When I enter - Julia, eyes closed, lying on his back, his hands behind his head. I kneel, Spreading legs and obedient, taking hips pressed tightly Yulkinu peepka to my stomach. It has already started to warm up after a cold spring evening, but I decide that it is best to warm sex and decisively pulling off her panties, despite clinging Yulkiny hands. She screams, but it is clear that the mood is good, she likes and she is not even off, and my haste only adds poignancy feelings. I already know how to start like Julia, kiss her breasts, running his tongue nipples and at times almost entirely taking it in his mouth. But right now it does not need foreplay, and she whispered to me rather took it for real.
Julia is the only friend of mine, with whom I fucked only in a condom. Just as well) it is very much turns me on, and this delicate gum allows for longer does not stop, in rough feeling b) it is a terrible chistyulya and smelling strawberries condom pleasant, and in a very good mood, it is quite drag it into his mouth and gently bite - with contents .
The second time I was not in a hurry, I'm much more important Yulkin buzz than mine - for the first time on the contrary, if there is any man who has not? But now you can slowly pumped Julia, wait and watch it rush. The lovemaking is very important that both parties have witnessed the climax of each other, it brings much. So I really like sex "face to face"And even embracing at the same time to feel the body of the partner. So we begin. While I was not very busy - the whole of her face, eyes closed, she, too excited, begins to kiss on the lips, and it's so good that we freeze for a few minutes ... Then I have a couple of times slowly begins to move within Yulka, accelerates, I feel like it obeys my movements and rhythm, experimenting with rhythm - some long, heavy and rhythmic beats, then a series of short and irregular swaying her hips from side to side, hung everywhere. But while I was in control of himself, and all that - a pleasant movement, a little different from the strokes. But she was already trembling in anticipation of real passion, when the mind does not mean anything, and all teams are strong animal passion and lust, orders "take her! fuck! Make moan! let it finish!"
Now, I turn back to Julia to me, she is kneeling, leaning on the arms straightened, I go, feeling again as I absorb it hot and greedy button. Julia thin, and holding her stomach feel their movements inside her. she was sweaty, his hair began to stick to the back and the neck, but beautiful as a mermaid. Very mokrenkaya - after a few minutes feel like getting wet her hair from the pubic area and the consequent falling down the body moisture. it is good, her glands are working properly, it is easy to make and is very good at helping me - we have adapted to each other. Six months ago, during the first meeting, (it was my first woman. She taught me even kissing. She was the first person I saw at all ... it was beautiful, like a rosebud) button it, with black hair and looked plump child - from a lack of care and work. Since then, thin and was once completely shaved - as a result, I was engaged in the house only a week, and Julia did not let her in my presence dress.
I'm looking for some back and starting to lose his head. Strong, sweeping motions, one hand on the back of the bed, the other strongly Yulkinu caress the chest or abdomen. It also moves, sometimes we lose our rhythm, moving in one direction, a couple of times I even jump out of it, causing protesters cries that sound is more like a savage tongue than human - Julia loses his head too. At some point begins to creak bed - move, without stopping, to the left twenty centimeters, creaking becomes quieter. so you, bitch! I will not let you drown out the groans of my girls! I want to hear my favorite moan for me! .... And now with her lips, breathing hoarsely, breaks down first, unsure even a groan of pleasure. My powers are doubled at once, so I'm starting to work, that Julia moaning, she had forgotten human language, as I do.
Yulkiny orgasms are not very loud - a little more than a prolonged and raucous moan, my hands curled thin fingers, stomach muscles relaxing, the desire as much as possible to press deeper into me and let me in. Only a couple of times when we were frankly drunk before making love and when I was in a special shock, it is completely flew away entirely lost control and began to shout in a loud voice and scratch my back nails - very nice by the way, who does not believe - try ! Just need to get you started clawing back before you finish, not just at any time ... Then at the end of her lips with kisses, poured crazy the flow of words, which are interspersed with tender words of love ... sounds and she tells me how good it with me and she wants me always.
Yes, today is no ordinary evening. Julia inflamed and greatly whetted me. I only caught his breath on the half-hour competition - who will end later - she had lain down on me and gently kissed the wet with sweat breasts, her playful tiny tip of the tongue slipping lower and lower in my abdomen. And she feels her stomach, as I react to it. Julia knows how to choose a man to be playful and to achieve the desired - that's I know. In this state, almost impossible "and be content to stay", To replace the satisfaction comes ordinary tiredness when we, a few hours later, naked and wet with sweat fall asleep on each other to sleep only after finish. In this state, the lust is so strong that you need that - something else to pull Julia on the windowsill, fuck her in the bathroom before the mirror on the floor, or to make love in front of others - with her friend, who came in the evening, when we were lying in bed, once so it happened. Irina shyly watched a few minutes, and then ran away, but later came to visit did not hesitate and asked if the night went well. Well, fantasize. Now is the time to eat, I lick your fingers and start strongly and rhythmically exciting Yulkinu peepka, it easily takes all, from time to time an encouraging squeeze my hand and feet are not giving me a substitute member. But I still do it and how minutes are at a frenetic pace, in an effort to overcome each other and make the first partner to moan, as if recognizing the impending orgasm - and defeat in our unannounced game. I - movements, she urged on me hoarse rhythmic breathing, wraps legs around my neck, pulling on her arms. Julia mobile like a doll, in this position, you can throw her leg almost behind his head. But it is not just sex, but still a lot of feelings, we begin to kiss, stray from the rhythm, I sit down and put it on her lap, she again instantly hugs me kicking myself nasharivat as it is better to sit down to continue in this position. A few more minutes, then accelerated, almost stopping, but she was tired, and we are taking a more quiet - at first few minutes of wet embrace, and then sex on the side, when she was again back to me, my hand caressing her breasts, but we not in a hurry and do not intend to stop there. So you can even sleep - if you do it in a calmer mood. But I do not calm. As Julia begins to moan, it just gets more me, I go out, quickly pulls off the blanket and steles on the table. What else? pillow under her head, at the end of the table, and now the very Julia.
Once again, my legs on his shoulders, no load, it is convenient, and so gets me piquancy situation, I regret that there was no neighbor who came to his room and found us fucking chance, through a glazed door. In this position we finish, I re ... dive in the face of a sticky puddle under her button - once a condom on me - it's just highlight it, and I like the taste and smell. Then I carry my dear friend on the bed, I lay down beside him and a few minutes just to cuddle and kiss. I give myself a drink and drink - traditional cherry juice - and then, when the sweat dries a little, harboring sheets and hug. We often fall asleep so - she turns on her side, putting my head on his shoulder and my hand between her legs and pressed his stomach to stomach. I slip into a dream ...