In the bathroom

Oleg lived with his young wife recently - they were married two months ago. His wife, Ina, was Korean, but, moreover, very sexy Korean woman. She had long slender legs, long, black as night, hair. Chest although it was small, but it is such and Oleg liked.
One Sunday morning, when there was no need to rush to work, Ina decided to take a bath. She took off her robe and remained in some black panties and matching bra. When she collects water in the bathroom, I went to Oleg.
- Good morning, dear. I decided to take a bath.
- Well, dear. I only and wash and go.
Inna leaned over the bath and totally accidentally lifted her right leg and she fell right between the legs to Oleg.
He thought it was an invitation to have sex, and decided not to abandon it. Oleg touched his horse - he stood up and was ready to fight. Oleg came close to his wife and began to kiss her neck. Briefs have been lowered, and a member of Oleg abruptly stood up.
Ina felt on his ass, Oleg hands that crushed her legs and stroked. At the same time Oleg lips gently passes through its neck. Suddenly Ina felt something stroking her pussy, and when she looked down, she saw a member of her husband, looking out to the pubic area. At that time, Ina has already flowed, her panties were wet.
- Oleg ... What are you doing? - It is almost moaned. And Oleg still rubbing his cock on panties of his wife at the entrance to her mysterious cave.
- Olezhka, paste in me ...
- No, Ina. Please do me a blowjob for heating.
He turned to his wife and they both stepped into the tub. Water accumulated by this time a little bit.
Oleg dropped to the floor shorts, and a member of jumped ahead. Inna squatted down in front of her face swaying brownish red head Oleg member.
- Come on, baby, take it ...
Ina first kissed a member, and then completely swallowed and began to do translational motion returnable. It is completely sucked dick from the base to the head.
"It makes perfect blowjob"- Oleg thought.
Sponges Ina worked great, besides her tongue tickled the head is very nice. Oleg has several times been ready to explode, but Ina would not let him do that, then slowing down, then increasing the tempo of their movements. At the same time she climbed the left hand himself in panties fingered and cherry swollen clitoris.
- Oh ... Inna, come on, swallow it deep ... Yes, yes, that's right. Oh, baby ... - Oleg moaned with pleasure.
Finally, Oleg broke down and released tight jet of sperm on his wife's face. Inna finished masturbation almost simultaneously with Oleg, and now smeared the sperm of her husband, while continuing to suck his dick began to fall.
All face Inna was in the semen of her husband. Oleg with satisfaction stroked his wife's head.
- Oh, it was probably the best blowjob in my life!
- Thank you, my dear, I tried for you.
- Let's take rest a little. My friend needs to gain strength - he pointed to the fallen member.
- And I need to wash my face, and then I'm all in your semen ...
Oleg sat down on the edge of the tub and watched his wife to wash. She sat on his haunches and squirted with water from the tap to your face. Suddenly she turned to face him and said ...
- Oleg, I want you!
Oleg did not need a lot of cajoling. He stood up and summed up the Innu to the wall and took off her soaked panties. By this time, his cock stood up again. Oleg threw in hand halves Inka's ass and saw a small ring anus. It is there that he wanted to fuck Innu. He stroked the head of the gap from the anus to the vagina, clitoris slightly rubbed finger and thrust sharply Inn in the ass to its full length.
Inna thought that they will be engaged in the classic sex and did not expect this. But it seems that Oleg wanted diversity.
A sharp pain shot through the anus Ina, and she cried ...
- A! Oleg, wait!
Oleg stopped and waited. Then he began to gradually pull out member of his wife's ass. When he pulled it out completely, there was a sigh of light cotton and Ina. Oleg again, but slowly began to introduce a member of the anus. Ass Ina was undeveloped, narrow, she delivered Oleg indescribable pleasure. Inna beginning to get used to, and even have fun.
Oleg began to move - first slowly, then faster and faster, and then he fucked my wife in the ass with full force. His balls slapped on the vagina Ina and her it is only plants. So they fucked for about 5 minutes. When the orgasm overtook Oleg, Ina finished several times. Cum husband broke away from him
member of the rectum Ina, and she came again.
- I've been so did not finish ... - she tried to take a step, but anal sex said pain in the anus. - It seems to me you're all there raskurochil.
- I'm sorry - he drew her to him and kissed her.
She said mutual kiss and went to the edge of the bath and raised her leg. Oleg knew everything without a word and walked behind. Her vagina ached his cock, and Oleg gave it to her. He drove so deep that took to the uterus, and Ina cried. He fucked her relentlessly, like a robot, will drive member so that Ina cried nonstop. And then he turned, put his back to the edge of the tub and began to fuck, holding her hips. From continuous sex Inna everything had finished and finished, experiencing about ten orgasms.
- Yes! Yes! Deeper, Oleg, deeper! More ... Ah ... Ah ...
This position seems to have liked Oleg most, and he planted his cock in a poor, sprawling vagina Inna More about half an hour. Finally, he reached orgasm, arched his back and shot in the vagina of his wife.
- Perhaps we will have a child, - he said, sitting on the bath.
Exhaustion Inna fell into the tub, and the water is pleasantly cooled the burning itching vagina and anus. Oleg Inna asked again to make him a blowjob, and she agreed. Oleg lay member, and to pick it up, Inna had to work the tongue and lips. But as she turned it perfectly, then a member of Oleg again he was alert, and he invited the Innu to stay on top.
Despite the pain between her legs, Ina eagerly but cautiously began to descend on the penis of her husband, facing him. When she went down to the end, it was somehow strange, but wait a bit and started to go down and up the trunk of Oleg, she caught a real buzz. It is accelerated, then slowed the pace of movement, thereby setting the stage for more than Oleg. They finished at the same time issuing a groan of pleasure.
Then Ina decided to try a little bit different ... she turned back to Oleg, and stood on their feet bath. So it was much more convenient, and move can be faster. From a racing Oleg received an indescribable pleasure. He squeezed his wife's small breasts and she moaned with pleasure. This went on for about 5 minutes. After continuous sex they are together, at the same time felt the strongest orgasm. Their cries and groans were heard even from the neighbors ....
After this incident, fuck Oleg and Inna have increasingly, and soon they appeared really small child.