Summer camp. Day three

Denis was awakened by a knock on the door. For a while he was lying and did not understand what was happening to him, just in a dream he was lying on the beach and embrace the Light that whispered something in his ear and laughing. Dennis looked at his watch, it was 9 am, breakfast soon. Again there was a loud knock.
- Who! - Denis shouted.
- Arise, zasonya breakfast oversleep - he recognized the voice of Amy.
- Now - Denis shouted again.
He got up quickly and has already been rushed to the door, he noticed that his melting indecent bristle front. He quickly grabbed a chair shorts and pulled them on, then opened the door.
- How did you sleep? - Cheerfully asked which became Light.
- Normal - Dennis muttered and looked at her.
Light looked so happy ... Still, he would have been happy if yesterday did not love watching the scene, and he was in it! Today Light clothed in the same denim skirt and orange top with no bra. However, today her nipples were somehow much less than yesterday, when they were kissing Dima. Dennis sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, sat down in front of the Light.
- Denis, I have good news for you! - She said, smiling beautifully, looked at Dennis. - You like disco?
- Well, yes ... But not only in the morning - he quipped Dennis.
Light laughed.
- Why in the morning? Tonight will be a disco. At ten o'clock. Guys equipment repaired. So, if you want, come ...
- Well, of course I will come! - Denis delighted.
- Well, sleepyhead, get ready for breakfast, and I'll raise kids.
With that they got up and, swaying her hips seductively, went into the corridor. Dennis sighed. Disco - it's great! It may be Olga. Olya - blonde cutie. However, it is older than Denis (eleventh grade), and these girls do not like guys younger than himself. Although Dennis is not particularly worried about it, he was too tall, athletic boy folded. And, mostly, I liked girls. However, more kisses on the mouth thing never set ... The girls resisted and feared Dennis insisted. Only once his classmate ventured to show him his little bare breasts, but to kiss or touch yourself for this place is not given. Denis for life remembered her charms, though the memory was beginning to fade from the sensations received in the camp. He saw not only his bare chest, and everything else. But that was yesterday!
Denis as usual spent the day running around and playing, in anticipation of the promised evening. Today he did not even go to the beach. He washed after dinner and carefully combed, and then pulled out of the closet blue jeans and a white summer shirt. Try on clothes in front of a mirror, he decided to change his shirt to a red t-shirt, which he bought before leaving the camp. To twist the mirror, he was satisfied with his appearance. Then he took from his bag toilet water, given to him at the last birthday, and some splashed clothing.
Wow, how time flies! Disco has like 20 minutes talking! Denis once again looked down at himself, then closed the door and headed toward the dance floor. The people there were few. Dennis first sat down on one of the benches, arranged in a circle dance floor, and then, thinking that people would no longer went to the circle of boys his age. Guys were friendly and Denis after a while, bought a full five friends! He danced, glancing at the entrance to the site. Can Olya still come? After half an hour there was Olga with her friend Nastya. Denis stopped for a moment, looking at Olga. Today she wore a short skirt pleated light that extends to the bottom of the opening Denis all the charm of her long legs. On the chest he wore a white patterned topic. Nastya was dressed in jeans and a dark jacket. Suddenly, from the circle of boys, in which danced Denis, separated and Sasha went to the girls. He came over and shook hands with them, embraced Nastya waist. Then, the company sat on a bench in front of Denis. Denis even danced a few songs until you began to play a slow song. He stopped and went to Sasha, Olya and Nastya. Sasha (for which many thanks to him!) Immediately introduced Dennis girls. Only Denis sat down on the bench, Sasha and Nastya got up and went to the playground to dance. Olya watched them, then looked at Dennis and smiled his plump lips.
- Maybe ... Come dance too? - Dennis ventured, his heart almost jumped out of my chest.
- Let's go to! - Olga was delighted.
Denis took her hand and led her to the site. While they were dancing, chatting about any nonsense, Denis noticed that, like, like Ole. Surely, then in the dining room she smiled to him! Denis just yet blossomed from this unexpected thought! During the dance, Olga tightly clung to him his delightful breasts. Dennis knew that she was such, because he recently managed to look at the process of dressing the girl. It is a pity that he did not see her cunt! From these thoughts Denis excited and his cock began to rise, pulling the fabric of jeans. He was afraid that Olga will notice it, but then the song ended and Olga, a little away from him, softly whispered:
- Thank you.
Denis was in seventh heaven! In this he did not count! When the song ended, Olga remained close with Denis and started dancing. He was insanely happy about it. Then they were joined by Sasha and Nastya, and then the rest of the guys, which recently met Denis. During disco Denis has managed twice to dance with Olga, and all this time she also clung to him tightly, leading guy in wild delight. Dennis learned that Olga was leaving home tomorrow. "Family problems" - How it is expressed.
- Sorry ... - Denis breathed.
Olga smiled at that phrase. For the last song played, and DJ notified that disco will soon end. Dennis realized that now they have to part with Olga and it is likely it will never see again. The song ended, and Denis all stood and stared at Olga. Then it went to the Anastasia, and took her friend by the elbow, led her to a few meters, then whispered something in her ear. Olga smiled and nodded her head. Nastia kissed her on the cheek and grabbed approached Sasha, retired to the door. Denis stood and did not know what to do. How to invite Olga to take a walk with him a little longer? He would not for a moment leave this cutie. But then Olga herself came up to him and said:
- Denis, let's go for a walk a little ... Nastia Sasha want to be alone ...
- Of course! - Interrupted Denis. - I did ... I wanted to ask you about it ...
- You too busy bathroom? - She smiled.
- No. I live there alone. Just ... - Denis stopped.
- Well, let's go, - Olga took his hand.
Denis proudly walked to the door, feeling the envious glances of his new friends. Still, after all, he was such a beauty! They walked through the camp, until they met senior tutor - a strict man with glasses, who smiled and said Denis:
- It's too late. Guy, accompanied the girl home and sleep. Needless to wander at night!
- Well, - he uttered Denis, myself cursing ... this man.
Olya again took Dennis's hand and led him to his house. The rest of the way they walked in silence, just enjoying the warmth of Dennis Oli palm, and did not want to think about anything else.
- Everything came - said Olga, and gestured to the house standing nearby.
She gently freed his hand and looked at Dennis.
- Still sorry that you're leaving, - Denis uttered, surprised his courage.
Olga took Dennis's hand and pulling her to him, kissed him on the lips. They stood for a minute, huddled close to each other. Then Olga pulled back and kissed on the cheek by Denis. Then for some reason, she laughed. Denis saw the happiness in her eyes. Then he attracted Olya and began to kiss her, his hand moved to the waist girl on her ass and began to stroke her mate. Through the thin fabric of her panties felt tight fitting her body. Olya relaxed and even more pressed to Denis, stroking his back. Dennis did not try to do more, for example, to take a chance to push the bottom hand under her skirt, and so he was on top of the world! Olya still free from Denis and looked into his eyes. Denis also intently watching her Olina eyes are now gleaming and seems to look a little wet. Even in the dark, gleaming lipstick on her full lips.
- All I'm going. So far, Dennis. Maybe I'll see you, - she whispered.
Dennis realized that Olga does not want to leave, but she wake up early tomorrow. She again kissed him on the cheek goodbye and ran to the house. Denis stood for a moment, then turned around and went home quietly. In his heart was empty ... Why is she leaving? He had already decently away from Olga's house, when suddenly from behind him called out:
- Denis, wait!
It was Olga! He could not believe his luck! Then she changed her mind and still want to take a walk with him!
- He changed his mind to go home? - Denis asked hopefully.
- Changed his mind, - Olga smiled. - There is now Sasha and Nastya, and I am going to get in the way. Let's go for a walk yet?
- And if that guy again meet?
- Yes ... I forgot about him. Well, then let's go sit with you? You do not have anyone at home?
- Nope. Let's go to! - Denis delighted.
They quickly ran to the house of Denis and stopped in front of the window.
- Now, - he said, and quietly opened the shutters. Then he deftly jumped over the sill. - Climbs, - he whispered.
Olya sat backwards on the windowsill, and then, holding her skirt, lifted her feet and leaped into the room. Denis also quietly closed the window, curtains and blinds included a dim lamp hanging over his bed. He sat on his bed, not knowing what to say to him. He wanted only one thing - to kiss again with Olga. Olya sat down beside him and put her hand on Denis. He broke down and again reached for Ole. He began to kiss her again, though to stroke her ass was not possible now. Olga put her hand on his leg, and Dennis did the same with his hand.
"What is it smooth and warm skin, - Denis thought, running his hand from her knee to the hip, where began skirt".
Olga was breathing deeply, when Denis held his hand over her thigh. Then Olga went to bed, fully exposing his body caressing Denis. Denis then remembered Dima Sveta on the beach, and followed the example of Dima. He began to kiss her on the lips, nose, cheeks, neck and then began kissing her cloth topic.
- Wait - Olya sat down on the bed and took off her white topic.
Now it was a short little white skirt and a thin red bra, through which shone through her lovely breasts, nipples large mounds bristled out from under the cloth. Dennis sat beside him and just watched. Then Olga and undid her bra, and. moving his shoulders, he dropped it on the floor. On freedom escaped the two hemispheres with pale pink nipples pointed. Olga lay down again, and with renewed vigor Denis started kissing so unexplored and attractive places of her body. He saw that it was really like a girl, especially when he puts her right nipple into his mouth and sucking it there gently. Again he remembered Dima, and. followed suit, looked up from her breasts and kissed her neck. Olya moaned and opened her eyes.
- As well ...
Denis again kissed her breasts, alternately massaging second hand. Then he felt an unbearable desire (his penis has long burst jeans), it fell below the navel and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into it (as did Dima), then he started kissing her belly button from the track to skirt the edges. Olya sighed and spread her little hand in his legs. Dennis looked at her to see if you can continue, but that the eyes were closed. Dennis moved through her leg and, not daring to pull the skirt, knee started kissing Oli, gradually approaching the coveted place. But his lips had the courage to reach only up to the point where the skirt ended. Having passed his lips the way from the knee to the edge of the skirt for the second time, Denis discovered that Olga raised her hand higher up her skirt a couple of centimeters, he opened another piece of his body. Denis began to kiss this piece, then Olga lifted her skirt even higher, and Denis had already seen the edge of her red panties transparent. He continued on his way, and when he touched the tongue panties Oli, she lifted her ass off the bed, lifted her skirt up so that it is no longer hampered and quite spread her legs, bending at the knees. Denis began to caress her panties, which were quite wet - from the navel to the bottom - as did Dima. When he got to the place in which was to be cherished slot Dennis pressed the panties tongue and moved his hand to them. Olya shuddered and reached for the strap on the skirt, weakening it, she took off her skirt, lifting up the legs and bringing them together. Then he also got rid of wet panties. Dennis first saw the maiden gap in this perspective, is filmed Olga narrow pants, he saw a pink stripe extending from its priests to completely shaved pubis. Finally, Olga threw this, now unnecessary piece of cloth, and spread his legs. Denis saw its shiny, wet slit in all its glory. He just stared at her. Having pressed the language on the edge of the slits, he put it on and started to drive them along the seductive holes, resulting in this Olu crazy delight. A member of his long since wanted to dive into the hole of love, but Denis has decided to pursue the case, as did Dima. He took the language here and there, kissing her wet labia, then I noticed that Olya shudders when he touches the tubercle, located inside the slits. It is completely sucked the mound and began to pull at his lips. By Oli body trembling passed, she arched his body and cried, then, losing strength, relaxed and sprawled on the bed. Her silk was all wet from the juice and saliva Dennis Oli. Dennis reached into his swimming trunks and found that his penis is also all wet and already wrinkled. He was so excited that did not wait for the moment when he could cool his cock, thrusting it into the crack Oli. Now he did not know what to do. He wiped his wet face and collapsed on the bed next to Olga.
Olga, as if sensing his indecision rose from the bed and put his hands on his knees Denis. Then he dropped his feet to the floor, Dennis sat down, leaning back against the wall. Olga took a pillow and slid it between Dennis and back wall. Denis did not resist, he is now generally poorly pondered. Just sat there, panting, staring, making Olya. And it ... meanwhile, climbed down to the floor and perched on his knees between the legs of Denis. Then he pulled up his T-shirt. Dennis raised his hands, allowing Ole undress himself. She kissed his neck Denis, then his chest and stomach, as he did before. Then he undid the belt on his jeans and pulled them down. After took the edge of his swimming trunks, and Denis had to rise slightly to Olga was able to remove them. She put her hands on his feet and Dennis did such a thing, from which Denis simply stunned! Taking his flaccid penis with two fingers, she sent him to his seductive mouth! Dennis sat and watched her full lips wrapped around his cock. When she completely took it into his mouth, Denis felt that his penis is regaining strength. Yes, this did not even light Dime! Olga sucked and licked his cock, like ice cream. At first, she easily swallowing it to the base, touching his nose stomach Denis. He saw his already risen a member, enters the mouth Ole. Olga pulled hard wand out of his mouth and kissed the tip member. Denis was startled by the touch. Her bright lips parted again and passed to a member of the middle, Denis saw under her cheek formed hump. Then Olga member released to freedom, and, rising from his knees, he sat astride Denis. He immediately began to fondle her breasts, was suddenly in front of him. Olya sighed and hugged him back, burying his pubis in the protruding member Denis. Then Olga got up, shaking her breasts, and again taking member Denis with two fingers, pointed it in soy wet slit. The tip member parted pink lips and ducked inside. Denis barely restrained a cry of pleasure! Olga began to wiggle up and down, forcing a member Denis a little out of her, then again fully immersed in the slot. Dennis closed his eyes and relaxed. Olga became more and more to make the movement, and finally cried out and clung to her shoulders heavily Denis. He felt that, too, is about to finish, put his hip Oli and he made a couple of oncoming traffic. Member fell out of her slit and out spurted sticky liquid. Dennis leaned on the pillow and closed his eyes. Olga gave him a hug and too exhausted, hung on it. Denis put his hands on his hips and fingertips Oli spent on them, Olga even more pressed against him. After a while, Olga came to himself and said:
- Too late, Dennis. I need to be collected. Carry me?
- Of course. But I do not want you to leave.
She smiled happily and kissed on the lips by Denis. He pulled her to him.
- It does not, Denis.
- Good. I just want to again ...
- I also liked Denis ... - Olya embarrassed. - But I have to go.
- I spend, Ol ...
The girl stood up and picked up the bra and panties and sat on the bed. Denis got up, pulled on his trunks and jeans, and began to admire the naked Olga.
- You ... Beautiful ... - Denis had not dared to say such a thing, but now for some reason he did not hesitate.
- Thank you - Olya kissed him on the cheek.
Lowering the bed with his feet, Olga was wearing knee-length shorts, then I stood on the floor and pulled them to the hip, hiding from David his elastic ass. Then, with his back to Denis, she is wearing a bra. Turning to Denis, she noticed how swollen front of his jeans, and smiled. Denis, motionless, eyes devoured Oli figure, clad in underwear. Olga picked up her skirt, put it on, buttoned strap and smoothed on the thighs, then pulled on his topic.
- Let's go to?
- Aha - I woke Denis.
He stood up and walked to the window.
- You go shirtless? - Olga laughed. - Yes, and wipe your tummy.
Dennis picked up from the back of a chair and a towel wiped sticky stomach, then put on a t-shirt. Olga came over and kissed him again, Dennis.
- Well, let's go ...
The boy opened the window and slipped out into the street, then helped Ola to get out. They walked in silence to the house of Parliament, Denis tried to go as slowly as possible, he did not want to part with this girl. Olya again took Dennis's hand, and again he felt the warmth of her hand and squeezed her hand.
- They came, - Olga whispered.
- I know - the guy said, and pressed her whole body.
Olga Denis hugged and kissed him on the lips, the guy responded to her kiss and no longer hesitate to openly put his hand on her ass. As they kissed, Denis put his hand under her skirt and ran a hand through her panties. Then, quite emboldened, he puts his hand under the panties and stroked the smooth, elastic skin of the buttocks. Olya gently pulled away and whispered.
- It does not, Denis. I have to go now ...
Dennis looked up from her lips and said:
- You tomorrow how much you leaving?
- Ten bus ...
- Ol, I will come to hold you.
- Good. Then, tomorrow, - with these words, Olga turned and walked to his house.
Dennis watched her and went home.
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