Do not shoot. Part 2. (20 of 21). Departure

We woke up around all three. Nakupalis. We had lunch. We began to gather, I did as she could not find her panties. They searched the entire Kompashki. I have spat and wearing a dress, so went into the bath to clean up the face. Anton came.
- Natulya, can I leave them as a souvenir?
- Here you are worried ..... - (it reminded me of Andrew, and then they all so like my panties?) ... - You that hid them ... And what is not said, when we were looking for them?
- I do not know, perhaps it was a shame to say ?!
- Take it! .... Have to go without panties.
He came close to me from behind, kissed her shoulders and neck.
- You're in my way!
I just eyeliner.
- I want to kiss you!
- You've already kissed!
- Not so! .... I want really!
I offered him turning jaws.
- So?
- Yes!
The kiss was long, his hand was quickly under my short little dress. Fingers touched sponges.
- So all Anton, enough! ... You're me now razvedeshsya phlegm, and I have no panties!
- Natul .... and I want you! .. You can quickly ... I ... the last time!
(Damn! And I know that all this will end!)
- No Anton! ... All that's enough ... to finish this!
I probably said so sharply and seriously that he even pulled away from me. When finished with the face, I got out of the bath. Saying goodbye, we exchanged phone numbers, mail. They called a taxi. Phoned with Andrew, as we assumed they were all on the beach outside the city. Learning that we're going to go home right now, they said, wait, come soon to say goodbye. That did not particularly like Natasha. To leave, of course, laziness. Activities completed. I still know what you need otpahat almost 800 km by car. Natasha collect all our belongings. I went to see what has changed in our absence of two nights. Ira and Sergei was as always the relative order. But Katya Andrei was a real mess. These scattered things add things their friends. Apparently there also did not lose time in vain. On the table, a bottle of wine, all the bed upside down. It is a pity that he was leaving, it was still possible pokuralesit. Houses will be boring. I come back to us.
- You'll dress that way?
- Shorts, T-shirt.
- So do I.
Change clothes. I admire my wife naked! What is it fresh, healthy, tanned seductive look. But still have memories that haunt me.
- Natulechka, maybe on the track you will give me your kisyulechku at the mercy!
- No bunny kisyulechka not want! ... I already covered in the road.
Arguing is not particularly want, and fuck too. Natasha Law, the thought of the road has already captured me. She could hear voices, the guys came.
- Hello gone!
With great joy we exchange greetings and kisses. Meet Tanya and Northwind. Very nice guys. All chatters incessantly, trying to persuade us not to go today and go tomorrow. No, tomorrow it is necessary to work. Tanya burned in the sun, red as a lobster. All her sympathy, her hard tomorrow. Natasha offers her Aloe Cream explains that it will not hurt, and the heat subsides. Everyone goes into the kitchen, except Tanya and Natasha, who is looking for in a bag decorated cream. In the kitchen, all regret that so quickly the time passed. Commonplace phrases such as:
- The next year all going here!
Though, probably, everyone is that it is unlikely to come true. We agree today to say goodbye to the nearest cafe. It is a pity that I can not drink. Also exchange phone numbers and stuff. I'm going to take us to his purse.
- Sorry to interrupt.
Natasha red smears best place to bare Tanya. It is very tempting, however, almost no breasts, but legs and buttocks, that is necessary. Tall and glamorous.
- Nothing, nothing Alex ...... Come on! - Tanya, seems even less shy.
- See Tanya burned!
And I viewed with interest the new young woman. In clipped pubic lot of sand. Yes! ... I do not mind to stay and help Tanya get rid of unpleasant feelings. Girls are smiling, it seems funny from my concentration. I explain that now all sent to the cafe. I picked up our things and am in the car. We have not come back. While I stack, leave Kate, Irina, Sergey and Boris. We sit in the car and drive up to the cafe. It is close to three hundred meters. We order khachapuri, shish kebab from sturgeon, fresh vegetables and wine. Ours is no longer thirty minutes, we start eating, drinking wine all except me.
- Leshechka probably our goodbye, do not you think?
(Though there with them, and Tanya, but ... it seems!)
- Katyusha Yes! ... I think!
- And I want the same to you to say goodbye!
- And me too! - Kate gets up taking me by the hand.
- We'll be right! - And pulls the exit.
We leave the lobby. There are two toilets "M" and "F".
It opens the last and pulls me back. Closes on the latch, quickly removes shorts and his hands on the sink.
- Come quickly cat ... fuck me!
I look at her ass and a lag in the thoughts regret that the last two nights spent at them. But on the fic! Quickly poddrachiv member tulyu it to her pussy. She looks at me nasovyvaetsya ass. I stuck in her tight pussy. What a thrill! Quickly dial a high rate. Her legs are leaving more and more widely, and I have to support her. Although it quickly and gone, but we like it! I try to finish quickly, certainly in it. But Katya ahead of me, as always. She moans covered her orgasm. I felt the reduction of vaginal muscles, without stopping, also finish it. Great, fast, but tasteful !. I turn it to yourself, and we merge in a long kiss. Just a little, little Kate waits from it all spilled onto the floor. Then he lifts his leg on the sink and washes her pussy. Wipes toilet paper. She was not some extremals for no nothing! Umnichka. We leave, as if nothing had happened. We did not have fifteen minutes. Suitable for cafes Andrei, Natasha and Tanya. We connect them together and go back to the table. The residue was passed in eternal compliments. To leave would not be desirable, but necessary. We were all escorted. We kiss, say goodbye. Everything finally went still. I will have all night to go to the road. Natulya umnichka, not sleeping, it helps me cope with the passes, supports. I remembered that he had forgotten his wheels. We'll have to listen to the radio. In the receiver there is one turn. Song Shevchuk DDT "Do not shoot!"
(Bill with a smile without aiming, vskidku and entry of, and around here talking lucky guy! .... NOT STRELYAYAYAYAYAAAAY! ................... Do not shoot ... ................... nOT STRELYAYAYAYAAAAAAYYYY! .. Do not shoot !. Kaif!)
Discussions focused exclusively on the road home. One time I asked her a question:
- And what they are with Andrew, so long ... Join us in the cafe before leaving? ... Maybe you are a sweet goodbye!
- All Alex calm down, we'll talk at home! ... We're on the road!
"Yes!"... I thought ...
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