fell, and immediately fell asleep. I can not say how long I was asleep, but woke up when the music is not rattled. Someone lying side by side, stroked under the shirt on my back (I slept in clothes). With a hangover I was too lazy to even move his hand, and to be honest, do not touch gave me unpleasant feelings, even though I clearly realized that this is one of "them". Hand operated more and more boldly, falling from the shoulders below. But brazenly under the shorts and pants did not come. Just back. I was starting to fall asleep when "masseur" I dared to lift my shirt with a plan to remove it. I pretended to be asleep, but made a few movements, allowing it to take off my shirt promptly. I guess he thought that I accept this game.
I did not know how far I'll let him go. He stroked my back with both hands, sometimes allowing one to creep into my shorts. He moved closer to me, I felt the smell, the smell of his perfume. My face he could not see, I was lying facing the wall. And then he began to kiss and nibble on my ear - my body was a powerful electric charge. I involuntarily twitched, he pulled away. But then he began stroking his back. My cock began to awaken. And at this time, my tormentor started to pull off my shorts and panties. To say that I did not want it at this point I can not. Although I did not know what role my tormentor wants to take me, and some fear is still present. He started kissing me again, and his hand began to turn my head to get to my lips. I opened my eyes. It was a strange man, a little younger than me, Mike did not hide his inflated body. A person is normal, no perceptible like. He started kissing my body to irrigate. Then again we were kissing passionately. Again I closed his eyes, as though it was strange to see the man's face in such an erotic moment and feel what I felt today. I was adamant that he did not give myself for anything, so that internal calm. Although he did not do is no indication that poimeet me from behind. How long?
Kissing me, he came down lower and lower. And then he got to my cock and took it into his mouth. Such a blow job, I did not know before. He licked my balls, taking them into his mouth. It was so strange and pleasant that I pulled everything into his mouth. He took it as it should be. However, I felt that before the decoupling is still far. This I have done, and he was still there. We again began to kiss passionately. I hugged him, he had a strong body, broad shoulders. It turns out a nice hug the body, there is a sense of security. I was pleased, moreover, he kissed so deftly and gently stroked, I wound up on the new one. Frankly, it has brought me more feeling that I embrace with the man kissing him. It's a kind of taboo and most inaccessible, and many do not ever learn. He made no sustained movement towards me. We just kissed. I did not know what to do next. I told him that I had no one fucked before. I did not mean to girls, just that they've had enough, and has been a constant at this point. Then he took my hand and sent by its melting, still driving it, he began to drive on its members. Then he removed his hand and gave it to me. I did it clumsily. And suddenly I have a bold idea was born in my head - to take his penis in her mouth. Although it is in a certain sense it is ridiculous, but I felt a certain duty at the time (so I wound up), and invited him to lie on his back. He took off his clothes and tried to do everything that is done to me. He kissed his body, stroking it. I loved it. And I see his penis. The first riser so close in front of me. I took him in hand and gently pulled her to his mouth. Licking the head, immediately I felt the taste of grease. Anything contrary to this finding no, I took it into his mouth. All I knew about the blowjob, this is what I saw when watching porn when did girls. How could I "parodied" them, as I have very little work. I kept biting his teeth, but too deep immersion member causing retching. In my mind I regretted these girls from the movies. As soon as I thought about it, my mentor's body shuddered and he pressed me to his groin. Inside I struggled fountain. He is dead and let me go. Unlike him, I did not swallow all, therefore appeared before his eyes with a smeared face. He gently began to lick me and my excitement reached its limit. I touched his penis, and once finished. We looked into each other's eyes for a while, I felt uncomfortable and began to collect his clothes. He understood and started to get dressed, too. Quickly throwing trunks and T-shirt, jeans picking up, he went to the window. Before my eyes appeared a powerful torso, but her eyes involuntarily fell on his ass. Swimwear, men who wear streptizery not hide neat elastic buttocks.
I recovered and began to dress. Alcohol weathered all in this crazy act. Also our room engaged in sex three couples. One of the assets of supportive smiled at me. I went out. In I struggled shame, fear and some sense of satisfaction as well as curiosity.
When I got home, I took a shower, and passed out. We can not say that I am constantly thinking about it, but now I'm looking at the new men. I appreciate their style of dress, figure and buttocks. One can not help notice the bumps under jeans or trousers, noting penis.
And then I woke up with an overwhelming desire to experience it again. How can I know Now I go further ...