With Bob in the car

This is something that I nafantaziroval about you, 35-year old mother of 3 children, skinny, slim, sexy lady and thine admirer massage therapist Bob, 50-year-old bachelor, has long drying you.

You graduated class pilatis. She came out with her friends. You can not help feeling that after you someone is watching. You have been a little bit together, we said goodbye, you go on one. Suddenly you hear the sound of braking tires. The car stops abruptly beside you. You shudder and turn around. Behind the wheel sits shyly smiling Bob. He runs out, hurriedly opened the door, looking through the eyes of dog lovers, offers a ride. Awkwardly smacking kiss on the cheek. You sit in the car and ask:
-Are you watching me?
He nods in response. You eat and you know what he carries you in a dark dead end near your home. You ask:
-Where do we eat?
-We need to talk, 'replied he, stopping the car in a dark impasse. -Come Sit in the back seat, we'll talk.
You agree. You're an adventurer, the more you are assured that you can stop at any time. You sit down in the back seat, he was trembling all over, and you're funny. He starts talking incoherently about his love. You listen and do! maeshsya what to cook for dinner tomorrow. Suddenly his hand fall on your knee, he begins to knead, nervously assuring continuing his love. You get hot, you know that all this will go on for a long time yet, if you will not take the initiative in their hands. And you're a little leans toward him. He awkwardly tries to kiss you lips on the cheek. You get a little uncomfortable, this slobbery, but you feel the riser in his pants. You have a factory, you are strongly lozhish hand on his pants, his cock begin to knead. He groans. He kisses you, finds his lips, trying to kiss her. You want to finish. Pulls out his penis, take off his shorts back down the panties to the side and osedlyvaesh his cock, close your eyes and begin to move, he moans, unable to believe his luck, moving member pushes into you, you accelerate the pace, growl, looking for his orgasm, he is already close .
Bob squeezes your breasts, groans, screams, bends, ends up with a groan. You compress the teeth, trёshsya of wet weakest member, you hear his moans and she ends helplessly sinking in! on his lap. Breath, climbs down, dress. Hoarsely say:
-Take me Home.
He dressed, sits behind the wheel, afraid to look at you. Dovozit home. Are you coming out. He grabs the hand.
-When I see you - he asks.
You pull out a hand. You walk toward the house.
-So far, you -brosaesh him.