Reverent attitude to the female sex has always accompanied me throughout my life. This feeling was formed over the years, evolved all my experiences obtained during my growing up. One of these cases, I want to tell you.
There were the eighties. Senior classes is not only a large amount of training, but the period of maximum stress during puberty. The boys are drawn, there is interest in the opposite sex. And the opposite sex matures, rounded and begins to worry about his seductive forms. There was a time when I was helping a local electrician to adjust the lighting in the gym. He openly shared with me part of the profits from the schlock, so that my work was reinforced and financially.
Once I was in his closet, to finalize several fixtures, so they can be mounted on the following day. The room was located in one of the premises of the sports hall. I must say that in the hall doing all sorts of sports clubs after school day: volleyball, football and gymnastics. Of course, the past always made me the appropriate interest.
Once again, it was the eighties. Sex did not exist in the country, a woman's body to consider the details could only be either on the beach or in the imported clandestinely outspoken foreign journals or in competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. By the way, I think this competition and so popular, especially among the male half of the population.
Therefore, when I was granted a minute of free time, I crawled out of the little room electrician and watched from the corner of the classes gymnasts. They form tight and captivating poses, have repeatedly raised my blood pressure and stress in the pants. I spied while gymnasts coach did not drove me back to the room. Electricians slyly grinned, but did not stop me to contemplate flexible damsels.
And here, once again, I sat and did the installation of the lamp. Time was already late, and I have decided that it's time to go home. Here I was attracted to the voices in the hall. Strangely, the artist has finished the class, but in the room there was someone. It is true sometimes, especially the guilty, the coach left for additional classes. So perhaps it was this time. Carefully, I left the room and went over to the parapet, separated the hall from the gym. There are three girls twittered.
They were discussing something, laughing. Occasionally one of them started to perform some exercises, and the other looked at her and commented on. I stood in the shade, so they did not notice me. The discussion went in different directions until they concentrated on boys. The things I did not know: who is friends with whom, with whom kissed whom walks and so on.
Finally, after talking, each beginning to perform its sequence of exercises. It looks like they were preparing for the competition and secured the results of training. In my pants I felt cramped. The girls jumped around the room, bullied legs, sat down on the strings, and much more. Finally they stopped and huddled in a pile began to talk again.
To my ears the words that one of the girls involved in the presence of her boyfriend naked. Naturally, the girls raised her to laugh. She tried to convince them otherwise, then sounded phrase that then it will not be poorly run program is now bare. She first embarrassed, which caused still another shaft accusations of lying. She pursed her lips and complained, throwing the mace on the floor and began to unzip form.
My tongue stuck to the sky. That's what I dreamed of, can be realized right now! Girl unzipped and pulled off his form. To my disappointment on her panties were, but because the chest was something to see. Of course it was not the form, of which dragged men. Small mounds of breasts and brown halos with protruding nipples.
I quietly squatted down to me at all was seen trying to scare me what he saw. Girls zagaldeli immediately that it is necessary to remove all, or will not be purity of the experiment. Nude snorted and pulled in one motion and briefs. All my roof blown off, and the member who gets hurt ran into his pants.
Loboc girl was smooth, came forward with tightly compressed lips. She had no qualms raised the mace and the beginning of the performance. What I saw was an accomplishment all boys school. Such kinds of naked girl no one, at least from our class, not seen. A couple of times she lifted up her legs, standing sideways to me, and I could see her pink core spaced jaws.
After completing the exercise, she went to her friends, and now it was her turn to take them on a little. Girls initially protested, but argumentative arguments made and cast off the form. The bodies of the remaining two were a little more took shape. One breast is a little drooped under its weight and had a large halos of pink, while the second hill breasts were like a pyramid topped by small brown halos. All nipples were stretched.
What happened next, you can see only now in private clubs. The girls jumped around the room, sat down on the twine and bullied legs like cancan dancers. I was blown away completely. This I imagine could not imagine. The girls laughed, cried out something to each other. Finally they stopped and started picking things out of breath. All training is over. I barely crawled to the bathroom and took a breath. To tell you will not believe.
After waiting a while I was going home. Out of the room, locked it, and ran out into the hall with the already-dressed girls. Three column froze in front of me, and I smiled sweetly to them. When tetanus have passed, she began to gently inquire me what I'm doing here and I left the room. With a sly smile, something I naplel them, not failing to point out that a couple of times out of the room.
The girls froze and has actively started to inquire what I saw. This game has me tired and I honestly admitted that he had seen how they rode naked through the sports hall. All three of them immediately became crimson, and I take so tell lies, even took a few pictures the camera. It was pure crap, no camera at that time it was impossible to make such images, but the girls did not know.
Then they literally pinned me against the wall, demanding to light the film. We bickered for a long time, until I told them not promised that no one would know what had happened, and photos (that were not in sight) will never see the light. In turn, I was promised that when the girls will be additional training, they will engage in naked and would not oppose my presence.
I must say that in the future they clearly fulfilled its promise. True there were few such cases: that I was not in the evening, in the hall there were other girls. But whenever it was possible, I would sit on a bench in the hall, while girls were engaged in front of me in the nude. Pretty soon they will no longer be ashamed of me and I was even allowed to participate in their conversations. With one of the girls, Lena, we began a closer relationship.
It happened when she was late for training. The coach got mad at her and chased up a sweat. At the end of the training it was obliged to give room in order and remove all. Naturally nobody waited and she was left alone. I crept out of the room to her and helped to get out. Lena was exhausted all the training, so that almost all I did. In the end she gratefully kissed me on the cheek and went to the locker room. Suddenly she stopped halfway:
- Do you want to take a shower? I'm so wet, and you've done for me.
- You're asking me to wash up with you?
- Well, yes, as a thank you. But without hands, and that no one knows. I agree?
- Well, - I mumbled.
It's one thing when you look at someone, but to undress himself. Hands trembling slightly ... and Lena went to the locker room, unbuttoning form. I rushed to the front door and locked it, and then ran to the locker room. Lena was already in the shower, there was heard the splash of water. False move and he took off his clothes and went into the shower.
Shower was a small room with two nipples shower, located opposite each other. The room was already all in the couple and the couple pinker the girl's body. I turned on my shower and began to wash, looking sideways at Lena. She was thrilled by jets of water not paying attention to me. She had the very elastic protruding breasts with small nipples. Water flowed smoothly on its sturdy body and slender legs.
Member began to take the stand and I immediately turned back to the girl. But it was interesting and I looked at her over his shoulder. It's one thing when the girl jumped in front of you at a distance. Now naked body was literally at arm's length. I squinted a look at Lenin crotch. Loboc was completely naked and heavily favored over the underbelly. Sexual lips slightly apart and between them appeared a little clitoris. In the female anatomy, I was a little savvy.
When I looked up, I saw that Lena was looking at me. I immediately turned away, but his ears reddened issued me with giblets. Lena laughed and I did too.
- You, too, turn around, - she said - but somehow not honestly obtained. You I was treated, and I will not.
I slowly turned to face her and rested his head is a member of one eye in her face. Lena stared at the dick, it was clear that she sees him for the first time in such detail. My embarrassment once passed, then I'm not the only one. So we washed for some time, looking at each other.
- Soaped my back please - asked Lena.
I went over to her and began to drive the soap over her back, then grew bolder and began to drive his hand. My cock immediately leaned into her buttocks, although I tried to clean it up. I saw from behind Lena smiles. Emboldened, I became very spread lather first across the back, and then on the sides, occasionally brushing his fingertips breasts hips. Then I switched to the lower back and buttocks immediately became a lather. Lena jerked a little, but did not pull away.
Then I said I also want namylitsya. We swapped and now Lena began soaping my back with their soft hands. Finally her hands down on the buttocks and began to knead them even a little bit. Member was already a stake and I even zaboyalsya, as if he did not burst. Suddenly Lena slid his hands on my hips and his hands dropped crotch.
His eyes bulged, and the warm hand went through the scrotum and began to roll it between his fingers. Second hand lay on the barrel member and began to stroke. He became a member of the trunk of wood. Palm slid along the trunk, occasionally pulling back the foreskin. To her it was convenient, Lena clung to my back. Loboc exactly rested in the hollow of the buttocks, and hard nipples - in the back.
All this was the limit. I started and finished. Maiden's hand holding the trunk, and he fires a portion of the portion of the life-giving seed. When the shots are exhausted, the girls hand several times went through the trunk and finally released. I am a red mug and panting turned to Lena.
- It is wrong for a long time to be nervous. For a man, it's bad, - said Lena - I read the book.
In what book she was reading, I did not recognize, but only immediately drew her to him and stared with a kiss on the lips. From such audacity even I myself was taken aback. I just wanted to give us something to thank my girlfriend. Lena did not resist and did not resist. My hands held her to me, and his hands gripped firm buttocks. We kissed a few moments, then she pulled Lena.
- Enough, enough. But then again aroused - she giggled, but not moved.
- Can I touch you there, - I whispered, not hoping for reciprocity.
- What do you know what. I already broke all the rules of a decent girl.
My own hands dropped and I looked at her apologetically.
- Okay, hero lover. Only I myself will guide you.
Lena stood up against the wall and spread her legs a little. I pressed against her buttocks as she was. One of my hand she placed on his chest, showing how to caress the nipples themselves hill. The second my hand, she placed it on the pubis. The middle finger plunged slightly between pussy lips. Inside, it was wet and very slippery. This I now know that she was very excited, and then I was even a little nasty. But I overcame this feeling, trying to concentrate on the movements.
Lena showed how to move your finger on the clitoris, occasionally taking the grease out of the holes. And as soon as I realized that I learned, let me float freely. Our tiskane long continued. Lena was also very excited. She immediately became very clitoris crawl on my finger and moaning softly. Lena Moments later a deep breath, sighed. Her body twitched a few times severely, and lower abdomen cramp. Just on a whim, I realized that she had the same thing and I have a few minutes ago. Only it happened in her own way, as a woman.
Lena went limp and leaned her head against the wall. I continued to carefully and gently stroked slippery finger on the clitoris. A little sliding the finger deeper, I found a hole, and even dipped into it a phalanx. Lena mumbled something, but did not move away from me. I dipped a finger deeper and wider Lena suddenly parted legs. My finger in the hole fell by almost half.
Inside Lena it was soft, hot and slippery. I began to move his finger inside, feeling lurking hole girls. It seems that she liked it. She began to move her hips as if she nasazhivayas finger. With lips began to fly light moans. The fingers of the second hand I put on the clitoris and two hands massaged Woman.
Lena jerked again in a few minutes. Again her stomach shrank sharply, but now I felt that everything inside is compressed. Finger embraced mild captivity several times. Now Lena herself took the finger of himself and shifted my hands on the body. I realized that it's enough. I gently pressed against her hot body and gently stroked her hands cute bulge.
Turning to me, Lena kissed me on the lips and silently walked out of the shower. They dressed in silence and we are also only at the exit of the hall Lena said:
- I've never had it so good. Thank you.
- I was also happy with you. If possible, we repeat?
- I do not know, - said thoughtfully Lena - Maybe. At least, I will not give up.
Reddened, she ran away from me.
At the end I will add that it was my first kiss and the first experience of fondling women. Naturally, the woman patted me for the first time. Then we have three times repeated our experience foreplay, but the continuation was not followed. Lena was transferred to another section, and we lost sight of each other. But the first experience, he's never forgotten ...