The sweetness of love-2. Memories -1

The sweetness of love-2. Memories 1.
Xi'an woke up early and looking at the crevice at the top of the cave saw what was outside the cave is just beginning the day and still dark.
For the third day, they live in this cave is infinitely happy and insatiable love.
Xi'an remembered his childhood. When she was 12 years old - she set a goal to marry a wealthy and influential man. But instinct begins to form the female body, she knew that beauty and intelligence - is not the most important thing is to perform scheduled.
Therefore, questioning women and overheard a conversation among men and women, it is concluded that the main thing for her now is to master the arts of seduction and ability to behave in bed.
She chose a long time to turn to for their studies in this art, is not opted for the one already middle-aged woman from a nearby village.
This woman lived alone. Neither the husband nor the children she had not. But talking about her, she enjoyed great success with women in his youth.
And many rich and endowed with authority came to her to have sex with a lonely beauty. And sometimes it took them to Rome, to the highest of all the world, from which she returned with generous gifts.
And even now, when she was 42 years her out of town, and young and older rich.
Her name Lukin.
That came twelve Xian to Lukin. From a distance, she began the conversation by asking about the health and well-being. But the old prostitute was excellent psychologist. And because it was interrupted by any non-binding discussion question:
-Do you want to learn the art, in which I have no equal?
-Yes - blushing, said Xian.
-Well, because you have a father and mother respectable people. And whether they will agree to such a study?
-They are respectable, but poverty compliant - said Sian and boldly looked into the eyes of Luchino.
Looking around again Sian and thinking, Lukin said:
-Well, tomorrow come to me mother. I want to talk to her.
The next day in the morning to Lukin's mother came to Xi'an - Valley.
Lukin met valley with great honors and expensive gifts.
Born into a poor family and lived always on the verge of poverty, this valley was surprised generosity. But Lukin knew their job. She sat valley of rich table with all sorts of goodies. She poured her wine and myself. Drank. And during the absorption of food led to her purely feminine conversations.
They sat for a long time without going to the main. And when it began to get dark, and the valley began to gather home Lukin asked the valley:
-You see how I live. Richly and without giving yourself what - ever. And so accept from me, and it - and with these words, she reached the valley of women's jewelry made of pure gold.
-Why do you so richly bestow - surprised valley.
-I'll tell you honestly. I want your daughter Sian lived with me. And I will try to make her life happy and rich.
-But your lifestyle unjust. And I do not want my daughter behaved Now, there are these words of the valley wanted to return the gold jewelry and gifts. But Lukin stopped her:
-No, I promise to go under it anybody will not. But, knowing the Art, which I teach her, she turned the heads of the powers and successfully marry.
The valley was silent, not knowing whether to believe her Lukin.
-I was not his mother. And he rose to riches passed a long way of humiliation. And your daughter this way will not take place. I have a love, and I quickly I will bring Xian with the highest nobility. And I will now consider her my daughter.
Valley after a pause, looking into the eyes Lukin, who also stared at her without taking his eyes, said:
-Your eyes do not lie. Have it your way. Looks Xi'an itself has chosen this road. After this, she called me to you.
-Yes - it is with her full consent.
The women parted. And in the morning I came to Xi'an Lukin.
And began the long days of study. How to walk, how to hold a posture like to eat, how to dress, and more much needed seductress, comprehend in grueling sessions during the first three months.
And when Lukin passed and made sure the three months that Xian has learned his first lessons on the fine, she said:
-Now Xi'an I will introduce you to the most important science - the science of love. Now you start to learn the key lessons of seduction of men. And if you master them, the thousands of men are willing to give their lives for the night with you.
With these words, she asked Xian undress. And when she undressed quickly, Lukin made the remark:
-The seduction of the man the ability to take off clothes plays a big role. And so you need to take off her clothes so that before you stay naked, he had lost his mind, but was subordinated to your will.
More Xian three months comprehended the lessons of behavior in bed. She suffered Art kiss, lots of love and poses the ability to reduce muscle of female flesh and popochki.
And still more attached to it.
Classes are held from darkness to darkness.
After six months after arrival in Xi'an house Lukin Lukin spent the exam, and satisfied with the results of their work, he said:
-You're extremely capable people in our arts. And comprehended everything that I wanted to convey to you. But know that these exercises to maintain the body in good condition should be daily. You should always be graceful, beautiful and ready to meet the man with whom you are going to start an affair.
And in the morning she left Xi'an at home while she went to Rome.
Having met in Rome with his good friends, she questioned them about the rich, young and free from marital relations men.
She suggested a few men, but especially asked to pay attention to one of them.
His name Diamus. About him say that he had received an inheritance, and at times it multiplied. Cause it went well. And no doubt that with time it will become the richest man in Rome.
Diamus was serious. Constantly working tirelessly. With girls and women saw him rarely.
But this man was needed Lukin.
The next day, the morning after questioning Lukin their friends to come Diamusu his old friend and after business negotiations said:
-Diamus, you want to meet and talk to a woman. They call it Lukin. Because of your chaste lifestyle you it will not work. But I want to tell you that this woman leg opens the door to many influential people. And until now, despite her young age not many men would lay her on the bed of love. The fame of her love of art has long crossed the boundaries of our empire. And if you have the consistency, in the evening it will come to you and just talk to you. She has a question for you.
-I agree - Diamus said - the evening after the daily worries, I'll be waiting for her at the table for a chat.
In the evening, when Diamus sat down at the table, he was told that a woman came to him. Realizing that this Lukin, he asked to bring it to the table. And eagerly waited for the woman of whom he knew nothing, but according to a friend, she had power over many men.
At that time Diamusu was 32 years old. He was handsome and rather slender for his age.
Entered Lukin. Naturally dressed in very light clothing, which was visible through her magnificent breasts and beautiful, slim legs.
A person is not on fresh data. Wrinkles have not touched her or she cleverly hid them, using Roman perfume. Hair jet black. Plump, sensual lips. And green beautiful eyes, gazing now Diamusa, caused him incomprehensible pleasant languor in his body.
-Hello dear Diamus. My name Lukin. And I came to enjoy it is clear from your desktop. You can not refuse me in this - And Diamusa stared green eyes that seem to penetrate into the depths of his soul and roiled his ... heart.
-Hello dear Lukin, I'm glad to meet you and will be happy to spend the evening with you - Diamus said, feeling as if these words are not, he says, and someone else temporarily take his body.
He personally poured her wine, and currently in the wine cups and ordered forced to leave the chambers, and without an order not to appear.
After drinking wine with Lukin to the bottom, which he never did, they began to have great food cooked to Diamusa.
He asked her where she was and still many questions were asked on duty to them, but the answers he had not heard her, because sitting around him, she deftly swings open as if by chance his clothes so that he could look at her legs. That seemed Diamusu ideal. The girls would envy feet Lukin.
And when they drank a second cup. Rather Diamus knocked to the bottom of the second cup, and only prigublyala Lukin Lukin opened the clothes so that was visible of her female flesh - her bosom of love.
Diamus felt a fortress in his penis and already can not cope with them went to to Lukin, took her in his arms and carried her to the Persian carpets, the two layers lying on the floor. A bearing he kissed her on the lips, causing his penis has acquired the dimensions given by nature and force to break any barrier.
He laid it on the carpet, and he began to take off his clothes frantically. A Lukin easily slipped off her and lay bare all in anticipation of the entrance to her interesting items.
Stripped to the goal, Diamus lay near Luchino feet and kissed them. His hands caressed her ass and stroking his bosom.
Going up from the legs to the heart, he parted her legs wider and pressed his lips to her top. Greedily kissing her pleasure in the source and sticking his tongue out, he opened his arms wide and her pussy became tongue licking already accumulated from the fluid drive.
-Oh, oh, oh - early sighs Lukin stroking his cheeks and neck. And when she was ready to scream hysterically from the imminent explosion of her flesh, Diamus cleverly got up and introduced into it a cudgel to explode in a frenzy and moved in pussy a member, and his hands on his chest drove. They exploded with thunder orgasm simultaneously.
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - the cry of the two, reaching the highest point of bliss came a thunder in the chambers Diamusa and was heard far beyond the home.
-Oo-oo-oo-oo-f - Lukin shouted, lifting his feet higher, pulling Diamusa the buttocks and working it in tact.
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - wild animal Diamus shouted with a powerful call at Lukin and pouring its rapid flow of sperm.
For ten minutes they came and went at each other, and the bay it again liquid love Diamus lay down on the carpet for a relaxing break.
A Lukin lay beside him with his legs on his foot and began to gently kiss his lips. The smell emanating from Lukin was so beautiful that Diamus breathe more often, to breathe it Pobol.
Lukin passed from lip to the neck newfound lover, who became affectionately obtselovyvat. Then she began to kiss his shoulders, and then went down to kiss the nipples Diamusu became gently tip of his tongue to lick the nipple. gentle waves of bliss began to fill Diamusa. His body began to take effect.
Caressing tongue nipples, Lukin lowered one hand to the penis and began to caress it with his gentle, truly feminine hands. Member replied filling force.
Lukin kisses the body began to descend lower, closer to raising the trunk. Diamus quickened breathing.
A Lukin, zaglotnuv full member into his mouth and face full of happiness on the contents in her mouth started moving member inside swallowing deeply and let it out of his mouth. Movement its first leisurely frequent with the strengthening of the fortress Diamusa dick.
And when it became equal in the strength of the stone, it is the participation of his movement to the incredible frequency. She has worked and felt a flurry of madness covers Diamusa. And the leopard cry burst from his mouth Diamusa, and he filled his mouth Lukin seed. Diamus struggled in convulsions and Luchino swallowed all the sperm, continued strength test Diamusa member sucking the top of the head dick. She did it cleverly, and not having to move away from just surging orgasm Diamus was again alert and again wanted to Lukin. Slightly limp, a member of his returned to the fortress, destroying all obstacles.
Lukin got up and sat on his flesh thirsty destroyer. Vigorously moving by a pussy on the cock, his hands caressed her breasts Diamusa, and he fondled her breasts. After three minutes of these movements, they came to your goal time. And once again their sonorous voice blew the silence of the old house still have not heard the voice of love so loud.
When they calmed down Lukin lay down beside Diamusom, who said:
-I learned about you this morning, but now in the gathering darkness you own me and my body. I this never experienced in my life. How did you manage that?
-Cute Diamus - Lukin said - we have to you there is still night. And you as an intelligent man should not clog your mind with unnecessary thoughts. Especially because you have not tried my corona place.
-Pour us wine in the cups and bring in our own bed. And a little rest, I'll tell you a secret - she told him playfully.
From interest to learn new fatigue in Diamusa went into nebytё. He's like a young man jumped to his feet and pouring wine into cups gave his beloved cup. And their drink instantly without a trace.
-What is the crowning place, he asked Lukin.
Lukin, sipping wine and pulling pleasure, said:
-Day follows night, rain replaces the clear weather and the bosom forward replaces bosom back.
With these words, she put down the cup aside, and moving closer to the seated Diamusu, sat naked popochkoy his fallen member and began to rub in a circular motion, and hands pulling his head Diamusa kissed his lips with all the force of passion, gripped her again. At the same time it has become a member to fill the power as from kissing and from motion popochkoy Lukin.
Response kissing Lukin, Diamus plucked primal force and his cock was hit by a stone. A feeling that power Diamus burst by a dick in the ass Lukin and began with great force to fuck her, as if to break it into pieces. But nothing was sweeter for Lukin than a member that walks into her ass. A Diamus skewer and skewer it, Lukin is not shivering and arching like a panther loudly cried out even more excited than Diamusa that after her orgasm violently pulled the female ass on his trunk. And it seemed to knock on her ass moved to knock on his head and after a minute or two inhuman shriek blew up the whole house. Doors barely withstood the impact of the sound wave of huge power. And Diamus, izlivshis, without stopping, continued to hammer away at this happy hole.
And another twenty minutes he could not get out of your ass Lukin dick, and finished during this time twice in the third he fell to the carpet, and next to him fell the beat Concha Lukin. And a happy smile and a blush on this maiden will not face talking about the highest happiness, to visit her.
They lay in each other's arms on the drenched semen and female secretions carpet, and a pleasant smell to them at this moment does not exist.
Not knowing the happiness of women previously Diamus and conquer the heart of any one man Lukin kissed each other on the lips as a sign of gratitude for these magical moments. Then they fell asleep and slept until morning.
Waking up in the night they repeated the little lesson, and agreed to meet in the evening, Lukin got dressed and left.
For a week at night I kept Lukin Diamusa happy moments in orgasm.
This week it revealed so much new to Diamusom that he flew in the clouds of happiness.
Every morning he bestowed Lukin rich gifts and gold.
A week after the eighth night after the pleasures, Lukin told him the following:
-I know that you like me, and you would not want to leave with me. But I'm a clever woman, and I know that soon will begin to grow old with great speed. So I want you to remember I was in happiness and in this form.
-But I do not want to part with you ... and I do not care about your age and your retirement. With no one I was not like I'm so happy with you. Stay.
-No, I will not stay, and you listen to me. I will replace myself his student, who learned the art of love. She is very capable. The fact that others learn for three years, she has mastered the six months. I want you to take her under his wing. Give presents with gold and gifts her family. She is still a virgin. And the first man it will be you.
-I do not know what to say. Let me think about it until the morning. - Diamus said Lukin.
With that they went to sleep on the eighth night. The next morning he gave his consent. Although it was very difficult to part with Lukin.
And when she left him with expensive gifts, the men's tears flowed down his cheeks flow Diamusa and did not stop.
All this was told Lukin Xian. And this story is she now remembered lying with Riesz.
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