You and me

I looked and looked;
How crazy flying
You baby from me.
I quickly caught up with you,
In the blink of an eye before thee
Standing, closing his cloak with his hand.
Your eyes full of fear languishing;
My - I burned in lust.
You moved - I approach,
And soon, all curled up,
Your helplessness is beautiful,
My desire awful ...
You turned away, boiled,
But before that I do not care.
Linking little hands behind his back,
Your face in front of me:
I kiss her lips, eyes see,
Which a lot of the guys
They want to be seen in his dream,
But he only got to me.
Your tear rolled down;
What a shameless my whim:
I want you right now I'm just privyshe,
And nothing will change my desires.
Whole again - and again pleasure,
And my heart beats as if in ecstasy.
I wish, I wish that,
What is not noticed,
As a very gentle hand omit
From the shoulders and lower dive between the legs;
You all techesh, and it's exciting;
My patience is exhausted again.
Your pain moan broke my movements;
You turned away - crying without a doubt;
At the moment it's just understand
What I deprive you of innocence.
My baby, you're still a child,
Love you really still in diapers,
But you do not know me so far,
Now you stand in front of me in the face.
My desires, filled soon,
And my fingers, moving deeper,
Did you give pleasure
But I see the face expression,
Similar to the long torment ...
You're finished. Without power you fell,
Once again, I looked at the beautiful features:
You without clothes lay on the floor,
And it is again caused concupiscence.
Looking into his eyes, filled with prayers,
Filled and tears, and even emptiness,
To you, I fell on my knees,
And in your lips hungrily dug again.
Not long did this respite;
I dropped below you - my baby.
Your love juice touched the tongue,
He drove there I had no trouble.
I did not mean at all that you suffered,
But still his hunger utalyala ...
We finished together, you and I;
But as for me,
I get pleasure.
Forever I will keep all of those moments,
When, forgetting his pain,
You enjoy with me.
I carefully untied the hands of you,
The helplessness you just said nothing.
Last Kiss as a farewell,
Not long was our parting,
And certainly said: "Song for saying good."
You stayed in one wall,
Your clothes are not visible.
And all thoughts were about the same,
That again, I was with you together.
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