My fantasy

For a long time I tried to endure, but now declare unequivocally: I want sex! And not just because I want to, but a man who is older than me by ten years (I myself 14). I met him this summer in his dacha. Actually I met him, my then-boyfriend. He is the way, it was twenty-five years. And he in me, youngster found? Until now, to be honest, I am wondering. I almost forgot, a little bit about myself: small stature (157), plump legs, long hair to the waist, red color, gray eyes and a beautiful smile. Well, another figure I have nothing: round hips tonyusenkaya waist, big bust for my age (I hope over the years, it is still slightly increase) the size of the second with a volume S. Yes, I have a terrible plague. (Wow, a miracle, is not it? :-). Now, just a month proobschavschis with Bear (the name of the object of my desires), I did not give rest navyaschivaya idea somehow tempt him. Damn, how many nights I did not sleep trying to think of something more interesting. Then the teenage imagination helpfully drew a picture on which a normal person's hair to stand on end. Now imagine what I would see him in the afternoon, a modest smile, pretending not to notice his brand new panties in flower, with a fairly sleek. Brrrrrrr ... Even now, as represented goose with a cockroach run across the body!
Further clouded the situation that I was still a girl. Not in the sense that it infringes upon me, and that if Michael and agreed (I told him not even a hint not given, do not think!), Then you know it will not pass with impunity. Oh, and sadly, that he wants me too. I realized this when, during the dance, he leaned toward me from behind. I felt a bump in his pants area. The unprecedented wave of ecstasy washed over me at that moment. Reliable, I want a grown man! God never forgive myself for not guessed to kiss him then, perhaps, it was too keen on him. But then, what dreams I dreamed, when I found myself at the mercy of Morpheus! That way, one of my sophisticated fantasies become reality. (Some parts I changed course.) Once I say, I invite him to come to me, well, that there's something to fix.
I told to come alone, and so manage. I fix the time and leave. I almost forgot, it happens in the country, respectively, it is a big house, away from all the neighbors. Finally, he came! Hurry up, probably out all red. Or maybe he shy? Well, never mind, conductive of thy shame, and no trace left!
- Hi Micah, - I say - You alone?
- Well, as requested. Well, Shura, shows where you need to hammer here ...
My name is Alexander's general.
- You're not in a hurry, I think there for a couple of hours? - I say, and she greedily eyes on him rummage, watch, then begin.
- No, I do not think that for so long, but if you want I can just stay.
Well, hell, again pinned! Oh, and what a smile at us, and then? Why are we so lybimsya? But yes, I do, and get to where you are now?
- Well, if you do not complicate, just help me ... to a chair leg to beat ... All four ... and another one. Yes, they are on the second, and there tools too.
We climb to the second floor, we go to my room. There's a huge bed (like all young people, I like all great), its a joke my uncle trahodromom calls. So I decided once its intended use. Go, then into the room, and I got everything ready: the table, on the table fruit in a vase and wine with wine glasses.
- Mihryutka, let's first have a drink ... Well, at least for the chair - I say, and have a bottle open - or himself the toast proposed, but so, then to the bottom.
- Where are the chairs? - Well, what do you slowpoke this, you me a little? Here, damn, God sent the object of desire! - And nowhere, I'm so, so your lure, and then you will wait on you as well! So you're talking about toast or I say? - And he stretched out a glass. He shakes his head, well, so, then, I said. I said: - To all the dreams, and yours and mine filled ... And let's brotherhood? - I say, and she has his arm wrapped around his hand and drank. And he had to? Too drunk. I am a girl is weak, the wine immediately struck in the head. And I kissed him. The lips of course. Before him, it seems to have finally realized what I want. That's the way it should.
Then it went like clockwork. He's in my mouth with his tongue penetrated cheeky and stoke vengeance. That portrait of the sky, then Zubkov will hold. At the time I caught the buzz from his lower jaw. She had such a plump, with a scar and soft unbelievable. My hands by this time moved to the buttons of his shirt. From the wild excitement that to me now is, I even could not undo, just take her (I saw this trick in some movie). He, too, time is not lost, she stuck her hands under my robe (I have long thought, what is it to meet me at the end - all, stayed in her robe trimmed with ...) Now imagine his surprise when he found him under any one toilet articles! He was already shaking in convulsions when I realized that my pride in him and in his hand is not intermeddle! By that time I felt that I was starting to flow. This happened to me the first time. My nipples are swollen, I wanted that I would caress them. I had to tear Bears head from his lips and leaned against his chest. In fact, he was not particularly against the more taste of my body. He eagerly pounced on my nipple. Teasing his tongue, licking, sucking a little, he held his tongue from one breast to the other.
With his right hand, crushing my chest, I left it untied the belt of my robe. I at this time, found the fly (from a high hand shaking, no, not just trembling, shaking and walked!), Somehow undid, then asked to stand up, so I was easier to pull off his pants. He stood up and helped take off his pants with his inflated legs. "Finally, he'll get up!"- With this thought, I pulled off his pants. Picking up his dignity, gently kissed the top. Actually, I was quite interested to see the man's body so close to him. It turned out that there was nothing unusual there is no - just a hefty cucumber overgrown red and beige. Then, baring skin, I saw the very head. Do not resist, he took it into his mouth. What do you say dear readers? Ever tried soap? That's very similar. But, in spite of my thoughts, I noticed how Micah is excited more and more. He was not worried about not my breasts, not myself, in my opinion. Having decided that so it will not work, I threw her manipulations and pouting resettled.
He woke up, once again came to me, bent down and kissed her. What was that kiss! Then he kissed me lower and lower, until he reached the other sponges. Ooooh! Here already I did not care anything. Girls, I recommend to try this you have not experienced ever! He parted my lips, lips, tongue walked between them. I thought it was going to die from the emotional abyss. So as not to scream, I had to bite the pillow. Highly recommended, good help. Meanwhile, he got up, pulled off his pants and lay on me. Gasp from such a burden, I offered to trade places. Nothing, not answering, he turned his hand tool where you want ... and gently shoved him. The truth is not far, prevented the hymen. He kissed me again, he whispered:
- Who will be hurt a little.
And though I felt a little pain in the groin area. Then it was total bliss. Bear rhythmically moved, then, taking out his penis completely, then re-shoving him back with great force. At some point, I felt a strong surge, I realized that will soon be over. Within minutes, he also finished in my stomach .: Then I heard the squeak of alarm. Sitting up, she saw a note: "Today de ive come if you do not mind. P.S. I really liked your robe." Nearby lay a bouquet of field daisies. What do you add? I can only say that that morning was for me a fairy tale.