Praise flower

Yielding to the entreaties hot
Two machined columns
Sun in "bronze" obozhnny
The sky vskinesh "About MADONNA!"
They cry for Any

The form of the awesome
Dimples steep bend
What words because these legs
I came to destruction

And the teasing and luring
Tomio razvedsh tops
The nakedness of shame not knowing
Gaze exposing the hollow
cause of the Universe

There's a dazzling darkening
Altar of Love bogopristolnik
At the mouth of the gorge of the secret
Sacrifice a new nurturing
Silky triangle

Like a sacrificial trickle
Spread out on both sides
two curly fox
Laid on the shores

And fluffy wedding
Between bregov in anticipation of paradise
Younger bud fragrant
For the love smelling

The knees and bow myself before the gates of paradise
And loop through each petal lips
Divine flower can warm kiss
This will open the gates with a groan - Alleluia!

With delight broken
Colon weave
His face pressed to the altar
Tremble in istupleniya

There will come a rush of delight
You will hear the cry of redemption
And on the altar of the divine gift
Tread droplets of nectar

In the light of the sweet drink is not expensive
What is this gift from heaven, the holy spring
The nectar of oblivion we drink
What - will will forget

What oath in those moments
Ready to break away from his lips in a cry
After all, we in a frenzy of delight
God is a bright face!