Unexpected meeting

Vasily Sitnikov stuck in the port city of Krasnoyarsk. Tightly. No spear in his pockets. He wrenched them several times, but what's the point - if not gested, where did they come from? In, I was! So spree spree!
But you can not afford to ever let off after eight years of his release on strict mode? From the heart. So that the earth trembled. In Russian.
But in the end what? In his pockets empty, my heart - longing dog. Sadly. And yesterday was a eagle! Buhoi boarded the plane - flight attendant almost shoved out, thank you, the passengers stood up when he began to tear his shirt and throwing his hat on the ground, cursing a cruel fate, sorrow, which he planted for many years in the slammer damned.
Now the little man in a plaid coat adolescence - Kent did not find another - who was sitting in the corner close by airport full of people some uzhaty, crushed, dejected, not even remotely reminiscent of Uhar. And to him there should have been more to fly. Oh, it has managed to be born at the end of the world, in a forgotten God and the people of Yakutia cold! Parents blame Specifically, the ancestors What they could not sit in the Lower? Drew, you know, to new lands Empire! Her mother's leg
His stomach rumbled, roared in my head, and just sick. In contrast to the red suitcase sat wench in a grayish-yellow Shubenko faux fur, makes it all round and like a dirty polar bear. She was eating with appetite bread with sausage, eating some pickles from an open glass jar, standing in front of her to spread out a scarf. Right character from the movie about the Civil War. Occasionally her eyes stayed on Basil. In her eyes, the net-net, lurked some sadness but faded at the corners of the lips played a smile. Her face was in a small, yet very noticeable wrinkles, out of men's hats extorted large strands of reddish hair. "Go shoot something one cigarette?" - Thought Basil, and wanted to get up from his squatting position, then it and the woman called out:
- Guy!
Basil stood looking at her.
- Hotish not eat? If Che, so sit, dine with me, - he said the woman with a good sense of inexpressible voice exactly as said: - I see you hungry, mate. So, do not be shy.
And if someone is soft, but the ruthless hand squeezed Vasili throat, already caught his breath. This chest voice reminded another native of forgotten childhood. The mother came out as if from a time far blurred cute face father drank heavily, and almost every day she and her mother quarreled and fought, and once the mother was taken to hospital, and there she had not returned. The father began to drink even more, just sat down and died under the fence of his house. And ten years Vasek with his sister went on boarding yes orphanages. And at eighteen Bob thundered in the slammer. For hooliganism. First year. On freedom walked only a few months. The second time has flown for a long time - eight years. One jaw in a pub emptied completely. And the fight was something trifling, so easy either because of what. A man entirely unknown. They could return to their life and never meet. Mug is not shared, but so drunk the blood splattered in the head, so off we go. And, here, podi you - eight years. It turns out - not zhmis. Now free. From bell to bell. Basil handed tickets to Krasnoyarsk, because from Tashkent to the small of his homeland flights were not, and a hundred rubles for the further journey. What do hotish
- Thank you, - Vasily growled. - I is not hungry
- Do not be shy. Sit down. Thank you is not enough of bush - and she moved a little, pointing place alongside, say, land.
And Basil already tearing the bread, sausage hands, dragged mushrooms from Krynki. During his ears already crunched.
- Here, I'll say, hungry - quietly said the woman, looking at him. - And you eyes to Natalia dale they call me. And you what? And what's the matter, man? Where are you flying?
"Natalia?" v Vassily thought, and his heart was pounding strongly. After all, his mother was the name. Basil looked at the woman again askance and unexpectedly began to tell everything about yourself, not concealing anything, not embellishing. And then the face of Natalia changed drastically - she frowned and began to stare intently at Basil, the blushing, then pale, then he asked:
- My head hurts?
- Rattles, - said Vasily.
Natalya reached into the bag and pulled out a bit of an opened bottle of vodka. She poured a glass and handed it to Basil:
- Heal.
- Wow-a fairy tale .. - with these words Vasily one breath knocked a glass content. He sat, feeling spreads over the body a pleasant warmth, bliss. Life again flashed all its joys, and he gasped:
- Ah, now would still smoke!
- I have a cigarette, - said Natalia from his pocket and pulled out a wad of fur "prima"- Kuri.
- Well, you, Natalia, is indeed a fairy - Basil shook his head.
* * *
When he stood smoking at the door of the airport, back Natalia's voice:
- And who is waiting for you tama?
- Sister Yes, I do not know now exactly where she went or what?
- I, too ... ... ... from the edges once lived there - she said thoughtfully, and roused herself: - Today I will fly at night. Guests here with my sister for a week. Homesick all! The farm I ... znash that, I leave you my address. If anything, come. We need workers in the farm hands.
She held out a piece of paper.
- And tomorrow I proshvyrnus the city. Well have to earn, - said Vasily.
- And how do you podzarabatyvat bush? Month? Year? A bush to live where? - Natalia asked.
- Eh! Where we did not disappear! - Said Basil.
- Hey, Bob! - Natalia breathed in the face Basil. - Come with me. I told you, at the farm there is a place for you!
Thought Basil, then he says:
- Duck because I still do not have money.
- I'll pay for you, - answers is Natalia. - Then rasplatissya
And then he waved his hand Basil:
- And let's go! What is the difference - where Russian peasant to die!
* * *
So Basil was in this village lost in the taiga.
Home Natalia was an old, but still strong pyatistenkom spacious vestibule. The yard was big, full of buildings.
- I have cows, pigs, chickens. Economy! - I said, coming into the house, Natalia. - Tomorrow I'll istoplyu bathhouse. Depart the soul and the body. Now pouzhinam ...
She was sitting opposite, resting cheek on his hand, and looked at how greedily eats Basil.
- You know what, Vasily ...
- What? v He looked up from his plate and glanced at Natalya.
- You know what ... v hoarse voice she said. v You ... you ... because my son ...
I cried Basil and jumped to his feet, pushing his plate. She fell on the floor with a crash and shattered into small pieces.
- What-oh? !!! My own mother died ...! ... !!
- Live I, Vasya ... Live!
Vasili sat down and, speechless, staring at Natalya.
- With your father, we lived like cat and dog. Strongly he drank ... Bill almost kazhny day ... Once beaten half to death ... In the hospital got ... And I was taken to the city ... Long treated, and when I came back, you have to Verka something it was. I was looking for you, but they told me that you died in an orphanage ... v face Natalya rolled tears. She cried silently. v And I went to her sister, to Krasnoyarsk ... but the city could not live ... It's arrived, and now, almost twenty years I live here ... milkmaid ... I did not tell you that there because I was afraid to escape v ...
Shocked Basil could not utter a word, but my heart warm blurred previously unknown sense of peace.
They sat on a bench by the stove. His mother stroked his son's head and said something, and Basil silently smoked one cigarette after another ...
Then it is his bed in a spacious room, and she went into the other, on the contrary. Light extinguished.
Sleep would not come. Lying Basil Dumka and all thought. Then he got up, pulled a cigarette from the pack, lying next to his chair, walked over to the window and lit a cigarette. A small light bulb is snatched from the darkness of the circle, covered with a thick layer of snow that sparkled with thousands of stars like Christmas tinsel. A few days ago Vasily was among the hot summer Central Asia
"Ma-ma ... v quietly uttered Vasili thought. v When I last spoke that word? ... .. weaned completely lost touch ... But miracles ... miracles and only ..." If he believed in God, he said: "Fertile thy works, O Lord!"
It was quiet. Not just quietly and calmly. Only occasionally somewhere barking dog
"That is the safe haven, - Vasily thought. - Mother's comfort Eh"
The room erupted Natalia light lamp, and her voice rang out:
- What, my son, I can not sleep?
- Yes, I do. I think - said Vasily and peered into the room.
Natalia in a long ankle-length white shirt sitting on a large bed.
- Melancholy? - She asked.
- Why? - Basil shrugged and smiled quietly. v How do I with my mother ... can be sad?
- And you were a woman? v Natalya asked.
- No. So random and only ...
- Do you want?
- How? v Basil breath.
- Babu poebat - as a dumb word easily said Natalia.
Like Basil nailed in place. He stood there and said nothing.
- I do not longed to prison for many years for the Baba? - Natalia asked again.
Basil swallowed and only vaguely shook his head.
- I can tell you a hand to ... After all, I have not had ... the guy ... And you have a great ... just like someone else ... And we are is a man and a woman ... You like?
- Yes, I have .. Yes, I do - Basil muttered.
Briefs already vomited on the head.
- Come here, - said Natalia and when Basil, as if hypnotized, approached her, put his hand into his pants. v You see what he will have a strong ... I'm all wet ...
She just sat back and took off his shirt over his head:
- Look, Bob.
Waist spilled large breasts with brown nipples. She lifted the bottom of her hands shook and sighed:
- Fifth resolution. I do not wear Bras
White was in her stomach fat folds, and she was in a big blue trousers up to the knees.
- Well, how do you? - Natalya gasped. - I live alone, without a husband does not have High-grade plaguing So, all in the wings, where and how torknessya and all
Basil just grunted.
- Come to me, I will appease Bob, - said Natalia, removing his trousers, and lay on her back, scattering legs. v It is the Lord both of us made a gift ...
Reveal between thick white legs Natalia red shed framed by red hair. She immediately covered his hands.
- Go on, do not be afraid And then find another young, so just go away will not hold - breathing hot Natalia.
Dizzy Basil, and he stepped forward, taking off her panties and if diving into the pool. He fell on a soft pliable large body of Natalia and hurriedly began to poke the flesh Intermedia her feet, where everything was wet. She was gasping for breath, he grabbed his flesh - her hand was warm and rough - and quickly sent it in hot damp crevice. Flesh covered only a circle, as if sucking, and Vasily immediately ejaculated sperm fountain.
- Ooh! - Natalya moaned, with the power of embracing Basil rough hands. - Rodnenky mo-th Sweet son, come on! Come on! Fuck me! Fuck!
Immediately right inside completely wet vagina again reared young energy and Basil began pounding furiously on Natalia, who had just moaned, she sighed, somehow laughed loudly-shouted loudly
So I flew night
In the morning if Basil fell into darkness when he woke up, it was quite light. Next, hugging his neck, snoring completely naked Natalia, pouting like a child. Her breasts collapsed on his shoulder, and one nipple, large and brown, stuck right in front of the eyes of Basil.
His heart was so quiet, calm and happy. He carefully removed his hand from the mother herself, stood up and made his way into the next room where his clothes lay, dressed and went out into the yard.
It was a clear day. On the blue sky shone brightly cold sun, snow whitened and blackened scattered at a considerable distance from each other's houses, buildings. Basil took a deep breath of fresh frozen air, stepped forward, went to the woodpile, grabbed an ax and, grunting with the force drove into a large circular log:
- Uh-oh!
It crunching shattered in half.
Basil turned and shouted:
- Oh-ho-ho !!!
Frightened crows cawing displeasure, scattered soared into the blue sky.
- I, Vasily Sitnikov, I will live here forever! Be-echno !!! Hear !!!
A porch was standing, smiling, mother
But what remains to be a man? What does he want for earthly happiness?