It all happened suddenly

The day did not bode nothing unusual, I always sat at his desk in the cantor, the partition buzzed my colleagues, to me came the snatches of their conversations, I especially did not pay attention to them, it was a lot of work, and Odigo today was with someone chat. I had not even noticed that the room was empty, and I was alone in it. She walked quickly like a hurricane, in black skin-tight piece suit with a short skirt and high heels on a mind-blowing slender long legs. Passing through the room she was behind my wall, to say that I was surprised, it is no understatement. We had not seen for several months, and I almost forgot about its existence, but only a couple of months ago we had a whirlwind romance. I must say that despite the fact that I'm married and I love my wife, I let myself go sometimes to the left, have an affair on the side, only for sex, young body, you know he asks her. So one of my former passions stood in front of me, or rather was not, and climbed under my desk, and unbutton my pants.
I was surprised, not thinking and did not resist its action. Little has brought me a fact that my groomsmen began to sink in the hot and humid mouth of my girlfriend, I had wanted to rebel but at this point in the room came back someone from the staff and I did not say anything, diligently pretending to be working. Under the table there was something unimaginable. I can not put into words the feeling that I had, it was the fear that all will be revealed and an amazing blend of a blowjob, but the main thing is the wild excitement because such beauty under my desk with my cock in your mouth, and very close to people walking and about unsuspecting. I could no longer pretend that the work I sat back and enjoyed. And she was able to deliver it, her tongue nimbly ran up and down the trunk member, tickle the bridle, climbed under the skin, in short was everywhere. Sometimes she swallowing dick very deep and it seemed to me that I feel like it rests on the throat while she was crumpling and pawing hands testicles.
At one point, I looked under the table and realized that she manages herself and everyday life, she wore no underwear and her fingers nimbly ran through the crease its current pussy. From the outset, there was not a word is said, everything happened in a deathly silence. I do not know how long it lasted, I lost track of time, nor any thoughts in my head, all the sensations where my dick with squish immersed in my girlfriend's mouth. Do not take out a member of his mouth, she gestures made it clear to me that I had lifted the ass, I complied, she slipped under my arm, and finger which just pleasuring myself found my treasured tight hole. I literally sat on her finger. That she had once taught me to this unusual affection during a blowjob, and I was grateful to her for what she is not forgotten about them. Her finger was all slippery from its lubrication and so the priest went in easily without resistance and pain. And so at my table I sat pretty and strung his mouth on my dick, and her finger was in my ass and vigorously stir it, bringing me indescribable pleasure.
For a long time it could not last, I felt that is about to finish, it is also understood it and became more intense to handle my cock and ass. I finished it in his mouth long and hard, so I did not finish for a long time. I almost passed out, and when he came to, she was sitting in front of me, like cornfields had happened, and lubricate the wiping lipstick, looking in the mirror. Oddly, none of the staff was not surprised the appearance of my visitor, all continued to work, she got up, pulled down her skirt and just silently left the room.