The case in the station toilet that changed my life

I want to tell you an amazing story that occurred to me and turned over all of my life.
I am 32 years old, it looks very pleasing, well, it's not so important in this situation. The main thing is that I all my life memorably loved women, and indiscriminately. When I heard the word "homosexuality" I ran on a wave of revulsion and disgust. So ..... something I blabbed too, it is time to proceed to the main point.
This momentous event occurred one year ago. I was on duty sent on a business trip to Moscow. Arriving at the station, I first went to the station restaurant, because I stayed an hour before sending poezda.Tam ordered 200 grams of vodka and a snack I settled at a table and waited for my order. Out of boredom I began to look around from side to side. The restaurant sat not so many people, young couple, man 3 - by type of hard workers, and a young man (if I knew that I was the fate in store, I would have immediately rushed headlong out forgetting about the vodka and zhrachku !!!).
Waiting for the order, I started with a blissful view of a meal. Dine, I leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. And then I noticed that the young man is looking closely at me, I was troubled by surprise, but quickly came to his senses, looked at him with a call and turned away. Vodka gave me a thorough on the brain, and I finally relaxed. Suddenly I noticed chtoTOT young man stood up and sent to me. He was tall and had a muscular, handsome telo.On came up to me and asked:"Do you mind if I sit down?". I told him:" For God's sake". He sat down and began to stare into my eyes, I felt uncomfortable. We kept looking at each other, and all of a sudden I unexpectedly felt the tension in his pants. I blushed slightly, and called ofitsantku, again ordered 200 grams of vodka. Finally the young man grew bolder and began to speak with me. I learned that his name is Waldemar and his 26 years, he is originally from Belarus and came here to learn, he is now on the 5th course, in his spare time earns a stripper in one of the most prestigious clubs in the city. During his short story I would call ofitsantku 2 times, I finally picked up and drunk much. Suddenly I felt that I really want to take a leak. Man Asking keep watch bags, I left. Going to the toilet, I unbuttoned his pants and began to write. Suddenly I sensed that someone nearby is: by turning my head, I saw beside him Voldemara.On also took out his penis with a clear intention to pee. Having done their job, I tucked in his pants and was about to go, but suddenly something sharp touched my back. Squinting, I saw that Waldemar holding a knife, a real knife! Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was scared! In my mind immediately surfaced about maniacs stories that I read in the newspaper the criminal favorite. I asked in a choked voice: "What do you want from me?". In it, he grinned and said, removing the knife: "Do you know the puppy, I love men, especially those zhopastyh you, so let's do not break - go into the booth."Fear paralyzed me, and legs became cotton. He pushed me and I had to obey, because he had a knife. In the booth, he unzipped his fly and ordered me to kneel down, while showing a knife. I got up on his knees, he bent my head to the penis and said:"Come suck, bitch!". Suddenly I was excited by his words and took in his mouth bristling member. He bent even more my head and I fell into a furious frenzy and began to suck and suck. In my bad head something exploded, thoughts flashed and jumped, I tried to think what I do !!!!, but rampant member Voldemars prevented me sosredotochitsya.Moi pants is about to burst from the strain, and so I do not embarrass my swollen eggs unbuttoned shirinku.Menya excited the whole environment, this dirt, stench, maggots on a pile of shit nespuschennogo, they have koposhilis.Voldemar as if read my thoughts and looked disgusting toilet point, and said:
-Well Spoken schusenok Bend your stupid Bosko and Eat this delicacy !!!!
I was obstinate, but in his hand again flashed a familiar lezvie.Ya bent down and began to approach her face to shit, then I felt like in my anus poked something hard and wet, I ispugalsya.Moya ass until that time was a virgin as a newborn baby, I tried to jerk forward, but there it was, he whacked me with all the fluff on the head, so chtou clouded my mind and I seem to have lost soznanie.Ochnuvshis known after some time I realized that I was in the same closet and was lying on the cold tiled polu.I Waldemar was also here with me, seeing that I came to, he asked:
-Hey you hilyak such jokes do not mess with me, and then bury alive !!!!! Let's raise hell fucking !!!!!!!!!! Now I will fuck you in your fat asshole, get up cancer !!
I obediently stood up, leaning his hands on his unitaz.Voldemar put a member to the anus and cutting it introduced from sudden pain I even podprygnul.Moy torturer began to make frictions at first slowly, and then all speeding temp.On moaned and groaned, at the same time I felt that I like it wild and I began to move to the beat of his movements.
-What do you like, pidorok? More say that you no one in the point had not! 'She said breathlessly from a high Waldemar.
-No one !!!!! - I said a passionate whisper.
At that moment I felt that in my ochke became a life-giving nectar to flood-It finished Voldemar.On pulled out my penis and turned me to face him and dropped on koleni.I something happened that I did not ozhidalON began to write me get staramyas in my mouth, it was so humiliating, but at the same time very prekrasno.Ya groaned, my foaming egg I was ready to burst from napryazheniya.I I unnoticed by Woldemar put his hand down and began to masturbate furiously your huёnysh.O-o- oh well !!!!!
-Do you need help? -uslyshal I fucks my voice.
I looked up, afraid to look at him and mumbled:
-Yes, if it's possible.
Waldemar lifted me up off its knees and we swapped places with him, I now towered over nim.On gently took my tortured sladostrasnymi torments cock and took it in rot.O GOD !!! KAAK it is well done, and in response to his skillful caresses I izvёrgsya directly on his face and mouth, Waldemar even opened his mouth in surprise:
-Wow so you just clever, my boy !!!
And suddenly I remembered that I should have to sit in a train compartment and the wheels rattle should rush to the white-stone Waldemar probably noticed the confusion on my face and asked.!:
-What's the matter, my friend silver?
-Volechka, you know I had to go to Moscow today, true now.
-By the way what is your name?
-So decided to Stepashka, you are now going to visit me.
-Well Volechka any guests? I'm on duty has to go there, and do not hang around.
-Do not be afraid you're all ok, I will pay you a penalty.
-But I can expel from work ..... No I'm sorry, I'm with you well, but I can not do.
Then suddenly again appeared familiar blade nozha.Ya zassal again and stammered some nesurazitsu.V future, I always hated myself for this weakness that I allowed myself to Voldemarom.Nemnozhko thought, I agreed and we went to Volechke turned in Gatchinu.Kak he's shooting a small house in the village Amicable Gorka.
Came to him I did not think that ... will stay on as much as 3 mesyatsa.Eti months were the most beautiful in my life, and without noticing it I fell in love with all my Woldemar serdtsem.Ya not imagine life without him, we lived as husband and wife (as you probably understand, I was his wife) .Poroy I thought Volenka loves me too, but then I realized he was playing as a mnots igrushkoy.Osobenno his favorite toy was a knife that he had me put to his throat and watched with pleasure as the I was scared (in those moments, I was like a cornered animal hunting) .We fucked with him day and night in a row, and I was working my schastliv.S flooded already at that time, but in March Wolde well received in his club and we lived happily ever after. I'm terribly jealous of him, but what could I do?
So "thanks" Voldemar I was left without a thing (I did not even have removable pant) .A after 3 months he kicked me, and for a long time wandering. Now my life is a little bit nalazhivaetsya.Vot whole story .............