... And then we went into the clearing. Yes, the bathhouse was really fabulous: ladnenko wooden house surrounded by forests, clean area, the smell of pine trees. The yard already had several cars, and the porch to meet us already rolled two pretty talking. We greeted each other, unloaded the car and entered the house.
Clean the porch, or rather the dressing room, where we left a jacket and shoes, dressed in flip flops. Behind the door was a cozy room, made in oriental style: the walls are covered with carpets, paths ustelenny floor, low tables and all the space around them is strewn with colorful large pillows. The opposite wall was a door to the sauna, and on the right were the windows, glazed blue, red and yellow glass, through which shone into the room the gentle autumn sun. There were two hookah.
Looking closer, I saw that in addition to us and welcoming, the room are three other men. All we greeted you with all of me introduced. The sauna peasant came and said that everything is ready, and went to puff at hookahs, and then vanished without a trace. We disassembled the bag and put drinks and snacks on the table, went to the dressing room to undress. Men confuses me as well as I have them, so I went back to the rest room, and after a while they procession proceeded to the sauna, on the thighs of each wore seersucker.
It was my turn and I went to change clothes. I came to you wrapped in cloth, so that was covered from the chest to the heels. My bare feet were visible only when walking. Several men sat comfortably at once.
The sauna was hot and I not stay for a long time, went to a dip in the pool. After some time out of the bath and you leaped another: I was standing on the edge and almost managed to turn around, but from your sight was not lost my breasts with nervous papilla (the more so especially in a hurry to wrap the fabric, I did not, but the standards complied).
You, emerging, leaned over the edge, and beckoned me to her, I sat next to you pulled me by the hand, and I bowed my head to kiss your lips, do you let go of my hand and a wet hand touched my chest, leaving a wet trail, through which He draws the nipple. Just at that moment the rest of the friendly crowd fell out of steam and zaroptali that's not fair, they are not brought to anyone, and we're teasing them. You just squinted slyly at him.
All gone to the rest room and sat down on the pillows. Pour into glasses and drank to a good rest (the fun began to acquire clear contours). After the first couple I found myself in front of you, sitting crossed legs among the huge pillows and noticed that the man gives me unequivocal views, some boarded so that anyone could not see their awakening desire.
But this is only provoke me. I knew that wrapped girl gives a flight of fancy and decided to send it in the right direction, putting on display one leg. Did you notice it and met my eyes - I just narrowed her eyes and tongue teased you - we knew that it drew the attention of not just you.
Then there was the second run and I, a little before again coming out of the pair plunged, but now, knowing that you marry one of the first (but not the only one), did not immediately put on the fabric, and, slowly walked to the door to the rest room. The calculation was correct: the door opened and entered a couple clubs with you
two guys. What did you see? My silhouette in the doorway - still second and the door was closed.
Returning to the recreation room, you found me veiled cloth, leaning back on the cushions and sipping a hookah. Now you sat down, and I decided to podzadorilo men, as if settling comfortably bared legs and if he had not kept the fabric, which slipped one breast bared. Reached out to fix it, but you caught it and did everything myself, do not forget to hold your finger on the papilla. Seeing more and more interest in inflaming the eyes of men, I am turning to you, held your tongue on his chin, sliznuv drop of wine.
In the third set I did not go with you, and soared when you bathe. Returning to the rest room, I went to his place touching almost every man: one to hold the shoulder, as if to stand on a soft cushion, the other touched the foot through the third leaned over to the table grapes, so that he felt the touch of my chest. You notice it all, and as soon as I sat down next to you - put his hand on my thigh, as if to show his authority. Then I whispered in your ear that you want, and you, fingering the fabric began to slightly lift it, baring my leg, held his finger from the foot to the thigh, painting an intricate pattern. You knew it teases men. They were already tipsy and this one asked to perform oriental dance with me - you are allowed. In dance I, as if by chance, then touched his thigh, then her ass, he fleetingly touched a couple of times my chest.
Excited and panting, I went to plunge. Took off the fabric, and dived under the water, I did not hear someone enter. Swam to the side, I saw the outstretched hand, raised her eyes and realized it was not for you, but did not break, but simply held out her hand and he pulled me out
pool. I do not turn away. To this I made a bet. Therefore, slowly he walked past him, I felt his eyes on her and did not hurry to cover themselves, allowing themselves to see.
Then I went into the room and sat down next to you, even just leaning on you. You're smoking a hookah, and your eyes were closed. I took advantage of sitting on the other side of me a man and his hand slowly down on my knee. I did not reset it, and looked at you, and you squinted, nodded. The man, after a moment, started stroking my knee. I looked at you, but you nodded again. The man grew bolder and began stroking his frank, he looked at me. I protracted hookah, said - can continue, I love massages. On the other man he said he is able to do massage and offered to demonstrate. I agreed immediately and lay down beside you in the belly, lowered tissue to asses than not slow to take advantage of your palm, just patting me.
The man drank a glass of the contents, got up and walked over to us. You took his hand, and he sat down next to no, and at me on the leg, just below my ass. He started stroking my back, massaging, and I felt that he wanted me - his cock stiffened and began to rest on my buttocks. I turned my head to look at you, as the thought that you it should be seen. Indeed, you looked at me with a slight nod and pointed behind me.
And it has already begun not just to massage my back, and carry out his arms to the sides, trying covertly to touch my chest. You look around the room and noticed that your friends are all tense (because it was seen as a rising a cloth). They kept a glance away with "massage therapist", Sipping wine.
You rolled over, looked into my eyes, then sat down and poured into my glass of wine, I lay down again, raising a glass to my lips. He gave me a drink, as it helps to relax. His glass, drew a finger across my cheek and touched the lips. I licked your finger and noticed how
dark with desire your eyes. Your hand just slipped under my thigh and I, letting her slightly lifted them to fully feel the desire to sitting on my man. Your finger touched my swollen and oozing flesh already. Are you satisfied blinked, pulled out from under me a hand (with a smile ... to my surprise-disappointed look), licked his finger, concerns me.
From what he saw, and the wine you are excited so that the front sheet and heaved it could not be overlooked. And I saw it. But most of all I would like at this point to your finger back to my flowing pussy. Your friend, who was sitting on me, too, could hardly restrain himself. His sheet slightly lowered, but still remain on the body. You unbearably wanted me to kiss your cock and you're sitting turned to me and spread his legs. One hand released his cock from the fabric and the other lifted my head and planted a mouth on the penis.
You thought that this is what I was waiting for, but for the first time opened the screwed-up eyes, as if wondering what is happening. But, meeting with your gentle eyes, just started first lightly suck it, then my movements became more confident, I looked up from your penis and began to alternately suck your testicles.
Sitting on me, from what you strongly pulled off my cloth and began stroking my ass. The man to the right of us, too, did not remain idle: one of his hands reached for his stiff member, the other slipped under my chest and began to pull at the nipple. The rest just sat back in the direction of the sheets and began stroking himself, not taking his eyes off of our foursome.
Finally, and I sat on me already threw unnecessary fabric and wrapped around my hips, pulled up so that I got on all fours. your cock slipped out of my mouth, and you opened my eyes from this movement. You saw that I was standing on all fours, being the right man looked up from his trunk and moved closer to my head, taking possession of my breast, but who wanted to penetrate behind me, he drove his expiring member of my buttocks closer to the goal. We met with you views: your hard and my pleading.
Do you understand that it will not survive the invasion of me and pulled back, took his place. Your affectionate and such familiar palm lay on my hips and moved slightly toward you. One move and I was firmly nasazhannoy on your gun. The walls of my vagina immediately clasped a long-awaited guest.
From your two friends had finished what he saw, but out of the room did not. "Masseur"Stroking my back and moved his cock was in front of my face, but you do not want to admit, and this invasion. I have swam, but you do not lose control: hugging me, pulled over and I straightened, was pressed back to you. You grabbed my chest, frequent movement, and we caught a wave. It seemed that no one around us, even in the room heard rapid breathing of several people who at the same time we approached the summit.
You also spewing everything gripped me.
Tension subsided and all together went to the pool, no longer hiding behind the cloth. Swim with you I did not, and just got into the shower. Floating men threw me the most outspoken views, which I can easily read whatever they want to do with me.
Spolosnuvshis vytershis and dry with a towel, I went into the common room, where she began dancing to a slow melody with a glass of wine. Following you came out, but did not stay in the room, and proceeded into the hall. Two minutes later, you've come back, put his arm around and moving in rhythm with me, he said I was the most remarkable. I smiled and asked, why did you go out. You took me out of the hands of the glass, took a sip, handed it back to me, and touched a finger papilla and said that the peasants have prepared a surprise. Noticing flashed anxiety, you smiled and said, in my eyes, it would be all right. I took a sip and you clung to my lips, sliding one hand on my thigh and hugged her. I responded to the kiss and hugged his leg raised your leg.
Of course at that moment the door opened: the men returned. They immediately murmur that long because not stand and I will lead you. But you said it would be very difficult to do.
Everyone smiled, and again collapsed on the pillows. One got up and changed the embers on hookahs, all the other poured the wine. We got up and had a drink for love. You gently touched my hand, from which a few drops of wine left the track on my chest, and one of your friends, seeing this, immediately came up to me and saying, "it must be corrected" I licked the drops. I winced, but immediately felt like you put an arm around me and relaxed. The man sniffed the air and sat on a pillow, putting himself on the thigh tissue. And all began to take their seats.
I sat down next to you and decided you all winding is, and the conversation did not knit all simply exchanging phrases, but threw me indifferent glances. Down on the pillow, I sat, legs folded in Turkish, so that the moist and slightly swollen lips of desire were for a short time available before the eyes of others. Briefly detained in this position, and put forth his hand and took from the table a plate of grapes and put it on his feet - a little therapy session was over, but the success he conceived as the two quickly got up from the table and offered to succumb to the park. My lips broke into a smile, and I threw at you satisfied look. You nodded, alluding to the fact that you like what I'm doing and I can continue.
And you reached out took my dish, opening my eyes. The men did not even attempt to portray the conversation: everyone just staring at the place of my feet compounds. I lowered my hand and began gently, one finger stroking the clitoris itself, gradually making the movement more intense already pushing the sponge and penetrating almost to himself. Start recline on cushions, and you came to me for help - your finger lay on my place and I groaned, relaxed and closed her eyes, surrendering your hands.
It is understood that the man could no longer pretend that they do not notice it, so they just boarded three of us. One more timid just watched, but the two others decided to direct themselves to participate in the celebration of life: the one that turned out to be right, and began stroking and kissing my chest, and sat on the left stroking my stomach, gently lowered her hand down, ready to come to your fingers to help .
And if an electrical discharge passes through my body: so exciting feeling of many hands, caressing the body. My face is changing, you see, I'm already very close. See this man, one starts to bite my nipples, and the other begins to twist your fingers with his, caressing my pussy. Your finger penetrates me and I start losing control fed forward, a man joins her finger and here you have two fingers start to caress the vaginal wall. From my chest and pulled out a sob muscles clasp your fingers a moment and I lean back on the pillow, and you're covering my body with his and broke into me, again raising a wave of desire.