Strange Relations. PART OF 1

I have a sister Olga is very good, but the strange relationship. I am 17 years old and she was 15. My sister is a virgin and is not going to her rasstavatsya a very long time, she tells me that years before 19. But it does not suffer from lack of sexual relations and is able to do things that some girls even imagine can not. She makes great blowjob. To me. Only me. This makes it nearly every day for the past two and a half years, and you can imagine what heights it reached in this case in its incomplete shesnadtsat years. Such an -sosuchka play the virgin. Here I write these lines and relive those memories. Every time she comes up with something new.
The last time, that is, yesterday (today she has not come back from school and I do not have time for the story) she brought home to us its odnoklasnitsy Light and they trained together at my member. They grabbed him with their young mouths, how to catch a fish gasping for air, but the fish do it in agony, and they are in the wild ecstasy. At the same time, these two horny bitches rubbed himself with his hands between his legs, and was heard as there squelching. If my darling little sister starts poking his finger into the anus - a sure sign that soon will end, and they end up wildly in the animal. I'm afraid there is not for his Olya, and for her friends, or rather for himself, that someone so easily bite off my cock or pokotsali ending. For this I mschyu them, but they do not suffer from this, and I do not suffer from the fact that they do not suffer, I finish it in his mouth. Last time I was kneeling on the parent double bed (it was there mylyubim arrange their orgy of revenge for his parents try to instill in us cynical hypocrisy), they finished their greedy open mouths, separating sperm equally, or almost equally. They were happy. So do I.
Until next time. Today, I hope will be something original, because yesterday was a hint of namekatelnitsy unbounded imagination and she has already some ideas about spending time after school and before the arrival of their parents from work.