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I insert the cassette into the VCR and sat in a chair in anticipation of the upcoming French viewing gay porn. This film I love more than any other - all the actors are young, attractive, with prominent genitals, and most importantly, behave very professionally. Well done!
On the onset of action. French Riviera, beautiful! Young and beautiful "goby" votes on the track ... And now fare - carrier, no less charming than a passenger pushes his tongue into his mouth. Guys kissing, so Bud something the last time. Their hands caress each other while pulling off t-shirts ...
My dozing member responded, as always, fast. The hand crept down the belly, which has flowed pleasant, with nothing comparable to the heat. Well, well, for lack of a better, masturbate a little bit ...
...On the screen, the guys came out of the car and began the heartbreaking blow to inflame passions. Even I have to make quieter sound.
Less than 5 minutes, and I already overwhelmed the desire, and my head is spinning only one thought:"Unbearably want to fuck. For a long time, greedy and corrupt."
...Salvation came from the phone - Andrei had just arrived from a trip and had promised through the floor-an hour to arrive. Hallelujah! We are old friends and partners. any "snot" Love and other romantic geyskoy mutoten - as a result of 6 years, we fuck with him and not tired of each other.
We met him at our friends in the summer, in the country. He is a successful manager of our city-forming enterprise. Tall, handsome, not a bit overweight, dressed stylishly and expensively. I fuse on him at once, though, of course nothing was not sure. The evening ended with a bath in which we went after him hospitable hosts. When he undressed, I could not tear his fucking eyes off this beautiful body. I myself something is not particularly offended to Mother Nature, but Andrew was great. Of course, it was necessary to be a complete idiot not to notice my attention to his person. No podkolok on this matter with its Sauron was not followed, that I was much encouraged. Our eyes met, he smiled slightly and closed his eyes. I took it as a guide to action (if wrong, then get on the fucking mouth a couple of times, nothing ventured ...)
First, we are pretty long and decent sat in the steam room, nice chatting about anything. He really liked my way of speaking - it is interspersed with intelligent choice of exquisite mat. The main thing is not to overdo it. Then we rushed to the wild howling to the lake, extremely clean and the cold, jumped at the same time, and, embracing under water for the first time to feel each other. Vynurnuv, we kissed, even though this procedure has significantly hampered pounding from the cold teeth.
When he returned, he asked me: - You do not mind good sex, Cyrus? - You're still sprashivash? - With mock resentment I replied. - Well, then get ready, alive I'm not a tear - and laughed loudly and happily, like a little boy, who finally presented the long-awaited toy. -Andryusha You very lips do not unroll. I'm also ready for you to swallow twice, so hold on.
I approached him from behind and kissed her neck, then my tongue slowly went to the ear, and Andryukha trembled like a leaf, and dick it (this word is the most appropriate and clearly) instantly turned into a kind of slim smooth aspen stake, which is virtually once stuck to his stomach. My hand immediately found the coveted unit, and I started a little podrachivat this natural wonder. My friend, rubbing of the elastic buttocks partner, too, was ready for the subsequent exploits. I worked long tongue over his nipples, they became firm and trembling every touch. We quietly moaning during this predygry.
Then we lay down on the couch jack, I'm at the bottom, on top of it in a wonderful position 69 surrendered cocksucking. Andryukha sucked my dick very gently and accurately, deeply swallowing, caressing language of head, licking the barrel along the entire length - the buzz grew with each passing minute. At the same time, I was not possible because my new friend, feeling the superiority of his position, and began to fuck me in the mouth, gradually increasing the amplitude and pushing its 20 cm in my throat. "Well, okay, let's Tear"- I thought, and without hesitation, tickled his anus with a finger. He reflexively shuddered, and I started to push a playful finger on. That sphincter contraction reacted to the visit of the guest. Slightly shaking his finger, I found the prostate and began to massage her. Andryukha roared, shoved my cock down your throat so that I almost choked, and began to cum right into my esophagus. He pulled out his hard worker, I immediately licked and thanked him with a kiss worthy host. Well, but as you and I be? - Andrew inquired. - Do not worry, kid, we did not miss her - with a smile, I said, stroking his firm buttocks.
Andrew looked at me sharply turned me on my back and stared at my cock lips. A little suck, he began to lick my balls, alternately sucking them into his mouth. From this procedure, I wanted to fly away to heaven, but I tried to stay a little longer. Andrei, meanwhile, say nothing, climbed on top and began to slowly sit down on my count, as if he knew that because I love the most. Prick slipped the most dangerous place, and my rider swayed, deeper and deeper into a pushing my baby. Trying to extend our mutual pleasure, sometimes he was quiet, and then all was repeated. His huische again triumphantly ascended, and I, without thinking twice, began to masturbate him in time with the movements of Andrew. After a moment he began to moan so much that I immediately decided to do everything possible for our simultaneous "decease". This orgasm I have not experienced for a long time. I was just blown to atoms! Andryukha lying in a puddle of my own semen, unable even to slide my cock ... After a short break he took my zadnitseey and adequately handled it - I came spontaneously, without touching the penis. Kaif caught stunning!
Such a partner comes across very rarely. We understand each other perfectly, on a whim. He was always ready to respond to any of my suggestions and imagination, however, as well as I do. We are not very common, but each of our intimacy is unforgettable! Thank you, Andrei for all! And I will thank you now, is not it - I'm going to open you the door.