History Natasha

Recently, I decided to write about the events that happened to me in the last few years.
So: as a child, I lived in a small town, an ordinary boy grew up, went to school. When I was 14 years old, my school friend Nick gave a tape with porn, which he secretly took the parents. I watched it a few times. Then I first saw how to make love. It was then that I noticed that I was very excited man, not a woman. I never imagined myself in the place of the man who fucks his partner. I imagined myself in the place of the girl. I was very excited when they are on their knees, pull out a big dick partner of cowards and start slowly immerse it in his mouth, while the "weapon of love" is constantly increasing in size. In general, I liked all women: lingerie, stockings, tights, skirts and everything else.
At the same age I was often visiting my aunt. She lived in the city and I'm usually with their parents came to her with an overnight stay. We were always greeted very friendly, put on the table. She always was making me into her room while she went to bed in the hall. During one of these visits, the following happened: I went to bed. At night I woke up because I wanted to use the toilet. When I was in the bathroom washing my hands, then I drew attention to hung on batteries aunt's clothes, especially liked the white panties.
I was excited by presenting her with this. Back in bed, I could not sleep. Immediately reminded of porn, which I gave Kolka. All the scenes of the film, I knew by heart, I wanted something new. "Certainly my aunt has this kind of tape" - I thought. Closing the door to the room on the latch, I opened the closet and began rummaging through the shelves. Soon I found some tapes. Since the room had a TV and a player, I just started watching.
Seeing the first scene, I was excited, and I wanted to try on some women's clothes. I wanted to feel like a woman. In the closet was all that I needed. I wore panties and bra, and on top put on a dress. I lay down on the bed and lifted the hem of her dress. Already dawn, and you could see that what I'm wearing. Beautiful red panties very gently squeezed my cock, which he asked out. Pushing the edge of panties, I took a "cucumber" and began to masturbate. A minute later, the semen splattered on my stomach. I lay on the bed. Was very good.
In the morning we left, but it happened to me the night did not go out of my head. Since then, my aunt a visit I wore her underwear and satisfy their desires. At home I have at every opportunity, trying on her mother's things. Usually it is able to do at night. We had to wait until all fall asleep, and then I took out of the closet something from my mother's wardrobe. That's how I lived such a double life. During the day I'm a boy, an exemplary student, and at night transforms into a woman.
This double life was so long, until I went to college. Admission exams and forced to forget about it. Since the school was in the city, my parents rented me a small one-room apartment, which was near the place of study. Nearby was a shop and a small market. In general, everything was quite good. He studied well and paid a stipend, plus parents sent little money. Save up some money, I bought a cheap laptop and connect online. This was done to make it easier to learn. Sometimes I downloaded abstracts and reports.
When it died down, thoughts of reincarnation back. Then one day, sitting on the Internet, I wanted to see porn. Going for another porn site, I began to see all the categories that have been proposed. Among them was the transgender category. Opening the link, I saw something that could not leave me indifferent. Girls with a member - they just drove me crazy. Certainly, I was greatly excited, especially when they are in the rear opening. Soon I found a bunch of recommendations on how to engage in anal sex. And all said that it gives a man as much fun as there are women. I decided to try it. Once again, carefully read all the tips I've tried to do anal. Initially designed hole with your fingers and then put cucumber, bought specially for this purpose in the store.
One spring I decided to visit my parents. Buses in our town goes a little, and wanting to go there a lot. So that all vehicles moving in that direction, always crowded. This was the case at this time. Payment of travel, I climbed up to the window. there were people on all sides. The bus drove slowly, when the driver braked and lost his balance man, who was standing behind me, leaned on, crushing the glass. He had, without noticing, I accidentally put his ass with his cock. He somehow did not notice it, but I felt it bump, although he was not excited. I was pleased. After that, I wanted to try a real member. But these were only dreams.
In the meantime, I have finished the second year of study. All my fellow students somewhere moonlighting. I also began to think where you could work. For grants and money that sent parents, barely enough to pay for an apartment and food. So I thought about this question, Browsing the Internet, viewing photos and video shemales. advertising different prostitutes hung in the corner of the site. And then I came up with a crazy idea. And what, I wondered, too, if you become a whore? I have long wanted to visit in the role of women, and also an opportunity to make money. After weighing all the "pros" and "cons", I soon decided.
He borrowed from his friend Pasha, who had studied at the same faculty with me. With this money, I bought several sets of underwear, skirt, stockings with a belt, shirt, short dress, a wig, a little makeup, and shoes with high heels. Then I chose a new name: Natasha. House went to the bathroom and began to shave their legs. After he wore thong, bra, stockings and a wig, dress and shoes. The bra condom planted with warm water. Standing before the mirror, I began to examine myself. Very sexy! I was once again convinced of the correctness of their actions. I began to feel like a real woman, and I wanted more man. According to my ideas, I was supposed to place an ad in the newspaper and work on departure. But I did not have any experience! And of course it was scary. But I thought of how to solve this problem.
At night, around the female, I went outside. I wanted to know how men in general would react to me whether the substitution of notice? And if you succeed, then try to make a blow, but not more than that, for anal sex, I was not ready. In the courtyard was empty. I went on. Next to the gaming club were two. Approaching it, I noticed that one - it is a security guard, and the other just a player. I stood a long time and could not dare to approach them. What do I tell them? How they will appreciate? A little thought, I decided that come what may, I will say straight out, and took a deep breath and went to him. They examined me from head to foot, and did not notice that I'm not a girl, it's made me happy, not for nothing that an hour put things in make-up and dress up.
- Hi boys. - I said. - You do not want sex? Oral five hundred.
They looked at each other in surprise. And I have also a little heart in the heel is gone from the excitement.
- Why so expensive? - I asked who the player. - Three hundred and agreed.
Honestly, I was not going to take money, just casually he said. My goal was to try.
- Okay. - I said, and walked through the archway. Behind me I went to the player.
-Let's Go into the entrance. - He suggested.
I nodded approvingly. We went to the nearest entrance. Inside, it was dark, just what you need. I stopped, but he pushed me and beckoned to the other side, where it was a little lighter. He motioned for me to sat. I got up on my knees. He unbuttoned his pants, lowered his pants and that's in front of me the male member in full combat readiness. He was not very big, but enough to start. Everything! ... No way back! I took a member of her hands and began to copy everything that makes the girls in porn. First I licked the head, trunk, tickled testicles and slowly began to immerse penis into her mouth.
I feel like tongue glides over excited flesh. I clench my lips, clasping the whole head. I wanted to do everything slowly, gradually, as in the movie. But it was not there! He grabbed me by the hair and yanked inserted member as much enough space, and began to fuck me in the mouth. He held my head and fucked like I was a doll with a rubber mouth. I could not do anything. I just opened my mouth as wide as possible and everything. This lasted somewhere minute. Then he stopped and took out a member of his mouth. It was evident as the head of his body pulsing. With one hand he began to masturbate him, while the other was still holding me by the hair. I realized that he was going to finish.
But how? He will do it to me or to me? Not having time to think through, I again felt his penis in his mouth. A few movements he makes a muffled groan, and my mouth poured semen. He continues to move dick in my mouth. Sperm is becoming more a part of it begins to flow down the chin. He pokes his and several jets fall on my face. He let me go. I am like a slave standing before him on his knees, the wig hair disheveled, crumpled dress, cum in the mouth, on the face and chin, too ... I looked at him. "What are you looking at? Swallow "- he said in a voice like he gives the order. I swallow it and lick it, which was on the lips.
Not as nasty as I thought, the more I introduced the girls who, like me, cum in mouth, and they, with great pleasure, swallow it. I get up and straighten the skirt and a wig. "If only I did not see who I am!" - I think. But it's all right. He gave me the money. I am going home. Climbing up to the apartment, I was still shocked by what happened. In just five minutes, I fucked and cum in mouth, and even gave money. Of course, sex is not necessary to be engaged in the entrance, and in a normal place, but I felt the least what it is.
Plucking up the courage the next day I gave notice in a newspaper in the appropriate section and enter your number (of course, I bought a new sim card) and waited. To avoid any issues, I once wrote that I was transsexual. In the evening, the phone rang. I answered. The rough male voice asked how much I am worth. I called some money. I called the address to which I had come.
Now it was too late to change anything. Sitting in a chair, I realized that I could be there to fuck the full program in all holes. Because I washed before leaving his "pussy." I arrived a bit late. Climbing up to the desired level, I timidly pressed the bell. The door was opened by a handsome man, dressed in a bathrobe.
- I am Natasha. - I whispered.
-And I really thought you were not coming. My name is Andrey way. Come on.
He led me into the hall. On a small serving table were fruit and something else. As I reviewed flat, Andrew treated me. And I wore stockings with a belt, knee-length dress, her bra to the situation in which a condom with warm water, a beautiful black lingerie. Well, of course, a wig and make-up.
-Not bad. - Andrew said. - Take off your clothes.
-And You do not help me? - I asked, putting her hands on his shoulders. He grabbed my ass and held her close. I felt that he had a very large unit. Andrew unzipped the dress and it fell silently to the floor. He stepped back. I stand in front of him. Stockings gently they cover my legs, thong perfectly fit me. All black. He sat in a chair, undid the belt and pulled his robe pants. Huge cock stands and beckons me. "There twenty centimeters, at a minimum," - flashed through my mind. I squatted and grabbed the barrel by hand. He pulled away the skin and released head.
He touched his tongue, licked under the head, tickled the bridle and began to shove it into his mouth. Andrew just sat burying his eyes. He completely gave me his body. I was happy that such a great suck cock. My tongue slipped on the trunk and, with every movement, I was excited by all the stronger. My bulged segment of panties. But I did not want to release him, and could not, because the one hand I massaged eggs Andrew, and the other holding a cock. For five minutes, I sucked. Then Andrew stopped me.
Let's go in vannuyu.- Andrew said.
He had a very large bath, but it was a double, then there is a bathtub and toilet in the same room. He pulled off my thong. I bent down with cancer, resting his hands on the wall. Taking a tube of special grease, Andrew smeared my hole and then put his finger there.
-What Narrow ass! You already fucked?
-ABOUT! yes you are a virgin. Wait, now would be very nice.
And he began to introduce his penis. I thought that ass crack. When the head came, I felt that the pain becomes less. A minute later he was in me. Andrew stopped.
-Let Your anus get used to the size of my baby.
I felt like my ass firmly sitting on a limb. And then, finally, Andrew started to move, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I immediately realized that he was an experienced lover. The first two minutes I was not moving, and then I began to move the booty to the beat of his movements. Andrew took me by the waist and has become even more stick on your machine. Lubricants were enough dick to penetrate inside without resistance. The pain disappeared and I began to feel an extraordinary sense. When a member penetrated all the way, then the whole body pierced is a good feeling, that I began to moan.
I lowered my head and noticed that my penis too excited. Soon we changed position. Andrew sat on the edge of the bathtub, and I'm squeezing your legs together, sat on his "number". Taking me by the buttocks, he easily lifted and then lowered me. After another five minutes, we changed the position again. He lay down on the floor, and I sat on top. We fucked like this for a long time. Then I got off him. Andrew said that I climbed into the bath. He walked to the edge and brought it to a member of my lips. I took it. Taste, which I felt was perfect. I closed my eyes with pleasure.
I swallow it deeper and deeper, and then pushed out, licking tongue, I feel the warm stream pours into the language ... but it poured non-stop! I open my eyes and see: Andrew pissing in my mouth! Oh God! I quickly take out a member of his mouth, and yellow spray drenches me. I wanted to get up, but Andrei kept me and the entire bra and stockings were wet. When he finished, he said:
You're a whore, I pay you money, so do what I say. Pomoysya and come into the bedroom.
Do nothing, and besides, he's right. I took off my clothes, what was left, took off the wig, which somehow did not get under the stream. While I washed, I washed and stockings with a bra. What's the difference, anyway they are wet. Prostirnuv, I hung them on the battery. Wash finished, I wrapped myself in a towel and left the bathroom. As I walked, I felt like a compressed ass. Yes, she had a hard time! This member took!
In the bedroom, the bed spread out, it bears Andrew. When he saw me, he stood up. Towel on me looked very sexy.
-Lozhis, Natasha, I love you still want to.
I lay down. He asked to turn on its side. I went to him and asked to put the ass. He lifted my leg, and I felt it again puts me. Member easily entered, after all, has already developed a hole. He fucked me twenty minutes. During this time I was almost finished. It was very good. I like pierced through. This unexplainable feeling. It does not describe in words. It must feel. I'm lying, head on a pillow. But he still continued to thrust me to stop. Again I start to moan. Andrew stops, takes cock and brings to my lips.
-Open your mouth! - He commanded.
Quickly moving his hand and after a few moments, the entire face is covered with white stripes ... viscous, warm liquid. I lay breathless. He lifts me and kisses. This kiss I will never forget. The taste of semen and his lips - simply unforgettable.
We lay there in silence for a while. I looked at my watch, it was already half past midnight. Need to go. I got out of bed and went to dress. Stockings dried up, and the bra is not entirely. "Oh well!" - I thought. - "You can survive without it." Andrew walked me to the door, and gave the money.
-I Was very good. - he said.
I kissed him back and walked to the elevator. This was my first trip.
The next morning I gave some of the money borrowed from the Pasha. He long tried to find out how I could (could soon ...) in such a short period of time to earn as much money. I said nothing. In principle, it was possible to pay the full amount at once, but I decided to buy new clothes.
Some days the phone was silent. Then again I called Andrew:
You're not busy tonight? - he asked.
In short, I went to see him again. But this time, in the new clothes. I'm confident rang the doorbell. He discovered he was wearing the same gown. Andrew immediately took me to the bathroom.
You know what I want to do.
-Can Do. 'I said, and took off everything except her bra and wig.
But there was something new. Andrew took a dildo on the suction cup and gave it to me.
-Zalaz In the bath and starts fucking them yourself.
I took a tube of lubricant and greased ass. The simulator is easily entered into me. Since he was a sucker, I attached it to the tub. By the way, the simulator gave me as much pleasure as there are currently a member. Andrew watched with great interest to me. Then he came up and put in my mouth. I started to do blowjob. Soon, he took it out and started to write on me. This time it was not so disgusting as the first. I obmylas again and went into the bedroom. For an hour, Andrew fucked me. But this time he came to me in the ass, which was also very nice.
Taking the money, I said goodbye to Andrew and went home through the city.
Very soon there will be new customers, they were mostly bachelors or men who want to try some of the exotic. Almost every day had to go "on the job", but it was worth it. My financial condition has improved. In my case the "job" gave me great pleasure and bring a decent profit.
After the summer session of the guys going on a stag party to mark the end of the school year. They offered me, but I refused. I do not want to look at the faces of his classmates drunk, because in this case I was losing valuable time and money that could be used to earn.
By the time I had a respectable wardrobe of women's affairs. I bought a rubber breast and thus put an end to condom use with warm water. In the afternoon the phone rang. I ordered a whole night in the suburbs. The time assigned to the twelve. I ordered a taxi. She arrived at the address. Before me stood a large two-storey house. I called and the gate opened. I went into the house. From the other room came Pasha, my classmate. I froze in amazement. It was a failure, because if he finds me, it is possible that the whole Institute will talk about me. My heart was beating at a furious pace. Pasha looked at me and said:
Well what are you, Natasha, looking so frightened? Do not worry I'll have long opened. And you know what?
-How? - I barely uttered.
-I Read an ad that you have placed or posted? Ha-ha! Well, it was like this: I decided to call that number. I did not know it was you. But at the end of the line all the time dropped. Then I bought a new sim card and began to call, and so happened that right during his lecture. And then I noticed that when they go back tones, you always look at the phone.
By the way, you have a new phone. Where did you get it? How could you so quickly to return the amount you borrowed? In short, I figured you and understand what you're doing. And now you are here in front of me. Do not worry, none of the institute does not know about it. This is our personal secret with you.
After this monologue, which threw me into shock, he took me by the hand and led into a room where there were four other people I did not know. He once joked at me, he said something else. Then he turned to me and said:
-Natashenka, You must satisfy all of us. Choose: either we'll get you to start up in a circle, or you satisfy everyone turns in another room.
The choice was gorgeous ...
-I Satisfy everyone in turn.
I took off my skirt and T-shirt. On my left is very erotic stockings with mesh, thong, shoes, well, bra, under which were rubber simulators chest and wig. I walked into the hall. All hatched at me. Someone began to whisper something in his ear to another. I did not care.
One of those present came up to me.
Yeah well, in Figure! Let's go to the bedroom! - And he led me to the second floor. There was a big bed in the room. He lay down and pulled out a member of cowards. He was still sluggish, and I began to suck it. Oral I have learned to do. The guy does not even know his name, I think Lesch, very satisfied sigh. A few minutes later his gun strengthened. He got out of bed, he came up behind me, pulled the elastic string and began to insert, without any lubrication. It is good that the priest had grown accustomed to large Member States and the fact that I had a good slaver him while sucking.
He came very quickly. He could not wait to fuck me. He smartly drives the his friend in my little "pussy." I remembered my first sexual experience. Something was common between that scene and this one. No caresses, kisses. Only the hard sex. Here are just at the time fucked in the mouth, and now fuck in the ass. At first it was a little painful. I had to get it out of the bag grease. Forcing a bit on my finger, I smeared the trunk and the pain soon disappeared, we both felt better. For twenty minutes I was leaning. Alex did not want to change the item. Suddenly I heard the talk. In the doorway stood two and watched the scene. Alex stopped and pulled out a member of the ass.
I did not notice that he had finished, it is clear from the fact that he was in a condom. He took off his condom and threw it on the floor. The two came up and started on the sides. I knelt down and began to take turns to suck each. Then one lay on the bed and motioned me to sit on. I sat in a pose rider. I sit down rhythmically "vagina" on his dick, and the second guy puts in my mouth. That's ten minutes. Then again, I naginayus cancer, and one whom I sucked fucks me, and I'm doing another blow. I do not know how much they had me so, but they soon finished. The first was the one who took it behind the body, removed the condom and obkonchal my back and buttocks, and then finished second.
-Go Into the shower, wash away the remains, and we'll call until the next.
I vyterat towel, and then came a guy named Artyom. He said that it would be enough blowjob. For thirty minutes, I made him come. It was a pity that he did not fuck me. Such a member would have given me a lot of fun.
There was only a Pasha, only one of whom I had not yet met, and the only one I was embarrassed. He came in his shorts, from under which could see the greater tuberosity. Pasha laid me on the bed, put my legs on his shoulders and fuck, and very skillfully. I had an unforgettable experience. He finished on my stomach, and then gave his weapon to lick.
When he said that I can relax. Later he would call me. I lay on the bed. My ass moaning. Do I still have so many had not. I took the phone. Gender fourth. Of these, three hours without stopping me fucked in the ass. At four in the morning I was called down.
-stanovis the center. - Pasha said.
I got up. They are surrounded by a dense ring and began to masturbate.
-Opens Mouth! - Someone shouted. And before I could stick his tongue, like a stream of semen sprayed me. Five healthy men took turns cum splashed on my face and in my mouth .... So much sperm I swallowed never.
They gave me money and I left.