Debauchery in the shop "Casanova"

Mariska to 30 years is not particularly fond of sex. But then, as though he flicked some switch and it burst. Pussy demanded a lot and often. And I began to be allowed such a thing before that I never dreamed of.
One of its new pleasures became watching porn clips. She loves short to not chatter and harder. It's nice to caress her and to look at what episode of her pussy starts to flow. So I found that when the women in the video above bullied and poke holes in all different subjects, it flows really quickly! Pussy swells enormously! I began to thrust into her hand. At first, it was impossible, but one day she suddenly as if to suck! Kaif indescribable. But the chief delight is to do Cooney with a hand in the pussy. The climax during orgasm. The vagina at this point covers the brush with such force that seems to crush it. And the main thing at this moment, when she cries and shakes in orgasm continue herachit fist in this insatiable hole. Orgasm is fantastic!
Here is a lustful whore turned out. The event that occurred to us is real at 100. To be honest I can not believe myself that it was, but the fact.
On Sunday, as usual, we rushed to the shops and markets. He bought fruit and vegetables and so on, we decided to look back home to shop "Casanova" buy smazochki for anal sex. Under the lustful glances of two male customers we bought what you need and then Mariska decided to delve into the erotic lingerie. I helped her in choosing a course and discreetly and then stroked the intimate places. Then we went into the fitting room.
View Mariska's underwear I started and I began to knead her pussy frankly. It really started up and ran down considerably. I pushed her back and put her cancer. She leaned on the bedside table. Everything that happens to her like it. And then I like the tower demolished! I pull out of the bag recently bought zucchini 9-10 centimeters in diameter and pull it prezik. She did not understand that there was a pause for, looking back and seeing my cooking really instigorates and begins to whisper to scream, I ohrenel.
Maybe if I was confused then nothing would have happened, but I wound up as hell and took a chance. I lightly slapped her across the face and said harshly - "If you're a whore is not zagneshsya I'll call the visitor to the hall, and I will fuck with him." something in her snapped and she slowly turned and bent. I smeared zucchini purchased lubricant and said softly, "pussy push the handles" She parted and I saw that it is literally a creek flowing from it. I decided to go into banking. "take it and stuff itself" I said loudly and slapped her on the ass. You 2 minutes on it.
Outside I saw those two men. They obviously heard a slap. And something is happening in the locker room they are clearly interested. I approached one of them said. - "Hey. My girl wants to look at her. You want to?" He nodded. We came to the dressing room and I pulled the curtains. The guy's jaw dropped by what he saw. There was a cancer booty to us my Mariska and out of her pussy sticking huge zucchini. I told her"well done" She did not look back and do not even realize that I was not alone.
The boy was silent. I began to caress her clitoris and she whimpered softly. And then I told the guy "podolbi it this zucchini" He immediately grabbed him and began to fuck her. She turned on hearing this, but the excitement was so strong that she just moaned. Type of foreign men struck her and she came in a couple of seconds, crashing to the floor directly with zucchini in the pussy.
"leave it" I said to the guy, and we went out into the hall. Here we finally met and exchanged phone numbers. Andrew (that was his name) paid for underwear and said it was a gift from him. Mariska got confused, but very happy.